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Rocket Science In ROCKET SCIENCE Jay Lake s first novel Vernon Dunham s friend Floyd Bellamy has returned to Augusta Kansas after serving in World War II but he hasn t come back empty handed he s stolen a super

  • Title: Rocket Science
  • Author: Jay Lake
  • ISBN: 9780974657363
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback
  • In ROCKET SCIENCE, Jay Lake s first novel, Vernon Dunham s friend Floyd Bellamy has returned to Augusta, Kansas after serving in World War II, but he hasn t come back empty handed he s stolen a super secret aircraft right from under the Germans Vernon doesn t think it s your ordinary run of the mill aircraft For one thing, it s been buried under the Arctic ice for hundrIn ROCKET SCIENCE, Jay Lake s first novel, Vernon Dunham s friend Floyd Bellamy has returned to Augusta, Kansas after serving in World War II, but he hasn t come back empty handed he s stolen a super secret aircraft right from under the Germans Vernon doesn t think it s your ordinary run of the mill aircraft For one thing, it s been buried under the Arctic ice for hundreds of years When it actually starts talking to him, he realizes it doesn t belong in Kansas or anywhere on Earth The problem is, a lot of folks know about the ship and are out to get it, including the Nazis, the U.S Army and that s just for starters Vernon has to figure out how to communicate with the ship and unravel its secrets before everyone catches up with him If he ends up dead, and the ship falls into the wrong hands, it won t take a rocket scientist to predict the fate of humanity.

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    1. Jay Lake lived in Portland, Oregon, where he worked on multiple writing and editing projects His 2007 book Mainspring received a starred review in Booklist His short fiction appeared regularly in literary and genre markets worldwide Jay won the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer, Endeavour Award, and was a multiple nominee for the Hugo and World Fantasy Awards.

    2. UPDATE 6/1/2014: My blog about Jay Lake's death.UPDATE 7/16/2013: Audible has an audiobook of this novel now! Narrated by Scott Aiello.Read my review at Shelf Inflicted!Rating: 3.75* of fiveThe Publisher Says: In ROCKET SCIENCE, Jay Lake's first novel, Vernon Dunham's friend Floyd Bellamy has returned to Augusta, Kansas, after serving in World War II, but he hasn't come back empty-handed: he's stolen a super-secret aircraft right from under the Germans. Vernon doesn't think it's your ordinary ru [...]

    3. Really this gets 2.5 stars from me. I didn't know what to make of this book. I never connected with any of the characters and only really got to the end because it was so short and so all over the place like a car crash I wanted to know how it would end. I read my share of scifi but this one actively kept the real world on the other side of the room. It's set just after WWII and the author does a decent job of making the book feel like it was written back then, but I felt like it was trying too [...]

    4. Is it a mystery? Fantasy? A family memoir? All I know for sure is that rural Kansas after World War 2 was a lot more exciting with alien spaceships, Nazis, FBI, Kansas City Mobsters, and moonshine runners than any part of Kansas I've seen on our countless trips through it. Give the spaceship a better sense of humanity than any of the men in the novel and put in a family twist, and you have a good sense of the chaos Jay Lake created on purpose!

    5. A novel written about young post WW II characters in a rural Kansas environment that happen upon a mysterious alien artifact and must deal with a myriad of interests trying to co-opt it. Told in a YA style of narrative, this tale moves along briskly and provides plenty of suspense and adventure. An enjoyable read.

    6. Terrible, terrible book and I'am totally baffled that anyone gave it better than three stars in their reviews. This is the story of a physically crippled, idiot milksop who is manipulated by his handsome, smooth-talking, ne'er-do-well "best friend," into working on a stolen Nazi aircraft at the end of WWII. The protagonist is most easily manipulated and scatterbrained lead character I've seen in all my years. The story writing is also very weird. It feels like the author was going for a mix of " [...]

    7. Jay Lake is an unknown to me, but he sure does get a lot of praise. His first novel, Rocket Science, received starred reviews in both Library Journal and Booklist, which prompted me to read it. Once I had the book in hand, I saw that Locus magazine also had nothing but praise for the book, and the author blurbs (none of whom I recognized) spoke of weirdness the kind of weirdness that makes regular weird look like the Stepford wives, y'know?First off, let me say that I almost didn't make it thro [...]

    8. Review circa 2005, reprinted fron NeoOpsis magazine #7. Jay Lake is the 2004 winner of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, on the basis of his many short stories, and was nominated for a World Fantasy Award for his editing, so it should come as no surprise that his first novel, Rocket Science is easily one of the best I've read this year. The novel is set in post-WWII Kansas where our first-person narrator finds his life turned upside down when his best friend shows up with what appe [...]

    9. Vernon Dunham likes airplanes but he never imagined one would like him back. He thought he had learned everything about airplanes working as a parts buyer for B29 production in Wichita, but when Vernon’s best friend Floyd Bellamy comes home from WWII Europe, the learning is just beginning. Hey mom, look what followed me home! Can I keep it? A dog, maybe, but a talking alien spacecraft dug out from under the arctic ice by Nazis, certainly not! The arrival of Floyd and his airplane turns Vernon [...]

    10. This tale is set just after World War II, a time when Nazis and spies, Commies and moonshiners and more are available bogeymen. It is told entirely from the point of view of a Boeing employee whose best friend comes home from Germany with a great story and a secret rocket that he acquired somehow.Each chapter after that adds more layers onto the plot, as more and more people find out about the rocket and try to take it for themselves. It turns out the rocket has a point of view also, and it talk [...]

    11. This is unprecedented in recent history. I devoured this book in three nights of reading. Granted, there aren't that many pages. I enjoyed the heck out of them all.In Rocket Science, Jay Lake has populated a small post-WWII Kansas town with likable folks, Nazi agents, Communist spies, traitors, mobsters, military police, and a flying machine that's not of this Earth. He blends them together in a tale that is a page turner from start to finish, with the biggest surprises at the end.The writing is [...]

    12. Got this from the library. What a fun read. Vernon's friend Floyd comes back to Kansas after WWII but not empty handed. He brings home a super secret plane that he "acquired" from the Germans at the end of the war. He enlists Vernon to help him figure out how to fly it. The Nazis start coming after them, as does US Army Intelligence and that's just the start. But when the plane starts talking to Floyd, he realizes it doesn't belong in Kansas or perhaps Earth (I know punny, blame the guy who wrot [...]

    13. I finished reading Jay Lake’s Rocket Science (2005) last night. It’s a fun little SF novel that takes place in post WWII Kansas.The protagonists are two 20-something long-time friends, Vernon and Floyd. Floyd has just returned home from the War; while Vernon, excluded from the military due to polio, works at Boeing in Wichita.Vernon’s the good, smart one and Floyd’s the not-so-good charmer & schemer. Seems Floyd’s has stolen some strange Nazi equipment and needs Vernon to figure it [...]

    14. A light and quick sci-fi read set in the years immediately after WWII in Kansas. A confusing mix of defeated Nazis, military police, regular police, communists, gangsters and our frequently unfortunate protaganist are all fighting over a spaceship shipped from Europe to Kansas. One thing I enjoyed was the way the protaganist narrated his awe and tried to figure out how the future technology could work, constantly referring to vacuum tubes and such. Not particularly memorable, but not bad either. [...]

    15. After reading Green, his latest, I wanted more by Jay Lake. Rocket Science is his debut, more of a novella than a full length novel, which makes sense because he wrote short fiction for a long time before going novel length. This story is set in rural Kansas right after World War II, and the details and depth of that setting are awesome. By the climax we have: Nazi sympathizers, Communist agents, The Kansas City Mob, regular cops and Army counter intelligence, all after the poor hero and the pac [...]

    16. Well golly gee, that sure was a swell book there! Our everyman hero has to deal with a cell of communists, Nazis, Mafiosa, Army intelligence, and secret ancient rocket technology all rolled into rural Kansas. He stands in the shadow of his charismatic war hero buddy who smuggled an ultra-top-secret aircraft out of the European theater. Everything get's totally out of hand before our hero is able to save the day. I had the nagging feeling that I had read this book before, but couldn't remember ho [...]

    17. It's been a long time since I've read a sci fi novel that, from a high vantage point looks like a children's adventure book, but upon closer inspection is an in-depth character study on small towns, prejudice, secrets, and lies. The characters have flaws, making them seem all the more real. Setting the story in the early 1950s serves the story well.I listened to the audio version and Scott Aiello did an excellent job capturing the dark humor of the story. Pacing was excellent.

    18. The post-WWII backdrop seems so quaint at first. But what's in that mysterious freight delivery? Why do the voices in my head speak German? And is that librarian a Nazi? Or maybe a Communist? Or bootlegger? Or just a visiting member of the Chicago mob? Lake's book is a fun and humorous retro-sci-fi adventure.

    19. A historical SF romp set right after WWII, with Nazis and Communists and old rum-runners and an AI-powered flying saucer. Reading this was so much fun that I found myself laughing out loud. Here's an author who really loves his work.

    20. Fun stuff - a little slower to unfold than I expected, but one it revs up, the second half of the book is a turbo-sled. Interesting take on the old "finding a flying saucer" tale, and I really like the old pulpy feel of Jay Lake's storytelling style.

    21. Rocket Science has Nazis, G-Men, Commies, and a talking space ship named Pegasus. How could you possibly go wrong with a combination like that?

    22. Fun science fiction set in post WWII Kansas. This story reminds me of X-Files when it was at it's best - when it had a sense of humor.

    23. definitely a fun read, but rather overly plotted. also, didn't feel like a Jay Lake book, but then it was his first.

    24. Some of it was fairly predictable, but all in all a fun, quick read with a sort of old school b-movie kind of charm.

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