The Emperor's Edge Collection

The Emperor s Edge Collection For those who enjoy heroic fantasy steampunk and heroes who are just as likely to battle with words as with swords the first three Emperor s Edge novels are now available in one collection Follow e

  • Title: The Emperor's Edge Collection
  • Author: Lindsay Buroker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For those who enjoy heroic fantasy, steampunk, and heroes who are just as likely to battle with words as with swords, the first three Emperor s Edge novels are now available in one collection.Follow enforcer turned outlaw Amaranthe Lokdon, the infamous assassin Sicarius, and their team of aspiring heroes as they attempt to clear their names by thwarting evils aimed at theFor those who enjoy heroic fantasy, steampunk, and heroes who are just as likely to battle with words as with swords, the first three Emperor s Edge novels are now available in one collection.Follow enforcer turned outlaw Amaranthe Lokdon, the infamous assassin Sicarius, and their team of aspiring heroes as they attempt to clear their names by thwarting evils aimed at the young emperor.

    • The Emperor's Edge Collection - Lindsay Buroker
      261 Lindsay Buroker
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    1. I m a professional blogger by day and an indie fantasy author by night Evenings belong to the dogs, tennis, and books.

    2. CAUTION: This book may cause loss of responsibilities, antisocial characteristics, eye strain, decreased weight, and bed sores.Have you ever read a book and suddenly stopped sleeping, eating, movingactically stopped doing everything except for the occasional i-have-to-pee-run. (Having to go to the bathroom was never more annoying than when I was reading this book.) This book sucks you in and makes you forget that you have a life outside the Empire. These books have it all. Action, Adventure, Com [...]

    3. This is the second series I've started by this very prolific and entertaining Scifi/Fantasy author. Other reviews warned me that the heroine Amaranthe was annoyingly Mary Sue at the start and that's true. But she settled down and the story really took off at about 10% so I can live with it. These books are pure escapist fantasy. The author has a signature style - an ensemble cast of misfits lead by a plucky smart young woman. The romance is exactly what I like in fantasy - low-key and slow-burn. [...]

    4. Book 1 Not reading the rest of this series. I looked forward into the other books reviews and there is nothing I care about. I only finished book 1 because of Sespian who I THOUGHT was going to end up with Amaranthe but apparently not. So I'm done. 2 stars.y because I finished it. Plot driven which is not my type of read. I prefer character driven or a mix of both.Almost quit. Kept going because of Sespian only, clearly to me, the best character'sAmaranthne-Heroine. (TSTL IMO) Supposed to be an [...]

    5. Okaaaaaaaaaay. Here we go. I am actually going to write a review for 7 of the books in this series because I refuse to write an individual one each time I finish. There are 8 books and many half novels involved, it's just not going to happen. I'm on 8 now. So we see that I have given this an "I really liked this" and I'm sitting here wondering why, because all I can think about are all the little niggly things that annoyed me, or the big niggly things that infuriated me. The whole series is abou [...]

    6. In my quest to read good fiction and spend almost no money on it, I found this collection on sale for $.99 and thought, "why not?"I had already read the first book, "The Emperor's Edge", and liked it.What I discovered was that while the first book was good, each successive book got better and better. This is a unique and believable fantasy world with a well-thought out plot, a strong heroine, and a cast of characters that really 'grow on you'.The "Emperor's Edge" series is High Fantasy, with a f [...]

    7. I already had the first two books read,but, for 99 cents I couldn't pass it up. The third book picks up while most of the team is on vacation. I am glad I bought and definetly want to finish the series.

    8. Couldn't put it downWell written and imaginative with great character development and exciting adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat and up past bed time. I'll be reading the whole series.

    9. AwesomeI purchased the trilogy bundle. I have been unable to put this down unless I absolutely had too. It is very well written and it makes you feel as though you are right there with the characters

    10. You know when sometimes you feel like reading something a little different? Something that has your favourite elements but does not constantly make you angsty? You know, simply a cleverly laid out adventure which a bunch of solid characters and no bull? That is what The Emperor's edge was like for me. The series had me thoroughly entertained till the end, and that is no easy feat when it spans a full 7 books! Set in a world with strong steampunk elements and a dash of scifi, it is bound to fall [...]

    11. I haven't had this much fun in awhile. Which may comment more on my state of being rather than this series, though I'd really prefer it to be the latter. I may go back and review the individual books, but since I'm both lazy and read them as an omnibus, that is unlikely to occur. Problems:-2D character development, and in some cases almost no character development, though I hear this is rectified in the next few books-convenient spells of unconsciousness to gloss over tricky plots (though not as [...]

    12. "Lindsay Buroker is awesome," I was told, and then I spotted three of her books in a box set for next to nothing. So this sat on my Kindle for a while, lonely and ignored, until it came to the top of my TBR listat was about a fortnight ago. Why'd it take me so long to write a review? Ume there are 8 books in the series, plus some incidental novellas and short stories, and all the books are a decent length andl right, Lindsay Buroker IS a legend and I've been binge reading the whole series becaus [...]

    13. when good is bad and bad is betterAmaranthe is an excellent enforcer ex-enforcer. Sicarius is the most dangerous assassin in Turgonia. through no doing of her own, Amaranthe is forced to work with the man was sent to kill in order to save her life and the life of the emperor. with the aid of several other disenfranchised members of the populace, Amaranthe sets out on an adventure to save her empire and herself.what a fun series! it has a great deal of humor, a pinch of sword play, a dash of magi [...]

    14. Lindsay takes us on a raucous ride with Amaranthe and her bumbling, rag-tag team of do-gooders. Though reluctant to follow Amaranthe into some of her crazy schemes, ok, MOST of her crazy schemes, the team manages to bond to one another while solving the Empire's problems. Wizards and magic (which don't exist, by the way), magically created creatures, monsters, high-tech doo-hickies, and even evil school teachers make Amaranthe's job more difficult along the way.This entire series had me turning [...]

    15. The "A" Team meets The Princess Bride!This book was a real find. I think I got it as a kindle deal sometime ago, and it sat on my to read list for awhile. Finally, I gave it a chance. It is really good. It is like The "A" Team in that there is a band of characters wrongly charged and trying to clear their name, and taking on adventures to further that goal. It is like The Princess Bride in that the characters are completely endearing and fun. I am not saying there are as many quotable line as in [...]

    16. The Emperors Edge Collection 1-3 was very interesting with unexpected adventuresThe Emperor Edge had so many twists and turns it kept me interested to see the next adventure the little group of do gooders were going to get tangled up in. The Emperors Edge has so many activities happening at the same time it made interesting reading. I believe teenagers through adults would enjoy this collection.

    17. I started with this 3 book collection and became hooked. I am now reading book 6 part 2 (#7). I think it was originally supposed to conclude the series, and I was sad to be reaching the end, but it looks like more books have been added not only to the end of the story, but .5 versions in between those I've read, so I'm happy to say I can stay immersed in this terrific cast of characters a while longer.

    18. I abandoned the first book a while back, but picked up the omnibus version based on positive reviews to see if it was a case of “right book, wrong mood”. It’s a story that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Two of the main characters sounded a bit too alike and perhaps there’s too much snarkiness for me, but the raw story is there. So - fun romps with some humour, but there's not enough emotional depth for me to want to carry on with the series right now.

    19. The A TeamWhen I was about halfway threw the first book, I realised that the story reminded me of something, and then it hit me at the end The A Team. A group of mercenaries trying to be exonerated fit crimes they didn't comment. The ending line almost mirrored the a team's into. All in all though ask the books are a good read, a but dry at times and a little predictable, but there was enough witty one liners and creativity to keep me interested.

    20. A must readThis is a great series! The characters are well-developed. The plot is not predictable. Each book has it's own arc, so I never felt cheated at the end--like the cliff-hanger was forcing me to read the next book--I want to read the next book & I don't even resent that there are more than three books because the characters are growing & changing as the books progress & the plots stay strong.

    21. Finished the first book in this collection on 7th February, and will reviewed it on my blog. Follow me to get blog updates on .The second book in the collection is also finished and reviewed on the Dark Currents entry.Review of the third book will be on my blog in July. Great ending - roll on the fourth in the series!

    22. An entertaining read and probably my first series in the "steampunk" genre. Kind of reminds me of the TV show Leverage, if set in a steampunk world. Similar concept and the characters have similar banter with each other. Definitely not super deep, could've done without some of the crude humor, but enjoyable nonetheless. I'd be interested to read the other books in the series.

    23. Absolutely super read. I got hooked with the first book in the series and just had to find out what happened next. And then I discovered she had other series! WOOHOO. Just finished the Dragon Blood series and it was another group of fabulous stories with great characters. I highly recommend these.

    24. I love a good heroineI always love a good female role but this work is absolutely fantastic. I particularly appricate the fact that the lead is not a flake, promiscuous, or any of the other ugly things women are sometimes portrayed as. She e is strong, and a leader by wits- LOVED IT!

    25. RecommendReally enjoyed these books. The sense of humour and rapport between the characters helped to bring them to life. Nice to have a good strong female lead. I liked the whole fantasy/sci-fi/steam-punk crossover of the setting. Looking forward to reading the next instalment of the collection. Will definitely try other books by this author

    26. Quirky and captivating. The characters are strong and their banter is funny. At first words like panoply, inimical, susurrus, appurtenances startled me but, as they persisted, lent to the quirkiness of the story. It reminds me of "The Princess Bride" or, better yet, like "Star Wars".

    27. VERY IMPRESSED! One of the best collections I have read to date. Really looking forward to the next book in the series. Don't miss this one!

    28. ugh. i have no idea how i got this trilogy on my Kindle. i am a cheapskate. i only buy books that cost 99cents. maybe if it is a really good study (nonfic) book i'll pay full price. so to get a 3 book collection on my Kindle it must have been free or on sale. either way. i don't remember how i got i. i was bored and decided to actually read it. and i was hooked. books 4-9 are NOT 99cents. sigh. they are $5 and$6. sigh. i may actually buy a FICTION series for my Kindle.why you say? um cuz it is t [...]

    29. The first three books in the Emperor's Edge Series in one collection - and I loved every single one of it.A very diverse and highly unlikely crew of heroes try to thwart threats to the Empire and the Emperor, and go about this in a very unorthodox way.We have Amaranthe, a discredited enforcer trying to clear her name, Sicarius, an assassin, Moldynado, a nobleman disowned by his family, Books, an alcoholic, and Akstyr, a magician - oops! sorry, forgot there is no such thing as magic in the Empire [...]

    30. Zootopia?It’s awful of me, but I found it impossible not to read the heroine as the plucky girl bunny, and her assassin friend as her foxy sidekick. Otherwise it’s a fantastic read — highly recommend.

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