Jenna Starborn

Jenna Starborn From the award winning author of the Samaria trilogy a classic story of a woman with the will to rise above the darkest secrets A baby harvested from the gen tanks on the planet Baldus A girl scorned

  • Title: Jenna Starborn
  • Author: Sharon Shinn
  • ISBN: 9780441010295
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • From the award winning author of the Samaria trilogy a classic story of a woman with the will to rise above the darkest secrets A baby harvested from the gen tanks on the planet Baldus A girl scorned by the only family she has ever known A woman brave enough to follow her heart wherever in the universe it may lead her.

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    1. I ve been writing stories and poems since I was eight years old My first poem was about Halloween What is tonight What is tonight Try to guess and you ll guess right Perhaps this inauspicious beginning explains why it took me till I was in my thirties to sell a novel It occurred to me early on that it might take some time and a lot of tries before I was able to publish any of my creative writing, so I pursued a degree in journalism at Northwestern University so I d be able to support myself while I figured out how to write fiction.I ve spent most of my journalism career at three trade and association magazines The Professional Photographer which, as you might guess, went to studio and industrial photographers , DECOR which went to frame shop and art gallery owners , and BizEd which is directed at deans and professors at business schools My longest stint, seventeen years, was at DECOR Many people don t know this, but I m a CPF Certified Picture Framer , having passed a very long, technical test to prove I understood the tenets of conservation framing Now I write about management education and interview some really cool, really smart people from all over the world.I mostly write my fiction in the evenings and on weekends It requires a pretty obsessive compulsive personality to be as prolific as I ve been in the past ten years and hold down a full time job But I do manage to tear myself away from the computer now and then to do something fun I read as often as I can, across all genres, though I m most often holding a book that s fantasy or romance, with the occasional western thrown in I m a fan of Cardinals baseball and try to be at the ballpark on opening day If I had the time, I d see a movie every day of my life I love certain TV shows so much that knowing a new episode is going to air that night will make me happy all day I m a huge Joss Whedon fan, but in the past I ve given my heart to shows all over the map in terms of quality Knight Rider, Remington Steele, Blake s 7, Moonlighting, The Young Riders, Cheers, Hill Street Blues, X Files, Lost, Battlestar Galactica you can probably fill in the gaps And let s not forget my very first loves, The Partridge Family, Here Come the Brides and Alias Smith Jones I don t have kids, I don t want pets, and all my plants die, so I m really only forced to provide ongoing care for my menagerie of stuffed animals All my friends are animal lovers, though, and someone once theorized that I keep friends as pets I m still trying to decide if that s true.

    2. This started out as an intruiging twist on Jane Eyre and I was totally sold. However, it became increasingly apparent that in essentials the story follows the original a little too closely when you consider that the characters and their motivations were changed enough that the events that transpire and the actions the characters take cease to make sense in the original context. It's as if the author really liked Jane Eyre but the more she thought about it, the more she realized, "Hey, despite th [...]

    3. This book slavishly follows Jane Eyre, upon which it is based. Even though it's been several years since I last read Jane Eyre, I recognized, almost scene for scene everything in this homage to the original.Now, as someone whose writing frequently draws upon myth or fairy tale, I have no problem with basing a new work on something older. Unfortunately, taking an old book, even a classic you adore, and creating a [psuedo-]science-fiction setting in which to translate, almost word-for-word, the or [...]

    4. The best Jane Eyre retelling I've come across. Unlike the others I've read, this book doesn't try too hard and come out like Jane Eyre in different clothing, all cutsey and stupid, nor is it some completely unrelated plot which the author is insisting is a retelling of Jane Eyre. (I always think of the Monty Python sketch making fun of the "with a twist" phenomenon by doing a Shakespeare play with a cast of dairy cows. Shinn avoids this kind of less-than-legitimate "retelling.") Instead, I found [...]

    5. It had been years since I’d read Jane Eyre, and Sharon Shinn is amazing at everything else, so I couldn’t wait to read Jenna Starborn. I loved it. I’m skeptical when it comes to re-tellings, but Jenna Starborn was in such a different setting and time period, I couldn’t complain about anything. I loved Jenna. What a spunky and strong woman. The science fiction aspect was very cool and creative, and she followed the original Jane Eyre almost to the T, save the fact that it wasn’t as dark [...]

    6. A truly wretched recreation of Jane Eyre's story. Instead of being the actual governess the protagonist Jenna is a mechanic hired to work at the estate. There is a governess however because there had to be a ward. Every character is included and Jenna remains true to Jane's stark principles but the language simplistic verging on slow witted. The only reason this retelling got two stars was for trying to place a valuable story like this into a mode that would make it more available to young reade [...]

    7. As an English teacher, I have a dirty secret, I don't LOVE Jane Eyre like I think I'm suppose to. I wasn't required to read it as a high school student or even as a college student. I taught English at the middle and high school level for almost 10 years before I finally picked it up. At first, I listened to it from Florida's Lit2Go site, which is a pretty decent unabridged reading of the book. Then I began teaching AP English and decided that I better read the book myself. I liked it, but didn' [...]

    8. It’s January, and one of the things I resolved to do in the New Year was participate in Long-Awaited Reads Month. I’m sure any avid reader will agree with me – sometimes you buy a book that looks absolutely wonderful, and then for one reason or another, you don’t read it for YEARS. It sits on the shelf (or e-reader) gathering dust, and though you know it’s probably wonderful, you keep putting it off. Well, I’m finally reading a few of those books. Sharon Shinn's Jenna Starborn was up [...]

    9. Well, Reeder, I read it.No, that wasn't a typo. Jenna (our erstwhile Jane Eyre) is given a recording device much like a diary, and she occasionally addresses it as "Reeder" (instead of Reader, har har).The ratings are pretty low for this book, considering the author, and it's a bit sad. Some reviewers said that the author read Jane Eyre and really, really liked it. Yes, she must have, considering the amount of work she put into this story. I used to read Jane Eyre every year almost religiously, [...]

    10. I love Jane Eyre. I readily admit that I read it at least three times a year. So when I was strolling through the Yellow Room in the downtown Powell's a couple of years ago, and saw the little RECOMMENDED tag under this title, I paused to read the blurb. Jane Eyre sci fi what's not to like? I'd never read any of Sharon Shinn's work before - and I haven't read any of her other works, so I'm not sure if this indicative of her usual quality - but I figured it would be an interesting read.I'm glad I [...]

    11. This is an amazing, beautiful retelling of Jane Eyre. If follows the original book so well, and the characters, especially Jenna, are so compelling. I love the amount of spirituality that Shinn contributed to the story (but, thinking on that, it seems to be a common theme in many of her books). And the new setting is a lot of fun. This really isn't the book for people who don't like science fiction.I adore this book, and I'm absolutely ashamed that I've never gotten around to purchasing this boo [...]

    12. Compared to Sharon Shinn's other works, I found this book extremely difficult to read. At first, I quite enjoyed the spunky heroine, but shortly after her installation as a nuclear technician, I began to distrust her motives. She went from being a delightfully independent creature to a woman who declared she was independent, but her thought process & behaviors did nothing to support this. At the end of the book, I found myself wondering if she could live with her choices, especially since sh [...]

    13. I love Sharon Shinn's other books and I love Jane Eyre, but this was just too directly a retelling. I like retellings to veer a bit from the original story, but all the big plot twists were here in the order they appear in the original, so I knew what was going to happen the whole time. It was, literally, Jane Eyre in space. Yeah.

    14. The premise sounds bizarre (Jane Eyre in space!), but this is truly a well-crafted, elegantly told story, a lot of fun for anyone who enjoyed Jane Eyre but enjoyable even if you've never read it.

    15. I've read this at least once before, and I enjoyed it as a re-read, having forgotten most of the plot. (It's been at least 10 years, I think, since my last read.)Sharon Shinn is actually really good at worldbuilding, although her worldbuilding leans more towards "a setting for a romance", but that's not a bad thing. Her characters are also generally well-done, if heteronormative to the max. I usually enjoy her romances, although she has "slow-build" down to a science. (Example: her Archangel boo [...]

    16. I have loved previous reads by Shinn, but this was kind of meh. It's not badly written, and the premise -- a retelling of Jane Eyre in a science fiction setting -- is intriguing, but the execution is lacking. The problem for me is that the story follows the original much too closely, not only plotwise but also when it comes to characters and language. The nineteenth century-style prose is well done but it clashes with the setting, which is in the future in interstellar space on various colonised [...]

    17. "You would think that if someone commissioned your conception, paid for your gestation, & claimed you immediately after your harvesting, she would love you with her whole heart; but you would be wrong"d so the story starts. I have to say I wasn't expecting to like this book as I'm not a fan of sci-fi but it was given to me by a Bookcrossing friend who hasn't given me a duff book yet & this one was no exception - I surprised to find really enjoyed it! Despite the fact that it's set many, [...]

    18. I don't do well with classics. I'll go in with the very best of intentions but after weeks of struggle and very little progress, that book will get set aside, and I'll read about 10 books in the time it took me to struggle through those few chapters. So, I resigned myself to try retellings instead. Why did I never realize that this was a retelling of Jayne Eyre?! I thoroughly enjoyed this! A futuristic adaptation via homesteading/planetary cultivation. Societal stratification via degrees of citi [...]

    19. I knew I was getting a SF retelling of Jane Eyre but I have to admit I was surprised to find it SO beat-by-beat faithful to the original narrative. That made it feel a little dull & hard for me to feel invested in, although the specific ways Shinn comes up with to SF-ize the elements of the story are often inventive. Unfortunately, this focus on adhering to the narrative beats neglects to carry over the highly political & subversive soul of the original. I would have preferred less faith [...]

    20. It really all falls apart when the book gets to the romance part of Jane Eyre. The rest of it is fun and competent, but the romance is a really hard sell since Ravenbeck is a giant turd once Jenna agrees to marry him, and in this sci-fi future, it's just extra implausible that she'd go along with it just because *she's in love*. Even trash YA insta-love is more sensible.

    21. I know this is intended as a sci-fi rewrite of Jane Eyre, but this was so much like the original that it became boring; I always knew what was going to happen next.

    22. As anyone who knows me is well aware, my love for Jane Eyre will never be overshadowed. So I don’t take attempted retellings lightly, as I’ve discussed previously in my review of April Lindner’s Jane.When I first saw the tagline for Jenna Starborn, “Jane Eyre in space,” I was simultaneously intrigued and horrified. While I was delighted to see someone attempting such an ambitious adaptation of my beloved tale, the avenues for this story to go horribly wrong seemed astoundingly abundant [...]

    23. In Jenna Starborn, Sharon Shinn gives us a science fiction version of Jane Eyre. As always, the level of complexity of the universe she creates is astounding. Worlds with their own distinctive cultures, an awesome problem-filled caste system, and the ability for the rich to do just about anything, include commission the creation of a baby in a gen tank.Jenna is the cast off gen tank baby of Mrs. Rentner. When doctors find out that she's being neglected at home, they send her off to technical sch [...]

    24. Some rambling thoughts I had whilst reading this book and upon finishing it:The mix of old fashioned manner of speech and social hierarchy seems really out of place with the futuristic setting. Makes the story a bit jarring. I think that a society that had gotten to a place where it was engaged in that kind of space exploration and colinisation would have fewer of the social restrictions on women than were exhibited by the wealthy on Feldstar. I found the class distinctions between citizens and [...]

    25. Themes: romance, space, family, overcoming challenges, class, religion, personhoodSetting: SpaceJenna wasn't born - she was created, for a woman who wanted a child. But once Jenna came home, she discovered that she wasn't the sort of child she wanted, so Jenna never really became a daughter. She was just sort of an obligation. After years of abuse, Jenna finally gets sent away to a school where she can learn a trade and find a job. She makes and loses her first friend. Then she leaves school and [...]

    26. It definitely lived up to the expectations of upbeat and romantic. As a quick summary, Jenna Starborn is Jane EyreIN SPACE. Yes, it's a scifi retelling of that most classic of the 19th century romantic novels. The interchanged details are magnificent: born of a gen tank rather than as an unwanted orphan, becomes a nuclear technician rather than a governess, with Jenna as a half-citizen rather than merely a penniless orphan.I particularly liked how Shinn focused on the caste system of this future [...]

    27. 1.5 starsThis sci-fi retelling of the classic Jane Eyre is inventive and seeks to set itself apart, but sadly relies far too much on its source material to really stand on its own. One having never read the original might find it a decent work, but to my mind it played the copy-cat too closely. It also never really gave any great individuality to its heroine and her great love.Ameletta came off slightly better here, but still was a hugely spoiled pain. Janet Ayerson, the governess/tutor could ju [...]

    28. Although it follows Jane Eyre a little too closely, I was immediately engaged with this novel and had trouble putting it down. The characters are engaging. The romance is deftly handled. The pacing is brisk enough to maintain the interest of contemporary readers -- far brisker than Jane Eyre. There's an interesting element of religiosity that is very monotheistic without promoting any particular modern religion or coming off as preachy. I think I would have liked a little more originality to the [...]

    29. Although I've never read Charlotte Brontë's 'Jane Eyre', I'm familiar with the story. I think it's got some redeeming characteristics, but it's not really the sort of thing I'm into.'Jenna Starborn' was among 5 books that a friend of mine gave to me. One day, being between books, I thought I'd give it a shot. No real expectations, and I didn't even realize at first that it was a science-fiction rendition of 'Jane Eyre'. But I figured it out pretty quickly. The whole book is written with a forma [...]

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