Dark Ink Tattoo

Dark Ink Tattoo Welcome to Dark Ink Tattoo Las Vegas s premier tattoo studio where needles aren t the only things that bite Angela Dark Ink s owner has a secret she s a werewolf who used to run with the Pack

  • Title: Dark Ink Tattoo
  • Author: Cassie Alexander
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Welcome to Dark Ink Tattoo, Las Vegas s premier 24 7 tattoo studio, where needles aren t the only things that bite.Angela, Dark Ink s owner, has a secret she s a werewolf who used to run with the Pack, a dangerous drug dealing motorcycle gang that services Vegas s seedier side She s been free for the past seven years, ever since her ex boyfriend and Pack leader GraWelcome to Dark Ink Tattoo, Las Vegas s premier 24 7 tattoo studio, where needles aren t the only things that bite.Angela, Dark Ink s owner, has a secret she s a werewolf who used to run with the Pack, a dangerous drug dealing motorcycle gang that services Vegas s seedier side She s been free for the past seven years, ever since her ex boyfriend and Pack leader Gray went to prison but when the Pack starts threatening her shop she realizes she s on borrowed time.Dark Ink s best artist refuses to show up before sundown because he s a vampire Vegas is the perfect place for Jack it s an endless buffet of strangers to bleed The only thing that haunts Jack than his hunger is Angela.Will Angela ever trust Jack with her secret Will Jack be able to protect Angela from the Pack Dark Ink is a hot hot hot urban fantasy series, which will be comprised of ten 15,000 word pieces each, like a very sexy paranormal Dexter or Sons of Anarchy.

    • Dark Ink Tattoo BY Cassie Alexander
      147 Cassie Alexander
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    1. Cassie Alexander is an author and a registered nurse and author of the Edie Spence urban fantasy series, beginning with Nightshifted and continuing with Moonshifted, Shapeshifted, Deadshifted, and Bloodshifted.Recently, she s gotten into Vegas and Vampires check out her new urban fantasy erotica series, Dark Ink Tattoo.She s also written three books in her sexy Sleeping with Monsters series The Haunted, an erotic ghost story, The Hunted, an erotic werewolf thriller, and The Hated, a vampiric science fantasy, all standalone novels about strong women and the monsters they love And before that, she wrote The House, a sexually explicit erotic adventure novel that lets you choose your path She likes alchemy, blood, and science, in that order, and is your general all around nerd, with an emphasis on medical oddities and horror films.You can also find her on Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal.She s always a week slow on emails due to that pesky work thing, so apologies in advance for belated replies.

    2. If you find satisfaction in the neutered Salvatore Brothers than avoid this book but if you hunger for a sexually ambiguous vampire that is essentially a creature of thirst & lust for anybody with a pulse than this series will floor you in the best possible way.

    3. Angela took her chance when her ex-boyfriend was arrested to get out and get away. She's spent the last seven years trying to start over her new life and now her ex-has decided that he's not ready to let her go. She has a secret that she's been keeping that she's a werewolf and that he crazy ex is also a werewolf in a motorcycle gang. Jack is a vampire artist who works at Angela's tattoo parlor and the night shift is perfect for him. When his friend with benefits requests he stops by he learns t [...]

    4. This is my first time reading Cassie Alexander and I am so thankful that I did!!!! to tell you how much I loved this series I will share that I read book 1, 2 and half of 3 in one night.You have your MC's, Angela and Jack, and each chapter alternates between their POV's. Angela is the feisty, driven and protective wearwolf running from "The Pack" which appears to be a very bad group of MC wearwolves. She is dating the big, hot rich guy who is somewhat mysterious. Jack is the HOT and SEXY Vampire [...]

    5. This is my first time reading Cassie Alexander. And have to say, I've already started book 2 in this short series. This was a great start to this series, I'm loving all the characters from the werewolf Angie to the hot vampire and just for good measure we throw in a weather hotel owner. and each with heir own demons. Angie is the werewolf mated to the head of the pack and mc club, who is in prison. We don't know his story but he wants Angie to come and see him. They also have a child named Rabbi [...]

    6. I know this is the route author's are now taking. However, I'm going to try and wait for the serial to be finished. Just hope I remember.

    7. 4.5 stars. This story and characters in this book are very unique and intriguing. It may sound kooky- a were and a vampire working together, but they are so well written they feel real. And this book takes off fast. I was sucked in very quickly and easily connected with these characters. I really like the author's style. Clever and a cheeky. At times I was a little confused about what was going on but it left me intrigued rather than frustrated- and it built suspense. It's the type of book that [...]

    8. For a short story there's a lot going on, and I must admit I got lost a time or two. A fact that wasn't helped due to being told in first person and from more than one point-of-view. There's so much 'I, I, I-ing, most chapters took me a paragraph to figure out who 'I' was! As a lover of tattoo's the title and cover lured me in. The first sex scene was a little different, Jack must have been one happy man/vampire. The reader is briefly introduced to the Angela's mother and her son, Rabbit. Someth [...]

    9. Catch this review in full at ♀ Bookworm.This was read as a box set, but I marked individually to add to my challenge. Sue me. It took me forever to finish this episode. Episode one is scattered, but here's the gist: a woman has a tattoo parlor in Vegas. She has a vampire as a tattoo artist. She's a repressed wolf. She has someone on her back sending threats. She has a human boyfriend. She has a family. And her shop by the end of this episode has a window shattered and her tattoo artist has his [...]

    10. Angela's baby daddy has been sending her messages from prison. Jack is a vampire that works at Angela's tattoo parlor and his friend is murdered right after she asks him to protect her.This was ok. Lots of spelling errors and waaay too much sex.

    11. Read a few of these but got bored once the book started to go on about the main characters pasts. Very short reads.

    12. Well, this is a spicy introduction to a tasty new series. Too bad it's not longer but there's some serious potential here.

    13. Very very good. Intro to the two main characters is great and if you want a hot and steamy read, thsi would be the one to pick up!

    14. facebook // twitter // bloglovin // youtubeVampires, werewolves, romance, and tattoos, everything I love all in one book, what more could I ask for? Well, a little more story to be honest. Dark Ink Tattoo Episode One by Cassie Alexander is incredibly steamy and gets straight to the erotica in no time. Which is good because there is no time. Everything moves so quickly because as I found out while reading it, it’s only 50 pages long! I wanted more! The story seemed interesting, I really want to [...]

    15. In this first book we meet Angela and Jack at Dark Ink Tattoo. Angela is the owner and a tattoo artists, and Jack is the artist that only comes out at night. They both have secrets that they are keeping from each other--Angela is a werewolf with a alpha ex out to get her, and Jack is a vampire. Both want each other, but Angela doesn't want to mix business with pleasure. Angela's avoidance just makes Jack want her more, but that doesn't mean he won't pass up willing pleasure when it walks right i [...]

    16. How can you protect someone when you aren't too sure who the enemy is? Angela has a new boyfriend loves her tattoo job and he is scared that the pack will never leave her alone. Her ex in still in prison but he wants to see her and she knows that she will never get away from him. She has a son to protect now and she will do whatever she has to, to keep him safe.Jack loves his job he gets to meet new blood and gets to tattoo as well and he has a major thing for his boss Angela. His problems have [...]

    17. Copy provided by the Author through the BDSM group on .I loved this book! The only thing I didn't like was the end; the story just ended. I'll definitely read the next books in the series, because this first Episode was very promising! There is a lot going on in the lives of Angela and Jack and I really look forward to find out what happens next. However, I'll probably wait untill all books are available, because I don't like open endings. I'd say 4 solid stars for this part, with high expectati [...]

    18. The start of the story is really good. A world full of supernatural powers mixed with dark business in a city of Sin. The whole thing packed with wild characters, blood, murder and an art touch.The only thing I regret is maybe a bit too much steamy part but they gave a lot of information on the characters relationships and their personality. So no hard feelings.Definitely a good catch, I want to know what happen next and what will become of Angela and he companions. I also want to know what Jack [...]

    19. Hot and quick. This is a great read for a fast and fun wild time. Vegas is known for its darkness, but more than usual seems to be out tonight. Jack is obsessed with Angela, the Dark Ink owner. He knows more than she thinks he does. Jack is a vampire. He can sense and smell all sorts of thingsd that hearing helps even more. After a quick romp at the shop, he visits Bella while Angela is out with her boyfriend. However, upon his return, a few things are amiss and even more so once he hears the ne [...]

    20. Too shortThis is like only a small part of a book. Most of the novella is about the two main characters screwing other people. Just when the plot starts to develop, book 1 ends and yes, on a cliffhanger. There where a lot of questions that were completely unanswered. There were some scenes that seemed kind of pointless just to show how ostentatious and disgustingly rich the boyfriend was. Maybe there was a bigger reason for those scenes, but you don't know it in this first book. Oh, and apparent [...]

    21. Fabulous, Fun, FastThis series doesn't waste any time AT ALL! I guiltily enjoyed this in flight and couldn't stop reading. Don't waste your time like I did. Read this at home or in another private space so you can stop and enjoy your body if you feel like it. Erotic, racy, worth it.

    22. Dark inkShort and just started to develop a storyline at the very last page. Hope for more from Cassie Alexander creative writing. Have read other novels and haven't been disappointed in her storytelling. Lots of sex not much of a plot. Hoping the next installment of Dark Ink offer more of a storyline.

    23. This isn't urban fantasy, but an erotic short story. The synopsis doesn't match the book at all. Angela and Jack spend hardly any time together. There's no trusting "Jack with her secret" or protecting "Angela from the Pack". They're both off f*ing other people. Not interested in reading the other parts.

    24. This book was very erotic for me. I really love this author's Edie Spence series and I was hoping for more books in that series or something along the lines of that series. I don't really need to read much erotica.

    25. WowThis is a good book. It is a short story. A lot of sex. Drama and mystery. I was able to read it in a few hours. Can't wait to read the next book to find out what happened next. I would recommend this book.I received a free copy for an honest review.

    26. Like any "series" it leaves you wanting for more, sometimes angerly/hungerly so. Could defiantly be longer though.

    27. I enjoy Cassie Alexander stories. I have been following her career for awhile now. I enjoyed this action packed short storie.

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