أرض البشر

  • Title: أرض البشر
  • Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry جوزيف صايغ
  • ISBN: 9789772070770
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
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    • أرض البشر - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry جوزيف صايغ
      321 Antoine de Saint-Exupéry جوزيف صايغ
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    1. Antoine de Saint Exup ry was born in Lyons on June 29, 1900 He flew for the first time at the age of twelve, at the Amb rieu airfield, and it was then that he became determined to be a pilot He kept that ambition even after moving to a school in Switzerland and while spending summer vacations at the family s ch teau at Saint Maurice de R mens, in eastern France The house at Saint Maurice appears again and again in Saint Exup ry s writing Later, in Paris, he failed the entrance exams for the French naval academy and, instead, enrolled at the prestigious art school l Ecole des Beaux Arts In 1921 Saint Exup ry began serving in the military, and was stationed in Strasbourg There he learned to be a pilot, and his career path was forever settled After leaving the service, in 1923, Saint Exup ry worked in several professions, but in 1926 he went back to flying and signed on as a pilot for A ropostale, a private airline that flew mail from Toulouse, France, to Dakar, Senegal In 1927 Saint Exup ry accepted the position of airfield chief for Cape Juby, in southern Morocco, and began writing his first book, a memoir called Southern Mail, which was published in 1929 He then moved briefly to Buenos Aires to oversee the establishment of an Argentinean mail service when he returned to Paris in 1931, he published Night Flight, which won instant success and the prestigious Prix Femina Always daring, Saint Exup ry tried in 1935 to break the speed record for flying from Paris to Saigon Unfortunately, his plane crashed in the Libyan desert, and he and his copilot had to trudge through the sand for three days to find help In 1938 he was seriously injured in a second plane crash, this time as he tried to fly between New York City and Tierra del Fuego, Argentina The crash resulted in a long convalescence in New York Saint Exup ry s next novel, Wind, Sand and Stars, was published in 1939 A great success, the book won the Acad mie Fran aise s Grand Prix du Roman Grand Prize for Novel Writing and the National Book Award in the United States At the beginning of the Second World War, Saint Exup ry flew reconnaissance missions for France, but he went to New York to ask the United States for help when the Germans occupied his country He drew on his wartime experiences to write Flight to Arras and Letter to a Hostage, both published in 1942 His classic The Little Prince appeared in 1943 Later in 1943 Saint Exup ry rejoined his French air squadron in northern Africa Despite being forbidden to fly he was still suffering physically from his earlier plane crashes , Saint Exup ry insisted on being given a mission On July 31, 1944, he set out from Borgo, Corsica, to overfly occupied France He never returned.

    2. oh maybe I'm just a sucker for Saint-Exupéry. Let me go on about the title. It just doesn't translate into English. I LIKE the traditional English title, Wind, Sand, and Stars, but the puns all get lost. They'd get lost no mattr how you translate it, though. In French, la terre is not just the world, the earth, but also earth, dirt, ground and land; there are puns on terrain--terraine, landscape--and territoire, territory--the word atterrir, TO LAND an aeroplane, literally means to alight on ea [...]

    3. Whenever I am forced to name my most favorite book ever, my automatic response is Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince. I read it first when I was a boy but I did not understand what was it all about except the hat with an elephant inside and the planet with big trees called baobab. The second time was in college when it was a required reading in World Literature. I did not really like it until my professor explained that the novel was about man’s search for friendship. I recall that [...]

    4. Terre des hommes, Antoine de Saint-Exupéryعنوانها: زمین آدمها؛ زمین انسانها؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش: اول سپتامبر سال 2002 میلادیعنوان: زمین انسانها؛ نویسنده: آنتوان دو سنت اگزوپری؛ مترجم: سروش حبیبی؛ تهران، امیرکبیر، 1350؛ در 168 ص؛ چاپ دوم: 1356، در سی و دو و 139 ص؛ چاپ دیگر: تهران، فرزان روز، 1377، در 190 ص؛ چا [...]

    5. I know nothing, nothing in the world, equal to the wonder of nightfall in the air. [] Mermoz said once, “It’s worth it, it’s worth the final smash-up.” Flying in 2015 has become about as commonplace and unexciting as taking the subway to work or the train to the weekend lodge. It is safer than driving a car and most of the work, beside take-offs and landings, is done by sophisticated instruments. What we have gained in safety and comfort. We may have lost in our sense of wonder and our p [...]

    6. Αγαπώ ή μάλλον όχι, λατρεύω το Σαιντ Εξυπερύ.Νιώθω λίγο κουτή που μέχρι τώρα είχα διαβάσει μόνο τον Μικρό Πρίγκιπα θεωρώντας ανόητα ότι ήταν ότι καλύτερο έχει να προσφέρει.Στο «Η γη των ανθρώπων» μας αφηγείται τις πιλοτικές του εμπειρίες, όλες αυτές τις ολοκληρωτικές, αχαν [...]

    7. This book is in many ways a wonderful background book for The Little Prince. The non-fiction stories of the author's adventures as a pilot allowed me to see the man behind one of my all time favorite books. The Little Prince is one of those books where you can sense the soul of the author and Saint-Exupéry's non-fiction books, like this one, let you see that your initial intuition while reading The Little Prince was correct. This is a very un-sentimental look at courage and at the urge we all h [...]

    8. Transcendant, beautiful, embracing. When I read three books in a row where this book featured prominently (The Goldfinch was one) I felt the book calling to me. For me, it was not the type of book that I could sit down and read in one go. I wanted to mull and linger on the words, and to embrace St Exupery's words demands a kind of internal honesty and emotionality from the reader that can be freeing but also emotionally exhausting. I think that is why I put it down so often. I mean, I started th [...]

    9. This short memoir for me was a wonderful adventure in flying and parallel inward journey by the author. That puts this book on an honored shelf with Mathiessen’s “The Snow Leopard”. St. Expery’s experiences in the 20’s with the French airmail service to North Africa and South America had comparable mind altering impacts and serious humbling in the face of nature’s powers. But instead of a serious quest and a single journey, we get a more open-ended set of stories bound to his flying [...]

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    11. The steadily growing stream of birth and marriage announcements on my Facebook feed has led me to rethink these “steps” that most people take each passing year. I used to think (and still sometimes do when I’m feeling unsure or cynical) that this seemingly prewritten way of living, of societal norms pushing us forward, was depressing evidence for a lack of creativity. But lately I see these steps not as predetermined chains on a pair of manacles we never knew we were wearing, but as a clim [...]

    12. Kitabı okuduğunuzda Küçük Prens kitabının zihninizde tamamlandığını hissediyorsunuz. Ancak Küçük Prens'teki o masalsı ve sempatik tadı bu kitapta alamadım ne yazık ki.

    13. فعلا به دلیل ترجمه سنگین کتاب خیلی کند پیش میرم . به حدی که بعضی جاها منظور نویسنده رو متوجه نمیشم و اینکه باید چند بار بخونم16 تیر 1395بالاخره تونستم این کتاب را تمام کنم از بخش 7 کتاب( که دست و پنجه نرم کردن نویسنده برای زنده موندنه) تونستم باهاش ارتباط برقرار کنم و برای همین فکر م [...]

    14. I find that reading books about plane crashes while physically in a plane really enhances the flying experience. I told my mother that and she thought I was being facetious, but I was just being honest. I read Night Flight by Antoine de Saint-Exupery (author of The Little Prince) on the way to Michigan and Wind, Sand, and Stars by the same author on the way back, both of which include plane disasters. Both were exquisite, though not at all in the same way as The Little Prince, and both are about [...]

    15. Kitap okuyorsam, beş bin yılın hikayesini; bir ömürde dinlemek, anlamak içindir.Öyleyse şimdi sıra geldi "Yel, Kum ve Yıldızlar" kitabına. 2013 yılında ben de; hemen herkes gibi, Küçük Prens kitabıyla tanıştığım Antoine de Saint-Exupery'nin trajik yaşam öyküsünü de bilahare okuduktan sonra bu kitabı da okumaya karar kılmıştım.Kitabın beni oldukça etkilediğini söyleyebilirim. Jack London'ın Yabanın Çağrısı'nda bahsettiği "Çağrı"yı yüreğinden işit [...]

    16. The only book I have ever read by de Saint-Exupery is (and this will come as no surprise) The Little Prince. I even had to read the original French version while in college. I don't know much about the author, but when I saw a review for this book, it intrigued me.I am glad I read it. This is full of great writing of de Saint-Exupery's life as a pilot delivering mail for Aeropostale. I originally picked it up to skim and determine if it would be my next read, but I was so taken by the passages t [...]

    17. This book was fantastic, literally hard to believe that its is the author's real life. Crashing in the Lybian desert, life in the Sahara, looking for a lost friend in the snows of the Chilean Andes, and first-hand accounts of the Spanish Civil War. But most of all, it is a poetic book about the beauty of flying, connection with nature, how challenge and suffering turn the boy into the man, how meaningful bonds between humans form, the contrast between the comfortable life of a bookkeeper and the [...]

    18. Antoine de Saint-Exupery is one of the most brilliant humanist-writers. Every person is beautiful in their own way, each of us need to be open and forward in the right direction. "Human Planet," a great book, infinitely good and exciting. It exalted honor, friendship, kindness, helping others. We see how beautiful our planet is. But not only the nature of the world is worthy of attention and admiration - do not forget about the people.Exupery does not stop to admire the beauty of our planet, san [...]

    19. Read in French.The French author and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry published his book in 1939. It was soon thereafter translated into English with the title Wind, Sand and Stars. The work is a collection of essays focusing on his years as an airmail courier for Aéropostale, flying difficult and dangerous routes across the Andes in South America, the Pyrenees in France and Spain, and the Sahara in north Africa. A number of his experiences are described in detail, the longest and most vivid b [...]

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    21. Saint-Exupery's talent as a writer and beauty as a human being shine bright as desert stars in this brief, stunning memoir of his flying adventures. I am so glad that I finally got around to reading it, as it's been on my shelf for years. Highly recommend.

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    23. " and suddenly I had a vision of the face of destiny. Old bereaucrat, my comrade, it is not you who are to blame. No one ever helped you to escape. You, like a termite, built your peace by blocking up with cement every chink and cranny through which the light might pierce. You rolled yourself up into a ball in your genteel security, in routine, in the stifling conventions of provincial life, raising a modest rampart against the winds and the tides and the stars. You have chosen not to be perturb [...]

    24. زمین انسان‌ها نشون می‌ده که چطور زندگی واقعی اگزوپری روی خلق شازده کوچولو تاثیر گذاشته. کتاب جهان بینی‌ای رو طرح می‌کنه که در زندگی بی‌اندازه راهگشاست، به خصوص برای اون‌ها که آدم‌های بی‌قراری هستن خط به خط این اثر رو می‌شه نقل قول کرد.

    25. Very inspirational book that looks at flight from two very different perspectives: physical flight in a plane and spiritual flight from inside.

    26. Mình đọc quyển này cũng lâu rồi giờ mới có thời gian review :3 Quyển sách quả là một kiệt tác của Saint-Exupery. Trong sách ông mô tả về những cuộc phiêu lưu dài xuyên qua vùng đất cằn cỗi, còn mới mẻ (so với thời đó) trong vai trò của một phi công chuyên chở bư phẩm. Ông kể về những kinh nghiệm trước khi ông vào việc, những gì tai nghe mắt thấy và những chuyến gặp nạn, đặc biệt mìn [...]

    27. در روزی که هواپیمای تهران-یاسوج سقوط کرد، خوندمش. بیشتر بر حسب تصادف بود این همزمانی اما با خوندنش هر لحظه میشد تصور کرد که 66 جان چطور از ما پر کشیدند. اگر چه شباهت چندانی نیست بین این داستان و سقوط پرواز هواپیمایی آسمان

    28. "I looked about me. Luminous points glowed in the darkness. Cigarettes punctuated the humble meditations of worn old clerks. I heard them talking to one another in murmurs and whispers. They talked about illness, money, shabby domestic cares. And suddenly I had a vision of the face of destiny. Old bureaucrat, my comrade, it is not you who are to blame. No one ever helped you to escape. You, like a termite, built your peace by blocking up with cement every chink and cranny through which the light [...]

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