Lord Mouse

Lord Mouse Scoundrel by nature and master thief by trade Mouse is the best there is Sure his methods may not make him many friends but he works best alone anyway And he has never failed a job But that could c

  • Title: Lord Mouse
  • Author: Mason Thomas
  • ISBN: 9781632160003
  • Page: 250
  • Format: ebook
  • Scoundrel by nature and master thief by trade, Mouse is the best there is Sure, his methods may not make him many friends, but he works best alone anyway And he has never failed a job.But that could change.When a stranger with a hefty bag of gold seduces him to take on a task, Mouse knows he ll regret it The job Free Lord Garron, the son of a powerful duke arrested onScoundrel by nature and master thief by trade, Mouse is the best there is Sure, his methods may not make him many friends, but he works best alone anyway And he has never failed a job.But that could change.When a stranger with a hefty bag of gold seduces him to take on a task, Mouse knows he ll regret it The job Free Lord Garron, the son of a powerful duke arrested on trumped up charges in a rival duchy Mouse doesn t do rescue missions He s no altruistic hero, and something about the job reeks But he cannot turn his back on that much coin enough to buy a king s pardon for the murder charge hanging over his head.Getting Garron out of his tower prison is the easy part Now, they must escape an army of guardsmen, a walled keep and a city on lockdown, and a ruthless mage using her power to track them Making matters worse, Mouse is distracted by Garron s charm and unyielding integrity Falling for a client can lead to mistakes Falling for a nobleman can lead to disaster But Mouse is unprepared for the dangers behind the plot to make Lord Garron disappear.

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    2 thoughts on “Lord Mouse

    1. Mason Thomas Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Lord Mouse book, this is one of the most wanted Mason Thomas author readers around the world.

    2. please be what i need please be what i need please be what i needETA: hellfuckno.poor writing is poor; if it wasn't anachronistic american colloquialisms it was straight-up the wrong word entirely. it read like a bad google translation.

    3. A Hearts On Fire Review4.5 Hearts--"Who are you? Why are you here?""Not obvious?" Mouse asked with a tilt of his head.Garron stared back him."All right, then. We'll take this one step at time. People call me Mouse.""Mouse?""Mouse.""What kind of name is that?""It's my name. Moving on to point number two."Lord Mouse, debut fantasy novel by Mason Thomas, is a snarky-filled, hilarious and fun prison break and escape quest headed by Mouse is a master thief, so who better to rescues a rich noble from [...]

    4. Lord Mouse is a cleverly written, action-packed tale. And my last book to complete this year’s reading challenge.The plot follows the story of Mouse and his mission to free a wrongly imprisoned nobleman. Mouse is intelligent, confident, and a master of the art of deceit. To buy his father the king’s pardon, he has been taking jobs to smuggle jewels and other prized possessions. Smuggling a person out of a duke’s manor and his duchy is a first, but Mouse isn’t one to back down from a job [...]

    5. 2.5 StarsMan, this is a Dreamspinner special. I give them huge credit for publishing high fantasy m/m from new writers when hardly anyone else does, but their editing for debut authors is flat out pathetic. Here, Thomas clearly has talent, but it's his first novel and it shows way, way more than it should.The basic plot setup - Locke Lamora / Eli Monpress-style thief hired to rescue someone - is good: I love a nice caper story. The turn of phrase is often quite nice. The characters are generally [...]

    6. FIVE HEARTS--Lord Mouse in audio.Scrappy, snarky, dreamy and sassy Mouse in AUDIO?!I just about loved Mason Thomas's debut novel, Lord Mouse. Mouse is a snark personified, the cocky, cunning criminal who totally deserves his slice of HEA. He's the deviant underdog you want to root for. I'm #TeamMouse4LIFE and recommend this book to any fantasy lover out there.After listening to Joel Leslie narrate Mouse and the cast of characters, it exceeded my expectationsd I was holding a high bar to begin wi [...]

    7. I was intrigued with this book because of the cover. However, Mason Thomas was a new-to-me author (and this was his debut book, right?) so I waited until I had more inputs from others. Then I saw the review from Sirius at Booklikes, who also had the review at Dear Author. She gave it a C+ (or 3.5*) and it just motivated me. Yes, people, sometimes a 3.5* rating was more convincing than 5* rating.Anyway I LOVED it!! Thomas' writing just grabbed me from the get go. Lord Mouse is set in an alternat [...]

    8. I'm a little torn on this oneAnd once again audible has assisted me in getting to a book that I've wanted to read for quite a while now and keep getting derailed on my way to it. 'Lord Mouse' is that little bit of different that I like to get in my reading diet from time to time. I loved the fact that Lord Mouse, our hero if you will isn't a big, brawny alpha male and while he can hold his own in a fight. He's got brains and knows how to use them and then we have Garron who is the big, brawny, s [...]

    9. You guys, omg, this book-reviewage on Prism Book AllianceYou know when you read a spectacular, special, thrilling, fantabulous book? And you want to tell everyone how spectacular, special, thrilling, and fantabulous it is? But you struggle to figure out a way to do that in a way that is something more than “read this book!”, and by that you mean right now? Yeah. That’s me. With this book. And these characters. And the emotions I experienced while reading this, chewing up every scene like i [...]

    10. Rating: 3.5* of five, rounded down for straight-up malapropism all over the damn placeIt's #Booksgiving! Start getting your bookish friends their read onyour gay buddy who reads fantasy? Here's him a great story!Ugh. Liked a lot of stuff about the story, was irked by malaprops galore and the somewhat jarring use of 21st century slang with some archaisms. I found that made for a bouncy ride. Full review at Expendable Mudge Muses Aloud.

    11. Solid fantasy, featuring a juicy premise, engaging characters, and some terrific action set-pieces. The story ended up being less complex and surprising than I had hoped. Overall the writing and build-up were so accomplished, I expected that there would be a bit more at stake when the big reveal came. Still, despite those drawbacks I'd recommend this for fantasy fans and definitely plan to check out more by this author.

    12. 4.5 StarsI’m not going to write a full review on this book but I have big heart eyes for it. Mouse is a straight up badass. This book had all the feels of my favorite fantasy books but with the added cherry on top of it being M/M AND historical.*sign me upppppppp* There wasn’t a lot of romance but it totally worked. Garron and Mouse had such a perilous undertaking to get out of the city that they didn’t have time for all of those stolen moments that typically take place in fantasy romance. [...]

    13. Um, what did I just read because it was freaking awesome :| This is a great fantasy story that had me enthralled from beginning to end. I love Mouse -- LOVE HIM -- and Garron with his impeccable perfectness was, well, perfect for him. I love Mouse's resourcefulness and his stubborn inability to challenge his own perceptions until Garron makes him. This had it all, humor and great UST between Mouse and Garron (they're so adorable <3) and some unexpected twists and turns along the way. The plot [...]

    14. A very VERY good story. The whole thing is my poison: the bromance, the prisoner, the escape, the adventure, all of it. However, I am not sure what it is about the last 20% of the book. The edtining? * er, crap instead of EDITING auto-correct suggests EDGING? Fun times :D*Anyway editing. Someone was not paying attention, for sure. There were a couple of places where I thought I somehow lost the current page and had to scroll back. Nope it was just almost the same sentence, word for word.The wors [...]

    15. This is a fun fantasy adventure - Mouse, a professional thief and fixer, takes a big payoff to rescue a prisoner - not his usual type of job. Still, he's confident in his abilities and the chance of success, until he meets his target. Lord Garron is a man of principles. His scruples are not going to make it easy for Mouse to leave his usual mayhem behind and get them safely out. Still, Mouse has a few tricks and allies up his sleeve.I enjoyed this one a lot, but it's uneven and becomes quite rus [...]

    16. 3.5 starsThis was an almost non-stop action-adventure fantasy. Lord Mouse is a master thief hired to rescue a nobleman who's been falsely arrested in another region. I was really attracted to the idea of this story -- master thief rescuing a nobleman. There were parts of this that I really enjoyed -- Mouse was a very intriguing character and I liked how he was surprised by Garron, the more idealistic and "noble" nobleman. There was also an interesting supporting cast of characters that came in a [...]

    17. 4 HeartsI know I say “I don’t know how to review this” a lot but I am going to say it again because how the hell do I review this and not just flail over how much I love Mouse? Ugh. Be warned, there be quotes a plenty in this review. Mouse, I have never felt this way about anyone before. Have never known anyone like you before.I am a pretty simple reader and come for the romance. I came for the romance with this but what I got was Mouse. I can’t begin to tell you how much I loved this sm [...]

    18. Overall an enjoyable fantasy story that's basically a medieval prison break. I liked Mouse quite a bit (as I'm always a fan of a cheeky bugger). Mouse's snarky attitude and burning intelligence, brought to life by Joel Leslie, was a pleasure to listen to. I really enjoyed Joel Leslie's narration. He's got a healthy contingent of English, Scottish, and even Irish accents for the characters, and, as usual, his tone, pitch, and pacing are on point.However, the entertaining narration wasn't enough t [...]

    19. 4.5 StarsAh, this was fun, action-packed reading. I read these two books in the Lords of Davenia series in reverse order but, it doesn't matter, they're standalones in the same universe and it made no difference to my enjoyment. The Shadow Mark and Lord Mouse are so enjoyable. Good quality gay fantasy reading.Mouse is one cheeky guy with a plan - fly by the seat of his pants or not. He could be perceived as out of his depth rescuing a nobleman from another duchy, but Mouse rises to the challenge [...]

    20. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.75 starsWhat a delightful read Lord Mouse was! The premise caught my attention right away but fantasy books are always a bit of gamble so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Right away I was captivated by Mouse’s character. He is so self-assured and cocky, yet for all his swagger and blood thirst, he can be surprisingly gentle and utterly selfless. Garron is equally intriguing and though he seems somewhat inept at first, his nobility and genuine devotion are quickly uncove [...]

    21. It started interestingly enough, short of stature Mouse bedazzling the noble hiring him.Unfortunately from there I found myself struggling, never quite settling into the writing. I only got to 17% before skimming and there was nothing to make me care about the plot.An early exclamation of 'Ah and I would have gotten away with it if not for you' might have been tongue-in-cheek but it pulled me further out the story, having me imagine cartoon capers instead of a story to take seriously.The main is [...]

    22. This book was short on practically everything-Short uninspired sex scenes outlined with a crayon.Sometimes I could not even understand if the characters were engaged in sex or not,they were so vaguely described,almost as if the story was afraid to get dirty.A short hero who could have been interchangeable with a heroine & I would not have noticed the difference nor cared.As for the long of it,it was just too long on the prison break scene that dominates 75% of the novel.Only the tower climb [...]

    23. Awkward pacing on this book. Very slow beginning with the MCs not meeting til 1/3 of the way in. Then roughly two days later (in the book timeline) these two are making plans for a future life together. Instalove anyone? Then at 85% of the way you think it's all over,time to wrap it up. Not so,as a twist and its rushed resolution hit you out of nowhere.Nice try but could be better.

    24. Really enjoyed. Very entertaining story about a crafty thief and a noble nobleman. Well written and well-paced, with great world-building. My one complaint is the off-page sex. But that's just me. Definitely recommend.

    25. Very enjoyable. It would have been even more enjoyable if the steamy bits didn't happen off page. Just sayin.

    26. 4.5* Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.Mouse is a man of many talents; thief, scoundrel, smuggler…he’s pretty much done it all. His latest job, however, will test him to his limits as he’s been paid to retrieve not some pretty bauble but the wrongfully imprisoned son of a duke. He certainly won’t be as easy to hide as a random trinket. Garron doesn’t know why he’s been imprisoned. Oh, he has a few theories but he doesn’t believe he’ll be getting free any time soon in order to [...]

    27. 3.5 StarsThis book took some time for me to get into, but once I did, I greatly enjoyed it. You have Mouse who is a master thief. He has never failed in retrieving anything he's been paid to get. One night he is offered enough money to pay off his father's pardon but retrieving an imprisoned Lord in the neighboring Dukedom. Mouse needs to use every ounce of skill and tricks he has in order to free Lord Garron. While attempting to flee to safety, Mouse can't stop getting distracted by his "green [...]

    28. Mouse, so nicked named for his slight stature. However, there is nothing diminutive about his heart, or his desire to solve any puzzle put before him. Hired to retrieve a lord, nothing will stay him from proving his intelligence and ingenuity. Wow, just wow! This story was complex, intriguing and filed with equal amounts of likable and unlikable characters. There are not enough mm fantasy books, at least I haven't found them. But this one is quite the gem. Eminently enjoyable. It's proudly in my [...]

    29. Quite captivating. Very clever. About 70% of the book covers one day, the day Mouse starts his mission to free Lord Garron out of his prison tower. They're on the run, literally, the entire book, which is something I enjoy a lot.Characters were awesome too: I absolutely love Mouse! Such a wonderful guy. Loved their dynamic too, Mouse's and Garron's. It's super slow burn (something I totally dig) and the ending is very sweet. The only thing I found a bit confusing at times was the usage of "he" i [...]

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