Scratch the Surface

Scratch the Surface A new species for the award winning author of the Dog Lover s mysteries Introducing a terrific new sleuth in Felicity Pride herself an author of a series of popular cat mysteries Now Felicity s facin

  • Title: Scratch the Surface
  • Author: Susan Conant
  • ISBN: 9780425202593
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A new species for the award winning author of the Dog Lover s mysteries Introducing a terrific new sleuth in Felicity Pride, herself an author of a series of popular cat mysteries Now Felicity s facing a real mystery when she finds a cat and a corpse on her doorstep Who was he Who killed him And what publicity value could it all have for her newest novel The answerA new species for the award winning author of the Dog Lover s mysteries Introducing a terrific new sleuth in Felicity Pride, herself an author of a series of popular cat mysteries Now Felicity s facing a real mystery when she finds a cat and a corpse on her doorstep Who was he Who killed him And what publicity value could it all have for her newest novel The answers may lie with an avid pet hater a highbrow professor who s read every cat mystery ever written or perhaps with Felicity s own number one rival in the field, a reclusive, bestselling author With a burly, kilt wearing detective on her side, Felicity must sort out a case puzzling than any she s ever plotted on paper.This title has been removed from sale by Penguin Group, USA.

    • Scratch the Surface By Susan Conant
      467 Susan Conant
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    1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information 1 mysteriesMother of author Jessica Park aka Jessica Conant ParkThe photo is of Jessica Conant Park and Susan Conant, daughter and mother.

    2. Felicity Pride is the author of cat cozy mysteries. She comes home from a book signing to find a dead body and a live cat in her vestibule. Felicity ends up adopting the cat and the dead man's other cat. I liked the humor involved when events don't follow the way Felicity thinks they should based on her extensive knowledge of cozy mysteries. There are a few short chapters told from the cats perspective but they were scattered enough so as not to annoy me. The book is a fun parody of cozy mysteri [...]

    3. I really like the book! The more I think about it.I really really like it. Felicity is not a raving beauty with the ability to knock a dude off his feet at 20 paces, , her best friend reminds me of a book dealer I know, and her friends(?) not only have warts but own the toad farm. I found the book well written and funny. I am a cat person and love reading cozys but I can also take a bit of humour with my catnip. What sold me is Susan knows the seductive powers of cats being cats. Brigitte and Ed [...]

    4. I have finished this book finally. I read it while exercising on the reclining bike. On the one hand, this was the perfect book for exercising - I read for 30-45 minutes each day and was entertained enough that I didn't focus on the excercise. However, I also didn't enjoy it enough that I wanted to read it while not at the gym.I think that Susan Conant should stick with dogs! I didn't really like her main charachter - a 53 year old, single author of - surprise - cat lover mysteries. Felicity Pri [...]

    5. Susan Conant pokes fun at the cozy mystery genre while delivering an entertaining cozy mystery, the first in her new cat series. Felicity Pride, a middle-aged author of a cat mystery series, has actually never owned a cat. Then fate brings a murdered man and his cats to her house, and Felicity begins to see how a real mystery is solved and how cats change their owners. Although at first Felicity is only interested in getting more publicity for her books, she finds that taking care of the dead ma [...]

    6. Why is this book out of print? Why are there no more in this series? That makes me sad! I've read quite a few cat cozies, and this is one of the best. Felicity is kind of a jerk in the beginning, but I like how she changes and warms to the cats. I do wish she'd actually pet them once in a while though! It just goes to show that the only people who don't like cats are people who have never had a cat. This book wrapped everything up nicely with no loose ends, but I still wish there were more in th [...]

    7. As a huge fan of Ms. Conant's humorous dog mysteries, I really *wanted* to fall in love with her first cat mystery. Unfortunately, I couldn't find much to recommend the book. It's difficult to cheer for the snobby, self-righteous protagonist who is unredeemable until almost the very last page. Not as quickly paced as her dog mysteries, the book drags in many points. What kept me reading were Conant's brief, well-written (and all too few) observations from one of the cats. I hope she will hurry b [...]

    8. The main character in this book is not very likable. She is conniving, selfish and seems quite stupid, having a hard time to differentiate between real life and the fiction she writes.As the story progresses it somehow drags reasonable actions closer to her fiction - the police act more like "Murder She Wrote" tv characters than realistic police.The main character does improve somewhat, but all in all, not enough for me to like her much.

    9. I liked this book, but I didn't exactly love it. The main character is an outright pain in the butt, and generally these kind of cozy mysteries feature someone likable. I kind of hoped she'd end up dead too, but it didn't happen haha. However, I didn't pick the murdered after all, and it's always nice to be surprised. Three stars.

    10. At first, I didn't like it. As a matter of fact, I so disliked the person telling the story, that I hoped she'd be the one murdered! However, she began to change, care for others outside of herself, and learn the love of a good cat. By the end, she had me cat, character, and all. Sadly, this seems to be the only one in the series. Bummer! I'd gladly read more.

    11. I am surprised at how much I am liking this. She is making fun of cozies. Is this an anti-cozy? Just thought of that and wonder what that means. But, very funny. Love it!I finished it. I enjoyed the sarcasm, and I liked that the protag began to like cats. But, I get it, and I think I am done now.

    12. Delightfully accurate descriptions of cats and their behavior throughout the book with an expectedly unexpected ending that tied everything together. Scratch The Surface is a perfect guilty pleasure for cat lovers and time on their side.

    13. I didn't like the book to begin with, especially the heroine in the story but as the story developed I liked her character more and really enjoyed the plot. It was a good who dunnit and right to the end I didn't guess who the killer was.

    14. It was a fun read. I normally would not have read this author but it was given to me in a box of books from a friend. A cozy mystery with a little twist. I think two of my sisters would have enjoyed this more than I. Overall not bad but I am more likely to read someone else

    15. Quick read (obvious by the fact that it took me two days to read and it wasn't a weekend). Pretty predictable outcome but it was interesting learning the main characters quirks. Can't say whether or not I would read a 2nd in the series

    16. Mystery writer Felicity finds a body and a cat . in her vestibule. With an eye toward promoting her own books, Felicity sets out to solve the mystery. In the process she finds how pleasant cat company can be. (I'm not a cat person, so this I didn't understand!).

    17. I REALLY enjoyed this book! Conant has been writing cozy mysteries for years and puts her expertise to work in a new variation for her, a cat-affiliated detective, and a charming one at that. It appears that she wrote only one opus with these characters, unfortunately.

    18. A cute story that combined 2 of my favorite things--animals and whodunnits. It's a little cheesy at times but fast-paced and fun. The mystery is definitely easier to solve than one of Agatha Christie's.

    19. Not really into recent fiction-and this is why.The book was a quick read-but the characters didn't draw me in any way.

    20. Maybe I'm just a dog person, but I didn't enjoy this book as much as the Rowdy series. It's well written, just didn't hold my attention.

    21. I have generally outgrown cozies, but this one is cleverly done. The author gives insight into the difficulties of writing mysteries, cozies in particular. The humor comes through loud and clear

    22. For as wonderful as her Dog Lovers Mystery series is, this book SUCKED. I couldn't finish it; I don't think I got past page 40.

    23. I loved it! I thought the reviewers on were too hard on the author and I hope some of the negative reviews dont stop the author from continuing the series.

    24. I was annoyed by the main character, Felicity Pride, for a good portion of the book. By the end, I came around to her a little bit. It was a fair read.

    25. Brain candy, nice litte mysteries to pass the time. I didn't find this book at good as her dog series tho.

    26. This book grew on me as I read it, because of the way it cleverly poked fun at cozy mystery conventions. The protagonist reminds me of the endearingly unlikeable Agatha Raisin.

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