Black Steel

Black Steel She is a sensei and he is a Matador worthy of her four hundred year old blade Their only hope for survival and vengeance against their hidden well protected enemy lies in the strength of black steel

  • Title: Black Steel
  • Author: Steve Perry
  • ISBN: 9780441066988
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
  • She is a sensei and he is a Matador, worthy of her four hundred year old blade Their only hope for survival and vengeance against their hidden, well protected enemy lies in the strength of black steel

    • Black Steel by Steve Perry
      429 Steve Perry
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    2 thoughts on “Black Steel

    1. Librarians note There is than one author in the database with this name.Steven Carl Perry has written over fifty novels and numerous short stories, which have appeared in various magazines and anthologies Perry is perhaps best known for the Matador series He has written books in the Star Wars, Alien and Conan universes He was a collaborator on all of the Tom Clancy s Net Force series, seven of which have appeared on the New York Times Bestseller list Two of his novelizations, Star Wars Shadows of the Empire and Men in Black have also been bestsellers Other writing credits include articles, reviews, and essays, animated teleplays, and some unproduced movie scripts One of his scripts for Batman The Animated Series was an Emmy Award nominee for Outstanding Writing.Perry is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, The Animation Guild, and the Writers Guild of America, West

    2. This book was the dumbest thing ever! It's this stupid story that takes place in the future where they have flying cars, space ships and medicines that keep people alive for 160 years. For some reason tho all the good guys and bad guys fight with swords. Hundreds or year old swords. There was at least two scenes with people practicing their swordmenship while naked and against computers. It was funny because the auther went into great detail to say that they had the computers set to unbeatable s [...]

    3. The Matador Sleel (God's gift to women, supremely confident and overly optimistic) becomes the first matador to have a client he is guarding killed. His confidence shattered, he is taken on as a student by a beautiful woman swordmaster who, while teaching him swordsmanship, rebuilds the shattered matador into a more complete and mature person. Then along with some of the other matadors they go after the bad guys.I give it an R rating for sex and violence.

    4. Unlike some, I don't find the use of swords an incongruity in a scifi novel. this series is basically slanted towards the martial arts, and sword play is way up there in the arts. I enjoyed this book imensley, liked seeing the character of Sleel fleshed out finally.

    5. Add inWhen you can walk the 97 steps you become one of the ultimate martial artists. When you can shoot the eye of a flea with the spetsdot you become one of the ultimate bodyguards. But when you add in the sword you become Black Steel.

    6. Great story, Sleel wasn't my favorite matador before this book but he was developed by this story in such a way that he ended up being one of my faves. Love the black swords, do want.

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