Off Leash

Off Leash When Thomas Khatt awakens to the magical world following the sudden violent death of his elderly Archmagus neighbor he doesn t get the standard package of awesome power combined with a hero destiny

  • Title: Off Leash
  • Author: DanielPotter Marianne Fox
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Thomas Khatt awakens to the magical world following the sudden, violent death of his elderly Archmagus neighbor, he doesn t get the standard package of awesome power combined with a hero destiny Nope, he trades his thumbs in for a tail, tawny fur and four feet with a very low co efficient of friction on linoleum His destiny as one of three talking mountain lions inWhen Thomas Khatt awakens to the magical world following the sudden, violent death of his elderly Archmagus neighbor, he doesn t get the standard package of awesome power combined with a hero destiny Nope, he trades his thumbs in for a tail, tawny fur and four feet with a very low co efficient of friction on linoleum His destiny as one of three talking mountain lions in the magical world To be sold at auction and bonded to some pimply faced apprentice for life Thomas would rather eat dirty kitty litter Armed only with an impressive set of chompers and buckets of snark, Thomas faces off against a lightning bolt throwing granny and a sexy union recruiter as he desperately tries hold the threads of his old life together To stay off the leash he ll have to take advantage of the chaos caused by the Archmagus death and help the local Inquisition solve his murder A pyromanic squirrel, religious werewolves, and cat hating cops all add to the chaos as Thomas attempts to become the first Freelance Familiar.

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      205 DanielPotter Marianne Fox
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    2 thoughts on “Off Leash

    1. There is than one author with this nameDaniel Potter has always been inspired by the mysteries of the world His early interest lead him to become avid researcher as well as gamer and writer After obtaining his PhD in vascular biology, he began exploring fictional magic and spiritualism using his own particular scientific lense Daniel published the webcomic Walking the Lethe from 2010 2012 and is an active member of the East Bay Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Meet up group His debut novel, Off Leash, is just the first in his Freelance Familiar series.When he s not chasing his imagination, Daniel works as a vascular biologist in the Bay Area He shares an apartment with his wife, two cats, and a large collection of video games.

    2. Great wacky fun. A fresh twist on urban fantasy, fast-paced and funny as hell. I have to mention Potter's terrific ability to write what I can only describe as incredibly trippy sequences of magical immersion into other dimensions / minds of monsters. That might not make much sense, you'll just have to read it to see what I mean. Magic, a magicians guild, people getting turned into animals against their will, a squirrel buddy character, and a dragon. Nuff said!

    3. Off Leash was a semi-finalist in the 2nd annual Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off. Full review on Fantasy-Faction.

    4. 3.5I was charmed by Off Leash. I enjoyed Thomas' refusal to accept his given situation and insistence on doing the right thing. The magic was surprisingly well developed and there was an interesting and amusing set of characters that were largely more than shadows on the page.However, I thought that as hard as Thomas tried to get his human self back, we never fully came to grips with him. I never missed him as anything other than an idea.Further, I thought the plot took so long to become apparen [...]

    5. Absolutely fun read. I was reminded of Barking in the amount of humorous references and clever twists on common folk wisdom. Currently a bargain price, too.Thomas Khatt has a disturbing experience when he witnesses the death by hit and run of his elderly neighbor. The next morning he wakes up in a new body, having been somehow transformed into a cougar. As you can imagine, this takes some "getting used to." Before very long, though, he is introduced to a mostly hidden world of wizards and mages, [...]

    6. With a sizable amount of highly-toted fantasy novels on my to be read list, I have no idea why I decided to try Daniel Potter's Off Leash. I heard about it through Fantasy Faction's review during the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off 2 and it did not sound like my sort of thing. I think part of it was that I was reading Guy Gavriel Kay's Tigana at the time and wanted something a little lighter, softer and sillier.Off Leash was lots of fun. I felt Potter had lots of carefully-considered prose at hi [...]

    7. I thought this was a fun, fresh urban fantasy read. The concept of the main character being a familiar up for hire is great. The magic system was unique if somewhat complicated.

    8. Upfront I want to say that my rating would be higher if transformation stories were my thing. Daniel Potter's writing is solid and entertaining, and aside from the portions of the book dedicated to the protagonist's transformation into a familiar and his getting accustomed to his new body I had very few problems with the book (and again, my opinion of the transformation parts have more to do with my own disinterest in transformation).As for the tale itself, I would classify it primarily as a mys [...]

    9. I loved this book! It had shifters, intelligent talking animals, mages, and sly humor. (The toaster threatened to sing, but I gave it a stern look.) Someone wakes up one morning to discover himself in a complex magical world, and there's no going back to his old life.I could have done with less description, which I often skimmed.A second reading (in preparation for the sequels) was just as enjoyable. Several typos, including lightening for lightning and break for brake.

    10. One of the most enjoyable books I've read in ages. Superb characterization, a complex twist-filled plot, a unique setting, and lots and lots of action. What's not to like?

    11. This book has a fantastic start. Thomas Khatt (did you cat that?) wakes one day and has turned into a cougar. He can't speak or shapeshift back. He's now a feline for the rest of his life.Just great. I lose my voice but I get to keep my spare tire? Further proof that the universe itself is a sadistic bastard.He tries to use a computer, wash and plenty of other things. It was pretty hilarious and curious his situation that you can't help but keep reading.One or two more days and I'd be sticking m [...]

    12. It's a shame I didn't like this book more. It's self-published, but actually good. Well-written, interesting story, edited well. (At first I had thought I wouldn't be able to say that -- there were two grammar issues on the first page, one in one of the first sentences, so I had thought the whole book would be like that. Surprisingly, the rest of it was generally error-free.)It's the story of a man named Thomas, whose life was in a slump. He lost his job and couldn't find a new one, his girlfrie [...]

    13. I personally love this book but, understand why people complainedThe truth of the world is that four out of every ten humans is born in a little business suit scowling and crunching numbers in their head, grumbling about how they're way late for a "thing" they had scheduled for noon. They're the part of the species that hates fun. Most of them recover and learn to love fun, but a good number just live and then eventually die with those frowns on their face, their last words are "drat, I guess I' [...]

    14. Good Read. A sudden change to a familiar and is thrown into a magical world. A interesting story with some talking animals.

    15. Lovable FamiliarVery well written and enjoyable romp following a delightfully confused hero. I look forward to reading the remaining tails of Thomas Khatt.

    16. I received a free digital copy of this book via NetGalley in return for a review.4.5 Stars Thomas, an unemployed librarian, witnesses the tragic death of his elderly neighbour. The next day he wakes up to find he has four paws, fur and realises he's turned into a cougar! Determined to get his human body back he enters a new world of magic, talking animals and strange creatures, will his world ever be the same again?'Off Leash' is the first book in the 'Freelance Familiars' series. I have to admi [...]

    17. The description is better than the book. Too bad September 20, 2016This review is from: Off Leash (Freelance Familiars Book 1) (Kindle Edition)At 47% of the way through, I'm finding that the idea of this book is better than the book itself. The descriptions of how magic works are both detailed and involved. Some apparently like this but I confess that I find it a little tedious. It is some what akin to the kind of science fiction which goes on and on about how the spacecraft work. We don't kno [...]

    18. Just finished reading “Off Leash (Freelance Familiars Book 1), by Daniel Potter. You really have to wonder where one’s mind has to be to come up with story lines such as these. This was like reading a Disney tale on steroidspure entertainment, hands down, one of the most amusing books I’ve read in quite some time. I think one of my favorite parts of this book came in Chapter 32, when Thomas (the cougar), and Rudy (the squirrel) commandeer a Cadillac from werewolves they nearly blow up in a [...]

    19. It's very difficult for me to give a 5 star review to a book. They must have all the things. In this case, I am very happy to do so. This book was just plain fun to read! Political intrigue, a who-dunit mystery, firework throwing squirrels, talking animals, telepathic bonds, werewolves, dragons. like I said, this book has all the things! It's a rousing Urban Fantasy that brings to mind a cross between Redwall & Harry Potter.Thomas Khatt, a man without a lot going for him, suddenly finds his [...]

    20. Loved it!This is the writer's first book? It's great and he definitely needs to write more. Thomas is such a nice young man, in love with a part time girlfriend and rather kind to others including his strange old neighbor. The old man often sits in the local coffee shop and stares at him, which he finds strange but Thomas makes allowance for his advanced age as as they leave the coffee shop together, a horrible thing occurs. Later when Thomas comes to, a even more shocking event happens when he [...]

    21. Often the realty of a self-published book is that you can tell the story hasn't been looked at by a professional editor. However, the grammatical errors here were very few (and indeed I've seen professionally published stuff with more typos). I think what was needed most for this story (editor-wise) was a little bit more polishing in the world-explanation process. I feel like some parts of the world, like the magical council and the auction on the deceased character's magical house, were not ade [...]

    22. Ridiculously funny PNR about cat/cougar changelings, magic, witches (or mages, if you prefer), and all sorts of trouble someone can get into.Thomas Khatt witnesses the 'accidental' killing of an old man he has befriended, and in the process (somehow - although I really didn't understand why (or how) this happened) he 'changes' into a cougar Familiar (aka someone attached to a witch/wizard/mage).Lots of silly adventures occur; a number of conniving mages/familiars contrive to try and kill Thomas; [...]

    23. Daniel Potter's book was quite a joy to read through, as I pretty much binge read it all in one night. I loved the fact that it went straight into the meat, without too much exposition the plot unfolded itself naturally with the reader as they follow Thomas's abrupt awakening into the other side of the veil. Fast paced and constantly moving, there was no dead times where I was wishing the plot device would move faster. I especially liked the cynical world the author built, as yes, it's a wizardi [...]

    24. A young man discovers the hidden magical world when he turns into a cougar in this very enjoyable fantasy adventure.Thomas witnesses his elderly neighbour being run over by a car, and the next day wakes to find he’s turned into a puma. Not a good week for him. Introduced to the magically hidden world of wizards and told he’s going to be forced into a lifelong commitment as a familiar, he goes on the run. He teams up with the lady wizard cop who’s investigating his neighbour’s death, and [...]

    25. This was a very readable and fun story. It moves along quickly and quite humorously as Thomas Khatt navigates through one crazy situation after another in his bid to become human again.The cast was a hoot. Loved the bond with Thomas and O’Meara. And the plot itself had some dark spots that were a nice balance of seriousness to the sometimes silliness of the story.I wasn’t always sure why things were happening, things at times moved too fast with an it’ll get explained later attitude, but t [...]

    26. Off Leash (Freelance Familiars #1) by Daniel Potter is my first experience from this author. It is a fun, sweet paranormal fantasy. After a sluggish start this develops into a really good story. It took me a bit to warm up to Thomas but he has such a great heart you can’t not like him. Thrown into a new reality and a new body Thomas has a lot to deal with and he does in his own way. I love that he is strong enough (unsure enough) not to fall in with the party line and that is what makes the st [...]

    27. 5Stars. A most unusual, intriguing story concept Off Leash. I llooovee coming across a story that is new and fresh and different---and Off Leash surely qualifies. The cover stopped me in my tracks and seemed to promise an engaging, entertaining time ,and that cover didn't lie. (By the way, Mr Potter, please give my congratulations to your cover artist ,and please take many thanks for a pleasant afternoon of reading Off Leash.). I could not put the story down---I was having too much fun reading i [...]

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