Who Made This Cake?

Who Made This Cake While a boy and his parents go for an outing little people invade the house and use their big construction equipment to bake a cake

  • Title: Who Made This Cake?
  • Author: Chihiro Nakagawa Junji Koyose
  • ISBN: 9781590785959
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Hardcover
  • While a boy and his parents go for an outing, little people invade the house and use their big construction equipment to bake a cake.

    • Who Made This Cake? « Chihiro Nakagawa Junji Koyose
      102 Chihiro Nakagawa Junji Koyose
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    2 thoughts on “Who Made This Cake?

    1. Chihiro Nakagawa Junji Koyose Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Who Made This Cake? book, this is one of the most wanted Chihiro Nakagawa Junji Koyose author readers around the world.

    2. A fun story with a reality-meets-fantasy twist as all sort of miniature construction vehicles and workers bake and decorate a birthday cake for the child. A great story for kids who dig backhoes and concrete trucks! This is a translation of a Japanese picture book and the pictures retain that Japanese flare that is a rare treat for us in the states.

    3. Take the sweetness of baking a cake, mix it with construction vehicles, and populate it with charming tiny beings, and you have this book. A family calls to order a birthday cake, and they spring into action. The little people are about a quarter-inch tall as seen in scale with a stick of butter, so they need construction vehicles to make the cake. Along the way, children will see the stages of baking a cake and will enjoy the fun and color of the tiny people using large machinery to do such eas [...]

    4. Holy crap this book is cute! This mom orders a cake and this team of itty bitty miniature CHILDREN rush in with heavy machinery to make it. They decorate it and everything. They use the machinery to crack eggs and mix in flour, sugar, etc. After they get the thing in the oven they take a break which means beverages and ice cream from food trucks! One of them even busts out a guitar!! This book is adorable in a way that transcends the overused "it has trucks in it so it's a good book for boys" cl [...]

    5. If you have a construction-obsessed toddler, you have to get your hands on this book. It is a whimsical twist on the standard "look what this big equipment can do" book. In this book, tiny people rush onto the page with their tiny construction equipment to build a human-sized birthday cake. They use cranes to lift eggs and front loaders to fill dump trucks with flour. The batter is pumped into the pan by something that I think is a concrete pump truck. The little people leap to the task of bakin [...]

    6. My 2.5 year old truck lover was absolutely enchanted by this book. He wanted me to read it over and over again and was genuinely thrilled with every reading. The illustrations were intriguing and interesting and the whole idea of a cake being made by a teeny construction crew and their heavy equipment seemed especially compelling to him. I like that it was a quick picture book that held his interest.

    7. A massive team of tiny construction workers assemble a cake using bridges, cranes and trucks. Really fun & unique. Brightly colored illustrations of miniature construction workers show them running, working cranes, arguing over plans, falling down, sweeping up, driving, etc. There's a lot of work that goes into baking!

    8. When a mom orders a cake for her son’s birthday, a barrage of miniature construction workers zoom into action to create a human-sized cake. Tiny workers use toy cranes, bulldozers and cement trucks to methodically take us through the steps of making the perfect birthday cake for a little boy! This book is an ideal birthday gift for a construction-obsessed younger child.

    9. A simple any age group book about construction vehicles carrying ingredients, mixing them, helping to bake them and the frosting the resulting cake. Cleaver.

    10. Ok, I don't understand why my 3-year-old loves this book so much, but he wanted to read it several times a day for 3 weeks straight while we borrowed it from the library. I believe it's been translated into English bc, to be perfectly honest, some of the wording doesn't make sense to me, but oh well! Our little guy loves diggers and construction equipment and this book features that and then adds to it the fact that there's little people using this equipment to make a giant cake. He loves it. LO [...]

    11. This struck me as primarily a 'boy' book as it is very short on plot, but has a preponderance of construction vehicles. In addition, I think there was a bit of a translation error as you can't just spread whipped cream on a cake. You can certainly use whipped cream to make a frosting, but left on its own, it will easily melt off the cake. There was also some redundancy among the illustrations of the little people. It looked like, to me, that some of the people had been merely photoshopped from o [...]

    12. My kid loves baking. He also loves construction. Therefore, this book is a huge hit. The text is sparse at best. While I adore the construction vehicles assisting with the baking, I honestly wish they'd hired a cooking consultant, because I feel like with such an excellent premise, they could have done more! Some baking steps seem to be skipped and although I can't say for sure, it looked an awful lot like they put a metal pan into a microwave to bake the cake. All my nitpicking aside, my kid lo [...]

    13. This was one of the first children's books we fell in love with! When a young boy needs a birthday cake, all his mom has to do is make a call. To a crew of hundreds of tiny people who use construction equipment to mix, bake, and decorate the perfect cake. Any kid who likes little cute things and/or big trucks should get a kick out of this. Seeing the giant-scale eggs strapped to flatbed trucks may be my favorite part. Lots of small details in this one. I asked my son what he liked about this boo [...]

    14. This is our new favorite and such a refreshing and imaginative change from traditional books about construction equipment. My three-year-old, who has been obsessed with diggers since day one, wants to read it every night! I love the illustrations. This was named a USBBY Outstanding International Book, which makes me want to find out what other books have earned that award.

    15. What a fun, fresh new take on construction vehicles! Little tykes who love their trucks will enjoy following these yellow excavators, cranes, cement mixers, flatbed trucks and more into the kitchen, where tiny crews and truck operators use their equipment to crack eggs, mix batter, and ultimately bake the perfect birthday cake.

    16. An order is placed for a cake, but not just any cake: a birthday cake. Crews of little people with construction machinery prepare a delicious cake fit for a king. Illustrations are so intricate, they reminded me of the Where's Waldo books and how sometimes it's more fun to look at what all the other people are doing in their cliques instead of search for Waldo. Good read aloud for PreK-2.

    17. This is an entertaining story about a group of little people who construct a birthday cake using miniature construction equipment. The narrative is very short and the illustrations are humorous, combining the excitement of large tractors and machines with the steps of baking a cake. Even though the book is a bit young for our girls, we enjoyed reading it together.

    18. This book doesn't get read much in my house. It's not requested because it really doesn't have a plot. However, the pictures are very fun to look at. Every two-page spread depicts a scene showing tons of little people with various construction vehicles making a cake. A good book that could have been great if it had a bit of drama mixed in.

    19. Who Made This Cake? by Chihiro Nakagawa provides an excellent book for teaching children the steps that go into making a cake in a creative format. This book would be great for teaching students about projects that have multiple steps. The detailed, creative illustrations would be enjoyable for students!

    20. What if you could order a birthday cake and have a huge crew of little people make it for you? Here is a book about baking that will appeal to boys as well as girls. Lots of fun machines mixing the ingredients and lifting the cake in and out of the oven.

    21. This is an incredible book for kids who love diggers! The very detailed drawings of the workers and diggers making a birthday cake will invite readers to keep looking at each page to see things they didn’t notice before. This is one you’ll read together again and again.

    22. There was not much substance to this story, but the book did not win an award for its content. Rather, for it's illustration. The pictures and concept of the illustration in the story was extremely interesting and unique.

    23. I got this for my child who loves construction and baking, and both of my kids love it. I appreciate how the book is about construction but isn't very gendered. The drawings are beautiful, the construction equipment rendered in exacting detail, everything else fanciful and fun.

    24. I love the little guy who has fallen over and lost his hat! Though I did not notice him until I read the note on the back of the book. Excellent illustrations, lots of fun for those who like construction equipment.

    25. With two of Vince's favorite things: construction trucks and cake, this book was a huge hit with him. Of course I had to add a bit of narration especially when the frosting tube sprung a leak and when the cake was about to flatten a couple works.

    26. A very fun twist on construction truck books. The workers make a cake instead of a building. Very fun to see such little people manipulating items that are small for us with cranes and such. Lots of little details to discover.

    27. Me and my son read this book together. He was quick to pick up tha catch phrases and he loved the heavy machine equipment interrated into the story. I recommend this book for readers K-3rd grade and Pre-school as well. It was silly, funny and catchy words.

    28. 3.5 starsClever story and illustrations of the effort involved to make a birthday cake. Loved the incorporation of construction equipment to the baking industry. Not ideal for storytime as the illustrations will be too small for children to see clearly, but a delightful story nonetheless.

    29. Horn Book Fanfare 2008This is a charming and creative book that will engage any child who loves trucks and construction. An enormous cake is made using all types of construction materials and a large, hard-working crew. The book ends with a boy enjoying his birthday cake with his family.

    30. Fun little book about a small (human but still doozeresque) construction crew that makes a cake - ends with the family eating the cake. It's a Japanese translation so it does have a different quality. Children who like big machines will be fans.

    31. A tiny army of construction workers are contracted to construct a cake. Children will delight in watching the tiny people manipulate machinery to measure ingredients, crack eggs, pour batter and decorate a birthday cake.

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