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  • Title: Rebel Queen
  • Author: Michelle Moran
  • ISBN: 9781476716350
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Hardcover
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    • Rebel Queen by Michelle Moran
      310 Michelle Moran
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    1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Michelle Moran is the international bestselling author of six historical novels, including Madame Tussaud, which was optioned for a mini series in 2011 Her books have been translated into than twenty languages.A native of southern California, Michelle attended Pomona College, then earned a Masters Degree from the Claremont Graduate University During her six years as a public high school teacher, she used her summers to travel around the world, and it was her experiences as a volunteer on archaeological digs that inspired her to write historical fiction In 2012 Michelle was married in India, inspiring her seventh book, Rebel Queen, which is set in the East Her hobbies include hiking, traveling, and archaeology She is also fascinated by archaeogenetics, particularly since her children s heritages are so mixed But above all these things, Michelle is passionate about reading, and can often be found with her nose in a good book A frequent traveler, she currently resides with her husband, son, and daughter in the US.

    2. I'm curious but Non-Indians (and even some Indians) always somehow manage to monumentally fuck up Indian mythology and history (and I always know, considering I took 4 years of Indian history) I'm scared.

    3. This is the story of Rani Lakshmi the queen of Jhansi told through the eyes of one of her warrior guard-women, Sita. Rani ruled the kingdom of Jhansi until the British East India Company annexed its territories in 1853 after a brutal and bloody war.I do not know much about India's history, and know little about their customs and culture except for what you see on TV or the tidbits you read about in other books, so I was instantly drawn into this tale about one of the country's most important fem [...]

    4. I am so very excited for this book. Michelle Moran is by far my favorite author. Her detail and choice of words flow beautifully and put together wonderful stories.

    5. "Some people are so impoverished all they have is gold. We, however, have pride.This was a quick, easy read about(yet another)piece of history mostly unknown to me. As part of the story the author included information on things like the caste system and the hindu religion. These explanations where brilliant: short, but extremely clear and for the first time I would be able to quickly explain these concepts to my children. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, and couldn't put the book down, I kept say [...]

    6. 4.5 starsI really enjoy Michelle Moran's books -- so far the only one I haven't read is The Second Empress. I was extremely intrigued by this one because I know next to nothing about India's history (besides the fact that it was colonized by Britain), and I love it when historical fiction can teach you something while it simultaneously tells a great story. Sita was a great MC, and everyone else seemed to be fleshed out very well-- her family and neighbors, the other women of the Durga Dal, the r [...]

    7. I liked Rebel Queen.This may be surprising, coming from a reader who disliked Michelle Moran’s trio of Egyptian novels and who felt that her French Revolution duo were so-so. Simply put, the Egyptian set didn’t feel to me like they captured the zeitgeist of the times at all, or that Moran understood the people. This was combined with what I felt was overly simplistic plot and a degree of stock characterisation that felt really unpolished and lacking in skill. That said, I noticed a slight up [...]

    8. "Rebel Queen" tells the story of Rani Lakshmibai, an Indian queen famous for her rebellion against the British regime. That's a fairly straightforward summary--except for the fact that Lakshmi's story is told through the eyes of Sita, one of her elite female bodyguards. (Note: I didn't know about the existence of these women-soldiers, the Durgavasi, until reading this book. Another note: they are amazingly cool.) This is a difficult book to review. Although I knew of Lakshmibai for years before [...]

    9. Find this and other reviews at: flashlightcommentary.I knew nothing about Queen Lakshmi or the Indian Rebellion of 1857 when I picked up Michelle Moran’s Rebel Queen. My eye was drawn to the unusual locale and an eagerness to experience a story that was both foreign and entirely unfamiliar. I’d enjoyed Moran’s work in the past and was optimistic of my prospects, but looking back I can’t help feeling the reality fell short of my expectations.In theory, Sita was a well-positioned narrator, [...]

    10. God, what a downer. Everything just falls apart at the end. I guess it's realistic given the subject matter but pretty depressing.I feel that this book is one of Moran's weaker novels. The real point of the story, the revolution, is overshadowed by her coverage of the main character's training and journey to become a warrior. The events of the revolution are then told in a blow-by-blow fashion (this happened, then this, then this), so that it all happens very quickly and at the end of the book. [...]

    11. India's Sepoy Rebellion is a critical turning point in both Indian and British history, but this is the first time I've seen the event fictionalized, so I was thrilled to see Michelle Moran hit Queen Lakshmi's story out of the park. (So much so, in fact, that I plan to recommend this as an extra credit book for my students!)What I've read about 19th century India has been mostly confined to textbooks, to it was a treat to experience life in the rani's Panch Mahal through the eyes of Sita, one of [...]

    12. Any fan of historical fiction has their favourite time period or culture and for me it has always been World War 2 and the mid to late 19th century. I have never really been drawn to Indian history so it was with some reluctance I started this book. But I was pleasantly surprised once I started reading. Boys are prized much higher than girls and more often than not little girls just “disappear” directly after being born. The ones that do survive this are married at the age of 10. If a wife [...]

    13. This is the second historical fiction book I have read which is about Indian history but written by a non-Indian. It also is about a one of a kind historical personality--Rani Lakshmibai--who is unfortunately not much talked about outside of India. So when I came across Michelle Moran's book I simply had to read it. So, did I like it? Yes, but much as I wanted to, I didn't love it. My rating would be 3.5 stars. Kudos to the author for doing her homework/research really well. She has a total gras [...]

    14. Once again, Michelle Moran has completely captivated her audience with glimmers of the past. Her storytelling weaves a tale from pieces of history, broken hearts, betrayal, love, and sacrifice to breathe life into the Rebel Queen and those dear to her. It was an emotional roller coaster, but one I would not have wanted to miss.This book will appeal to anyone interested in history, India, remarkable women, court intrigue, international politics, family drama, or who just wants a good, 'ole-fashio [...]

    15. 4 ½ StarsFor years I heard great things about Michelle Moran’s books, but for one reason or another I didn’t read any of them… until September last year… when finally, thanks to Thor, Loki and Batman I picked up Nefertiti… And OMG! It was amazing! Historical fiction at its best. I loved it so much I read The Heretic Queen right afterwards and OMG! I loved it too! What else to do than to read Cleopatra’s Daughter next… and OMG! Moran can’t do wrong… I loved it too! By them I kn [...]

    16. 4.5 stars. This is one of those books that I feel like I have been anxiously awaiting for a very long time (according to , it looks like maybe I added it to my TBR way back in 2013! The book is just coming out now so it has been a long (but very worthwhile) wait. I haven't read nearly enough of Moran's books (I must fix this!) but this book is definitely in the vein of some of the things that I loved about her other books between a memorable story, great characters, and rich historical detail.In [...]

    17. Queen Lakshmi of Jhansi is a hero in India but little is known of her in most of the rest of the world. In Rebel Queen, her story of resistance to the English takeover of her kingdom is told from the viewpoint of Sita, a member of Lakshmi’s elite female guards, the Dhurga Dal. We begin with an introduction to Sita as a young girl. She, like other women in her caste, live in purdah and cannot be seen by any man outside her own family. Her family doesn't have any money for her dowry so she and h [...]

    18. My first Moran book was Nefertiti and I liked it so much that I told myself I'd read more of her works. I learned so much from this book, which is what I usually expect after reading a historical fiction book but may not always happen. This novel introduced me to something called the Durga Dal, which is the name for the queen of India's (rani) elite all-female personal guard. I was absolutely floored by this. I hope to learn more about it through other books and articles. As for the actual plot, [...]

    19. Je to taký malý skrytý poklad (napriek menu autorky). Deväťročná Sita bude o pár mesiacov zrelá na vydaj, ale potom matka privedie na svet ďalšiu dcéru, pri pôrode zomrie a chudobná dedinská rodina má zrazu Problém. Panovačná stará matka sa rozhodne Situ predať na prostitúciu, ale milovaný otec to na poslednú chvíľu zarazí a oznámi že hahá, ja ju naučím bojovať a stane sa z nej osobná strážkyňa kráľovnej. Takže Sita sa po nejakom čase dostáva na kráľov [...]

    20. 2.5/5Also on my blog, Luthien Reviews.After all the praise I’ve heard about Michelle Moran, this book was an enormous let-down.For one thing, its title–and blurb–are misleading in the extreme. Rebel Queen (or, in the UK, The Last Queen of India) is told from the POV of someone else, a character the blurb calls Lakshmi’s “closest confidant” (which Sita really isn’t). The queen in question is a significant supporting character, but nothing more.The worst part of Rebel Queen is its ju [...]

    21. This. was. awesome. Lacking kickass females in your books? Read this! Seriously one of my favorite cast of characters ever. Though I can't say much for the representation on India and the culture, it seemed like the author was fairly unbiased and really well informed. The story was gripping, despite being mostly about every day life in the village, and then in the palace. I could have listened to the story of these women for days, it was so interesting. It was fascinating to see their way of lif [...]

    22. I didn't think this book deserved a review--it wasn't as truly awful as Madame Tussaud or the utter travesty that was The Second Empress,, which I did review and at excruciating length. This book was simply blah, and as another discerning reviewer cleverly noted, read like an anxious high school senior's last-minute historical essay due the next morning before lunch. I read the first fifty or so pages, and then began skimming until the ridiculously rushed train wreck of a conclusion.Folks, I hav [...]

    23. I took so long to read this book because i got so busy but i really enjoyed it! 4.4 stars! I love how historically accurate it is(and that the author made an effort to explain what's fiction and what's not), and i love how honest and real it felt. Like, it didn't get unnecessarily dramatic with the romance or deaths. The buildup was really great, but i had a problem with the last third of the book because i feel like the author kind of rushed through it. The wars and stuff was briefly described, [...]

    24. The book summary on the dust jacket was the most interesting aspect this book had to offer. After reading the summary I was expecting a valiant, overwhelming and powerful personality in the Queen, lots of action and a wealth of emotion because the British are trying to rip away a country’s heritage, land and way of life.What I got was random passages written in simplistic history book form to keep the reader informed of the events (because the writing was not adept enough for this), and consta [...]

    25. I very much enjoyed this book. It was a part of history that was fascinating. Michelle Moran created a beautiful and detailed view of life in Jhansi during the 1840-1850s. There are many women portrayed in the story who are strong in a variety of ways. It was great - read it. However, I want to take some time to discuss some personal and cultural issues I've been considering since reading this one. What I have to say is not picking on Michelle Moran individually, but rather noting a general tren [...]

    26. The older I get and the more distance I have from high school and college history, the more I realize how much truly interesting history is out there that I have never been exposed to. I do not fault the schools; history grows more vast every day. And, the way history is taught, we learn about dates and battles and civilizations, but I find the people who changed history to be what captures my attention.I do not know a lot about the history of India. Heck, I don't know a lot about Indian culture [...]

    27. Historical Readings and ReviewsReceived advance review copy from publisher via NetGalley. My opinions are my own.What I love most about Michelle Moran is her ability to take what should be a side character and weave such an intriguing story that you forget you originally picked up the book expecting it to be about a well known historical figure. And even when you remember, you don't even care. This novel is no exception. Titled The Rebel Queen in the US and The Last Queen of India in the UK, you [...]

    28. This book is a fictional account based around historical events in Jhansi, India in the mid-1800's. I was drawn to this book because I've recently been to India, and am fascinated by its rich heritage, natural beauty, customs and culture. I was surprised when I realised a lot of the characters, places and events were real, and I found that part fascinating. The author is a good writer, and the obvious extensive research she's done is remarkable. But I felt the book lacked heart and I felt largel [...]

    29. 4.5 StarsWhen I saw Michelle Moran’s upcoming novel as a ‘read now’ on Netgalley I pretty much threw my “I’m not requesting review books for a few months” out the window. I’ve read two of Moran’s previous novels both of which were set in Egypt during the reign of pharaohs, both of which I adored and I’ve been longing to get back into reading historical fiction like I did before I started blogging in earnest. And after two days of doing nothing but reading, eating and sleeping I [...]

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