A Pensar em Ti

A Pensar em Ti Quando a filha nica de Ginny Holland sai de casa para a universidade Ginny fica desesperadamente sozinha Com um div rcio amig vel para tr s quer come ar de novo e preencher as horas solit rias sem a

  • Title: A Pensar em Ti
  • Author: Jill Mansell
  • ISBN: 9789897100086
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback
  • Quando a filha nica de Ginny Holland sai de casa para a universidade, Ginny fica desesperadamente sozinha Com um div rcio amig vel para tr s, quer come ar de novo e preencher as horas solit rias sem a filha Infelizmente, o primeiro homem que Ginny pensa ter ficado atra do por ela, acusa a de tentar roubar um pav o de cer mica que ela se esquecera que tinha na m o ao saiQuando a filha nica de Ginny Holland sai de casa para a universidade, Ginny fica desesperadamente sozinha Com um div rcio amig vel para tr s, quer come ar de novo e preencher as horas solit rias sem a filha Infelizmente, o primeiro homem que Ginny pensa ter ficado atra do por ela, acusa a de tentar roubar um pav o de cer mica que ela se esquecera que tinha na m o ao sair da loja.Decidida a conhecer pessoas novas, aluga um dos quartos da sua casa, mas o que consegue a companhia de uma mulher que s fala do ex namorado Para piorar as coisas, quando Ginny arranja emprego num restaurante, descobre que o novo patr o o mesmo que a acusou de roubar na loja Ser que as coisas ainda podiam ficar pior Claro que sim que a sua filha, ainda a aprender a viver sozinha, acaba de cometer uma grande asneira e perder a melhor amiga E, mais uma vez, vai ter de ser a m e a resolver tudo

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    1. Jill Mansell lives with her partner and children in Bristol, and writes full time Actually that s not true she watches TV, eats fruit gums, admires the rugby players training in the sports field behind her house, and spends hours on the internet marvelling at how many other writers have blogs Only when she s completely run out of displacement activities does she write.Jill Mansell s books have sold over ten million copies and her titles include Making your Mind up, Fast Friends, Good at Games, Sheer Mischief and Solo, among many others.

    2. I finished this book in half a day, and it was SO worth the read. Jill Mansell does it again for me, and I am so glad I trusted my instincts with her and bought 6 more of her books all at once! This is only my second, and I'm so pleased.It had just the right ingredients blended together perfectly, it was utterly delightful. It made me laugh in all the right places, cringe in all the right places, gasp in all the right places, and get mad in all the right places.The characters were very well-roun [...]

    3. Nice, easy, and funny read. Adorable love story.What I particularly enjoyed about this book was the variety and complexity of the characters, you have Ginny as the protagonist, but the author explores and makes a role for all the surrounding people in her life. Assigning them bigger chunk of the book, as for her daughter Jem or best friend Carla, or just a bit of a story here and there as for depressed-tenant Laurel and womanizer ex-husband Gavin.Plus you have a litter of kittens… made me crav [...]

    4. Já li este livro! Lindo!Absolutamente fantástico. Adorei. Ao contrário do outro que eu tinha lido dela, não me fez desesperar por ter um final desadequado. Este final foi lindo e não poderia ser melhor.É um livro delicioso ! Devora-se num instante!Decididamente, esta é uma autora para seguir. Estou rendida aos encantos dela.

    5. I've read plenty of good reviews by this author, and after the first disappointment I faced with another one of Jill Mansell's novels, I decided 'what the heck', and read another one.There was no improvement. At all.The story line just gets so boring and repetitive. The protagonist is always a gorgeous woman in her 30's who is head over heels for a guy she thinks she can't have. And the reason for this is always the same - she thinks that he's way out of her league, and that he doesn't like her [...]

    6. So I bought this book for my bestest friend/cousin in the whole wide world (I know I am being cliche) and Of course I had to read it before I gave it to her!! I really liked the cover of this book. It was the reason why I bought the book. I thought it was a bit on the subdued cute side you know?The character were really cool in an old fashioned way? I mean I didn't like Jem. One. freaking. bit. But her mom was okay. I mean look at her relationship with her ex-husband!! It was damned awesome! heh [...]

    7. This has to be one of the best chik-lit novels I have ever read. This is loaded with plenty of drama and humor and it kept me wanting more and was very hard to put down. The story is about Ginny. Her daughter has left for college and she is alone. She misses her daughter terrible and doesn’t think she can cope. But she picks herself up and decides to do something about it. She rents a room in her house to a woman suffering from a broken heart. Her name is Laurel and her brother, Perry, is to d [...]

    8. Mais um grande enredo desta autora fantástica Simplesmente adoro. É sem dúvida uma das autoras em que compro os livros e sei que não me vou arrepender sem dúvida alguma. Ginny vê-se num enredo quase sem fim, mas vai decidida para conhecer pessoas novas, e conhece o seu novo patrão mas será que vai existir algo mais do que uma relação de trabalho?? É um livro bastante romântico com algumas personagens bastante intrigantes e que nos dá vontade de rir com algumas peripécias, adorei!!a [...]

    9. Cobweb looked at the clock. Oh my god, just twenty four hours before she would be in Trafalgar Square, queuing up to have her copy of ‘Thinking of You’ signed by the one and only Jill Mansell. It wasn’t as if Mansell was her favourite author in the world, not by a long shot, but there was always something special about going to a book signing whether you were meeting J.K Rowling or Tim Bowler. The excitement was really starting to tug at her now, and a whole army of butterflies had gathere [...]

    10. Cute story. I really liked how things wrapped up for the various characters toward the end of the book - there weren't a lot of loose ends, and in a day of trilogies and series, I really appreciate books that stand on their own. For me, the first 25% or so seemed to be a lot of background setting for events later in the book - I didn't really get into the book until 30 - 35% of the way through it. Then I really enjoyed the parallel plot lines between mother and daughter. There's also a lot of fo [...]

    11. A charming and delightful story. Thinking of You is a multigenerational, community-based story centered around Ginny, an empty-nester, and her daughter, Jem, a freshman in college, and how they adjust to the changes in their lives.An assorted cast of quirky minor characters add to the humor from the playboy ex-husband, Gavin, to the sexy strumpet best friend, Carla, to the neurotic new roommate, Laurel.Ginny has several false starts in finding a new relationship, a new job, and a life without he [...]

    12. Jill Mansell is absoluut een van mijn favoriete schrijfsters. Haar meest recente boeken las ik al allemaal maar er lag nog een hele stapel van haar oudere op mij te wachten. De hoogste tijd om er eentje van zolder te halen en mij erin te verdiepen.En ja, hoor. Het was weer een juweeltje. Naast het onvermijdelijke voorspelbare einde zitten er ook een aantal verrassingen in en de humor is weer geweldig. Ik weet niet of het aan mij ligt, maar ik heb de indruk dat de ouderen nog net iets beter zijn [...]

    13. Mansell brings us many HEAs and personal growth.First we have Ginny, divorced, working here and there and about to be home alone as her daughter Jem is leaving for uni. She is not happy and there will be a few mistakes on the way. But as this is a Mansell book there will also be happiness and hers will be in the form of love.Jem, her 18 year old daughter will also find herself during this year and make her own mistakes. But some mistakes have to be made.Then we also have Ginny's best friend Clar [...]

    14. Thinking of You by Jill Mansell is another romp in the English countryside. Ginny Holland has a problem when she’s in emotional turmoil — her mind wanders and the tasks at hand just disappear from her consciousness. Even when she’s worried about her daughter’s first year at college in Bristol and away from home, Ginny is still not immune to the charms of a hot-looking man in an antique shop. But while she’s browsing and happily daydreaming about the man in the shop, he catches her red- [...]

    15. Good quality fluff from the queen of chicklit. Jill Mansells books are one of my guilty pleasures in life. Her characters are well drawn if in places a little overblown (where does all the money come from?!) but I always have a lovely sense of satisfaction when I've read one of her books. A roaring read - plenty of laughs and farcical moments and in this one, a deceptively easy looking plot. I was impressed with the amounts of twists and turns this one took, and enjoyed it all the more for it.

    16. This is the second of Jill Mansell's books that I have read. They are fun and fast to read. I enjoy the characters in her books. They are people that you would want to know and have lives that aren't always perfect. A happy, fairy tale ending isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes it is nice to have some escapism when reading. I will be looking for more books by this author.

    17. This book was fabulous. I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen to Ginny. I loved how her story paralleled her daughter's. I loved the story, I loved the characters, I loved everything. It was a fun book and easy to picture while reading!

    18. Terrible. Terrible plot, terrible writing, terrible translation, terrible everything. No more Jill Mansell for me.

    19. Easy read, enjoyable. I liked it explored both mother and daughter livesHowever, the best-friend bit was a bit far-fetched.

    20. Ginny is all alone in north Cornwall after her daughter, Jem moves away to Bristol for university and her beloved dog, Bellamy passes away from cancer.After accidentally shoplifting as she's so upset, she meets a man whom she can't stop thinking about and recalls it all to her best friend, Carla.After Carla falls for the same man as Ginny, best friends turn enemies whilst the relationship plays out after Carla comes clean until children come into the mixMeanwhile, Jem falls for a rich, arrogant [...]

    21. Soap opera in book form. Soap opera in book form. Soap opera in book form. Soap opera in book form. Soap opera in book form. Did I mention it's a soap opera in book form? Nothing wrong with that, really, but this is not a book you want to read when you're in the mood for expanding your mind. When you're on a plane or sitting on the beach or waiting for a few hours in a doctor's office? This might not be a bad choice. But be prepared for lots of Three's Company-level hijinks and for a LOT of real [...]

    22. For me, a Jill Mansell's book stands for a relaxing, romantic read without too much (real) drama, knowing that, in the end, everything will be ok. I love reading her books when my mind is busy with other stuff and I just need something easy. After a couple of pages, I realized I read it before (in English), so I already knew where it was going and what the plot twists were, but well I decided to read it again (in Dutch) and it was still kinda fun. Of course the story with all those characters e [...]

    23. Another brilliant book by Jill Mansell. I can honestly say it doesn't matter what book of hers I have read they always are a lovely read and I am always sad when I get down to the last 10 or so pages. I find her books easy to read from the start right up to the end. If I have read a book that I found hard to read I will read one of Jill's to get me back into the reading mood.I recommend this book 100% and if you have never read one of her books just give it go and where better than to start than [...]

    24. I know this book had its faults, but all in all it was kind of adorable. Lots of characters, but not difficult to follow, and FUNNY. Lots of stuff about women's friendships, and what threatens them. I especially liked Gavin -- he was what he was, no apologies. Jem was kind of flighty, but she was only 18 and away from home for the first time. I was kind of the same way -- as well as I can remember ! Anyway, this was my first Mansell and I enjoyed it. Nothing deep, nothing to figure out, nothing [...]

    25. Nothing new here from Mansell.& thank goodness for that as it means we get the usual entertaining mix of romantic tangles & misunderstandings. This time centering around Ginny, who is suffering from empty nest syndrome as daughter Jem has headed off to university. Suddenly Ginny finds herself with a new job, a sexy new boss, a boyfriendoh, & a depressed lodger!But neither of the men in her life are quite what they seem (no surprise there!) & although you don't have to be a rocket [...]

    26. I loved this book. it was so m7ch fun to read. the character building was great and the story moved along quickly. it was a light read with lots going on. at one point I was so mad at one of the characters for their decisions. that's how you know you've connected with the characters when you feel true emotion while reading. I'll have to check out another book from this author in the future.

    27. Just OKt one of my favorites of Jill Mansell's. I think mostly, I just didn't love any of the characters--something irritated me about each and every one of them. Not terrible, just not great either.

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