The Madcap Marriage

The Madcap Marriage Rebellious Rafe Thomas has just sworn to marry the first girl he sees on the road But when that first girl turns out to be a breathtaking bewildered temptress he wonders what he has gotten himself i

  • Title: The Madcap Marriage
  • Author: Allison Lane
  • ISBN: 9780451210951
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rebellious Rafe Thomas has just sworn to marry the first girl he sees on the road But when that first girl turns out to be a breathtaking, bewildered temptress, he wonders what he has gotten himself into One thing is certain, however Rafe is a man who keeps his word

    • The Madcap Marriage by Allison Lane
      136 Allison Lane
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    1. Allison Lane is the author of 20 Regency novels and 6 novellas She is a Holt Medallion Winner and the 2005 Romantic Times Career Achievement Award Winner, as well as National Readers Choice Awards Finalist for three books.Notes from Allison Lane I am not one of those who always wanted to be a writer, though I suspect I wanted to be just about everything else doctor, astronaut, artist, scientist, and concert pianist, to name only a few My actual careers were not quite so exciting Designing computer software and running horse shows gave way to motherhood, home improvement projects, and teaching piano But books have always been one of the cornerstones of my life.When I was growing up in the mid west, reading and music kept me sane through frequent changes of address As an adult, books offered a respite from the strain of daily living Often I would finish the last page with the thought, I wish I were that creative Occasionally it would change to, Surely even I could do better than this So one day I tried But this is not a fairy tale, folks My first book was less than stellar In fact, it stunk Good writing is hard work But I enjoyed the process or maybe I just enjoy playing God so I tried again By the third tale, I had a publishable story.Where am I headed in the future I don t yet know For now, I write Regencies It is a fascinating period and an entertaining genre My work is classed as traditional though I don t consider it in quite that way I try to avoid clich s except for happy endings, of course those are what offer us respite from that daily crisis But I like to pose universal problems to my characters and then watch them find solutions I have long been fascinated by how people surmount problems to find the happiness that we all deserve.These days my spare time is limited Writing consumes most of my day I still read as much as ever and keep up with the world of science And everyone knows better than to step between me and a TV during football season it somehow takes an extra month to complete fall manuscripts.From Regency Reads

    2. I struggled with this one. I'm not one to DNF books, but I almost gave up with this one about half-way through. It started promisingly with the heroine having to escape the clutches of her evil uncle who wants to marry her to his son in order to get his hands on her money and estate. So far, so good. We've also met our hero, Rafe Thomas, who is at loggerheads with his father, and who on this particular evening ends up drunk and who literally runs into Helen and decides it would be a good idea al [...]

    3. Convoluted Plot, Unlikable Characters, and Enough Pop-Psychology Analysis to Make You Sick!This book was terrible. It was literally painful to read, but I have a serious hangup that keeps me from tossing a book without finishing it, so I powered through. The writing style is terrible. The author engages in far too much character analysis, making the novel sound less like a work a work of fiction and more like a book-club/SparksNotes companion to itself! Rather than show me the characters and all [...]

    4. All of the Allison Lanes I've read have been traditional Regencies, so it was unexpected and kind of weird to find her getting sexy in this one, mostly because it was done so very badly. Not just the sex, mind - the entire thing. The characters are unlikable, even though Lane goes to great pains to tell us just how misunderstood they are and why we should like them because they're good people, really, they just have ~reasons~ why it's hard to trust and why they jump to conclusions about their sp [...]

    5. Helen St. James is running from her odious uncle’s plot to marry her off to his brutal son. She encounters the very drunk Rafe Thomas who has been refusing his father’s choice of bride his entire life, and has now decided to marry the first woman he comes across. Which is Helen. So they get married that night. Turns out he’s connected to her in other ways, and her uncle is even more odious than was thought. Many twists and turns, fights with his father, fights with her uncle, fights in cou [...]

    6. Helen St.James didn't think that her life could get any worse after her parents deaths. Her uncle trys to force her to marry his son.She flees and runs in the arms of a handsome rogue. Rafe Thomas swears that he will marry the first girl he sees rather then accept his fathers choice for a bride. He rescues Helen by taking her for his wife. Will a marriage in haste make them both miserable or be their greatest passion.

    7. I absolutely loved this book! Rafe and Helen were made for each other, even if their marriage started out in a very madcap manner indeed! Helen was a wonderful heroine, and Rake struggled with issues that only Helen could help him resolve. The danger laced throughout the book keep suspense going as Rafe and Helen grew closer together. Absolutely recommend this!

    8. The writing in this book is wonderful but I just didn't like the Helen, she was very selfish and thought that Rafe should change and not her. Just got to be to much for me!

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