The Unwritten, Vol. 5: On to Genesis

The Unwritten Vol On to Genesis A New York Times bestseller Before his mysterious disappearance and untimely death the world famous fantasy author Wilson Taylor helped bring two enduring creations into the world Tommy Taylor the f

  • Title: The Unwritten, Vol. 5: On to Genesis
  • Author: Mike Carey Peter Gross Vince Locke
  • ISBN: 9781401233594
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Paperback
  • A New York Times bestseller Before his mysterious disappearance and untimely death, the world famous fantasy author Wilson Taylor helped bring two enduring creations into the world Tommy Taylor, the fictional boy wizard who starred in his best selling bookd Tom Taylor, his real life son.Armed with his father s journals, Tom Taylor begins a journey to uncover the trutA New York Times bestseller Before his mysterious disappearance and untimely death, the world famous fantasy author Wilson Taylor helped bring two enduring creations into the world Tommy Taylor, the fictional boy wizard who starred in his best selling bookd Tom Taylor, his real life son.Armed with his father s journals, Tom Taylor begins a journey to uncover the truth behind how he came into this world Was he born of flesh and blood, or written into existence by sheer storytelling magic His quest will take him across the United States and even into the past to the Golden Age of comic books and the birth of a new type of hero.Collecting The Unwritten 25 30

    • The Unwritten, Vol. 5: On to Genesis BY Mike Carey Peter Gross Vince Locke
      181 Mike Carey Peter Gross Vince Locke
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    2 thoughts on “The Unwritten, Vol. 5: On to Genesis

    1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.Mike Carey was born in Liverpool in 1959 He worked as a teacher for fifteen years, before starting to write comics When he started to receive regular commissions from DC Comics, he gave up the day job.Since then, he has worked for both DC and Marvel Comics, writing storylines for some of the world s most iconic characters, including X MEN, FANTASTIC FOUR, LUCIFER and HELLBLAZER His original screenplay FROST FLOWERS is currently being filmed Mike has also adapted Neil Gaiman s acclaimed NEVERWHERE into comics.Somehow, Mike finds time amongst all of this to live with his wife and children in North London You can read his blog at mikecarey.

    2. Good news! Tom's found his way out of the whale stories!Ok, this volume has some of the forward motion that was missing for me in the last volume. Finally, finally, some of the mystery behind the what/who/how of Tom's origins are starting to be revealed. Well, his father's origins are starting to be revealed, at any rate. And since his father's past holds the clues to Tommy's Tom's creation, it feels like we're getting somewhere. Maybe. Ish.So. Tommy discovers how to use a new power, and he and [...]

    3. We'll call it 3.5 stars.This series continues to perplex and frustrate me, but only because the first volume was so unbelievably fantastic--when I read volume 1, I thought to myself, "Self--at last, we've found one! A worthy successor to Preacher/Transmetropolitan/Fables/etc. in the grand scheme of epic and imaginative graphic novels that I will devour repeatedly in perpetuity!" Alas, each subsequent volume has been up and down, and none have approached the peak of vol. 1, though I'd say vol. 5 [...]

    4. Not sold on the On to Genesis storyline. For a forbidden love affair that Wilson was willing to risk everything to maintain, there's a distinct lack of passion between him and Mari. I was dissatisfied with the aftermath, too: (view spoiler)[if their kid is functionally a superhero, why did he spend 70+ years of his life doing literally nothing with his powers? (hide spoiler)] There's a bit of handwaving, but I wasn't satisfied with Carey's explanation. Still good enough to keep going with the se [...]

    5. December 2015: This one didn't work for me as well this time around, but it's still pretty great. Not every book in a series is going to be five stars. It's not even that I can necessarily point to anything in particular as a reason for my reluctance to give out that five stars like I did the first time I read it, it's just it didn't seem as good as the previous four volumes. Each of those left me going YES YES YES and this one, while still excellent, merely left me going "yes". You know, singul [...]

    6. The 'source' of power is not in the actual books or the words written - but in the people that the story affects.Sooooowd sourced super powers?That's pretty f'ing cool! And that is what this series is. Really, really, fucking cool! You know what I love most about The Unwritten? I'm sitting there reading the actual comics and enjoying myself and all is great. I finish the comic and go on with whatever else the day has in store for me. Throughout the day, it's like my brain is absorbing the story [...]

    7. When I was a kid, I read the occasional super-hero comic book -- I have 4 brothers, so those kinds of comics were around -- but I've never considered myself a fan of the genre. Even so, I enjoyed the super-hero connection and twist to this installment as we are taken back to Depression-era Brooklyn.The auction, the journals and the return of the Tommy Taylor websites were fun too. The plot thickens!

    8. More of Wilson's history is revealed, and there is a blessed absence of the disturbing sub-story with the horrific realm of the poor talking animals.

    9. I'm having a hard time writing reviews for Unwritten. Is it sufficient enough for me to say that by now this is one of my favorite series and that you should high-tail it to your local comic shop to grab it right now? I hope so. :)

    10. The further I get into this series, the more I love it. The concept is so smart, and layered, and unlike anything I've ever read before. For the first couple books, I felt like I was getting my bearings--trying to simply understand the contours of the world Carey was building--but now everything feels fully formed and realized, and I'm simply able to enjoy an incredibly clever, erudite story. And the deeper I go in this series, the more I appreciate that quality--the refusal to talk down to read [...]

    11. Tom Taylor and his partners, Lizzie and Richie are trying to learn more about Wilson's life and his purpose in creating Tom. They're lured into a trap when Wilson's estate goes up for auction, but manage to escape with their lives and the writer's journals. Reading them allows Tom to bring to life the events that took place and he learns that Wilson was part of a secret cabal that exists to control the world and its events through words and stories. The cabal tries to draw Tom out by killing eve [...]

    12. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this one. It was good, it built on the revelations from the previous volumes, and it explored the potential of media which academics and ivory tower types refuse to take seriously But it felt a bit patchwork, and there was a trifle too much exposition this time around. I suspect the author recognized this, because he included this marvelous exchange in the final chapter:LIZZIE: "Th-thank you, Tom. Uh this really--?"TOM: "If we start in with the exposition, [...]

    13. These graphic novels are great. Quick to read, lots going on, plenty of action and excitementI'd definitely recommend them.As the title suggests, we learn more about who Tommy Taylor is, and how and why he was created. We also learn that his father was once an active member of the cabal and how they began to discover that the power of books and stories could be harnessed. Tommy isn't the first son that Wilson Taylor has used to power beliefs, and as Tom and Liz investigate Wilson's past, the cab [...]

    14. With Tom Taylor presumed dead and Wilson’s estate up for auction, what else can Lizzie and Savoy do but try to steal what they need from it? Specifically Lot 57. Lizzie provides a diversion so that Savoy can surreptitiously photograph the layout of the auction house where everything is on display for inspection. And while they are mulling everything over in the safety of a small diner, the wayward wanderer himself unexpectedly returns after his absence of three months, bursting on the scene fr [...]

    15. Brilliant backstory of Wilson Taylor, comics, and the cabal. The tragic and tightly told backstory is what lifted this series from four to five stars for me.

    16. I'm continually going back and forth on this book, and it makes me wish that I used four stars as sparingly as I use five, because the Unwritten is so close to classic and not just there.The art by Peter Gross is competent without being amazing -- the best way to describe it is "Average Vertigo art." I can always tell what's going on, which is very nice, but for me, a great comic needs a page or a panel every five or six pages that makes you gasp in awe. Not every shot can be, or should be, clas [...]

    17. Carey and co. continue to provide top notch comic entertainment in the fifth volume of The Unwritten, On To Genesis. The title is, of course, a play on words referring both to the stories pointing toward a new beginning (by the end Tommy seems truly ready to take an active rather than reactive posture toward Pullman and the Cabal) and ontogenesis--a word referring to the entire cycle of growth and development of an organism from birth to death--a reference to the stories further clues about Wins [...]

    18. It may be that the novelty of the story is starting to wear off, but I found this volume to be pretty weak. There were several lines and plot twists where I thought, oh yeah, this is a comic book. The early issues didn't really feel like that to me. In the earlier issues, it seemed like the fascinating storyline transcended the commonly weak writing of comics. In this volume, however, it seems like the creators had lost some of the passion they had for it or something. Some of the methods they u [...]

    19. The story is snowballing and becoming more cohesive, and with that more interesting. Things are making a lot more sense, now that Leviathan concept and the source of Tommy's powers. There's a bit of fuzziness on whether it's a two-way street; a bit of a chicken or egg argument brewing, however, in terms of reality vs. meaning. But the story doesn't seem to want to drown in that philosophical conundrum, which I'm thankful for. But it leaves things rather confusing in terms of Tommy, and nearly in [...]

    20. The thing is I want to really like this series. I think the premise is great (sound bite description take Harry Potter and mash it up with Thursday Next). But Mike Carey's execution just seems off. Mind you, I think this is an improvement over the previous volume, but it still falls short of my hopes and expectations.Carey's flashback to a story about Wilson Taylor, Tommy Taylor's father, is decent. What stands out there is how other characters begin to point out to Wilson where popular culture [...]

    21. This volume was MUCH better than the previous one, and restored my hope in the series. I still feel like it is taking the characters too long to figure out what the reader already knows. I feel like this is becoming all set up and no action, how long does it take to set the stage!? I think that the author is trying to get deep and express BIG concepts but I feel like we are going in circles sometimes.That being said I really enjoyed the 1930's flashbacks and Pulp fiction feel!

    22. If you're a writer or someone who likes to think more deeply than just the immediate text, you may really like this series. I can't remember who recommended this to me, but it's an amazing read on a number of levels. This series keeps getting stronger and strongerd it's now at a point where I may break my habit of waiting for trade paperback collections and go hunt up any issues after this one just so I don't have to wait to read more

    23. I've found this to be kind of a hit-and-miss series overall, but when it's hitting, it's pretty darn good, as in this particular volume, which sort of gives us a bit of an origin story for Tom Taylor (or at least I think it does--time will tell). I love the whole "jumping into and out of stories" idea and it has really worked well at times. The art could be a bit better, but it does what it needs to (I just wish it weren't quite so perfunctory). Looking forward to the next collection.

    24. Pretty much read this in one day and I really enjoyed it.Some crazy stuff happens that makes you go, WHA--??! And overall, it was really good and seeing a bit of Wilson Taylor's past was interesting, too.

    25. Three and a half stars. I didn't find this one quite so amazing as the previous collections -- there are a few threads that feel just a little flat to me, and I'm hoping they turn out to have a Point -- but it's all still pretty gripping and mostly unexpected.

    26. For me this was the least captivating volume so far. It's centered on Wilson and past events covered in his journals. The next volume should pick up after this borefest.Tom escapes the books and gets together with Lizzie and Savoy again. They plan to steal Wilson's journals before they are put up for auction by Anton Whiteleaf. They hope to find vital information in there about Wilson's past and his goal.(view spoiler)[They use the doorknob to get inside the storage where the auctioned items are [...]

    27. Arriva il momento di conoscere qualcosa in più sul passato di Wilson Taylor, il padre di Tommy. I diari del nostro, recuperati nei primi due episodi di questo volume, saranno un elemento prezioso sia per questo fine, sia per far prendere coscienza a Tommy di un risvolto dei suoi poteri: la sua capacità di portare in carne ed ossa gli elementi letti, supponendo di essere nel luogo dove si voleva che fossero rappresentati. Wilson Taylor, si scopre, apparteneva alla cabala, ma tentò di uscirne p [...]

    28. What a way to rebound. I was slightly sour on the series after the last book but this volume gets back into the amazing series that is literary insanity. We get new evils, answers to questions, more questions to ask, a heist, big revelations, pulp comics, magic, more magic, an outing, and more. Truly a great piece of writing. The art by Peter Gross and Vince Locke was perfect for the title, especially in the pulp scenes. Overall, an epic book. Thank you Mike Carey.

    29. Collects The Unwritten issues #25-30More aspects of the mystery continue to be revealed in this volume, as we learn more about Tom's family and origins. We also learn more about Wilson's past loyalties. Final rating = 3.5 stars

    30. This one left me confused. Wilson drugged and abused Tommy as a boy to force him to become a story, but why? He already had a son who was a story and (apparently) didn't need to be tortured to get there. And now Wilson is way older than we thought. Where is this going?

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