Niko In the aftermath of a deadly alien invasion a band of survivors fights on Mackenna Carides is tough strong and excellent at her job as second in command of Squad Nine She often works side by side w

  • Title: Niko
  • Author: Anna Hackett
  • ISBN: 9781925539073
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the aftermath of a deadly alien invasion, a band of survivors fights on Mackenna Carides is tough, strong, and excellent at her job as second in command of Squad Nine She often works side by side with Hell Squad on some of the toughest missions to fight back against the alien raptors Now she s helping the survivors of Blue Mountain Base settle into their new home at tIn the aftermath of a deadly alien invasion, a band of survivors fights on Mackenna Carides is tough, strong, and excellent at her job as second in command of Squad Nine She often works side by side with Hell Squad on some of the toughest missions to fight back against the alien raptors Now she s helping the survivors of Blue Mountain Base settle into their new home at the Enclave And that means working with the Enclave s sexy civilian leader, Nikolai Ivanov, an artist who watches her with an intensity that is hard to ignore A man she s seen in the field and who she knows is hiding a mysterious past.Niko is dedicated to the people of the Enclave and to his art Once, his life was all about death and destruction, now it s about life and creation even in the middle of an alien apocalypse As he welcomes the Enclave s new members, there is one newcomer he wants to get closer to but Mackenna is fighting their attraction As something starts attacking their drones vital technology for keeping them all safe Niko realizes that in order to battle this new danger, he ll have to return to the darkness of his past and risk Mackenna never looking at him the same way again.On a dangerous mission to save their drones from the aliens, Niko will need all of his lethal skills and will wade into the fight with Mac by his side They will be tested to the brink, where nothing is black or white, and they will have to expose themselves and trust each other to fight, live, and love.

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    1. I m Anna and I m a USA Today bestselling author who s passionate about action romance I love stories that combine the thrill of falling in love with the excitement of action, danger and adventure I write about people overcoming unbeatable odds and achieving seemingly impossible goals I like to believe it s possible for all of us to do the same.My parents are to blame for my insatiable need to mix action and romance When I was young, I raided my mother s romances and my father s action adventure thrillers I love being exhilarated and left just a little breathless I love car chases, explosions and spaceships and of course when the boy wins the girl Oh, and I m a sucker for that moment when the team is walking in slow motion, shoulder to shoulder heading off into battle After reading, watching or writing an awesome action romance story, I m left energized and feeling like anything is possible I aim to give the same to my readers.I love hearing from fellow action romance lovers annahackettbooks

    2. call him NikolaiIt is a nice addition to the series, but way too short!I loved Niko and his cool assassin-spy persona that was reveal here! And I loved also his scorching hot persue of Mackenna. OMG his dirty talk!!! So unexpected if you consider his role as leader and artist!!! I also like Mack. She knows that she's repressing herself and soon acknowledge the attraction to Niko! But I also liked her willingness to reject him if he didn't show her due respect! The back story of drone-killer bird [...]

    3. Well this review is for the latest book detailing the antics of those humans who up until recently had been living in Blue Mountain and fighting the aliens who have invaded Earth. Having had their hide out discovered the survivors have made their way to the Enclave that houses those previously chosen by the corrupt President but it's no mean feat fitting in and distrust is an everyday occurance. Yet to flourish and defeat the reptile like aliens everyone must pull their weight which is easy for [...]

    4. Originally published at Reading RealityI love this series. But as much as I love it, I think it may be time for it to wind to a close. I’m saying that partly because I want these plucky survivors to finally kick the Gizzida off our planet, and partly because it feels like the two romantic patterns used in the series have played out their variations.Of course, if the author manages to surprise me with something new and different in the next book in the series, I will be pleasantly and joyously [...]

    5. I obtained this ARC in return for an honest review and fell in love with the series once again! Book 9 introduces readers to the newest couple, a former assassin Nikolai Ivano, and the tiny yet deadly, McKenna Carides! Mac had seen Niko around their new home, the Enclave, the posh underground enclosure their former president who spent the citizen's taxes on to keep him and a few chosen secret haven in luxury while the world fell apart. Howell had sacrificed the entire world to the aliens in the [...]

    6. Finally at the enclaveGood addition to the Hell squad series!😁 Mac and Niko were both strong characters that I just couldn't help rooting for. Although it was good it was not my favorite in the series.

    7. Loved itI loved the fact this was one of each group, it felt like them being together merged the two groups. And I've always had a soft spot for an alpha Russian. Niko was perfect.

    8. Good book!This series continues to be awesome! It really leaves you on the edge of you seat biting your nails anxiously waiting for what's coming next. The only negative is sometimes the sex is a tad repetitive from book to book. Nothing big and it's still HOT and awesome.

    9. This probably deserves a higher rating, but I read it back-to-back with Holmes, and the stories were way too similar.Still nice to read more about Squad 9.I will continue to read this series.

    10. Mackenna and Niko work to stop the drone slayer and protect the Enclave. we learn that Niko was an assasin before the invasion.

    11. In the first several chapters we get quickly caught up with the series story arc: after an alien invasion, the people holding out at Blue Mountain base have found relative safety at the Enclave. Since the aliens are intent of eradicating humanity, they need a better way to fight them. The drones are the best recon tool the humans have at the moment, but something's been taking them out. Meanwhile, Mackenna, a soldier among the new arrivals, caught the interest of the Enclave leader, Niko, in the [...]

    12. NIKO-Hell Squad #9 HORRIFIC DANGER-ACTION-WILD ROMANCEWHAT YOU’LL FIND IN THIS FANTASTIC STORY; a cast of remarkably impressive and engaging characters; intriguing storyline, picturesque and powerful vivid scene descriptions, phenomenal banter, camaraderie, full of action, gripping suspense, horrific danger, life-threatening incidents, gut-wrenching moments, skyrocketing heart-throbbing sultry romance, and a gratifying conclusion leaving you wanting more. HOW THEY MEET: The first encounter t [...]

    13. 3.5 stars. Hell Squad is back! It’s only been a few months, but I’ve missed this fast-paced, high action, life-or-death series pitting strong men against strong women and creating some scorching hot romance. This installment is no different. Mac is one of the fearsome women of Squad Nine, while Niko maybe the artistic leader of the Enclave sanctuary, but he has plenty of scary skills of his own.Niko is very alpha at the beginning, possibly a bit too much for me. He’s very, uh, hands on whe [...]

    14. Mackenna has a secret addiction to decadent tastes and smells, but hid her vices under her tough reputation; her fellow soldiers tended to underestimate her, but she made sure they only ever did it once. Mackenna knew she could never relax; they were at war in a fight for their very existence and she needed to be in peak physical condition and ready for anything – her father had taught her that. Niko, an artist and painter, is one of the leaders of the Enclave, but he is also hiding a dangerou [...]

    15. Whooop!!! Hell Squad is back and just gets better!!! The Gizzida may have found the base but the gang made it to the Enclave by the skin of their teeth. They are settling well with the others, with only a little grumbling. Mackenna (AKA Mac) may only be a teeny tiny thing but don't let that fool you - she is a full on hard as nails soldier. She can fell those who underestimate her with ease. She has always felt out of place and having to prove herself. But she finally feels at home with the girl [...]

    16. 3.5 stars – Review does contain minor spoilers.Hello and welcome to NIKO - book 9 in the Hell Squad series. Where fearless men and women fight to save Earth from dinosaur aliens hell bent on human annihilation. Yes it is as awesome as it sounds!Meet the H & H Hero: NIKOLAI IVANOV– Leader at the Enclave and an artist with a shadowy past who loves dirty talk. Heroine: MACKENNA CARIDES- Second in command of Squad Nine, she is one very tough but surprisingly sensual ladyKO starts off pretty [...]

    17. “Hell Squad, ready to go to hell?” Marcus called out.“Hell, yeah!” the team responded. “The devil needs an ass-kicking!”And so began my addiction to not only Hell Squad but also their Author Anna Hackett. Now we are onto book 9 of Hell Squad and I'm as enthralled now, as I was when I first discovered Marcus while Surfing. I received a copy of Niko in return for an honest review. We have an alien invasion and survivors who are determined to never give up and sometimes what happened i [...]

    18. SERIES: Hell Squad #9After such a perfect meeting, I was excited to read Niko and Mac’s story. I enjoyed Mac’s strength and determination and Niko’s more playful side was a great foil for Mac. I loved the characters in this one! Mac is a tough, kick ass woman and I appreciate how Anna Hackett isn’t afraid to write a strong female lead. At the same time, she’s still shows some vulnerabilities and when it comes down to it she isn’t afraid to love.I really liked Niko and truly wish I co [...]

    19. After Earth was invaded by Aliens, Mackenna has fought them, watched friends die in the battle against them, and moved around to survive the alien attacks, currently in the Enclaves after escaping the Blue Mountains Base, it's an adjustment, here the view is beautiful, almost like the aliens didn't attack. Her life as a child wandering all around the world prepared her in many ways for how she was living now, it taught her never to depend on something, because it could be gone in a blink. Then t [...]

    20. These Hell Squad stories are amazing, a rollercoaster of emotions, strong characters, fiery women and love. At last, they were at The Enclave, safe for the moment and the leader of The Enclave, Nikolai Ivanov, was showing a remarkable attraction to Mackenna Carides. Seemed she was not completely disgusted with the idea but she was wary because he was a leader and she a soldier. She was a strong, skillful warrior who must be trusted and feared. Nikolai Ivanov had an ugly past and he had fled from [...]

    21. The Blue Mountain survivors finally reached The Enclave and are beginning to find their place in the new, more luxurious surroundings. Nikolai Ivanov, an artist, is currently heading The Enclave.When Nikolai first encountered Mackenna Carides, it was with her carbine aimed at the back of his head. She definitely made an impression! Mac is 5'1" tall and tough as nails. I believe she's finally met her match! There's an attraction building between the two. Niko reveals some highly unusual skills. W [...]

    22. Niko: Hell Squad 9 is the first book to take place in the Enclave. Mac is second for Squad 9 and is as tough as they come. S he protects her heart at all costs and does everything she can to help the survivors of Blue Mountain to find their place in the Enclave. Everyone is learning to trust and blend into their new home. Mac has noticed the new leader of the Enclave, Niko, an artist, is watching her, just as she is watching him.Niko has secrets that he doesn't share. Once a Russian spy and assa [...]

    23. Niko is the next in the Hell Squad series. Hell squad and the Blue Mountain Base survivors have made their way to the Enclave, a haven where Niko is the leader as well as an artist. As the two groups find ways to coexist, Niko is distracted by Mackenna Careides, squad nine's second-in-command, ever since their volatile first meeting. Mac seems to be intrigued as well, but is reluctant to admit it.Once something begins attacking the security drones, Nikolai and the rest of the teams know action m [...]

    24. Just when I think I know where this series is headed, it heads in a new direction. Maybe that is one of the reasons Anna Hackett stays in the top three of my picks for best sci fi romance authors. Even though this is book nine in the series, Anna provides enough background for the reader to get up to speed, without bogging the story down. And does she ever bring the action and romance to life on the page. Mackenna Carides is a 5'1" dynamo member of Squad Nine. In fact, she's one of their best wa [...]

    25. Absolutely amazing series. Hell Squad has a lot of tough characters, but they need to be to fight the alien threat. It is also nice that they can take time out to find love. Niko is the Commander of the Enclave a underground base built by the former president of the Coalition a nasty piece of work who is finally dead. Niko and the other people are the original survivors that the president picked out to be saved , and now they have taken in the survivors of the secret military base in the Blue Mo [...]

    26. While this could be read as a stand-alone, I recommend reading the series in order. This is the first story since the Blue Mountain survivors have joined the Enclave so it has a slightly different feel to it than the previous books. It has all the things that have made this series so exciting; action, aliens, humor, suspense, and steamy romance. The story moves along fast with some surprises. This story features Niko and Mac as the main couple, but we also get to see many of the other characters [...]

    27. Received an ARC as part of the advance reading team, so lucky!!!Here is another great book in the Hell Squad serie, even if the characters are not part of it. Mackenna is part of the 9th and Niko is one of leader of the new and more advanced and luxurious compound. But he is so much more! Its impressive to see how some people change from their past life and Niko was definitely the craziest example. Not spoiling everyone's fun, just be prepared to be surprised :)Niko and Mac and very hot together [...]

    28. Niko, the 9th book the series Hell Squad is a 3.5 stars.I absolutely love the series concept and the post invasion world that AH has built. Every character and story brings something new to the series, and Niko as well, is bringing a new set of skills to the group. Mac has been an interesting character since beginning and AH has built my expectations till now, very well.I just wished for more. There is potential. The plot is good enough to create more than a novella it just doesn't happen, for s [...]

    29. Niko is exciting and multi-dimensional and yea, he is sexy too. I have the picture of him in the garden all dark, barefoot and sexy. Yes, that image was expertly placed in my head, paint and all. He couldn't have fallen for a more perfect partner. Mac seems unapproachable and all work and no play. I love that Niko has his own dark corners and so allows Mac hers. He applies his strength of will but, never squashes hers. Understanding that this woman's toughness along with her hidden depths all ar [...]

    30. I have set myself a limit on how much I can spend on e-books .I had to wait until new month before I could buy another another installment of my newest addiction.I did and believe me when I say, I read it in one sitting!!!Twirling and twirling and smiling because Selena has found a kindred spirit! She is special and somehow related in the long term plan to have Gizzida leave Earth! This is only my opinion! :-)I am having such a great time reading reading these books , I have actually taken libra [...]

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