Libbie Defying her father to marry her only love George Armstrong Custer Libbie Custer braves fever and floods homesickness and hardship on battlefields and across rugged Indian territory in her life wit

  • Title: Libbie
  • Author: Judy Alter
  • ISBN: 9780553373349
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • Defying her father to marry her only love, George Armstrong Custer, Libbie Custer braves fever and floods, homesickness and hardship, on battlefields and across rugged Indian territory in her life with the brilliant boy general.

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    2. My absolute favorite book as a young girl. I loved how detailed and human Libbie appears in the book. Libbie narrates the story and shines light on her marriage with Gen. Custer and her passion and love for him. It also creates an intimate portrait of Gen. Custer and indulges in his ruthlessness as person. A definite great read that has stayed with me.

    3. The life of Elizabeth Bacon Custer, wife of George Armstrong Custer, from her first sighting of Custer when she was a young girl until his death at Little Big Horn. Based on historical fact, including the books left by Libbie.

    4. The book started off as a very promising biography of Elizabeth Bacon Custer, albeit written in autobiography format. Once her marriage takes place however, it becomes quite redundant episodes of the sex life of this famous couple. What could have been an informative history sadly stumbles along until the battle of Little Big Horn and then abruptly stops. LIbbie lived many decades after General Custer and yet there was no coverage of her life after his death. She was a remarkable woman and autho [...]

    5. This book was interesting but I read it hoping to learn more about George Armstrong and Elizabeth Custer instead it felt almost like I was reading Fifty Shades of Grey. It's nice that they had a satisfying sex life which was uncommon for women of a certain class at that time but I didn't want/need to read about it so much. The book did provoke my interest enough that I intend to read more factual information about the Custers as opposed to this account which was loosely based on historical facts [...]

    6. I have actually been reading this book for almost 3 weeks. Interesting take on what Custer would have been like and Libbie as well. I'm sure those days of hunting for the Indians were hard times. In the end, it is sad how the government took away the Indians way of life and made them live on reservations. But two different to live together.

    7. I'm a sucker for historical fiction, particularly set in American history (I am most familiar with American history) and something with a little romance. Romantic historical fiction is my guilty pleasure!With that being said, I enjoyed Alter's re-creation of a very dynamic woman: Libbie Custer, wife of George Armstrong Custer. Now, I'm not a fan of Custer so trying to get into Libbie's mindset towards him was difficult for me, but I thought Alter did a good job of making me really care for her a [...]

    8. This novel gives you some insight into the lives of General Custer & his life with Libbie. Gives some background to how they became a couple. Living close to their hometown, made this one more interesting to me as this story gives some historical placement in the town that I recognized & knew where some of the story actually happened. I am not a fan of General Custer due to his views on the Native Americans but this story didn't focus too much on their lives in the Dakotas, most of it wa [...]

    9. interesting historical fiction. If Elizabeth Custer traveled with the General as much as the book indicates, I am in awe. And extremely grateful that she was married to him and I was not. I liked the information in the book, not too graphic but enough details to give the flavor of the hardships endured by Elizabeth Custer.

    10. What a great perspective. Behind every man who thinks he's great is an even greater woman. Mrs. Custer had to stay in the background to support her man but she came out the wiser, more patient, and stronger person in this marriage. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a woman's point of view to Custer's life.

    11. ReviewI thought this was a very good story of a great civil war general, Indian fighter from the wife's side. I always thought that Custer was a blow hard and bragard. It was good to get the story from the wife's perspective.

    12. An interesting look into the lives of Elizabeth Bacon Custer and her husband, Autie or General Custer with a better understanding of that time in history and the life of a woman married to a soldier.

    13. I really loved this book! It was a neat way to learn about a historical figure. Even though I knew the ending, I couldn't wait to get back to this book every day.

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