The House of Power

The House of Power Edgar a gifted climber secretly scales the treacherous walls separating the three worlds of Atherton the humble grove that is his homea mysterious highland realm of untold beauty and sinister secret

  • Title: The House of Power
  • Author: Patrick Carman
  • ISBN: 9780316166713
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback
  • Edgar, a gifted climber, secretly scales the treacherous walls separating the three worlds of Atherton the humble grove that is his homea mysterious highland realm of untold beauty and sinister secrets d a vast wasteland below, where a monstrous danger lurks that could destroy them all While searching the forbidden cliffs for a treasure lost in his faded memory,Edgar, a gifted climber, secretly scales the treacherous walls separating the three worlds of Atherton the humble grove that is his homea mysterious highland realm of untold beauty and sinister secrets d a vast wasteland below, where a monstrous danger lurks that could destroy them all While searching the forbidden cliffs for a treasure lost in his faded memory, Edgar discovers the first of many startling revelations to come the three realms are beginning to collapse, turning his entire world inside out Atherton is not what it seems, but something far dangerous, with a history locked inside the mind of a madman and a future beyond Edgar s wildest imagining.Book Details Format PaperbackPublication Date 4 1 2008Pages 384Reading Level Age 8 and Up

    • The House of Power BY Patrick Carman
      332 Patrick Carman
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    1. I have been a lifelong writer and storyteller Salem, Oregon is where I spent my formative years and I graduated from Willamette University After college, I spent a decade living in Portland, Oregon where I worked in advertising, game design, and technology.I ve written young adult and children s books for , Little Brown Books For Young Readers and Katherine Tegen Books HarperCollins Publishers.I ve been fortunate enough to have had some bestselling series work The Land of Elyon, Atherton, Elliot s Park, 39 Clues, and Skeleton Creek Here s a fun notee books have been translated into approximately two dozen languages Currently I m developing a few new media projects Check out DARK EDEN to experience this type of cross platform project.When I m not writing or creating a story, I spend my free time supporting literacy campaigns and community organizations, fly fishing, playing basketball and tennis, doing crosswords, watching movies, dabbling in video games, reading lots , and than anything else spending time with my wife and two daughters.

    2. I absolutely loved this book! This would be a great book for getting young readers into the wonderful world that books can take you. Edgar lives on Atherton, a world made up of three levels. Each level is made up of different classes of people and the distinction that comes with it. Edgar finds himself asking himself who the people on the top are and what makes them so important that they control the water for everyone? Edgar finds himself in an adventure to save Atherton and himself and maybe l [...]

    3. I read this book forever ago, or at least it felt like it. It was probably only 5 years ago, but for the past 5 years, I always remembered the book I'd read of a 3-story world whose name started with an A, a climbing boy, and the interesting pictures illustrating the world. Unfortunately, if you type "book climbing 3 story world sinking A" into Google, Atherton: The House of Power does not come up as a search result. It was a complete shock when I finally found the book again when browsing throu [...]

    4. Reviewed by Carrie Spellman for TeensReadTooEdgar knows that he should be working rather than climbing and swinging in the trees, but he just can't seem to help himself -- even if it does earn him a beating from Mr. Ratikan's stick. It would hardly be the first time and it isn't likely to be the last. He also knows he shouldn't be climbing the cliffs, but he has to. Edgar's world is shaped sort of like a three-leveled top. The top level, the Highlands, are populated by the well-to-do people. The [...]

    5. The House of Power is the first installment of the Atherton trilogy; written and imagineered by Patrick Carman. This first installment details the many dangerous and revolutionary events on the mysterious land of Atherton. The plot itself is fairly simple and decent, being a fantasy written with an adolescent audience in mind. A likable protagonist named of Edgar is presented whose various endeavors and exploits the story revolves around.The fabric of The House of Power is rich and textured, and [...]

    6. I really didn't expect this book to be amazing. I got it because I needed to choose a book and it looked interesting. I was sure surprised!!! This book was awesome!! It was written very well, and the story live was puzzling, mysterious, unique, interesting, and just plain different. Very suspenseful and kept me reading! I suggest this book to everyone who likes science fiction, but it is a good book even if you don't. I mean, it wasn't like THE BEST BOOK EVER, but it is worth reading and a good [...]

    7. This was a great hidden gem. I'd never heard of it and just randomly picked it up on Overdrive because it was available. This reminds me of several books - City of Ember, Goose Girl, etc. What I really liked about this book is its simple, straightforward communication. The characters were direct and honest. Most books use lack of proper communication to provide the tension and suspense. Those books drive me crazy. It was refreshing to read a book with a different style. It is a good example for [...]

    8. This is a book that takes a whole new turn to what I think of post apocalyptic Earth. I thought the book was okay, but I didn't like that the characters didn't have any character emotion, it made the story dull in a way. Not only that but the point of view was third person omniscient which is where you know every characters thoughts and emotions which I don't like, and I think it's really weird. I would recommend this book to people who think that post apocalyptic Earth will be some what in spac [...]

    9. Don't really know what I would review this book bc I just remembered that I read it over 3 years ago. I remember not hating it tho I honestly barely remember anything about it.

    10. "The House of Power (Atherton #1)" is an amazing book! I can't wait to read the rest of the trilogy!

    11. "he House of Power" by Patrick CarmanPersonal Response: "The House of Power" was a book of high interest and adventure. I liked the book as far as storyline and length go but feel as if it could have been much better if the author didn't include himself or a character narrating the whole book. The interruptions between chapters and breaking the fourth wall were just enough to get me to stop reading but didn't.Plot: The story takes place throughout the satellite world of Atherton; a small chunk o [...]

    12. PERSONAL RESPONSEHouse of Power was one of the most grabbing books I’ve read. Once I got past all the less intriguing introductions and explanations, It was really hard for me to put the book downOTEdgar is a young boy who lives on a tiny planet called Atherton. There are three main parts to Atherton: the Highlands, Tabletop, and the Flatlands. No one lives in the Flatlands. Tabletop has the larger population among three villages, the Village of the Grove, the Village of Sheep, and the Village [...]

    13. Nelson Mandela once stated, “As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest.” in other words, everybody in the world must be equal for everybody to be content. Author Patrick Carman focuses on this idea in his book, The House of Power, which takes place on an oddly shaped planet named Atherton. Atherton is like a tiered cake with the lowest level being the Flatlands, the middle level called Tabletop, and the highest level called the Highlan [...]

    14. Edgar is an excellent climber, which is a problem in Tabletop because no one is allowed to climb the cliffs and the punishment for trying is severe. But Edgar is looking for something, a treasure left to him by a man he can barely remember. And for that, he is willing to go places where no one from Tabletop has ever gone before: the mysterious Highlands, the land above Tabletop which rules them. When their world is turned on its head, though, Edgar's boldness brings the two worlds together in wa [...]

    15. I read “The House Of Power” by Patrick Carman. The book is full of adventure and always kept me wanting to read more. The story is about a young boy who is part of a changing world. The world is made of three tiers; the Highlands, Tabletop, and the Flatlands. Travel between the tiers is forbidden. However, the young boy knows of a secret hidden in the cliffs between Tabletop and the Highlands. So at night, he sneaks away and practices his climbing skills. He finally finds the secret one day, [...]

    16. I read the book “The House of Power.” It was written by Patrick Carman. I thought it was a very good book about an artificial world that was meant to save mankind, but like most things that are first of their kind they don’t always work. The book starts out in a place called the grove with a boy named Edgar. He lives of an artificial world called Atherton. On this world there are three levels. The lowest level is call the Flatlands, the second level is called Tabletop, and the third is cal [...]

    17. Atherton is a series containing three books that I re-read over the break and is one of my all-time favorite book series. The books, though written to be accessible even to younger audiences discuss major adult themes throughout.Dr. Harding, a brilliant but mad scientist creates Atherton, a satellite world orbiting the remains of Earth. Though the inhabitants of Atherton don't know of its existence or their responsibility for Earth, Edgar and many others are forced to learn the truth about where [...]

    18. Personal ResponseI enjoyed The House Of Power because of the constant feeling of adventure throughout the book. Many times I felt like I was right beside Edgar as he climbed up 200 foot cliffs or fought dangerous monsters. I think that Patrick Carman is a very good author. He drew me into the book and I could not stop reading. I also enjoyed how he wrote from different points of view of other characters in the book.PlotAtherton is a planet that is made up of three levels, the three levels are th [...]

    19. Atherton the House of Power is set on the island of Atherton. It was built featuring three levels, the top level, called the Highlands, the location of Atherton’s only water source. Next is Tabletop, the middle level, whose residents harvest sheep, rabbits and hybrid figs for their use and the use of those in the Highlands. The third level, called the Flatlands, is dark and filled with mystery. No one in the top two levels has any idea what wonders or horrors lurk on the bottom level. This sto [...]

    20. I think that House of Power is about change. More specifically, I think it’s about how when change happens, it can be too late to fix it. This refers to earth right now. It’s saying that if we don’t do something to help our planet right now, in the long run we could end up regretting it. In the story, through neglect, the earth turns into an industrial wasteland. The scientists' solution was to create a world called Atherton to hold the people until earth was fixed. The world was made up o [...]

    21. 3.5 stars.I read this to my 13-year old son, who also gives it 3.5 stars. He liked it enough that he requested we read the second one in the series, which is fine with me.The world of Atherton features three levels, which correspond to its inhabitants social standing. So, the people who live on the uppermost section, the Highlanders, control the water supply and wield all the power. Those in the middle (Tabletop) live to harvest figs for the Highlanders. And the bottom section, well, you'll find [...]

    22. I enjoyed this book overall, but it seemed like it was a lot like The City of Ember. In both books, humans have essentially ruined Earth, so they built places to take refuge in. The main character in The House of Power is an 11-year-old boy named Edgar who lives on Atherton. Edgar is a skilled climber, and one day he climbs up the side of the cliff leading up to the Highlands. He finds a book in a crevice in the cliff, but neither he nor anyone in Tabletop, the region in which Edgar lives, can r [...]

    23. Edgar, the book's protagonist, lives on Atherton. It's a man-made world that's about 10-15 years old. Atherton is divided into three sections: Flatlands (lower-class), Tabletop (middle-class), and the Highlands (higher-class). Now, Atherton is starting to sink, which means Edgar and everyone else living on it is in huge trouble. It's really got me thinking, because I think a world like Atherton could actually exist in the future. Patrick Carman has a very unique writing style; he's excellent at [...]

    24. The story is about an orphan boy, Edgar, who lived in a cake shaped island called Atherton. These three tiered worlds in Atherton was created by Dr. Harding and Edgar lived in the middle Tabletop level. Edgar who was a gifted climber discovered the true nature of Atherton and found out that his world was about to be destroyed. This is an interesting story paints possible future human world that our beautiful earth planet can become uninhabitable. We may be forced to live in a man-made world like [...]

    25. You know those little silly reads sometimes we do? Well, this book was one of those. It was a gift (the whole trilogy in a beautiful hardcover version). The story felt a bit childish but still I really enjoyed it, I guess I'm not exactly the kind of audience this was made for but whatever, who cares about ages restriction when you're already over 21? I'm still to read the other two! Probably when I'm taking breaks from another trilogy

    26. I enjoyed this book that I purchased inexpensively for my Kindle reader. The plot development moves along quickly and draws readers in quickly. Readers are brought into the world of Atherton, created by an eccentric scientist after Earth (the Dark Planet) has been loused up by wars and pollution. Atherton was designed with three levels: Tabletop is in the middle and is where Edgar, the main character works in a fig grove; the Highlands tower above Tabletop and is where the leaders of the planet [...]

    27. The science fiction novel the House of Power by Patrick Carman dives into a floating world called Atherton. Edgar, Mr. Rakitan, Isabel, Samuel, and Lord Phineus are the main protagonists of this story. The story starts with Edgar swinging in the grove of fig trees where he works for mean Mr. Rakitan. For his whole life, Edgar has been keeping a secret he holds close to his heart. A secret that will change Atherton forever. He will make new friends and meet menacing foes. The only problem is the [...]

    28. The future may be scary but did you ever think that scientists would be able to build a new world? Atherton is a world built by scientists that lived on the dark planet. Edgar was a boy who lived on this new land. What everyone didn't know was that it was unstable and it would soon come crashing down. I thought this book was okay. It was not the best book that I have ever read but it was not the worst. It had a lot of detail but it was a cliff hanger at the end. I like knowing how everything tur [...]

    29. Definitely meant for a younger audience. Writing is third person omniscient and is direct in telling the reader what the character is thinking or feeling. Characters have simple motivations. The author would occasionally address the reader and acknowledge they were telling a story, this made me feel like I was reading a bad Snicket copy cat. I did like the concept of the story, but not the execution. Ending feels like Carman took his story and cut it directly down the middle, which is probably w [...]

    30. This book left me with mixed feelings. At first I liked it and it was very addictive, but then Patrick Carmen did the one thing I was hoping he didn't he made it a series. I mean come on a series, can't you just finish a book Carmen? This book was good and the only way that it could have been better was if it was just ONE book only ONE book. That is all I have to say a about that.

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