Backpack It s New Year s Day and the year isn t kicking off well for Tansy her mother s dead she s a cocaine addict and her boyfriend has just left her A trip around the world seems like the only option excep

  • Title: Backpack
  • Author: Emily Barr
  • ISBN: 9780747266761
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s New Year s Day and the year isn t kicking off well for Tansy her mother s dead, she s a cocaine addict and her boyfriend has just left her A trip around the world seems like the only option except that she s not interested in seeing the world, just escaping from it, and the last people she wants to hang out with are backpackers Like a lot of travellers on the LoneIt s New Year s Day and the year isn t kicking off well for Tansy her mother s dead, she s a cocaine addict and her boyfriend has just left her A trip around the world seems like the only option except that she s not interested in seeing the world, just escaping from it, and the last people she wants to hang out with are backpackers Like a lot of travellers on the Lonely Planet led Asian Grand Tour, Tansy is intensely irritating at first Always on the look out for the real Vietnam the one in which she can walk around like a model, fanning myself gently, strolling into ancient temples and learning about inner peace she is opinionated, narrow minded and remarkably naive for a supposed media luvvy Once she has shrugged off her addiction to lines of coke, skinny lattes and Nicole Fahri jumpers, she becomes appealing So by the time she s fallen for Max, a fellow traveller, she ll have won you over and you ll be just as worried as she is about the serial killer who appears to be on her trail.Emily Barr is a former Westminster researcher who now writes for the Guardian and the Observer Backpack is her first novel and, like Tansy, takes a while to find itself City girl pretensions jostle with shoestring style travelogue and it is only when it hits full throttle thriller mode that Barr s strength as a novelist becomes apparent Be prepared for echoes of The Beach hardly surprising given that Barr was an extra in the film Also be prepared to get itchy feet if nothing else, you ll be tempted to reach for that backpack and slap on the insect repellent Jane Honey

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    1. Emily Barr worked as a journalist in London, but always hankered after a quiet room and a book to write She went travelling for a year, writing a column in the Guardian about it as she went, and it was there that she had an idea for a novel set in the world of backpackers in Asia This became Backpack, which won the WH Smith New Talent Award She has since written eleven adult novels published in the UK and around the world, and a novella, Blackout, for the Quick Reads series Her twelfth novel, The Sleeper, is a psychological thriller set on the London to Cornwall sleeper train In 2013 she went to Svalbard with the idea of setting a thriller in the Arctic The book that came out of it was The One Memory of Flora Banks, a thriller for young adults, which attracted universal interest from publishers before being bought pre emptively by Penguin earlier this year It will be published globally in January 2017 She lives in Cornwall with her partner and their children.

    2. Some people smoke, some drink, some eat chocolate. I travel. That's my indulgence. Nothing makes me feel more alive than a sea of motorcycles rushing at me in Hanoi, as an old lady helps me across the street, or a guy with a machine gun yelling at me in Cambodian, when all I want to do is use the bathroom, or showering in cold water in Cuba, when it's about 50 degrees outside. Traveling helps me understand why we're on this planet and what makes us all tick, regardless of culture and geographica [...]

    3. For me, Emily Barr is a bit problematic. Her books are either a big hit or wide off the mark. Well this was a BIG hit. The writing was intense and Tansy is a complex character. Although Tansy isn't particularly likable at the start I was still keen to follow her which is a testament to the writing. The story is intriguing and didn't go in the way I was first expecting which was a nice surprise. Eventually I worked out the 'who' but it took a long time so it did not matter as I had to wait for th [...]

    4. I love fun travel/adventure books, and this is one of my favorites. A spoiled English girl goes traveling through Asia, learns about love, and confronts her demons along the way. The settings are very well described; I can tell that the author has traveled a lot herself. The mystery element doesn't add much to the story, but it doesn't spoil it either.

    5. I couldn't get over just how obnoxious and ignorant the main character was. If the character truly changes by the end of the book instead of just the minor tweaks mostly related to being superior to other white tourists just not worth it to me to keep dragging through the first stage which lasted longer than I thought it should have.

    6. An unexciting and underwhelming novel about a London woman traveling through Asia after the death of her mother. While the creation of experience and environment were wonderful, the characters and their relationships felt incomplete. Not only were the characters lacking, the "mystery" that was woven through their stories felt unnecessary. If the mystery was removed and the characters had a bit more depth to them, this would have been outstanding.

    7. As a blonde woman who just solo traveled across Asia, I should have related to Tansy in some way. But yikes- I have never hated a character more! I get that it's part of her journey to start off spoiled and awful and then to develop as a person and learn to care for herself, but she doesn't really ever get THAT much better. (And when she does change, it's mostly because of the man she meets, not her own doing).Tansy is forced to solo travel for a year when her boyfriend pulls out of the trip- bu [...]

    8. I was reminded of Backpack by Emily Barr when I saw she had recently released a new book. I bought Backpack many years ago now, a few years after its initial release (I’m thinking 2007?), so with a bit of digging through my cupboards I found the paperback copy and gave it a read.When I first saw this book, I remember thinking it was chick-lit (based on judging the book by its cover), not something I’d be interested in. But after I’d read the blurb and it talked of backpacking through Asia [...]

    9. If you're looking for typical mediocre chick lit, read this book.If you're looking for an inspiring book about a woman traveling alone, you may want to pick up a different book. Though parts of this one may be satisfying.At the start of this book, I wondered how I'd ever come around to liking the main character: a London party girl who drinks in excess and does cocaine. It was not what I expected. But the character does develop and change, and I appreciate that. But overall I was disappointed th [...]

    10. 2006 bookcrossing:Wasn't sure which category to put this in, because although it is fiction, it's a great armchair-travel book too. The main character, Tansy, travels through Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, China, Tibet and Nepal. I really want to travel now!At the start of the book she is quite an obnoxious character and there were moments when I wondered whether I could be bothered to continue with this book. But it is definately worth sticking with because it is great when she does start travelling. [...]

    11. The ending was ridiculous, but it was a fun ride joining the heroine on her trip through Asia. She smokes, drinks and snorts her way thorugh London before heading on this trip alone. And it's not even because she's realizing something's gotta give, it's just time for her to do something.hing. I like a flawed main character with some charm.

    12. Such a boring book, didn't even finish it the main character is so annoying. Got about half way into the book and wouldn't go on, skipped to the end and still seemed like nothing was going on.

    13. Backpack is a "chick-lit" psychological thriller telling the story of a young English girl, Tansy, who decides to go travelling after the death of her alcoholic mother. After her boyfriend Tom breaks up with her just prior to leaving, Tansy decides she will travel to exotic South East Asia on her own, in order to prove her independence and win him back. As she begins her travels, though, there are reports of a killer on the loose who is murdering blonde British girls in South East Asia. Will Tan [...]

    14. DO NOT READ THIS WHILE BACKPACKING SOUTH EAST ASIA. I DID AND IT RUINED SEVERAL PERFECTLY NORMAL BUS JOURNEYS. The main character isn't instantly likeable but she grows on you. The suspense and plot is very intriguing, I really enjoyed it apart from the onslaught of paranoia

    15. Sort of a coming-of-age, modern picaresque, semi-murder-mystery, black humor novel/travelogue. The British slang is lots of fun.

    16. 3,5 sterren Ik had erg veel moeite met de eerste helft door te worstelen. Gelukkig heb ik wel doorgezet, want daarna werd het een stuk beter! Gedetailleerde recensie binnenkort op mijn blog.

    17. Eigenlijk 2,5 ster. Ik hou van thrillers en reizigers verhalen, maar deze had eigenlijk geen van beide.Het was niet spannend, de hoofdpersoon is niet het soort reiziger die ik graag zie en ze heeft een persoonlijkheid waar ik me aan irriteer. Daarnaast was er echt veel te veel herhaling, altijd maar weer over Tom, haar verleden etc.

    18. The character of Tansy almost put me off this book from the start. She is a very unlikeable person, self righteous, cruel, flippant and just her coke and alcohol fuelled lifestyle in London makes you feel that any enlightening moments from this girl will be few and far between. But Tansy may be privileged money-wise and a bit spoilt but she has also had a rough deal of things when it comes to family love. She has been the only carer to her alcoholic mother and it was this potential psychological [...]

    19. I'm usually fan of female authors such as Emily, but I really struggled to enjoy this book.I took this with me on my own adventure to the US (apt considering the story of the book about a girl on a travelling adventure of her own) and read it on the plane - it took considerable time to get through as I just couldn't get into it as I thought I would.I did however empathise with central character Tansy's strained relationship with her mum, although my own is nowhere near as bad, and I was surprise [...]

    20. Tansy's mother just died and her relationship with her boyfriend is falling apart. So what is a girl to do except travel throughout Asia for the next year? While traveling, Tansy gets closer to her remaining family and friends, and she even meets a few new friends. But don't think Tansy is a backpacker -- she is adamant that is is notuntil one day she finds she may be the type of person she always loathed. But is that necessarily a bad thing? This book read like a non-fiction traveling book unti [...]

    21. Dit boek heeft het etiket Thriller opgeplakt gekregen, alleen is dat het niet bepaald. Het is meer een chicklit, waarin geprobeerd wordt om ook nog even een thriller aspect mee te nemen. Het verhaal is langdradig, het duurt heel lang voor er ook maar iets spannends gebeurt. Ik heb het boek wel uit willen lezen, in de hoop dat er nog iets spannends komt. En dan komt ook wel aan het eind, maar de weg ernaartoe duurt veel te lang. Het gehele moordenaars gedeelte had er ook wel uitgemogen. Zonder da [...]

    22. I picked this book up when I was in London and had I known then that this author's books are out of print in the US, I would've picked up the rest because she's a great writer. Tansy is struggling with addictions of her own and, after her mother dies, she decides to travel around Asia for a while. At first Tansy is a superficial twit but as her travels expose her to the "real world" and she is away from the influence of her old friends and lovers, she begins to change. There is this secondary st [...]

    23. Surprisingly good. I was expecting a lighthearted piece of 'chick lit' but this was a lot meatier. Tansy starts out her journey around Asia as an stand offish, snobby rich kid with a backpack full of emotional baggage. As her journey progresses the reader sees her change and her view of the world, her childhood and her future changes. Probably sounds a little cliched - rich London socialite changes her life and becomes enlightened in Tibet - but it was written in such a way it felt like a very n [...]

    24. This novel was a real struggle to get in to. Tansy, the main character, is not a very likeable person and very infuriating at times! I very nearly gave up the book, but I managed to keep reading and eventually finished it, however not one of the most memorable books I've read.As the book progresses and we accompany Tansy on her travels across Asia, the story becomes more tolerable. There is a good twist alot later on in the plot if you can stick with it that long, and Tansy really starts to find [...]

    25. I thoroughly enjoyed this book - it truly has a little bit for everything thrown in: mystery, murder, adoption, travel, soul mates, humour, romance, and fact blended with fiction.Tansy Harris is a Notting Hill party girl and proud of it! But when her alcoholic mother dies she begins to question so many things in her life including her relationship with long-time boyfriend Tom. Will a trip to some of the toughest backpacker destinations in the world help her to find out who she and what she wants [...]

    26. I like this author, and it took me a while to find this book (it's either the sequel or prequel to another book I read by her, called Baggage) because she's an English writer and not all that well known here, I guess. Anyway, I didn't like the character very much at the beginning, but she changed and grew on me. I'd recommend this book. Kind of a coming-of-age travel book. She travels in Asia. And there is a murder mystery in it, too.

    27. This was the final piece of fiction I read in preparation for my trip to Thailand, and it was considerably inferior to the others (The Beach and Sightseeing). For the first half of the book, the heroine was so utterly unlikable that I almost abandoned the story at several points. I didn't because I knew her redemption was inevitable--unfortunately, though, that story was ultimately ruined by a poorly executed murder mystery. Bleh.

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