Paths of Destruction

Paths of Destruction Returning to his home city of Bastul Kael finds the Southern Territory of the Orudan Empire under invasion As he races to unravel the secrecy of the enemy s identity he becomes entangled in a brutal

  • Title: Paths of Destruction
  • Author: Jason Tesar
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Returning to his home city of Bastul, Kael finds the Southern Territory of the Orudan Empire under invasion As he races to unravel the secrecy of the enemy s identity, he becomes entangled in a brutal conspiracy to gain control of the government After years of collaboration with the Resistance, Maeryn coordinates the covert exodus of the entire slave population of BastulReturning to his home city of Bastul, Kael finds the Southern Territory of the Orudan Empire under invasion As he races to unravel the secrecy of the enemy s identity, he becomes entangled in a brutal conspiracy to gain control of the government After years of collaboration with the Resistance, Maeryn coordinates the covert exodus of the entire slave population of Bastul Along their treacherous journey to the capital city of Orud, she is faced with the pressures of leadership as she attempts to protect her daughter and ensure the survival of her companions.Saba, held captive by a mysterious military force, escapes after years of solitary confinement Propelled by an elusive memory, he chases after the hope of rediscovering his past and learns that everyone s future is in jeopardy.Finding himself in another world and thrust into the middle of a technologically advanced conflict, Adair struggles to make sense of his new environment and the soldiers who are protecting him In book two of the bestselling series, Jason Tesar expands the epic saga that will journey from earth s mythological past to its post apocalyptic future, blending the genres of fantasy, sci fi, and military political suspense.

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    1. The third of four children and an introvert from the start, Jason Tesar grew up as an imaginative middle child who enjoyed the make believe world as much as the real one, possibly From adolescence to adulthood, his imagination continued to feed itself on a diet of books, movies, and art, all the while growing and maturing waiting for its opportunity Then, during a procession of monotonous, physically laborious day jobs, his imagination leaped into motion, bringing together characters and locations of a world that would someday come to life on the pages of a book.In late 1998, Jason made his first attempt at writing, managing to complete a whole scene before returning once again to reality A year and a half later, a spontaneous night time conversation with his wife encouraged him to take his writing seriously and to keep on dreaming Over the next seven years, Jason carved time out of the real world to live in an imaginary one of epic fantasy, science fiction, and military political conflict The fruits of this labor would later become the first three books of the bestselling AWAKENED series.Due to the incredible support from readers around the world, Jason continued his trajectory into make believe, jumping from stable employment in the micro electronics industry into the mysterious abyss of full time writing.Living in Colorado with his beautiful wife and two children, Jason now spends the majority of his time fusing the best parts of his favorite genres into stories of internal struggle and triumph, friendship, betrayal, political alliances, and military conflict.If you d like to follow along on Jason s journey or get behind the scenes info on the AWAKENED or WANDERING STARS series, you can find him on Facebook jasontesar , Twitter jasontesar , on his blog jasontesar , or send him an email at jasontesar yahoo.

    2. When I read book 1, I started it one day without knowing what I was beginning to read. I have a habit of downloading free/cheap books and then promptly forgetting about them, sometimes taking months until I get to them. Book 1, was one of those books.So I had no idea what I was in for. Not a clue of what the premise was by the time I actually began to read it. And, I was confused. But I soon found myself engrossed. And the moment I finished book 1, I downloaded book 2. And I read it just as vora [...]

    3. After reading the first ebook for free I bought the remaining two in the series and have enjoyed the second as much as the first. It was reasonably easy to remember the different characters and how they fitted in - like many books of this kind there a number of character threads being followed so their individual impression on the reader is not as strong, especially in a book which verges on minimalism in its detail. This is not necessarily negative, as there are many books which over indulge in [...]

    4. Again, simple but intriguingshed it in two days, work days at that.'s the description:Returning to his home city of Bastul, Kael finds the Southern Territory of the Orudan Empire under invasion. As he races to unravel the secrecy of the enemy’s identity, he becomes entangled in a brutal conspiracy to gain control of the government.After years of collaboration with the Resistance, Maeryn coordinates the covert exodus of the entire slave population of Bastul. Along their treacherous journey to [...]

    5. For a $2.99 Kindle book it was worth the price paid to continue following the story of Kael, his mother and the kingdom of Orud whose whereabouts both in time and space are unknown. The teaser parallel story is our time and place and it seems somehow there is a portal and that Kael's father disappeared into it. There's a bit of magic or extra special powers involved and alot of action between the good guys and the bad with some confusion as to which may be which. The story holds your interest an [...]

    6. I liked book 1, it rambled a bit and took quite a while to get where it was going. Still it ended strong and sent me straight into book 2. Book two was a lot less clunky and a much easier read. Book two jumps in right where we left off and greatly improved on the first book. Where book one seemed to ramble and not necessarily go anywhere, book two shows us that there was a clear direction where the series was headed. Things start to come together and make a lot more sense. I would definitely rec [...]

    7. The story continues. This book introduced several new characters and lets us see more of the bad guys. The bad guys aren't just bad, they're evil, and they have abilities that go beyond what men can do. How can our heroes possibly prevail?

    8. WARNING: some spoilers below!Book 1 had a great deal of promise, so I was looking forward to the second installment. This too has an excellent opener - in fact, the same opener, just seen from a different perspective. This is fascinating, and immediately answers two questions raised by the previous book - now we know what happened to Adair, and yes, this really is a case of parallel or alternate worlds, with the secret temple at sea acting as some kind of portal. And the cliffhanger from Book On [...]

    9. I have to say that after reading the debut of Jason Tesar, I was excitedly anticipating the second book, The Awakening: Book Two. It starts with a cryptic opening scene with Aldair and leaves the reader still questioning the fate of this character. Then the book continues with the narratives of Kael, Maeryn, and Saba. You are going to have to be patience with this one.It completely starts telling the narrative of this book without answering this reader’s blaring questions from the first book. [...]

    10. I'm shocked to be giving this high ratings yet again. I don't know why I enjoy this story so much, but I am compelled to waste every spare second I have on finishing this series as quickly as possible. I was disappointed in the typos found in my Kindle copy, but enjoyed the story enough to forgive the errors. I do hope print copies have been better edited.I don't like to give plot summaries or spoilers in my reviews, so I'll leave it to say that I was shocked by the turn of events in the final c [...]

    11. I don't know what it is about the second book in trilogy's but they lack something most of the time and really just act as a filler. Almost like a side salad you order with your entree just to have something to eat while you're waiting for the real meal to arrive! Still good writing and I liked it just not as much as the first or third one.Good quote: "He had been a good listener to Dacien, but had never offered anything from his own lfe. In that moment, he realzed how difficult it must be to be [...]

    12. **SPOILER ALERT**My book reviews are written as a discussion of a book, and not as an advertisement. Please be aware that there may be information that some would consider spoilers. Continue on at your own risk!When reading a series with more than one book published, I normally have at least a one book break in between the stories. With this series, I felt the books were not ‘stand alone’ and that I should read them back to back. There were several plot lines that were unfinished, and I was [...]

    13. Although I find myself a bit disappointed with the promise of answers, the story continues and we are transported into the lives of Kael, his mother, and those supporting characters that we both love and loathe. Evil is pitted against good, but the entanglements of life assures us that each character's path will not be as clearly defined. Tesar is a master story teller, but this reader felt a bit let down as a number of questions from Book One remained unanswered. Here's hoping Book Three can pi [...]

    14. Book one left me with too many questions so at 2.99 on amazon I had to get book two. Not typically something I would read, but it's been a pretty action packed and suspenseful book. It has a soap opera feel to it as there are MANY characters to keep up with but it jumps back and forth between them all pretty flawlessly. Oh, and theres ninja warriors if you like that kind of thing. Major cliff hanger at the end as well. Had to jump on Book Three rather than move onto the next book planned in my q [...]

    15. Book 2 takes right off where the first left off, but it picks up the pace. I liked the focus on action followed by flashbacks to fill in the details. It is keeping me on the edge of my seat. It does jump around, but I enjoyed that. It’s not just another typical storyline. As the plot thickens some of the questions are left to be answered in the future. This is definitely keeping my interest. Some plot twists might be anticipated, but still hit with a greater impact and I find them more surpris [...]

    16. I downloaded book one because it was free and looked interesting. It indeed was. "Wandering Stars" is all 3 books bundled into one. So, if you liked the first book, as I did, just go ahead and get this one because you won't want to stop reading after book 2. Jason Tesar's writing ability just gets better and better as the story moves along.Considering that this is an independent author without an editor/publisher I am so impressed! I can't wait for him to quit his day job so that he can write fu [...]

    17. First of all, book 2 is definitely better than book 1. While reading book 1 I was initially confused about who exactly the main character(s) were vs. minor characters. In book 2 the character roles are pretty much set so I didn't spend any time wondering when the story was going to get back to its main plot line.The story is solid and I never really felt like I wanted to take a break from it to go do other things.

    18. A continuing story from book one. It was an easy read and I enjoyed the fantasy, adventure and story. Apparently I'm not a picky as others that read this novel. To me nothing's better than a few hours of entertainment. Even though he is developing several timelines that cross each other I did not have any problems following them. Look forward to the next one.

    19. The second book in the trilogy provides the details of the new lives for the main three characters Adair, Maeryn and Kael. Maeryn joins the Resistance movement and gives birth to another child. Kael is trained to be a priest for an unholy God and Adair travels through time. This edition also provides additional detail for Saba, a wise friend and former tutor for Kael. Sets up book 3.

    20. Book Two starts with a brief encounter with Adair, then picks up on the sagas of Kael, Maeryn and Saga. These three characters have separate journeys, but you feel that they will join into one.Tesar spins a good yarn, enough that I couldn’t wait to start Book Three when I finished Book 2.

    21. I liked this second book of the series more than the first. It left off in a very climactic way, and makes me glad I found this series after they has all been published. Can't wait to read the third installment.

    22. The saga continues with this second book of this series. I feel that it was much easier to follow than the initial book. The storyline has come together much better and has allowed me to actually sit back and enjoy where it was taking me. Now onto the third.

    23. Intriguing enough to make me buy the 3rd, boring enough to feel slightly like a chore to get through the book. The book describes renegade angels on earth. Well, where are they? Book two and still no damn angels.

    24. Wow!! If you have not read this series it is a definite MUST! My heart was racing and nails were being bitten leading up to the feast after the new emperor was chosen. Just Wow! Absolutely love this series. Gonna start on book three right now. Just can't help myself. ;)

    25. I like the first book better, but I thought this was good too. I'm still trying g to figure out what the heck is going on with Adair, and how does that fit in to this story? But overall, I like the continuation of the plot.

    26. This author paints great pictures with words. He has a vivid imagination - I'm so glad his wife told him he should write these books.Again left hanging.Can't wait to find out what is going on - what the answers are to all my questions.

    27. For me, I was a little disappointed as I didn't think it was as good as the first one. I will probably read the third part, to see what happens, but I'm not in a rush to do so at the moment.

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