Finn In the aftermath of a deadly alien invasion a band of survivors fights on For Hawk pilot Finn Erickson flying is in the blood Since the aliens decimated the planet he spends most of his time flying

  • Title: Finn
  • Author: Anna Hackett
  • ISBN: 9781925539196
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the aftermath of a deadly alien invasion, a band of survivors fights on For Hawk pilot Finn Erickson, flying is in the blood Since the aliens decimated the planet, he spends most of his time flying Hell Squad into combat With communication to other survivor bases cut off, he has no idea if his family is still alive and feels their loss keenly But helping to fight baIn the aftermath of a deadly alien invasion, a band of survivors fights on For Hawk pilot Finn Erickson, flying is in the blood Since the aliens decimated the planet, he spends most of his time flying Hell Squad into combat With communication to other survivor bases cut off, he has no idea if his family is still alive and feels their loss keenly But helping to fight back sustains him, and his quadcopter is the only woman he needs She doesn t argue with him unlike a certain redhead who is one hell of a kisser.Lia Murphy lost her mother and sister in the invasion She vows never to get emotionally involved with anyone again, and as head of the drone team, she s always busy with work But one cocky, arrogant pilot pushes all her buttons When Finn issues a challenge a fly off in the flight simulator she can t resist But she s not sure if she can accept what he demands as his prize if he wins her In his bed for one night.But as Finn and Lia s fiery attraction heats up, so does the battle with the aliens The pair must work together to reestablish communications with other humans and discover what the aliens are hiding in a mysterious area to the north In the process, they will face the most dangerous alien creature yet, and be tested to their very limits

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    1. I m Anna and I m a USA Today bestselling author who s passionate about action romance I love stories that combine the thrill of falling in love with the excitement of action, danger and adventure I write about people overcoming unbeatable odds and achieving seemingly impossible goals I like to believe it s possible for all of us to do the same.My parents are to blame for my insatiable need to mix action and romance When I was young, I raided my mother s romances and my father s action adventure thrillers I love being exhilarated and left just a little breathless I love car chases, explosions and spaceships and of course when the boy wins the girl Oh, and I m a sucker for that moment when the team is walking in slow motion, shoulder to shoulder heading off into battle After reading, watching or writing an awesome action romance story, I m left energized and feeling like anything is possible I aim to give the same to my readers.I love hearing from fellow action romance lovers annahackettbooks

    2. Interesting addition to the series and a very unexpectedtwist in Finn and Lia’s relationship! LOL(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]I’m still wandering how they will destroy the Gizzida… I really hope they’ll do it, obviously, but I cannot imagine how!["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    3. Well it's high time that Finn got his own story because the author has been tip toeing around him and what's clearly mutual attraction with Lia. It's been fun spotting them on the periphery of other stories but after 'that' kiss in Niko I just knew it had to be something special . Seeing the sparks that fly between these two as they both deliberately push each other's buttons has been entertaining to say the least but I had no idea just what a dance the author would lead this couple on!So here w [...]

    4. Originally published at Reading RealityIn this tenth book in the Hell Squad series, we finally start seeing the human survivors take the fight to the alien Gizzida, and it is awesome. Meanwhile, just as in all of the previous entries in the Hell Squad series (start with Marcusand ENJOY!) the story tells its tale of kicking alien ass and not bothering to take alien names through a hot and steamy romance between two of the survivors of the alien invasion.Finn and Lia are both pilots, not that anyo [...]

    5. Finn Anna HackettReviewed by SFF DragonA risque bet leads from constant bickering to love and a happily ever after in this action packed sci-fi romance. Very steamy.Have you ever watched a movie where the building tension was so great that you were on the edge of your seat with your hands over your eyes, desperate to know if the good guys got away, but with your pulse hammering and your heart in your mouth, you just couldn't bring yourself to look? Well 'Finn', the tenth book in Anna Hackett's t [...]

    6. This different perspective was refreshing in that we are still in the fight of our lives against the Alien invaders but, we are coming at them with some sexy flyboy/girl ingenuity and fortitude. Finn always seems to be that happy go lucky kind of guy in the series but, here we get to see some real depth to his character. And I love how well rounded it made him; He's a keeper. It was also very touching for him to get that last little surprise as a reward for all he endured me a wee tear in me eye [...]

    7. Hawk pilot Finn and drone pilot Lia work to figure out what the aliens have hidden in an area where the drone signals (and everything else) are scrambled. Additionally, they have to take on a mission to deliver equipment to the middle of the ocean in hopes that they can re-establish communications with the rest of the human survivors. Some tense moments and a hot love story.

    8. Great book!I loved the adventure in this book! It was awesome reading about all of their determination and the action packed ass kicking they are giving the raptors.Lia & Finn were perfect together. They're both competitive and have a love for flying. So when they got together it was just hot and pure perfection.

    9. Great additionAnother solid entry to a fast paced exciting sci-fi series. I enjoyed Finn and Liz's story the attraction a nd passion was not and the developing relationship fun to watch unfold. I can't wait for the next one ☺

    10. WowWell this one was jam packed full of action!!!! I loved that as things got worse and worse they had each other and the family thing at the end was wonderful. And that last page, perfect!!!!

    11. I love this series! Set in the future in Australia, this is a military, sci fi, romance, action, adventure series. Both men and women will love a global military fighting the invading alien race and rebuilding their almost destroyed world. I was reluctant at first in reading the series and fell in love with it! Marcus is the first book and its free on amazon, how can you go wrong! Try it!

    12. 3.5 stars. Like many Hell Squad fans, I suspect, I’ve been waiting for Finn’s story for a while. I’ve been curious about the Hawk pilot since his very first appearance back in the beginning of this series, and now, finally, at last his chance has come.Before I go any further… I had no idea Finn was Norwegian! Yes, I guess his name, Finn Erickson, is a bit of a Nordic clue, but there is nothing about him that remotely suggests this. Nor did it come across in this book, sadly. I mean, it [...]

    13. FINN-Hell Squad #10 HORRIFIC DANGER & FIERY ROMANCEWHAT YOU’LL FIND IN THIS THRILLING STORY; a cast of remarkably impressive and engaging characters; intriguing storyline, picturesque and powerful vivid scene descriptions, phenomenal banter, camaraderie, full of action, gripping suspense, horrific danger, life-threatening incidents, gut-wrenching moments, surprise reveal, skyrocketing heart-throbbing sensual romance, and a heart-melting conclusion leaving you wanting more. The arrogant F [...]

    14. The flyboy and his drone girlIn this story we meet Finn, the Hawk-pilot, and Lia, the drone pilot. We were already glimpsing a bit of their smoldering passion while hunting down the drone destroying gyr and saving the little gyr. Finn and Lia are teasing each other in an amicable way about their chosen profession, she calls him a flyboy and he taunts her that flying a drone is not really flying and not challenging. IT all starts with a bet that instantly brings both on track. While on a mission [...]

    15. Another great installment in the human war on the alien invadersThis time we focus on the central coast of NSW. near my holiday house :)Finn is shot down near a big enemy factory and manages to land his damaged copter but suffers burns and amnesias fix his burns but he needs lots of charm to mend broken bridgesLia gets to showcase her jet pilot skills as she helps Noah put a communication amplifier into the oceana lot of activity is seen around the new factories new weapons & ships drones do [...]

    16. Lia had been a commercial pilot before the invasion and had met a few combat pilots. Finn, a Hawk pilot, fit the mold, confidence bordering on arrogance. Lia has always believed in herself and her ability to fly, so she happily accepts Finn’s challenge, not sure if she wants to win or lose. Finn knew he should stay away from Lia; she has been a fantasy he never knew he had, but now he has made this crazy bet and there is no way of getting out of it. What were the aliens protecting? With the dr [...]

    17. If you’re new to Hell Squad, I’d say start at the beginning, not here. If you’re not, this entry is pretty much what you’d expect: hot love scenes, excellent action movie sequences featuring cool monsters, good friendship moments, and tight plotting in a short novel. Hackett highlights the aviation aspects in Finn and throws plenty of danger Finn and Lia have to escape from.Finn and Lia are empathetic characters with some baggage they have to deal with a hot rivalry that takes its eventu [...]

    18. So the story continues with Fin and Lia. The previous book gave a clear indication that Fin and Lia have some chemistry and indeed they have.Fin is a hawk pilot, cocky, confident and Norwegian. Considering that the misfits are a combination of different nationalities I shouldn't have been too surprised.Lia was a drone pilot and a former caption on commercial airplanes. This time, the teams are looking for ways to remove the technology blocking their communications with the other surviving bases [...]

    19. Our favourite HAWK pilot gets his turn in the spotlight!Finn loves to fly, the faster and harder the better. He lost contact with his family after the invasion and believes they are lost. He pours his heart into living for the present, no attachments and no broken hearts. But he may rethink this stance 'cos Lia, the drones lead pilot, gets under his skin like no one else.Lia also knows lost. She lost her mother and sister in the invasion. Now alone in the world, she retreats from relationships. [...]

    20. Finn is the latest Hell Squad episode and continues the war against the Gizzida, the alien invaders of Earth. The lack of communication with the rest of the world and possible survivors has been spotty at best and frustrating for the survivors in the Enclave. Finn is a Hawk pilot and the best of them. He has flying in his blood and can make a Hawk do his bidding with no problem. He grew up in Norway and that was where his family were when the Gizzida attacked; he hasn't heard from them since the [...]

    21. This is another excellent adventure from Anna Hackett. And it sets up the next book in one of the scariest scenes yet. Hopefully the next book will be out soon. In a post alien invasion world, a group of human survivors are living in an underground Enclave near a devastated Sydney Australia. Finn Erickson is a cocky Hawk quad-copter pilot who lost touch with his siblings and parents after the invasion. Not knowing if they lived, he has closed himself off from relationships. But one nighters are [...]

    22. SERIES: Hell Squad #10Once again, I am loving this alien invasion series and how it just keeps developing. This one is focused on getting communication with other survivors in hopes of finding a global plan to stop the Gizzida.Finn and Lia are required to work together and this ratchets up their attraction and makes them realize that pushing people away doesn’t relieve the pain. In typical pilot fashion, Finn is a very confident and cocky but he’s thankfully not annoying. Lia herself is very [...]

    23. I received a copy in return for an honest review. Wow, this is a great addition to the Hell Squad Series. Beginning with Marcus, book 1 in the Hell Squad series, Anna goes from strength to strength with each new book. We’ve seen Finn off and on through out the whole series and I was so glad he got his story (I might have cackled with glee and rubbed the hands together as soon as I got the email saying the ARC was available). The attraction between Finn and Lia burns the pages up, their competi [...]

    24. Hello and welcome to FINN - book 10 in the Hell Squad series. Where fearless men and women fight to save Earth from dinosaur aliens hell bent on human annihilation. Yes it is as awesome as it sounds!Meet the H & H Hero: FINN ERICKSON– Hawk Pilot extraordinaire who just happens to be a little arrogant in a supremely yummy way.Heroine: LIA MURPHY – Drone Pilot and ex-commercial pilot who has a surprising naughty side.As usual for Hell Squad FINN starts off pretty much where NIKO ended and [...]

    25. Finn Erickson, Hawk pilot, and Lia Murphy, the head of the drone team placed a bet that lead to the exploration of the attraction they felt for each other. Despite her doubts about the future and the loneliness she had searched for, Lia was enchanted by the arrogant, sexy handsome pilot. The Gizzida were closing the circle once again blocking communications with the outer world and Finn and Lia were the ones in charge of an exciting and mortal mission that would allow to contact other survivors. [...]

    26. This can be read as a stand-alone, but it is more enjoyable when the series is read in order. The author has done a wonderful job creating this futuristic world. The story has action, humor, aliens, and very steamy romance. Finn and Lia have made appearances in previous books, but now they get their own story. The story moves along quickly and once you start reading, it is very hard to put down. Many twists, turns, and surprises make the story a wild ride of entertainment. While the main charact [...]

    27. Love this series. If you have not had a chance to read any of these books, go and download some now. They are so entertaining that you will not be able to put them down until the last page. Each story has it's own diverse characters and all you want for them in this horrifying world with invading alien monsters is a happily ever after. Finn and Lia are both excellent pilots at what they do. Lia with her dones and Finn flying the Hawk. Both have some past emotional trauma to get over and you look [...]

    28. I soooooo love this series and the characters are so well developed, I completely identify with them. I also enjoy catching up with characters we've already met and learning how their stories continue to develop. Finn is fantastic -- I particularly enjoyed the competition between Lia and Finn surrounding flying. The new twists with the aliens also keeps us on our toes and makes the story even more satisfying. If you enjoy hot alpha men, capable strong women, suspense and bad guy aliens, you must [...]

    29. Another very good book in the Hell Squad series it is number ten, I could not put it down. Finn Erickson is a Hawk pilot for the Hell Squad with communications cut off he does not know if his family was able to find safety from the Gizzida . He does not want a woman in his life he thinks his quadcopter is the only woman he needs! What happens when he meets Lia Murphy a woman who does not want to let someone else into her life to lose like she did her Mother and Sister.The Aliens are hiding somet [...]

    30. I really have been enjoying these stories. The overall plot is serial and each entry is fairly short but a HEA in each so far. I HATE cliff hangers and will avoid reading them at all costs. I felt a little less connected to Finn and Lia than some previous couples. I'm definitely wondering how far we can go and how the intrepid survivors are going to be able to reclaim the planet after reading about all the different mutations that have taken place to all life that was captured. The teaser with D [...]

    31. Caution: This series may be addictive.The aliens are getting smarter and our heroes have to work harder. Finn (Hell Squad, #10) focuses on our favorite Hawk pilot who is in deep trouble with the aliens developing increasingly nasty weapons and working to eliminate any advantages the humans might have. The action is fast and the sparks between Finn and Lia hotter than fire moving the overall story of the fight to save humanity along at a record pace.With wonderful characters and a great story lin [...]

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