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The R Document Before the Patriot Act there was The R DocumentAs crime and violence threaten to engulf America the President proposes a daring new amendment to the Constitution allowing the Bill of Rights to be s

  • Title: The R Document
  • Author: Irving Wallace
  • ISBN: 9780765354471
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • Before the Patriot Act, there was The R DocumentAs crime and violence threaten to engulf America, the President proposes a daring new amendment to the Constitution, allowing the Bill of Rights to be suspended during times of national emergency.To its supporters the 35th Amendment is the only way to keep America from sliding into chaos Its opponents see the AmendmentBefore the Patriot Act, there was The R DocumentAs crime and violence threaten to engulf America, the President proposes a daring new amendment to the Constitution, allowing the Bill of Rights to be suspended during times of national emergency.To its supporters the 35th Amendment is the only way to keep America from sliding into chaos Its opponents see the Amendment as an outright attack on freedom Christopher Collins, the newly appointed Attorney General, has reservations about the Amendment, but feels confident that it would not be abused in the way its hysterical opponents fear Then a deathbed confession from his predecessor warns him to beware of something called The R Document.What is The R Document, and what does it have to do with the proposed 35th Amendment As state after state ratifies the Amendment, pushing it ever closer to becoming the law of the land, Collins must get to the bottom of an unimaginable conspiracy before time runs out for the fundamental liberties of all Americans.First published in 1976, Irving Wallace s bestselling thriller is timely than ever before.

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    1. Irving Wallace was an American bestselling author and screenwriter His extensively researched books included such page turners as The Chapman Report 1960 , about human sexuality The Prize 1962 , a fictional behind the scenes account of the Nobel Prizes The Man, about a black man becoming president of the U.S in the 1960s and The Word 1972 , about the discovery of a new gospel.Wallace was born in Chicago, Illinois Wallace grew up in Kenosha, Wisconsin He was the father of Olympic historian David Wallechinsky and author Amy Wallace.Wallace began selling stories to magazines when he was a teenager In World War II Wallace served in the Frank Capra unit in Fort Fox along with Theodor Seuss Geisel popularly known as Dr Seuss and continued to write for magazines He also served in the First Motion Picture Unit of the Army Air Force In the years immediately following World war II Wallace became a Hollywood screenwriter He collaborated on such films as The West Point Story 1950 , Split Second 1953 ,and Meet Me at the Fair 1953 After several years in Hollywood, he devoted himself full time to writing books Wallace published 33 books during his lifetime.

    2. There was a time when I was a fan of Irving Wallace, and the type of thrillers he produced. I read this during that time, in the early eighties, and was enthralled. It is the story of a proposed amendment to the US constitution, to suspend the Bill of Rights during times of "national emergency". This was originally published the year after Indira Gandhi declared a national emergency in India, so I think Wallace got the idea from there.It is taut, fast-paced and the denouement is appropriately sa [...]

    3. Irving Wallace, along with Robert Ludlum and a few others in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, had the knack for producing best-selling, compelling, page-turners, often about hot-button social or political issues. Idly scanning a friend's bookshelf recently, I found myself pulling out "The R Document" and perusing the first few pages. Of course, I was immediately engrossed and had to see it through to the end. On the one hand, these political thrillers should not be underestimated. Their authors' skills w [...]

    4. If you want to read a very scary book, this is it. It is not scary as in vampires and other paranormal stuff. This is scary in that it can happen and is happening right now. For anyone who values freedom, this book is a must read.

    5. I wanted to take a break from reading and hence picked up this Irving Wallace book from the 70s. Of course, the plot looks well-worn - were there not so many movies around the always endangered American freedom - and dated too, as no one hacks emails but rather send technicians to bug phones etc. Yet, this is one of those books I couldn't drop till I finished - and one I could read on Tube Journeys and even in the rush hour train on my way back home. And, frankly, I knew where the story was goin [...]

    6. Four and 1/2 stars. Good political thriller, consistently kept me turning the pages all the way through. Author gives just enough legal background about the constitution to make the plot and motives clear without getting into boring lectures. It follows a young, naive Attorney General learning the amendment backed by his president and FBI director is a dangerous attack on the constitution, and gradually getting entangled in the battle to stop it's ratification to the point lives are at stake and [...]

    7. I particularly find this author books intriguing. The subjects that he has taken up are very good. Even story being a fiction, he has always taken the scenarios of his period as a backdrop and weaved a beautiful story from it. Having read some of his famous books before, I had a lot of expectation from this book and the book has come to my expectations. Very nicely he has portrayed how the acts could be modified and take away the rights of the people. Though the act when seen through the naked e [...]

    8. My good friend Dean put this on a list of "10 books that influenced" him. What I found here was a history lesson wrapped in a thriller and decorated with cautionary notes. The antagonist was strong; the protagonist was weak but in the end made powerful connections. I found the history lesson solid and the thriller compelling - I finished the book in two days. Written in the 70s when the crime rate was higher than today, an updated version would probably fight terrorism Patriot Act, anyone? Overa [...]

    9. Si bien el anterior libro que leí me gustó la exploración de una cultura diferente a los ojos de personas muy distintas entre si, esta historia de conspiración no tiene la suficiente profundización. Existe una reflexión pero no pasa de ello.Me prestaron otros dos libros físicos de este autor, así que seguiré pero ya sin tanta curiosidad porque creo que tiene un patrón muy claro de escritura. No me esperan muchas más sorpresas. Espero equivocarme.

    10. If anyone has read about J Edgar Hoover FBI Director than Vernon Tynan character in this book tells it all. Mr Hoover kept files on every important person. Some parts may be seen as far fetched but it is a good story with suspense. I had read this book in the 70's. May read it again in about 15 years from now. It is very good plot and page turner. I am going to keep the paperback book.

    11. This was the second time I had read this book, and I was amazed that I had waited so long between readings. I love Irving Wallace, but this was such an incredible page-turner! Perhaps it is because of the political atmosphere of the US right now, perhaps it is just Wallace's writing, but either way this is a highly recommended read for anyone concerned with our rights as citizens.

    12. I started this book in 2016, but wasn't able to finish it over the holidays. There were some weird things in this book that I attributed to the 1970s copyright date. It was an interesting political thriller, which I don't tend to read. There were a couple times I was annoyed with descriptions and thought it was a bit predictable, but did keep my attention.

    13. The R document, just like any other thriller takes a bit of time to build up but once it does, what unfolds is a plot full of twists and turns. Irving Wallace has done a great job of showcasing how a real political scenario can be turned on its head by a sequence of events. One of the best political thriller out there. A must read for all those thrillers reading fanatics.

    14. "Wallace decepciona mucho.Personajes acartonados y nada creíbles, una situación interesante pero que no se desarrolla en análisis profundos y una época histórica que ya no es la nuestra, mostrada tan deslucida que… simplemente la hace ver como película barata de domingo por la mañana."Reseña completa en: contraelpromediomexicano/2

    15. Quite simply a brilliant book! Irving Wallace is hands down the king of political thrillers! His exhilarating plot and crisp style of writing won't let you rest in peace until you've turned the last page of the book and do nothing but marvel his work!

    16. A book from the 1970's, but still deals with questions on how do we handle individual freedoms. Glad I reread before donating it to the Mark Twain library.

    17. A good story of how people in power use fear to justify reducing our civil liberties. It is even more pertinent today than when it was published in 1976.

    18. What starts as a pleasure ride turns out to be a roller coaster, finishing at breakneck speed! A Thriller!

    19. Made it about 10 pages into this one, owned by a roommate. Terribly written and the roommate said it was "meh."

    20. This is a great read. With today's political chicanery and so many challenges to American privacy, you would think this book was only just published.

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