The Dust that Falls from Dreams

The Dust that Falls from Dreams In the brief golden years of King Edward VII s reign Rosie McCosh and her three very different sisters are growing up in an eccentric household in Kent with their neighbours the Pitt boys on one sid

  • Title: The Dust that Falls from Dreams
  • Author: Louis de Bernières
  • ISBN: 9781846574207
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Audio CD
  • In the brief golden years of King Edward VII s reign, Rosie McCosh and her three very different sisters are growing up in an eccentric household in Kent, with their neighbours the Pitt boys on one side and the Pendennis boys on the other But their days of childhood adventure are shadowed by the approach of war that will engulf them on the cusp of adulthood.When the boys eIn the brief golden years of King Edward VII s reign, Rosie McCosh and her three very different sisters are growing up in an eccentric household in Kent, with their neighbours the Pitt boys on one side and the Pendennis boys on the other But their days of childhood adventure are shadowed by the approach of war that will engulf them on the cusp of adulthood.When the boys end up scattered along the Western Front, Rosie faces the challenges of life for those left behind Confused by her love for two young men one an infantry soldier and one a flying ace she has to navigate her way through extraordinary times Can she, and her sisters, build new lives out of the opportunities and devastations that follow the Great War Louis de Berni res magnificent and moving novel follows the lives of an unforgettable cast of characters as they strike out to seek what happiness can be built from the ruins of the old world.

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    1. Novelist Louis de Berni res was born in London in 1954 He joined the army at 18 but left after spending four months at Sandhurst After graduating from the Victoria University of Manchester, he took a postgraduate certificate in Education at Leicester Polytechnic and obtained his MA at the University of London Before writing full time, he held many varied jobs including landscape gardener, motorcycle messenger and car mechanic He also taught English in Colombia, an experience which determined the style and setting of his first three novels, The War of Don Emmanuel s Nether Parts 1990 , Se or Vivo and the Coca Lord 1991 and The Troublesome Offspring of Cardinal Guzman 1992 , each of which was heavily influenced by South American literature, particularly magic realism.In 1993, he was selected as one of the 20 Best of Young British Novelists 2 promotion in Granta magazine His fourth novel, Corelli s Mandolin, was published in the following year, winning the Commonwealth Writers Prize Best Book It was also shortlisted for the Sunday Express Book of the Year Set on the Greek island of Cephalonia during the Second World War, the novel tells the story of a love affair between the daughter of a local doctor and an Italian soldier It has become a worldwide bestseller and has now been translated into over 30 languages A film adaptation of the novel was released in 2001, and the novel has also been adapted for the stage In 2001, Red Dog was published a collection of stories inspired by a statue of a dog encountered on a trip to a writers festival in Australia in 1998.Prizes and awards1991 Commonwealth Writers Prize Eurasia Region, Best First Book The War of Don Emmanuel s Nether Parts1992 Commonwealth Writers Prize Eurasia Region, Best Book Se or Vivo and the Coca Lord1994 Sunday Express Book of the Year shortlist Corelli s Mandolin1995 Commonwealth Writers Prize Overall Winner, Best Book Corelli s Mandolin1995 Lannan Literary Award Fiction 1997 British Book Awards Author of the Year2004 Whitbread Novel Award shortlist Birds Without Wings2005 Commonwealth Writers Prize Eurasia Region, Best Book shortlist Birds Without Wings Top of page

    2. I say!Has some sneaky blighter slipped something into Louis de Bernières' cocoa?I am a huge, huge fan of the great man's work, but this, my erudite friends, is de Bernières on auto pilot. This is de Bernières writing while the TV is on in the background.Make no mistake, there is a truly remarkable story here. Problem is it's buried under reams of self-satisfied tedium.It's 200 pages too long and should have been edited down. It's as if his starstruck publishing team, on receipt of his first d [...]

    3. This is a hard review for me to write because although it was certainly well written, are as all his books, this is such familiar territory, it has been done many times before. An upper class English family during WWI, their neighbors, a young love that matures, and the effect the war has on all involved. The writing was the best I believe in the air fight and trench segments. Letters sent back home during the fighting. Would have liked to have had a more detailed accounting of the nursing that [...]

    4. Parts are boring and so very conventional. Absolutely nothing new, exactly what you have read in a million other historical fiction books about the First World War. Yet my interest piqued as I watched the effect of the war on the McCosh family – father, mother, four daughters (Rosie, Christabel, Ottilie and Sophie) and their devoted servants (Cookie and Millicent) – as well as their two neighbors, the Pendennis and the Pitts, the first with three and the second with two sons living at home. [...]

    5. If you’re like me, and have an interest in late 1800’s-early 1900’s England that borders on obsession (or if you just like a well-written story), then you will definitely enjoy Louis de Bernières’ latest novel, The Dust That Falls From Dreams. The only way I can possibly describe this novel, is that it is like a sweep of a paintbrush with every colour imaginable. Covering all aspects of life before, during, and after World War One, de Bernières paints a picture that is both beautiful a [...]

    6. This story centres around the McCosh family, an ordinary English family with four daughters and a batch of servants living a comfortable life in the start of the 20th century. It follows their lives and those of their friends and neighbours through WWI and beyond into the rebuilding of a post-war England. Much of what happens to the McCosh's and their friends was being re-enacted all over Europe. The young men going to war, some dying, some returning maimed in body or soul, the women finding voc [...]

    7. I feel like I've wasted the last three weeks of my life reading this utterly boring, pointless, overly-long book. It was particularly disappointing since I loved Captain Corelli's mandolin so much. This book had so much potential - small things would happen throughout the book and I would finally feel a twinge of excitement, thinking the story was finally starting to get going, but then it fall flat again. A book of great potential, one that was never realised unfortunately.I will not be recomme [...]

    8. This won't be my favourite of de Bernieres stories but it was still a good read with some moving and emotional scenes. One thing de Bernieres does really well is tell people's stories, especially during war time and this was no exception. We follow the lives of the McCosh family and those close to them during WWI and the aftermath. I struggled a little to become totally immersed in these people's lives but there were a few that I warmed to. Hamilton McCosh, the father, with his Scottish lilt and [...]

    9. A few chapters in, I was bored and frustrated with the same-old-same-old Horrors of the Great War and twee upstairs/downstairs relationships. And then de Bernieres, as he usually does, grabbed me gently by the throat and refused to let go. After page 200, I LOVED this novel and all its quirky characters and their adventures and romances. Delightful.

    10. Love and loss on an intimate scale against the expansive backdrop of war, and the inner life of characters, is a particular interest of mine, especially when combined with exceptional writing. Although I haven't read Corelli's Mandolin, I was predisposed toward this book by the description of its contents. At first, the whimsical style bothered me, as the narrative dizzyingly described the death of Queen Victoria and the coronation of Edward VII, and jumped to the McCosh family. But, I stuck wit [...]

    11. Description: In the brief golden years of King Edward VII’s reign, Rosie McCosh and her three sisters are growing up in an idyllic and eccentric household in Kent, with their ‘pals’ the Pitt boys on one side of the fence and the Pendennis boys on the other. But their days of childhood innocence and adventure are destined to be followed by the apocalypse that will overwhelm their world as they come to adulthood.For Rosie, the path ahead is full of challenges: torn between her love for two y [...]

    12. Another masterpiece written by Louis de Bernieres.This is the story of the McCosh family which has 4 daughters and their childhood neighbors: daughter Rosie is the childhood of Ashbridge. When Ash decides to enlist and the destiny will change their future.The plot starts in the beginning of the 20th century under King Edward VII reign. With the outbreak of World War One, the lives of these families will change forever.In the meantime the author describes how the pre and pos war periods have chan [...]

    13. I can see where some thought this book was a bit mundane, but I thought it was quite a lovely read. It was like the chronicles of two families during the onset of World War 1 and how it all affected them. Other characters were interspersed in the story, but their stories were sometimes short chapters that didn't bog down the storyline. Sometimes the book tells what a particular character would be doing or feeling, I found that this gave me a sense of what it was like to be going through war with [...]

    14. Absolutely gorgeous storytelling, I'm always emotionally invested in this author's characters and amused, horrified, smitten and on tender hooks by turns. Absolutely recommended.

    15. Ovaj nas je autor osvojio svojim prekrasnim djelom "Mandolina kapetana Corellija" 🎻prema kojemu je snimljen i istoimeni film s Penelope Cruz i Nicholasom Cageom u glavnim ulogama.I ovom se romanu prvlači ratna tematika, ovaj puta Prvi svjetski rat u Engelskoj.Ono što vas, otprilike čeka u ovom romanu je sljedeće; neposredno prije Prvog svjetskog rata, engleska plemenitaška obitelj koju čine majka, otac i četiri sestre uživaju u vrtnim zabavama, igrama i druženju s dvije obitelji u su [...]

    16. Louis, Louis, Louis!!! Last night I walked out of a film made by my ex-fave Japanese director Hirokazu Koreada. I have loved his films but the later ones have been less wonderful and this one was terrible. I’m very upset by this. How could a man who made Nobody Knows and Afterlife also create the twee awfulness of ‘Our Little Sister’? He showed such a powerful understanding of family relationships in the earlier films. And so I thought of Louis de Bernieres this morning. His decline is not [...]

    17. Read the original review and more at Shaina Reads!Disclaimer: I received this ARC through the First Reads giveaway program for review consideration. Thank you to and Knopf Doubleday/Pantheon for the chance to read it!I love it when a book surprises you. When I first started The Dust That Falls From Dreams, I worried that I was in for a bit of a slog. I like historical fiction well enough, but more than 500 pages about the nitty-gritty of the First World War and its consequences for three inter [...]

    18. An advanced copy of this showed up in the mail today - I won a copy and didn't even know it. Now to find the time to read it! :)

    19. I wanted to like this book so much more than I did. I hoped to like it so much more. This is one of those books where so many outside factors - aside from the particulars of the novel itself - affected my appreciation of it. I think the age of Downton Abbey affects my reading of this novel. Where at one point I felt like I wanted to know more about this milieu, this novels feels - in some part - like a Downton Abbey redux which is a shame. There is the same Edwardian backdrop, the tension betwee [...]

    20. The golden years of idyllic, blissful, carefree tranquillity of middle-class Edwardian England are swept away by the horrors, death and suffering on the Western front in this, Louis de Bernieres novel of a family of 4 girls sandwiched between neighboring families of boys at the outbreak of World War 1. Ultimately from the grief and sorrow springs forth regeneration and renewal.The plot is simpler and the style significantly less complex than de Berniere's classic "Captain Corelli's Mandolin"; fr [...]

    21. I liked this book very much, but it's rather difficult to put my finger on the exact reasons. I listened to the audiobook, beautifully read, and took my time about it. Without relating the story and cover blurb, it basically relates the tale of a family of 4 girls and the 5 boys living nextdoor to them, all great pals before World War I, and the great repercussions of the war on their lives afterwards.It is an era I am particularly fond of in fiction, probably because my much-loved grandparents [...]

    22. I had an interesting relationship with this book. Getting into it was difficult, with the narrative jumping erratically around between characters and events, before it settled into a middle that was moving and compelling. But the last third threw me out again - the pacing was lost and the story spent a long time deciding what it should do. I found myself continually looking away and feeling like putting it down. At the very least the book should have been edited down more so that it focused only [...]

    23. It is Epic - immensely long and yet uncomplicated; a linear narrative that begins with memories of childhood, takes in the tragic sweep of the Great War and follows the survivors into the aftermath. It is a tale of many characters with interwoven stories and a depth of history that is neatly stitched into the narrative – there are no info-dumps, no research proudly on display. Seamless, it seems like nothing - it had the smooth readability of Philip Hensher: very personable with more going on [...]

    24. "The Dust that Falls from Dreams" is an epic family saga, spanning from England's Golden years, through the turbulent times of World War II and its aftermath. It follows the fates and fortunes of one family - the McCosh's and their four daughters, intermingling with those of their childhood friends. Friends whose innocence was lost to the war.Our main heroine is Rosie McCosh, engaged at age twelve to noble and sincere Ashbridge. It is war that separates them, and war that makes her a widow befor [...]

    25. I've read several of the reviews of this excellent book. Most comment on how it does or does not resemble Downton Abbey, and then go on to regret that this particular book is not as good as Corelli's Mandolin, a book whose sentiments left me at turns roaring with laughter and weeping over various characters and events. This book is after bigger game, I think, and as such does not have the preciousness of the former work. Some of the characters are caricatures. Mrs. McCosh is a Victorian arrivist [...]

    26. Actually, I would give this 4 1/2 stars. I did think it started out rather slowly and I almost gave up, but am happy that I didn't follow the "50-page rule." I read it because I loved Corelli's Mandolin, plus I'm a sucker for beautifully worded titles. Can you think of more beautiful way to combine words than "the dust that falls from dreams"? And indeed that's what this book is about. An idyllic childhood in pre-World War I England turned to dust by that war. Three families live together in a r [...]

    27. " .lled his court with men who were interesting rather than important, and with women who were both interesting and beautiful." (4) Am I really going to have an issue with this book before the 10th page?

    28. More reviews available at my blog, Beauty and the Bookworm.I picked this book up at the library because, quite frankly, that is one of the loveliest titles I've seen in a while. The Dust That Falls From Dreams There's just something incredibly romantic about it, don't you think? That, and because when I read the flap, I saw that the story takes place in the years of and surrounding World War I, which I think is an underrepresented conflict in historical fiction given its impact on the world. Wor [...]

    29. Delightful and stirring, The Dust That Falls from Dreams by Louis de Bernières is a witty and touching historical war novel which is beautifully mounted and will no doubt be a hit with readers worldwide. The story starts in the year 1902 at the home of a successful Scottish entrepreneur and inventor, Hamilton McCosh, who lives with his snobbish wife and four young daughters - Rosie, Christabel, Ottilie and Sophie. The McCoshes are great friends and close neighbors to the Pitts and the Pendennis [...]

    30. With the synopsis given above it is not necessary to repeat that here other than to say that the book opens by establishing the period setting in some detail, and detail is very much what this novel provides throughout, considerable research is more than evident here. The descriptions of life in the trenches and the horrors of war are so vivid as to be at times distressing, but there is humour here too; however the saga moves on for while the war occupies a substantial part the major part of the [...]

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