Granny Dan

Granny Dan In my eyes she had always been old always been mine always been Granny Dan But in another time another place there had been dancing people laughter love She had had another life before she came

  • Title: Granny Dan
  • Author: Danielle Steel
  • ISBN: 9780593040751
  • Page: 315
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  • In my eyes she had always been old, always been mine, always been Granny Dan But in another time, another place, there had been dancing, people, laughter, love She had had another life before she came to us, long before she came to me She was the cherished grandmother who sang songs in Russian, loved to roller skate, and spoke little of her past But when GIn my eyes she had always been old, always been mine, always been Granny Dan But in another time, another place, there had been dancing, people, laughter, love She had had another life before she came to us, long before she came to me She was the cherished grandmother who sang songs in Russian, loved to roller skate, and spoke little of her past But when Granny Dan died, all that remained was a box wrapped in brown paper, tied with string Inside, an old pair of satin toe shoes, a gold locket, and a stack of letters tied with ribbon It was her legacy, her secret past, waiting to be discovered by the granddaughter who loved her but never really knew her It was a story waiting to be told The year was 1902 A new century was dawning as a motherless young girl arrived at a ballet school in St Petersburg, Russia, at the age of seven By age seventeen, Danina Petroskova had become a great ballerina, a favorite of the Czar and Czarina, who welcomed her into the heart of the Imperial family But events both near and far away shook the ground upon which she danced A war, an extraordinary man, and a devastating illness altered the course of her life And when revolution shattered Russia, Danina Petroskova was forced to make a heartbreaking choice as the world around her was about to change forever Granny Dan is about the magic of history In it, Danielle Steel reminds us how little we know of those who came before us and how, if we could only glimpse into their early lives, and see who they once were, there is so much we would understand and learn For in this extraordinary novel, a simple box, filled with mementos from a grandmother, offers the greatest legacy of all an unexpected gift of a life transformed, a long forgotten history of youth and beauty, love and dreams.

    • Granny Dan by Danielle Steel
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    1. Since 1981, Ms Steel has been a permanent fixture on the New York Times hardcover and paperback bestseller lists In 1989, she was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for having at least one of her books on the Times bestseller list for 381 consecutive weeks But Guinness was premature The fact is that one or of Ms Steel s novels have been on the New York Times bestseller list for over 390 consecutive weeks Twenty one of Ms Steel s novels have been adapted for television, each earning high ratings and critical acclaim, including two Golden Globe nominations for JEWELS, a four hour mini series that starred Anthony Andrews In addition, Ms Steel is the author of the Max and Martha series of books for young readers They are ten illustrated storybooks written to comfort the young as they face problems, such as a new stepfather, new baby, new school, loss of a grandparent, and other crucial dilemmas in a child s life She has also written the Freddie books, four of them, about real life situations in children s lives, like a visit to the doctor and the first night away from home Ms Steel has also written nonfiction, HIS BRIGHT LIGHT, about the life and death of her son Nicholas Traina, released by Delacorte Press in September 1998 and immediately jumped to the New York Times Non Fiction bestseller list and Having a Baby She has also written a book of poetry entitled LOVE POEMS BY DANIELLE STEEL In 2002, Ms Steel was decorated by the French government as an Officier of the distinguished Order of Arts and Letters, for her lifetime contribution to world culture She was awarded the second highest rank of the Order Ms Steel also has a passionate interest in emerging contemporary artists She has had an art gallery for several years, and and continues to sponsor and organize free lance art shows and events to show the work of emerging and mid career artists She has a degree in design herself In addition to her writing, Ms Steel has varied philanthropic interests She founded and runs two foundations, one named in honor of her late son, The Nick Traina Foundation, which funds organizations involved in mental illness and child abuse The second was established to assist the homeless She has won numerous awards for her personal work with mentally ill adolescents and children Ms Steel maintains a passionate interest in the welfare and well being of children, particularly those in jeopardy She has raised nine children of her own And they continue to keep her busy, as she juggles writing and family Her family is her first priority, despite her many interests From an education in New York and Europe to a professional background in public relations and advertising, and teaching, Ms Steel moved on quickly to her literary career and has been hard at work writing ever since She wrote her first book at nineteen Often, she works on five books at a time researching one storyline, writing another, and editing the third Still, she often spends two to three years researching and developing a single project In the heat of a first draft, it is not uncommon for her to spend eighteen to twenty hours a day glued to her 1946 Olympia manual typewriter Family, children, and young people are the central focus of her life, and her passion, which frequently shows in her writing She deals with the themes that touch on the most pressing issues of real life, which makes her books universal, and touch so many people She is fascinated by the pressing life situations that affect us all, how people handle them and are often transformed as a result And her novels have explored subjects such as kidnapping, incest, mental illness, suicide, death, divorce, adoption, marriage, loss, cancer, war, among others She also frequently writes about historical themes, shedding new light on familiar historical events with meticulously accurate research Despite her varied interests and activities,

    2. This is the only Danielle Steel book I've read and it's doubtful I'll be reading others. I'm probably the only reviewer who thought this book was terrible. Besides that the storyline was nothing short of gag-inducing, there were so many run-on sentences it didn't even seem like the book had been edited. It was supremely awful.

    3. Nisam ljubitelj knjiga Danijele ali u ovoj sam uživala. Tema je sve ono o čemu volim da čitam; 1902. godina, Sankt Petersburg, balet, Rusija, roman o čaroliji istorije, neočekivane promjene u životu, zaboravljena priča o mladosti i ljepoti, ljubavi i snovima. ★★★★★

    4. She was known as Granny Dan to her adored granddaughter, the one who loved to go skating with her and play, but when she passed away this granddaughter realized she knew nothing about her life. Then she received a call from the nursing home where she lived the last year of her life, telling her that a box remained in the back of Granny Dan's closet. Inside the box was a worn pair of toe shoes, a Russian program to a ballet, a gold locket, and many letters written in Russian. She decides to have [...]

    5. I'll start off with the positives: the storyline kept my attention enough for me to finish the novels & I liked the epilogue. That about sums up my positives.I have a very, very hard time liking a novel where adultery is justified (if you've read my past book reviews you'll notice a pattern concerning that topic). Even if the book is fantastic, when the author tries to convince the reader that the character's love affair was okay becausech & such's a dealbreaker for me.Having lost my own [...]

    6. I read this book when I was fourteen. It was the first Danielle Steel book I saw in my life and Degas painting I had a lot of attention. So after much insisting my mother finally bought it. I never thought at that time that I would meet a beautiful story about ballet, nostalgia and imperial Russia of the last tsars.Although it's in the first person by a witness narrator, it makes clear that the story is about her grandmother, or as she knew, Granny Dan an "eccentric" woman who cooked biscuits on [...]

    7. I have only read one Danielle Steel book before, and that was "Happy Birthday". I was mega impressed by it, so when my friend Sara gave me a copy of "Granny Dan" I was eager to read it. And although it wasn't as memorable or lasting to me as "Happy Birthday" was, I will admit I was entertained the entire book and read it in two sittings. It was a page turner, but I didn't find anything super unique about the story. I almost feel like there should have been half a book more of the story.We are ta [...]

    8. I guess we all know that Danielle Steel is not one of the best authors around, a lot of her books are very cheesy, not very original and predictable, but she also wrote a few nice ones. This is not one of my favorites, but it's a nice and easy read and I like ballerinas and a good love story. My actual rating is 3,5 stars.After Danina's death her grand-daughter discovers that her grand-mother was once a very talented young ballet dancer who fell in love with the much older and married Nicolaj wh [...]

    9. I've only read a few Danielle Steel novels but so far they have all been about same. 1. A great forbidden love - check2. The couple must make a long journey in order to be together - check3. They will be staying with a relative of the male love interest - check4. (view spoiler)[The male love interest dies and never makes the journey (hide spoiler)] - check5. (view spoiler)[The female marries said relative and lives a contented life (hide spoiler)] - checkSo though this was a decent book and Ms S [...]

    10. Sou grande apreciadora dos livros de Danielle Steel e apesar de este não ser um dos meus favoritos, gostei bastante. Trata-se de um romance um tanto dramático, que aborda o fascinante mundo do ballet tendo como pano de fundo a Rússia czarista em inícios do século XX. Apreciei imenso as referências históricas e o meu interesse foi aumentando ao longo do livro, pois estava ansiosa por saber como iria acabar a história da protagonista, Danina Petroskova

    11. This will be the last Danielle Steele book I ever intend to read. She's so one dimensional. There's so much more she could do with her plot and characters and she wastes all of it on trite writing.

    12. Very sentimental book.My 2 passions entertwined, ballet and Historical fiction! I see that some people think that Danielle Steel is corny. world of Violence and crime and hate corny is a relief! Loved it!

    13. Entertaining and (very) easy enough to start and finish it on a three hour plane journey. Wouldn't necessarily recommend it to anybody as I found it quite repeating. I did fall in love with the main character though and her life story, which this book was all about.

    14. Történet egy – a könyv jelenében meghalt – nagymamáról, pontosabban a fiatalkoráról. A halála után az unokája kezébe akad egy doboz, benne régi emlékekkel, egy balettcipővel, egy titokzatos férfi képét tartalmazó medállal, és megannyi levéllel. A múlt feltárása során elénk tárul az egykori Oroszország és az akkor ünnepelt primabalerina élete, megannyi sorsfordító pillanattal…A főhősök szimpatikusak voltak (bár Daninának volt egy olyan döntése, amive [...]

    15. Coba kau tengok nenek atau kakek mu, mungkin selama ini kau hanya menganggap nya tua, bersamanya merasa nyaman, dapat diandalkan dan seperti itulah dia Namun setelah kau gali lagi, ia punya rahasia besar di masa lalu nya, masa mudanya. Ia menyimpan rahasia hidup nya rapat-rapat, dan setelah ia tiada, rahasia nya ia bagikan kepadamu. Lalu kau akan terperanjat karena selama ini, kehidupannya tidak lah seperti yang kau kira Well, Ceritanya bagus banget! Granny Dan, selama ini ia dikenal keluarganya [...]

    16. A great read! As always, Danielle Steel does a fantastic job bringing the reader into the story and I actually finished this book in less than a day! I couldn't put it down, it was such a riveting, dramatic, real life story that really puts into focus the lives that our grandparents may have lead. As Steel wrote, its easy for young people to view our elders as just old people; it never occurs to us that they were once young too! Granny Dan was a colorful, beautiful, complex and heartbreaking sto [...]

    17. I very much enjoyed the historical portions. Before reading Granny Dan I re-read Zoya (my favorite Danielle Steel with ballet and Romanovs)and now I can feel the great love of the ballet as a child rekindling.There are unfortunately points where you stop and say to yourself"This is a really hokey love story." And it is, but I continued to read it anyway. FYI: Audiot so great. The narrator is male, which bothers me because I'm supposedly seeing this story through the eyes of a girl/woman. Plus he [...]

    18. I really liked this book. The story makes you realize that the different people in your life do or did have a different life outside of the one you share with them. Maybe we should take the time to ask questions of these people so that maybe we could find the person they are outside their relationship with us. We amy be surprised. I wish that I had asked more questions of my grandparents.

    19. Ritka gyenge karakterábrázolások, annyira, hogy karaktereknek nevezni talán túlzás is, inkább sablonok. Egyszerű történetvezetés, egyszerű nyelvezet. Érdekes, hogy Danielle Steelnek vannak jó, fordulatos regényei érdekes hősökkel, és vannak ehhez hasonló jóval gyengébb művei is.Még rajongóknak sem ajánlom, másoknak - ahogy nekem is - időpazarlás.

    20. Danielle Steel cannot write. While she sometimes has good storylines, her superficial and hackneyed storytelling manner is more akin to an average person summarizing a book rather than an author actually writing one. Her ongoing popularity astounds me.

    21. Excellent book but it reminded me of Zoya a little. This again was beautiful written and made my imagination run wild. Not many others can make you visualise what your are reading but steel can do this. A recommended read.

    22. I really enjoyed this book like never before, totally my favorite book from Danielle. I loved loved loved it. It made big influence to me.I hope it somedays make into a movie. <3

    23. I found the story interesting but the writing horrible. She just repeats everything and only writes platitudes.

    24. Uma história de amor e drama. Um olhar sobre a Rússia imperial e os sacrifícios sobre uma paixão maior, o ballet!

    25. The introduction chapter was beautiful. I think the experience of failing to see an old person as anything but old, failing to see that spark of who they once were, is very common. I related to that narrator's experience and I was excited to learn about how Danina differed from Granny Dan. The first few chapters were beautiful too. Steel paints a beautiful image of Russia and of the ballet. Danina's family is charming. Young Danina is charming. I enjoyed spending time with these characters and t [...]

    26. Sará dato dall' amore che provo per la danza che questo libro mi ha rubato il cuore.La lettura del libro era diventato un dei miei momenti preferiti durante la giornata.Amo le storia d'amore all'antica, in paesi con tradizioni diverse dal mio di cui non ne so niente.Quella rigidezza, discrezione , rispetto e quel modo di parlare che per noi adesso sembra quasi una storia di fantasiaBellissimo lo consiglierei a tutte le ragazze che amano la danza e credono nell'amore.

    27. My mom sent this book to me with a note that my blind Granny loved it. She requested that my mom read it to her three times and in fact requested it a 4th time before she passed away in October of last year. How do you say no to that?It is a bittersweet tale and if you have any background in Russian history or in Danielle Steel novels, tears will probably flow prior to the end of this novel.

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