Delitto irrisolto

Delitto irrisolto Gli agenti dell FBi Dillon Savich e Lacey Sherlock marito e moglie stanno trascorrendo un pacifico weekend col figlioletto quando Dillon si imbatte in una sconosciuta visibilmente sconvolta la don

  • Title: Delitto irrisolto
  • Author: Catherine Coulter
  • ISBN: 9788830424357
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Gli agenti dell FBi Dillon Savich e Lacey Sherlock, marito e moglie, stanno trascorrendo un pacifico weekend col figlioletto, quando Dillon si imbatte in una sconosciuta visibilmente sconvolta, la donna sostiene di essere sfuggita a un assassino e lo supplica di riaccompagnarla a casa Una volta ricondotta nella sua grande villa, la donna scompare senza lasciare traccia.Gli agenti dell FBi Dillon Savich e Lacey Sherlock, marito e moglie, stanno trascorrendo un pacifico weekend col figlioletto, quando Dillon si imbatte in una sconosciuta visibilmente sconvolta, la donna sostiene di essere sfuggita a un assassino e lo supplica di riaccompagnarla a casa Una volta ricondotta nella sua grande villa, la donna scompare senza lasciare traccia Ma non c tempo per interrogarsi Savich costretto a raggiungere Washington per coordinare le indagini sull omicidio del giudice Stewart Califano, assassinato in tribunale Tra i collaboratori a questo caso scottante, oltre alla moglie, c Callie Markham, giornalista del Washington Post e figliastra del giudice ucciso, in grado di introdurre gli agenti nell elitario ambiente della Corte suprema Gli investigatori devono agire in fretta, perch l assassino continua a colpire nel giro di pochi giorni vengono uccisi due assistenti di Califano e un altro sfugge alla morte per un soffio Poche tracce, un solo sospetto un sicario di cui si erano perse le tracce da pi di dieci anni e che si fa chiamare Gunter Grass Nel frattempo, Savich riesce a rintracciare il figlio della donna che era sparita nel nulla sotto i suoi occhi, e apprende una verit che lo lascia senza fiatoUno dei casi pi sconcertanti mai capitati alla coppia di brillanti investigatori teso, drammatico, carico di suspense, Delitto irrisolto mostra una Catherine Coulter al suo meglio.

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      109 Catherine Coulter
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    2 thoughts on “Delitto irrisolto

    1. Catherine Coulter Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Delitto irrisolto book, this is one of the most wanted Catherine Coulter author readers around the world.

    2. "Blow Out" blows.That isn't the most clever of wordplay, I know, but it's the truth. Don't be fooled, either: the one star rating I gave this book is actually very generous. I don't typically give books negative reviews. It goes against my grain. I am typically someone who tries to find the best in every book. I am generally a very positive person, but this book was infuriating. It frustrated me to no end because I find that reading a bad book is right at the top of my list of annoying things, a [...]

    3. My opinion - not her best work.Savich, Sherlock and their son, Sean, are spending some family time at a cabin in the Poconos. On his way back from the market, Savich’s SUV blows a tire. Just as he’s done changing it, a woman comes running out of nowhere, not suitably dressed for the weather, screaming about a man in her house. His cell phone all of a sudden not working and unable to call for back-up, Savich goes with the woman back to her house. Making her wait in the living room, he searche [...]

    4. This review is verbatim from previous notes when I read this book back in 2004.Even though I love the Savich/Sherlock series--this one was terrible. The romance/flirting between the 2 sub-characters was so lame. The dailogue was cheesy. And the plot left you wishing there had been one. The sub plot was hardly mentioned throughout the horribly long interviewing of suspects and then when it did come up again in the end, it was wrapped up quickly and with no substance. The main plot was a huge let [...]

    5. Book number 9 in the FBI Thriller series and Savich and Sherlock are back yet again! A supreme court justice is murdered and Savich is in charge of the FBI investigation to find out who did it. Before he can solve this mystery, more people start dying. He's aided by, of course, his wife Agent sherlock, a new guy from the DC police, and the justice's stepdaughter. i was guessing the whole time. the DC police guy did seem a little naive, especially when it came to 'old justice's', very young-centr [...]

    6. Lame, lame, lame.The main characters were idiots, even though they worked for the FBI, D.C. police force, and the Washington Post. They did ridiculously dumb things, then somehow managed to connect the dots and identify the killer without ever having other suspects. They just "knew" it was this assassin who'd been off the radar for 20+ years. Whom they'd never heard of beforeD the husband/wife FBI team (really) broke down in tears when one of the people who they'd just met is killedbut barely ba [...]

    7. FBI agents Savitch and Sherlock are enjoying some down time in the Pocono mountains, when Savitch has a blow out on his car. When he has finished with the tire, a woman suddenly appears from the woods. She is terrified and saying someone is trying to kill her. When Savitch takes her home, he searches the house and finds no one. The woman also is no longer there. He seeks out the local sheriff to start a search for the woman, only to be told the woman he helped, died some 30 years ago.He wants to [...]

    8. Blow Out - FBI Thriller #9 - Savich and Sherlock - (Callie Markham and Ben Raven [not FBI]) - Supreme court judge is murdered, followed quickly by two more people. Ben (who is metro police) and S&S are hot on the trail.Savich, Sherlock and their son, Sean, are spending some family time at a cabin in the Poconos. On his way back from the market, Savich’s SUV blows a tire. Just as he’s done changing it, a woman comes running out of nowhere, not suitably dressed for the weather, screaming a [...]

    9. The murder of a Supreme Court Justice brings Savich and Sherlock home quick from a vacation that had turned strange with the appearence of a 'ghost' that asked Savich for help. The Justices' stepdaughter, Callie Markham, an Investigative reporter from 'The Washington Post' asks to be a involved with the investigation. Being the stepdaughter, she is paired with Metro Police Detective Ben Raven. Within 24 hours, another murder and then a few days later, another murder all with the same MO. They th [...]

    10. I love this series. I can't remember how i discovered it, but i thank God I did. Love cop books anyway, dammit. I want to go back to the beginning and read these - start to finish. But as i find them at thrift stores, i grab them. Thank God for , I did at least quit getting books i already had for my "pending" read.I love Savich and Sherlock - their brains are awesome. Plus following their relationship while they work together is cool. Could NEVER do that ugh. I love how, so far, the author weav [...]

    11. It began with this blowout and great ghost story. I really have wanted a good ghost story, but then it left that story alone for the most part to tell another unrelated story. I thought we would tie it all in and they would be related, but they were seperate stories and sadly not related. I guess I'll have to keep looking for a good ghost story. The story probably would have related higher if the two plots would have intertwined, but they never did.

    12. Catherine Coulter has hit a home run with her suspense thriller, "Blow Out."Savich and Sherlock are at it again, this time looking into the past to stop the murders.This book is perfectly executed; the plot thickens and twists with every turn of the page. The characters are my friends already; Coulter makes me feel that I'm solving the crime with them.

    13. Another excellent book by the prolific writer. I really enjoy reading her FBI thriller series. As usual there are 2 excellent stores running parallel with each other, and as always, ultimately, the good guys win.

    14. I am not a typical mystery reader. My mother and sister got me started on this series of FBI thrillers. It was a well-written and suspenseful tale featuring two FBI agents who are married and work together to solve cases. A good story that kept me guessing until the conclusion.

    15. I didn't like this book at all for a couple of reasons. First, a pet peeve of mine is to have female characters called by their last name; especially in their private life. It's like the authors try to show the female leads are strong females by using their last names when I think it's just an ignorant practice. I know plenty of strong women and none ask people to call them by their last name. It's especially ridiculous to me when Lacey's husband calls her Sherlock. I haven't read/listened to th [...]

    16. Another great story about FBI agents Savich and Sherlock. This story involved the murder of a United States Supreme Court Justice and the work involved in solving the crime. In this book we meet D.C. Metro Policeman Ben Raven who gets saddled with a civilian who happened to be the Judge's step-daughter and an investigative reporter from the The Washington Post. Can the two of them work together for the good of the case or will Ben Raven throw up his hands and quit. This is a very interesting sto [...]

    17. In the 9th outing of Coulter's FBI series, Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock have two mysteries on their hand. Who was the frantic woman that accosted Savich on an isolated road to a weekend cabin retreat? Who is killing a Supreme Court Justice and his law clerks inside the Supreme Court building? As the past and present collide in this deadly cat-and-mouse game, the reader becomes involved in the inner workings of the Supreme Court, the often non-cooperation between law enforcement agencies, and [...]

    18. As usual I liked the characters. Coulter is an expert in developing believable characters. I wish she didn't feel there had to be a romantic pairing in every book. I thought Ben and Callie were a little unbelievable. But overall the plot was good and it's always a joy to spend time with Sherlock and Savich.

    19. Loved it. Cali meets Ben when her Step father is killed. Sherlock and Savage are the investigating detectives. The four of them meet and team together to find out who the killer is. In that search they find more than what they bargained for. Edge of the seat thriller. Puzzle pieces to fit together building to a climax. Or does it? Surprises keep coming.

    20. Another great episode of super series!!Wonderful people in wonderful adventuresally enjoy each book!Already have next three books!! Enjoying each one!! Don't want them to end!

    21. The ending was a tad bit strange to me but if it sales and folks read so be it. Not all books have to be that good to read. I feel the ending could of been better, but that's just my opinion. I have read better, I did finish it that's about all I can say for it.

    22. It was okay.The whole thing felt like it was written from plot rather than from situation. So the beginning was tough to slog through to get to what was plotted, then the end—beyond what was plotted—came off as "so many ideas tossed in which the story sort of hinted at."

    23. Meh! Just couldn't get into this book. It was a tale of two mysteries that needed to be solved set 30 years apart, but I just couldn't bring myself to really believe or enjoy the book.

    24. GoodAlways enjoy this series. And look forward to the next book. I have read all 9 books so far. Enjoy

    25. All over the place with the plot. Definitely not her best work. She'd get a good thought (plot line) going, and then take a hard right (metaphorically speaking). Lacked cohesiveness. Meh.

    26. A bit slow at times but overall not too bad. Not as exciting as previous ones in the series. Still a good read though.

    27. This is the second Catherine Coulter book I've read, the first one being "The Sherbrooke Twins", which was a disappointment for me. I purchased the books because they were on sale, and it took some months before I read them. This one I liked, the mystery was written well, but it really didn't "thrill" me because it has more dialogue than action.I'm fond of reading mysteries especially when they come in a series and I make it a point to start at the beginning. This is the 9th in the series and I' [...]

    28. This was not Coulter's best work in the FBI Thriller series. In her standard two mystery story-lines, there was one story about an apparition that Savich sees along the side of the road and wants him to solve her murder. In the other storyline, a Supreme Court Judge is murdered right in the Courthouse Library. The Supreme Court Judge murder storyline was a much more interesting murder case, than the other one. I would've liked her to develop the storyline further to completely have a background [...]

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