Love Is Mortal

Love Is Mortal A determination to survive Betrayed by everyone she loves Valerie Dearborn will do anything to get out of Fey and avoid becoming Cerdwellyn s queen Even if it means she has to rely upon Lucas the mo

  • Title: Love Is Mortal
  • Author: Caroline Hanson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A determination to survive Betrayed by everyone she loves, Valerie Dearborn will do anything to get out of Fey and avoid becoming Cerdwellyn s queen Even if it means she has to rely upon Lucas, the monster who betrayed her A bid for redemption Lucas felt nothing for hundreds of years, but Valerie s blood has changed everything Forced to confront his sins, he ll do whatA determination to survive Betrayed by everyone she loves, Valerie Dearborn will do anything to get out of Fey and avoid becoming Cerdwellyn s queen Even if it means she has to rely upon Lucas, the monster who betrayed her A bid for redemption Lucas felt nothing for hundreds of years, but Valerie s blood has changed everything Forced to confront his sins, he ll do what he can to help Valerie survive Even if it costs him his life.A destiny cut short

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    1. Caroline Hanson grew up in California and moved to London in order to dance and go to pubs Eventually, she matured enough to marry and imported an Englishman, returning to the United States.After passing the bar, she had two children and now tries to parent, read, write and play tennis She s heard rumors that other mothers clean and cook but is putting in serious effort to make sure those rumors don t reach her family.Caroline grew up listening to Brit pop and reading about vampires As a teenager her favorite authors were Anne Rice and Jude Deveraux Now she loves Laurell K Hamilton, Charlaine Harris, Patricia Briggs, Laura Kinsale, Lisa Kleypas, Loretta Chase, Nalini Singh and JR Ward that s the short list.She is also the proud owner of a WWJD t shirt, What Would Joss do which she hopes is apparent in her books.She loves to hear from fans and her second book in the Valerie Dearborn Series, Love is Fear, will be published in December 2011.A free short story called Bewitching the Werewolf was released in September on Smashwords.

    2. The third and final book in a series is often hit and misses. I guess it would be hard for an author to keep everyone happy. The overall story worked for me, I liked the outcome, I liked the twists and turns it took, and I liked seeing different sides to people, that you can be both good and bad. It was really interesting to read, and I liked the whole plot. I was invested in the characters, and was eager to get my happy ever after. However, when I finished it I was disappointed as it was not ev [...]

    3. I loved it, but not as much as the first two books. It confused me a little and made me laugh and cry at the same time like some emotional lunatic. I think I should have re-read the first two books before reading this one because it had been such a long time since I read book 2, I needed a refresher. WARNING THIS IS SPOILERISH:Lucas is shackled in a Fae King's dungeon; Valerie, deperately in need of an exorcism, is possessed by dead Fae Queen Virginia; Jack is a werewolf and bound to Rachel, a v [...]

    4. **spoiler.ybe** wow.Although this book was greatI feel a little cheated.This is one of my favorite series, but I feel the ending did not go with the series or the characters.I feel they could of had a happy ending, but the way it turned out made me feel blah, I guess.One of the reasons why I loved Lucas was because of his hard edge, but knowing he really felt something deep down.Also I don't like what was taken away at the end.I guess you could say the ending was too good to be true for this ser [...]

    5. ok. so I really really do not like Valerie at all. I want to slap her in the face and almost believe she should be alone forever with her own self righteous attitude. I mead its ok for jack to try to kill him in a moment when it actually matters,but because he defended himself he is the jerk. whatever no one on this planet including her would have let that go with out hurting him. I still love Lucas, but I do not like her at all.

    6. While I really enjoyed this final installment in the Valerie Dearborn series, I have to say that it wasn't my personal favorite. The middle third of this book was extremely dark, and while I understand why from a plot development standpoint, it didn't make that portion of my reading experience pleasurable. And I would have personally loved more info at the end.

    7. Either I read this one much too quickly, or it was much too short. Guess I'll just have to reread it. I was counting down the days for it's release and I'm not ready for it to be over.Can't wait to see what Hanson has in store for the future!

    8. I really enjoyed this trilogy and finished all books in 2 days (don't judge me, my eyes hurt!) The author leaves you with one hell of a cliff hanger at the end of the first two books, and I stayed curled up on my couch like an addict jonesin' to know what happens with all the characters.Jack oh poor, confused Jack. He was really one of my favorite characters, although I was never rooting for him and Valerie to end up together. I didn't like him in the first book, thought he was quite the d-bag, [...]

    9. I seriously can not come up with another adjective to describe what I believe is the final book in this series. I have loved this series since book one and was so disparate to get my hands on this book. It felt like I waited forever for it to be released. I was seriously worse than a kid waiting for their birthday. I had absolutely no idea that this book would blow the others out of the water. I can not remember a time when I have been so impressed by a concluding book. I have read almost 300 bo [...]

    10. ***THIS REVIEW IS SPOILER FREE***Let me start off by saying that I effing loved this book!! I have been a huge fan of the series since the very first book. I read Love is Mortal not knowing that it was the last book in this series, so I was really blown away when I got to the end and realized this was it. I stood staring at the last page for at least five minutes. But after I got over my shock and let everything that had transpired in Love is Mortal sink in, I sighed and smiled because this book [...]

    11. We catch up with Valerie while Cerdwellyn is busy trying to coerce her into becoming his queen and he is refusing to take no for an answer. Valerie is a lot more conflicted in this series dealing with being betrayed by Lucas and Jack so her love life is in tatters and she is wishing that she was just a normal woman without all the vampires, werewolves and Fey constantly trying to ensnare her in their world. Plenty of action and Lucas seeks redemption by offering himself up on a platter to the Fe [...]

    12. 3.5The conclusion of this trilogy was a bit lackluster. I was wanting more. There is a lot of crazy stuff going on, what with dealing with the Fey. What is real? What is illusion? Sometimes as the reader I couldn't even tell. Then there were a few other parts that just were eh and boring. I wasn't sure why we had those parts (view spoiler)[ Valerie being trapped in her mind because Virginia took over her body. And Lucas showing up eventually. I think it was for them to build a relationship or so [...]

    13. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series even though I have hated some of these characters at times. What I enjoyed most was the darkness and chaos in these books. This third book in the series did seem to have a different type of chaos. It seemed to lack the depth of the other books, maybe Anyways, it is the chaos that kept me on the edge of my seat through all of these books. I was not expecting a happy ending, since none of the other books really ended that way. But I was pleasantly surprised [...]

    14. For some reason, this book was felt short for me. Maybe I really, really wanted more of Valerie and Lucas, and why not even Jack! I thought something was missing in the story, maybe that strong connection between the main characters, or that everything ended so fastI don't know I guess I was expecting more. Anyhow, the book was good (not as good as the other two in my opinion, but still good). :)A pesar de ser el ultimo libro de este serie, este ha sido el que menos me gusto de los tres. Creo qu [...]

    15. Love is Mortal is the final book in Caroline's Valerie Dearborn trilogy. She took the book in an entirely different direction than I would have expected. For that reason, I will not be including a recap of the story. I don't want to spoil it for other fans of the series. For me, the best parts of the book were the most painful for the characters. This was not because I wished them harm or enjoyed seeing them in pain. But, it did give us more much needed insight into their lives. Actually, while [...]

    16. Ignore the publication date this book is out now on . This was a fantastic end to the gothic paranormal meets chicklit weirdness that was the Valerie Dearborn trilogy. I have no idea why these books aren't chattered about on along with other indie gems like Easy and From Rags, as they deliver the same freshness and plain and simple readability shared by the best reads.Give them a chance!!!!

    17. Meh. Not sure what happened because I really enjoyed book one. The characters didn't ring true to me, and they totally seemed drastically different to me in a way that seemed more then just a natural evolution. One of my stars is for the reference to "The Princess Bride". I knowright?

    18. I reaaally wanted to love the end of this trilogy but it was just kind of all over the place and I'm left feelling like WTH just happened? The ending seemed really rushed and i felt like the novel didn't give the characters the closure they needed also there were a couple of continuity mistakes which I felf should have been picked up - Valerie stabs a character but later on says she bashed their head in which is it? there was no head bashing mentioned at the time.(view spoiler)[ I also felt like [...]

    19. antes del libro hace tiempo empecé leyendo este libro antes de los otros dos y me gustó mucho.durante la lecturalo terminé de leer en pocas horas a lo mucho unas 2 y media. primero porque ya sabia que pasaba , segundo tambien tenia poquisimas hojas ( a diferencia de los que leo mas de 600 hojas) . me gustó mucho que abordara la historia a lo que era. no que le daba vueltas. los conflictos se resolvieron en el proceso y no hubo tantos giros estramboticos que aveces me toca presenciar sin pies [...]

    20. So does that ending mean there are going to be more books in the near future? Because Molly seemed pretty pissed off but seeing as she never got to use her powers for evil why is she so evilish? (okay I know evilish is not a word but if you got to the end you know what I mean that girl is freaking NUTS). Caroline I cried so hard when he gave her his memories on how he has "hurt" those he has loved dang that was a heartbreaker. So more books right?

    21. After reading all three books I liked the storyline behind these books and loved the main characters. Lucas and Valerie are good together.But the writing was very rough in general, the transition hard to follow occasionally and too many things left untold or just skipped. In my opinion the author needs to slow down and develop her plot and smooth out the rough edges between the scenes.

    22. I read all three books, and was actually kind of captivated. The ending was a let down to me though. It was so weird, compared to the rest of the books. And the added piece thrown in at the end with the vampire's niece seemed a bit unnecessary. But whatever.

    23. Overall good seriesI enjoyed Valerie only slightly more in this book but overall it was an interesting series. I enjoyed the author's writing and her ability to draw me in.

    24. Well, I certainly was not expecting that. This book put me thru the emotional ringer. More than 12hours later, I can't stop thinking about it & I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about how it all ended.In true Dearbourne fashion, we start off with a flashback that gives us a good hard look at what Cerdewellyns powers once were, the lengths he will go to in order to get them back to full strength & sets the stage for what's to come. Then were right back where LIF left off, with Val be [...]

    25. Trilogy Giveaway + Author Interview + ReviewBetrayal and redemption are the primary themes in Love is Mortal, book 3 in the Valerie Dearborn series. It also completes the story arc of Valerie and Lucas. Stuck in the land of the Fey, Valerie is desperate to get out of Cerdwellyn’s clutches. Her powers as an empath, while useful, are not enough and she’ll have to work with Lucas if they have any hope of freedom. But can she trust him after his betrayal?I have enjoyed this series quite a bit so [...]

    26. "Love Is Mortal" by Caroline Hanson is the third and last book in the Valerie Dearborn Series and it follows straight on from "Love Is Fear" with Cerdwellyn, King of the Fey, who wants Valerie as his queen. Lucas being imprisoned in Cerdwellyn's castle who'll do what he can to help Valerie to survive, even if it means sacrificing his life.This book is about betray, surviving, sacrifice, redemption and love.In this installment we learn more about the characters and their past/history. Lucas barin [...]

    27. I really really like this book, and the series in general way more than I thought I would. I was a little iffy after the first book, and probably would not have continued if I did not already have the second book, but half way through that one I was hooked.This book was amazing because Valerie grows a spine and so many things happened that I wasn't really expecting. (view spoiler)[Gonna put this this in spoilers cause I never really know when I'm giving too much away I liked that Valerie killed [...]

    28. This series was excellent. In this last installment, we finally get into Lucas' mind. ***SPOILER ALERT**** It was very creative how the author used possession and went back and forth between Virgina Dare and Valerie's personalities/spirits, which both resided within Val's body, to give us information on LucasVirginia using Val's empath abilities to delve into his mind to suffer his past and torture him,while Val tried to save him and spare his miserygenious and exciting. I loved Lucas' submissio [...]

    29. Where's the extra star?! This was my favorite of the 3 books. I loved the transition into the Fey World. I loved the addition of the Fey King & his Queen. But my favorite parte transition of the relationship between Val & Lucas. In the previous 2 books, their relationship is lustful and chemical. And while that isn't such a bad thing, in fact, it's quite a hot, steamy, good thing, it was nice to see their relationship metamorphosis in this 3rd book. Their relationship grew from one built [...]

    30. **This is a review of the trilogy as a whole.**Forget Twilight. This series is one of the best hidden treasures amidst a genre of brooding passive-aggressive vampires. In this densely carnal, twisted take on fey, vampire, and otherworld magic, the heroine Valerie shines beneath the crushing weight of her love for two heroes. Jack, her childhood friend turned vampire hunter, is committed to keeping things platonically frustrating. Lucas, the 1600 year old vampire king, is complicated by his cold [...]

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