Love Stage!!, Vol. 1

Love Stage Vol Izumi Sena is an average guy born into a family of famous celebrities A college student and total otaku he works hard every day with the goal of someday becoming a manga creator His father is a singe

  • Title: Love Stage!!, Vol. 1
  • Author: Eiki Eiki Taishi Zaou
  • ISBN: 9781421579917
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • Izumi Sena is an average guy born into a family of famous celebrities A college student and total otaku, he works hard every day with the goal of someday becoming a manga creator His father is a singer and his mother an actress, while older brother Shogo is the lead singer for the popular band CRUSHERZ.Though his family is packed with famous celebrities, Izumi Sena isIzumi Sena is an average guy born into a family of famous celebrities A college student and total otaku, he works hard every day with the goal of someday becoming a manga creator His father is a singer and his mother an actress, while older brother Shogo is the lead singer for the popular band CRUSHERZ.Though his family is packed with famous celebrities, Izumi Sena is just your average guy Currently a college student, he is a huge otaku with aspirations of becoming a manga creator But one day he gets roped into filming a TV commercial and meets hot young actor Ryoma Ichijo Not only does Ryoma remember Sena from a commercial they were in together as children, he s also been carrying a torch all these years for the girl he thinks starred opposite him What will he do when he finds out she is really a he

    • Love Stage!!, Vol. 1 By Eiki Eiki Taishi Zaou
      410 Eiki Eiki Taishi Zaou
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    1. Japanese Her real name is Eiko Naitou.EIKI Eiki is a friend of ZAOU Taishi TSUDA Mikiyo She has published several solo manga, numerous yaoi doujinshi and one collaboration manga with Taishi Zaou Eiki Eiki and Taishi Zaou go by the circle name Kodomo Keibitai and publish alone as well as with Zaougumi under the name Kozouya EIKI Eiki is the older sister of DAIGO Daigo Naitou , the vocalist of J rock band BREAKERZ, and her grandfather was the former prime minister Mr Takeshita of Japan One of her assistants was the very talented male yaoi artist UZUKI Jun.

    2. This is a brainless funny story!Very easy to read, and very enjoyable. Izumi is the youngest son of a family touched by fame: father is an actor, mother is a model turned into an actress, brother is a member of a successful music group. Izumi is the 'black sheep' of the family by choice. Once, as a child, he was forced to dress and play a girl role for an ad with a boy, and that was the last time he has ever been in front of the cameras.Until the boy he shared stage with all those years ago come [...]

    3. Cuando recogí este manga no estaba muy segura de mi compra , el anime, aunque gracioso, no me terminó de gustar, pero, sorpresa ¡en papel es muchisimo mejor!El plot sigue siendo una tontada, pero esta vez me ha convencido, sin ser nada profundo.Ideal para desconectar de lecturas densas.

    4. WAAHHHH! SOOOO CUTEEE!!This manga is just soooo perf!!! Even if it is not a yaoi manga, it would still be adorable!!! OMGOMGOMGOfjiaefjaekgfhjaefij! All the characters were cute/hot! So many pairings!!! But gosh is Izumi/Ryouma cute or what??!!! SHIP SHIP SHIP!!The manga had it all! Sweet, funny, "stimulating" *coughs coughs*. AHHHH! EEEEEEEEEE!!! KYYYAAAA!!Ahem, well this is a bad review. But I really LOVE this! I can't stop reading it!!!

    5. جدی خوش حالم که دوستم اینو بم معرفی کرد =))))باعث شد کلی بخندم :دی

    6. This will never not make me laugh.Okay, but honestly I really enjoy Love Stage!! I think it's super creative and funny and not like a lot of other yaoi's out there and I adore all the characters and it basically just makes me happy. I love that Shogo is such a doting brother, and I love that Ryomei is sort of an asshole, and I love that Izumi is a closeted dweeb, and I love the Sena parents because they're sort of perfect, and I love that Rei is part of the family and it's just I really like it [...]

    7. This manga is RIDICULOUSLY funny and cute and everything I have been craving for what feels like forever. I'm notoriously picky with my manga and this is pretty much as flawless as manga gets. I can't wait to read the next volume, and to eventually get started on the anime.

    8. This series is addictive. I started the series, and kept reading it till I had finished read all 4 of my Edelweiss ARCs (V1-V4) then went looking for scanslations online, so that I could read V5. What I found for V5 are actually illustrated summaries, but I loved being able to continue it. I really want more.Izumi and Ryoma are perfect for one another.

    9. A pesar de en cierto sentido ser un tomo un tanto introductorio, creo que se presenta bastante bien a los personajes principales.Además, me gusta que la relación entre los personajes empiece de a poco, inclusive sin que ellos terminen de darse cuenta del todo de lo que siente uno por el otro.De todas formas, la familia de Izumi no termina de convencerme, me parece un poco molesta, aunque su hermano Shougo es bastante lindo.En cuanto a Ichijou, creo que es una contraparte de lo más interesante [...]

    10. 3.5/5 I've read this manga years ago, but I never finished it, cause it was ongoing. Now I'm finally up to the task!This yaoi manga is hilarious and makes me do some weird screeching noises. I also love that it doesn't take itself seriously. Also, manga counts as a book. Fuck you if you disagree. Lots of love. ;3What I didn't like and why I'm taking a star off is the use of sexual assault as a plot devise and never addressing the issue properly. I now it's a comedy manga, but assaults are not jo [...]

    11. Original Review – 4 / 5 - 5th March 2017Re-review – 2 / 5 - 4th May 2017 – New review beneath originalTrigger warning: rape/dub con sceneI wasn't sure what to think when I picked this up. It seemed quite weak at first and I didn't really like the main characters we were introduced to. As I read on, however, I started to connect a little bit and was able to start to like them.The plot line seems completely non existent. There does not seem to be something that is a constant fact. The story [...]

    12. This is an incredible yaoi manga that might be the best one so far if it continues down the same road!In volume 1 we start with an introduction to the story about what happened ten years ago that was so crucial for the present and the course of Izumi Sena's life.Ten years ago, Izumi Sena's parents, both famous people in show business, did a wedding commercial. The thing was, they were missing a little girl to play the part of a young couple who catch the bouquet. So, in order not to delay the sh [...]

    13. Read volume one.I think my favorite by this mangaka is still the Family Complex series. This was just a bit too silly in plot and I really didn't find the non-consensual scene pleasant to read at all. Drawing style also seems too pretty in regard to the whole seme uke differences. But it is a gorgeous drawing style in itself. Plot was a bit haphazard as well, but I do like the theme of loving someone as an individual rather than love restrained by gender.

    14. OMG!!! One of the best BL books! :D BL meaning Boys Love, or in Japan, YAOI. One of my favorites! *squeals* I'm currently reading the manga update and it's so effin' funny! :DThe drawing is soooooooo pretty! I really like pretty and cool drawings. One thing that draws me to this manga. I love Izumi and his geekiness about animes and mangas. He's trying really hard to achieve his goal to be a mangaka. Then he met Ryoma. Oh damn. They are pretty goodlooking couple.

    15. Adoro l'anime, che per il momento devo dire che è molto fedele all'anime!Sena è davvero troppo kawaii e suo fratello è mitico!Non vedo l'ora di proseguire con la lettura per sapere come prisegue dove si è fermato l'anime.

    16. First yaoi story I've read, so I get shocked at times but it's been a light and funny story, I think I'll keep reading this.

    17. (First and foremost I would like to say that this is a Yaoi manga pss that means gay comic book so don’t read if you don’t like) This is one of my favorite Manga series ever! I've read this series about 4 times, and it makes me happy every time I read it. The story centers around Otaku shut in Sena Izumi, and his love interest Ichijou Ryouma. Ryouma had a crush on Izumi for 10 years, believing him to be a girl, until they met again, and he had a huge reveal. Ryouma couldn't get rid of his [...]

    18. I love Izumi. He's so different than the rest of his family so I can see why he has difficulties, especially since he's the only one who doesn't want to be in the spotlight. He has a dream of being a mangaka and although it doesn't appear to be a realistic one at all, he's still giving it his best. Rei is one of my other favourites. He seems almost like a parental figure to Izumi rather than someone who just works for the family. I'm interested to know more about what sort of relationship he has [...]

    19. Very stereotypical BL plot, but the characters were surprisingly earnest. I appreciate that Ryoma appears to have something close to a functioning sense of ethics, and that the narrative/other characters acknowledge when he's being a jerk.

    20. Love this story. The characters are charismatic and funny, and even though they don't seem suitable for one another, they really become the perfect couple. And the eye candy's nice too.

    21. Their story is just so cute and honest. I recommend reading it in your free time. in less than an hour, you might finish this :)

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