Rock the Dream

Rock the Dream Multi platinum award winning rock musician Kennedy Lane has it all packed arenas private jets and loyal fans Everything is at his fingertips until a tragic accident twists his dream into a nightmar

  • Title: Rock the Dream
  • Author: B.B. Miller LeslieCarson
  • ISBN: 9780998246208
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
  • Multi platinum, award winning rock musician Kennedy Lane has it all packed arenas, private jets, and loyal fans Everything is at his fingertips until a tragic accident twists his dream into a nightmare Haunted and lost, the only place he comes alive is on stage, playing for a sea of nameless faces He s desperately wanting , and losing hope that he ll ever find itMulti platinum, award winning rock musician Kennedy Lane has it all packed arenas, private jets, and loyal fans Everything is at his fingertips until a tragic accident twists his dream into a nightmare Haunted and lost, the only place he comes alive is on stage, playing for a sea of nameless faces He s desperately wanting , and losing hope that he ll ever find it.Abigail Walker, director of an international children s charity, lives for her job Determined not to repeat past mistakes, she pours her energy into making the lives of the families she works with just a little better But her dedication doesn t keep her warm at night, a fact that she s beginning to regret.When a little boy s hope to meet his idol brings them together, Kennedy is shocked to find that determined Abigail may be the one to help him make his dreams come true if he s strong enough.

    • Rock the Dream - B.B. Miller LeslieCarson
      211 B.B. Miller LeslieCarson
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    2 thoughts on “Rock the Dream

    1. From her home near Portland, Oregon, B.B Miller spends her days with family and friends in search of the perfect pear martini Ms Miller writes with her friend Leslie Carson about rock musicians, fortune cookies, tattoos, and finding love in the most unexpected places Their second stand alone novel in a four part series Live Your Dream is coming October 18.

    2. Abigail - Abby - is working her dream job at a charity that grants the biggest and most often also the last wishes of very sick children.Currently Abby is working on fulfilling the wish of Parker - he wants to meet his idol - Rockstar Kennedy Lane.But Abby is not so sure that she should bring this poor boy into the sex, drugs and rock'n'roll world that Kennedy seems to live in.Kennedy has been a rockstar for almost 15 years now, but ever since the horrible accident that took his sister's life tw [...]

    3. ARC received for an honest reviewMs Miller and Ms Carson - you had me at rock star.I am a sucker for a rock star book, and I immediately liked our guy Kennedy. He is really living the sex & drugs & rock n roll lifestyle.I liked that Redfall were older guys, not the usual "just signed a record deal early 20's guys" - they are closer to old-fartdom like me!I really enjoyed seeing the characters develop - they are more than the public person, more than trappings of fame. The are flawed, mes [...]

    4. Wow! What an unexpected, phenomenal surprise this book was. These authors' obviously either did their homework or unfortunately have been hit with the every day reality of addiction. Unless you yourself either suffer from it or have a loved one who does you can't possibly understand the truth behind their words written, the realism in them or the devastation one feels watching someone you love suffer or worse yet, know someone personally, who has taken their life with heroin or has lost a loved [...]

    5. I love an awesome rock star romance. This one will definitely tug at the heartstrings of readers, I know it did for me. This is the debut book for writing duo B.B. Miller and Leslie Carson and what a great job they did with this book. It is well written, thought provoking and has plenty of drama, sex and rock & roll. This story contains drug addiction and may be sensitive to some readers. Those who have experienced what drugs can do to a loved one will be able to relate to parts of Kennedy a [...]

    6. If books could get 10 stars this would be one of them. What an amazing story of not just to die for Rockers, but loss, love and hope. Kennedy Lane and his band Redfall have been chart toppers for a lot of years and they are still enjoying the lifestyle, but personal tragedy has Kennedy falling deeper into an alcoholic haze worrying his trusted bodyguard and friend Tucker. Abigail Walker Executive Director of What's Your Dream the charitable organization that makes dreams come true for terminally [...]

    7. I have just binged this book in one sitting. Absolutely LOVED it. One of the best rock star stories I have read. HAF Rock Star ✅ Smart, funny and strong female lead ✅New panties required sexy times ✅Witty and hilarious dialogue ✅Real character growth ✅Great supporting characters ✅I cannot recommend it enough and I cannot wait for book 2.

    8. Loved it. I especially liked the charitable foundation played a huge roll. Looking forward to reading more.

    9. Kennedy and Abigail are total opposites and opposites attract. These two didn't have insta-love, they went on a journey of healing to get to their HEA. This is a very compelling, tear worthy story full of angst. It's a well written book with amazing characters that I'm sure will get books of their own. There were parts of this story that tore at my heartstrings. This is an intriguing story about love, loss and guilt. The authors give the characters so much depth and they did an incredible job de [...]

    10. I'm a fan of rockstar/famous beings books because there's always that additional element of feeling like you're reaching a secret part of the character that they're not showing to the rest of the world - even though they only exist within the pages. Rock The Dream introduces us to Kennedy Lane, lead singer of the band Redfall. To put it nicely, he's an absolute mess - living the rock and roll lifestyle of the 80s but thankfully with a lot less kids. If I'm being honest I don't think Kennedy has [...]

    11. I loved everything about this book!! Rock the Dream was a sexy and sweet romance filled to the brim with enticing and charming characters. The smart banter and chemistry between Kennedy and Abigail alone will have me returning to this series again and again. It's that awesome.Kennedy is a mega rock star who is stuck in an over indulgent lifestyle. Too many women, too much alcohol and drugs - not enough of anyone telling him no or giving him boundaries. He doesn't even seem to really be taking pl [...]

    12. where to begin. this book is amazing. the characters are amazing. I got emotional a few times reading this book. Abby and Kennedy are just fantastic together. He is drowning himself in booze and she heads up a charity making sick kids dreams come true. when their paths cross because a sick boy wants to meet Redfall, well all their world's change. Kennedy wants to prove to her he is more than just a rock and roll chiché, he asks her to not give up on him, and against her better judgement and the [...]

    13. ITS MY JAM!!! Rockstar romances are my jam and this is a smashing debut to a new Rockstar series. Rock The Dream is an incredibly inspiring and sexy love story that will leave you wanting more. It’s also a slow burn with meet me in the “red room” sexiness. This unexpected tear-jerker has it all: famous rock group, groupies, Bromance and the girl next door. Kennedy Lane is sexy, flawed and recklessly drowning in his grief. Abigail is a hard nose professional who pulls no punches while telli [...]

    14. Really enjoyed falling in love with Kennedy, the rockstar. A great background story of kids with big dreams, and I was totally sucked into the story. Can't wait to read book 2

    15. I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.Kennedy Lane is a piece of work! He's definitely got the whole rock star stereotype down pat. Alcohol - check. Drugs - check. Women - check. People - check. Though not all of those people are helpful in this type situation that's for sure. I am a fan of rock star romances and thought I'd give these two (new to me) authors a try! They did not disappoint. I like that Abigail doesn't back down from Kennedy. Though she's highly attr [...]

    16. I'm a sucker for a good rock star romance, so when Leslie tweeted about the release of this book I knew I had to read it.I will admit I had a hard time getting into this book. I wasn't entirely sure I was going to like Kennedy and I was almost positive I wasn't going to like Abby. But boy! Was I every wrong. As Kennedy and Abby got to know each other, and I got to know them, I fell in love. The back stories of both lead characters were interesting, well plotted, and made them both entirely likab [...]

    17. Rock The Dream by B.B. Miller & Leslie Carson was a book filled with some very serious subject matters that was handled superbly. Miller & Carson tackle issues surrounding loss, addiction, and the battle to overcome disease. They do this with honesty, realism, and dignity. Kennedy Lane is a famous rock star and finds himself embroiled in the loss of a loved one. He seems stuck in his remorse and grief, and uses everything he can think of to send Medicare his way out of feeling.Abigail Wa [...]

    18. The main thing that stands out to you in this novel is the message about giving back and doing good. Rock the dream is exactly like the Blurb says. The rocker, Kennedy makes this kids day or dream, like make a wish come true. Abby is over the charity that handles it and she basically tells him that he is not coming within a hundred yards of the kids because he's a horrible influence. He straightens up for the kid Parker and for Abby. It's a long journey and Kennedy has bad influences all around [...]

    19. Gorgeous Rockstar novel with more depth than you would first think. A Must Read for lovers of Rockstar novels════ PLEASE SUBSCRIBE / LIKE / FOLLOW US ════Blog : jeri-ryan.wix/jerisbookatticFB Page : facebook/JerisBookAtticTwitter : twitter/JeriTRyan : /user/show/2Bloglovin : bloglovin/people/jeri

    20. Order Here: ebook: amazon/Rock-Dream-Sta Barnes and Noble: barnesandnoble/w/rock- Paperback: amazon/Rock-Dream-Sta

    21. Excellent story First off, I absolutely adored Abby's character. I also loved Kennedy and his fight to get where he needed to be, so that he could be what he knew others like Parker thought he was. I cannot wait to read what comes next!

    22. I seriously loved this story for so many reasons. One I love B.B's writing style. I felt so many different emotions reading this story. The characters were great. I really disliked Nadia on so many levels. I loved the flirting that went on with not only Abby and Kennedy, but also Matt and Tess. So much so that Matt and Tess left me wanting more from them. (only to be excited to find out the second book is with them) Great story line I did not see anything coming with this book. Some stories can [...]

    23. THIS BOOK IS WORTH MORE THAN 5 STARS, IT IS WORTH A WHOLE GALAXY OF STARS. If this book was a record, it would have reached Platinum status. Oh my goodness, I did not know what to expect, but this book has all the feels, there were times I was crying, laughing, mad, sad and swooning. I absolutely loved Kennedy the hot rocker singer, just look at the cover, he has some issues, but swoon worthy. Abigail/Abby was a beautiful strong female that knows what she wants. I loved seeing there stories play [...]

    24. This was recommended by a book buddy and she never steers me wrong. I loved this book. I loved that there was no unnecessary over the top drama! Kennedy was so swoon worthy. I love that Abby had a backbone and was not afraid to speak her mind. Cannot wait for Book 2!!! MattTesss!!!

    25. Great Rocker story When children are involved, tears are close at hand. This story has some seriously touching moments with a particular young boy and a hard core Rocker. Kennedy has quite the tender heart, once he finds it in the fog of the life he’s living. Abby is impressive in her professional demeanor, and ability to continue in the middle of the Hottest romances of her life! Suspension of Reality generally comes with the territory when reading Romance. But one thing I appreciate about Ro [...]

    26. So much more than 5 stars!Rock the Dream might be one of my favorite rockstar books yet. I was sucked in from page one and could not put it down. The authors did an amazing job of touching on the sensitive subjects of addiction and also childhood illnesses. The chemistry between Kennedy and Abby was off the charts and I absolutely can not wait to get my hands on more from Redfall Dreams series.

    27. Amazing readWhat a wonderfully written book, with an amazing storyline to match. Abby and Kennedy are two people that no one would dare to put together, but together they make things shine!!! Both of them have such giving hearts that it's hard to compete with who pleases who more. I can't wait to read Tess and Matt's story.

    28. It was a wonderful read. It is so much more then a Rock Star book. The characters are well developed faults and all. The story line flows smoothly and is well written. This story will grip you and keep you reading. This story had a lot of depth to it and I can't wait for more books in this series. Rated Great

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