Lanterne rosse

Lanterne rosse Per sfuggire alla povert la giovane Songlian accetta di diventare la quarta sposa del ricco Chen Zuoqian Siamo nella Cina pre rivoluzionaria in un medioevo che stenta a morire e fra le regole che

  • Title: Lanterne rosse
  • Author: Su Tong
  • ISBN: 9788807880742
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • Per sfuggire alla povert , la giovane Songlian accetta di diventare la quarta sposa del ricco Chen Zuoqian Siamo nella Cina pre rivoluzionaria, in un medioevo che stenta a morire, e fra le regole che governano la casa di Chen vi quella che d al marito la facolt di scegliere la donna con cui passare la notte La bella Songlian non accetta passivamente la logica ferocePer sfuggire alla povert , la giovane Songlian accetta di diventare la quarta sposa del ricco Chen Zuoqian Siamo nella Cina pre rivoluzionaria, in un medioevo che stenta a morire, e fra le regole che governano la casa di Chen vi quella che d al marito la facolt di scegliere la donna con cui passare la notte La bella Songlian non accetta passivamente la logica feroce della sua nuova condizione L inevitabile competizione con le altre mogli e il cerchio di solitudine che la imprigiona trasformano il suo coraggio e la sua protesta in armi spuntate, facendola cadere in una ineluttabile spirale di follia Su Tong domina materia narrativa e scrittura donandoci, con il personaggio di Songlian, una figura incisa dentro il silenzio della Storia, eroina e vittima sacrificale Da questo romanzo precedentemente pubblicato con il titolo Mogli e concubine il regista Zhang Yimou ha tratto l omonimo film che ha segnato il definitivo ingresso della cinematografia cinese in Occidente e ha rivelato il talento dell attrice Gong Li.

    • Lanterne rosse By Su Tong
      213 Su Tong
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    1. Su Tong simplified Chinese traditional Chinese pinyin S T ng born January 23, 1963 is the pen name of Chinese writer Tong Zhonggui T ng Zh nggu He was born in Suzhou and lives in Nanjing.He entered the Department of Chinese at Beijing Normal University in 1980, and started to publish novels in 1983 He is now vice president of the Jiangsu Writers Association Known for his controversial writing style, Su is one of the most acclaimed novelists in China from enpedia wiki Su_Tong

    2. لعل أحد أشهر النصائح التي لم أتبعها يومًا بخصوص تذوق الفنون والآداب هي "عدم قراءة الرواية ومشاهدة الفيلم المقتبس عنها أو فعل العكس، لأنك ستقع في فعل المقارنة بشكل أو آخر"؛ وذلك لاعتقاد شخصي بأن كلًا من الفيلم والرواية إبداعان مستقلان - وإن انطلق أحدهما من الآخر -، وكل منهما في [...]

    3. Another OMG read. While I loved "Raise the Red Lantern," "Nineteen Thirty-Four Escapes" was just as powerful. All three of these stories are beyond excellent, showcasing Su Tong's beautiful and eerie writing. Much more soon. Must recover from the holiday first. :)

    4. Whilst Su Tong's novellas will be easily forgotten once read, there's something very hypnotic about his writing style which make his stories compulsive reading. It's very much like sitting down and listening to your grandparents telling stories about their past, at times disjointed, but always coming together and conveying the most important elements of plot and character. The three tales that Su Tong tells in this way, become alive in the reader's mind. Of course particular credit has to be giv [...]

    5. It's a poorly kept secret that I am a sucker for any mournful, bittersweet historic Chinese novel about the oppressive cultural struggles of strong, female protagonists. This is the third one of these in a row for me and I might call it the best so far in this sub-genre. So sad, so bittersweet, so painfully beautiful. How could anyone resist?

    6. Poligami. Namanya masih terasa "mengerikan" di telinga kebanyakan perempuan dan sering (sangat sering malah) diasosiasikan dengan ajaran suatu agama. Apapun itu, poligami ada sejak peradaban awal manusia dan membaca novel ini "kengerian" itu tidak membantunya menjadi surutAwal cerita kita disuguhkan dengan karakter Teratai, istri muda seorang bangsawan Cina. Seorang mahasiswa yg tampaknya sangat praktis memandang hidup, bahkan ketika ia kehilangan sosok ayah dan memutuskan untuk menjadi istri ke [...]

    7. The best part about pulling from the family archives is the guessing game: Does the collection of well-abused, yellowed books, of translated Chinese classics, come from.A. Mainland mother, who's true level of English comprehension remains somewhat of a mystery, but is known to have completed a good portion of the Harry Potter seriesor B. Dyslexic father, who favours the literary explorations of sports psychology, shotgun maintenance and Australian music biographies.Christ, I'm kind of hoping it [...]

    8. Beautifully written tragedy. The narration is aloof which seems to heighten the drama of the story; pure concentrated tragedy. I had to put it down frequently because it was so sad.

    9. للبئر في التراث الإنساني دلالات متعددة، منها مايتصل بالماءِ حيث الحياة، وما يتصل بالخوف من المجهول الذي قد ينتهي بالانتقام والعقاب والموت! والدلالة الأخيرة هي مايبني عليها سوتونغ روايته (زوجات ومحظيَّات) وهكذا تشكل البئرُ خلفية المصائر الفادحة لأبطال هذه الروايةوهنَّ نسا [...]

    10. Untung saja buku ini terbilang tipis, hanya 133 halaman, atau kalau tidak saya tidak tahu apakah saya sanggup menyelesaikan pembacaan dari karya yang begitu muram tentang rumah tangga yang berpoligami ini. Adalah Teratai, seorang mahasiswi berusia 19 tahun yang dipaksa oleh takdir dan keadaan untuk memasuki sebuah rumah seorang Tuan Besar yang telah memiliki 3 orang istri. Alkisah, bisnis ayah Teratai bangkrut dan akhirnya ia bunuh diri karena tiak kuat menanggung utang dan malu. Karena tidak m [...]

    11. This is a novella with three stories: Raise the Red Lantern, The Escape of 1934, and Opium Family.Raise the Red Lantern: Lotus is a nineteen year old girl who marries the 50 yr old Chen Zuqian as his concubines because her father kills himself and she has no other choice. Lotus is the youngest in the family and is loved the most by the master. There are other concubines as well in the Chen household. The first wife being Joy, the 2nd mistress being Cloud, the 3rd mistress being Coral, and the fo [...]

    12. While waiting for the next batch of reads from my local library, I picked up this 3-story collection off my bookshelf at home as it looked short, interesting and easy. After going through it, the only thing I can agree with is that it was short. I didn't find any of the three novellas to be compelling works of literature - maybe a lot was indeed "lost in translation", but for whatever reason they did not resonate with me at all. Wives and Concubines (this was the original title of 'Raise the Red [...]

    13. I initially bought this book because I'd seen the movie Raise the Red Latern and was intrigued to see whether the book was the same. In fact, the book differs somewhat, and in some ways I liked the differences, but the book made me think that the author was misogynostic. Although it is clear from the text (and history) that the women had no choice in becoming concubines, there seemed to be no sympathy for these women. Each was presented in a consistently bad light, especially in relation to the [...]

    14. Beautifully written novellas that symbolizes the brutality and repression of Chinese history at the turn of the 20th Century. Su Tong's three novellas speak on the surface of gender and sexual repression, but underneath that layer it is brilliant and brutal humanization of a culture that has repressed itself for centuries.While "Raise the Red Lantern" carries the title of this collection, "Opium Family" is my favorite novella of the three. It reminds me a lot of Anton Chekov's "The Cherry Orchar [...]

    15. Αυτο το βιβλιο ανηκει εδω και πολλα χρονια στην πρωτη πεντάδα με τα πολυαγαπημένα μου Ολη η καταπίεση, η απαξίωση και η δύναμη της θελησης μιας γυναικας σε ενα βιβλιο οχι, δεν ειναι φεμινιστικό θα ελεγα μαλλον το αντίθετο Παρόλα αυτά, σου αφηνει εντονα την αισθηση της διανοη [...]

    16. رواية تصف حال النساء في الصين وكيف تعامل الرجال معهم نتابع بهذه الاقصوصة حياة سوتغ ليان الزوجة الرابعة لسيد المنزل او محظيته الجديدهنتابع معاها حياة النساء داخل المنزل ومشاحناتهم مع بعضنرى تحول شخصية سونغ ليان من طالبه سعيدهالى زوجه كئيبهفي الحقيقه كرهة جميع شخصيات الرواي [...]

    17. Not a single sentence could be taken away without undermining the effect the author intends to create. The story is as perfect as Eileen Chang's The Golden Cangue, which is also one of my favorite novellas.

    18. "Terkadang wanita berpura-pura tuk menjadi kuat karena mereka merasakan bagaimana rasanya menjadi lemah"Poligami terjadi dari zaman dahulu hingga sekarang. Apalagi dalam masyarakat yang masih menganut sistem patriarki, dimana kebanyakan wanita hanya dipandang sebagai pelengkap saja, dan sering tak jauh dari budak seks semata. Inilah yang coba diungkap oleh Su Tong dalam karya ini. Saya memperkirakan awalnya setting dari kisah ini adalah zaman kerajaan, tapi setelah membaca istilah cafe, blouse d [...]

    19. As a huge fan of Gong Li (she is my favourite actress) it was inevitable that I would watch the film version of Raise the Red Lantern and that it would lead me to seeking out the book that inspired the film. But when I first tried reading this book, more than a decade ago, Su Tong's strange use of language and the odd way in which he constructs his narratives was something of a shock to me. I read the first two novellas in this three novella collection and I felt I was wading through a swamp ver [...]

    20. Sbírka tří novel, z nichž první, “Manželky a konkubíny”, byla předlohou slavného Čangova filmu Vyvěste červené lampiony. Nebýt různých náznaků modernosti, mohl by se tento příběh odehrávat prakticky kdykoliv v předrevolučním čínském bezčasí – vnitřní život dvora jedné bohaté rodiny, boj žen o přízeň pána domu a pozvolné odhalování strašlivého tajemství, které se uvnitř dvorce skrývá Su Tchung vykreslil stejně mistrně, jako je Čang překo [...]

    21. I was torn between 3 stars and 4 on this one, but I decided on the 4 stars out of respect for the title novella. I loved the film version of "Raise the Red Lantern", and I really enjoyed the original as well. It's beautifully atmospheric and menacing; Songlian (or "Lotus" as her name is translated in this edition) is much more complex and layered than one would expect from such a short story. It really reminds me of a nineteenth century gothic romance more than anything else, especially if you c [...]

    22. An uneven collection, more aptly titled: "The Good, the Bad and the Boring" First we have a realistic chamber piece with the whiff of legend; next is a sprawling magic realism tale, and finally, a meandering family saga that seems to combine both writing styles. One senses that this writing is another example of Chinese imitation: on the surface it's artful pageantry, but underneath it's a bit of a mess All three stories have splashes of glitter but halfway through things succumb to slow pace, c [...]

    23. هكذا هن النساء قراءة في رواية "زوجات ومحظيات" للكاتب سو تونغ ترجمتها عن الصينية: يارا المصري الظلم مقابل التمردرغم أن الحضارة الشرقية تهتم كثيراً بالغوص في أعماق الإنسان وأسئلته الوجودية الكبرى، إلا أنها في موضوع النساء، تكون في أقصى حالات تطرفها وبعدها عن الجانب الإنساني ف [...]

    24. 3,5 stelle. Brevissimo romanzo sul tema della poligamia nella Cina pre rivoluzionaria che ho letto dietro consiglio di una blogger. Fino ad ora avevo affrontato solo Banana Yoshimoto come autrice orientale, ma l’eccessiva oniricita’ dei suoi testi non mi aveva fatto venire voglia di approfondire questo tipo di letteratura; con Su Tong ho avuto un’esperienza di lettura più vicina alla mia comfort zone, e infatti ho divorato il libro in meno di un pomeriggio. La trama è un’involuzione li [...]

    25. If you have never read anything about Chinese rural life, then this might interest you. If you are familiar at all with the topic, you will realise how utterly colourless and mediocre, and very familiar, every part of this is. Not an ounce of creativity or genuineness, or even interest and character. It is exactly as you would expect it to be and nothing more. There was a kid who had a permanent appetite and was constantly eating steamed buns. I think this was the bit that was supposed to be 'ma [...]

    26. لماذا تُتّخذ المرأة كسِلعة، يحقِ لمن إتخذها زوجة أو خلاف ذلك التّحكُمَ بمصيرها!يتخذ الرجل زوجات ومحظيات، والخاطئة منهن، تُرمى في بئر حديقة المنزل. الوافدة الرابعة، المحظية، تجد نفسها في مواجهة خفية مع إحدى المحظيات، التي تُحاول إيقاع الأذى بها بواسطة إحدى الخادمات، عن طري [...]

    27. I was introduced to the film years ago. ever since I wanted to read this book. the film itself had made a deep impression with me. This book is telling three stories, the first is Raise the Red Lantern and it is just as great as the film. it felt so poetic reading through the three stories. I absolutely loved it from beginning to end.

    28. I picked this book up because I saw the movie years ago. All three novellas are good, though I feel that maybe I'm not able to connect some of the moments in the writing because I lack a cultural knowledge or it may be that the translation, though probably good, can't capture the nuances because some things just don't translate.

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