Notes From A Friend

Notes From A Friend Brilliantly re packaged with colourful modern covers NOTES FROM A FRIEND is a quick and simple guide to taking charge of your life Anthony Robbins distils his key arguments into bite sized nuggets

  • Title: Notes From A Friend
  • Author: Anthony Robbins
  • ISBN: 9780743409377
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
  • Brilliantly re packaged, with colourful modern covers, NOTES FROM A FRIEND is a quick and simple guide to taking charge of your life Anthony Robbins distils his key arguments into bite sized nuggets.

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      216 Anthony Robbins
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    1. For than 30 years Tony Robbins passion has been helping people BREAK THROUGH and take their lives to another level no matter how successful they already are in the areas that matter most their business, personal finance, intimate relationships, families, careers and health.Tony Robbins has helped than 50 million people from than 100 countries transform their lives and their businesses through his books, audio programs, health products, live events and personal coaching He s been fortunate enough to work with everyone from presidents of countries to some of the true legends of entertainment, sports and the business world But his work is not limited to Fortune 500 CEOs and athletes He has a special passion for small business owners, parents and students.Being the Chairman of seven privately held companies and five holding companies in diverse industries keeps him busy Many of his companies have become brands that are leaders in their category from the award winning Namale Resort Spa in the Fiji Islands, to Twinlab and Metabolife in the sports nutrition field, to the Anthony Robbins brand in personal and professional improvement.Most of Tony s core strategies for creating breakthroughs have come from his work with some of the biggest names in the business world He s had the privilege of modeling and distilling the strategies of leaders in some of the fastest growing companies in the world He s used these distinctions to help optimize and grow enterprises to new and profitable levels.One of the things Tony is most proud of is his humanitarian work through the non profit Anthony Robbins Foundation He s always believed that if we re blessed enough to have insight and economic opportunities, then we re also blessed enough to be able to give back To those who much has been given, much is expected Tony Robbins is extremely blessed to be able to feed than two million people in 56 countries every year through his International Basket Brigade.

    2. "السر ف العطاء لا يكمن ف مجرد العطاء فحسب بل في احساسك انك تتحول الي شخص افضل" إذا كنت من محبين كتب التنمية البشريه فبالتأكيد سيعجبك هذا الكتاب وإن لم تكن من محبين تلك الكتب فجرب حظك مع هذا الكتاب ربما يكون السبب في تغيير رأيك أما إن كنت من أولئك الذين يحبون الكتاب الجيد فقط (مث [...]

    3. The simplicity of this book has always appealed to me and it is exactly what it’s called: a note from a friend, to be read at any time by anyone who just needs or wants a bit of inspiration. It offers some encouragement to those who need a reminder of life’s basic truths and the stimulation of a few good ideas about how to deal with whatever challenges face them. Notes from a Friend will give you food for thought, a simple way of looking at your life, and an avenue for beginning to change an [...]

    4. أول عبارة شدتني لمتابعة القراءه الأمل شئ خالد"كتاب جدا راااااائع يدخل الى عقلك الباطن ويحفزك بطريقة جميلة، أحببته ساعدني كثيرا وبدأت بالفعل تطبيق ماتعلمتة من الكاتب الكاتب روحة تشع في كل صفحات الكتاب،،،أعجبني عندما قال "مهما كانت التحديات الموجودة الآن يمكن تحويلها إلى در [...]

    5. One of the best books i have ever read. It took me two hours to finish it which shows its smoothness. A book that could refresh my mind and push me forward. I recommand it for everyone who wants to be better, to put his touch in society and to make his dreams true. Don't hesitate to read it :D just make a try, you won't regret :) .

    6. Tony Robbins message in a nutshell.A great read and an excellent book, but admittedly his other books are better largely because they are more comprehensive. But for a short read, he hits a lot of the main points. A great primer if you want to start reading Tony Robbins books to see how good they really are.

    7. كتاب صغير و بسيط تنهيه فى جلسة واحدة او جلستين بالكثيرتحسه حوار مع صديقانتونى روزبنز فيه يختصر كتاب ايقظ قواك الخفية لاقصى درجةيرفع معنوياتك و يجعلك تفكر فى مستقبلك و اهدافك و نظرتك ل حياتكيستحق القراءة الملخص:==========================================مفتاح النجاح رقم 1القوة الشخصية تعنى ان ت [...]

    8. My brain is currently undergoing a bit of a mental battering and in my desperation to change the way I think, I parted with my money for this very simple, chatty little book that in the space of about a week has already had a pretty significant impact on my life. Each chapter contains a set of handy tools and useful thinking exercises that instantly change your attitude to the current situation and put you in the right frame of mind to deal with your problems. Who knew that simply writing down a [...]

    9. أضيف هذا الحديث النبوي للكتاب فهو يتممه عَنْ أَبِي هُرَيْرَةَ - رضي الله عنه - قَالَ: قَالَ رَسُولُ اَللَّهِ - صلى الله عليه وسلم - - اَلْمُؤْمِنُ اَلْقَوِيُّ خَيْرٌ وَأَحَبُّ إِلَى اَللَّهِ مِنْ اَلْمُؤْمِنِ اَلضَّعِيفِ, وَفِي كُلٍّ خَيْرٌ, اِحْرِصْ عَلَى مَا يَنْفَعُكَ, وَ [...]

    10. Gal ir nebuvo labai naujos idėjos, bet aiškiai ir suprantamai pateikiama, kas svarbu norint pokyčių savo gyvenime, bei kokius žingsnius reikia atlikti norint juos įgyvendinti. Taip pat įtrauktos pamokančios žmonių gyvenimo istorijos, vaizdingos ir paskatinančios susimąstyti metaforos, įdomios užduotys. Sudomino, reikės išmėginti joje aprašomus pratimus. Įdomu būtų kada nors paskaityti ir kitas autoriaus knygas.

    11. If you haven't read any Anthony Robbins books and don't have the time or energy for 'Awaken The Giant Within', Notes from a Friend will get you up and runninng.Also handy as a gift for a friend who may be going through tough times, this book provides inspiration and guidance, with all the credibility of someone who is an unquestionable expert in this stuff.

    12. I mixed up when i read these books, one of my friend recommended to me,they help me alot and learn that I never never never give up in my life and always look at the sunny side of everything.

    13. كتابى الثانى فالتنميه البشريه أعتقد انه هيغير فيا حجات كتير :D الجدير بالذكر انى بدأت أغير رأيى فى كتب التنميه البشريه

    14. Some people like to mock Anthony Robbins, but the truth is, he's successful because a lot of what he says makes sense. It's an easy, practical approach, but I like his books.

    15. طالما أنتقدت كُتب التنمية ، سخرت منها ، وتعهدت بعدم قراءتها بعد أن كانت لي تجربتان او ثلاثة معها . لا أعرف ماذا شعرت حين حملت هذا الكتاب وقررت قراءته وأنقطعت عن كتابين كنت قد بدأتهم قبله! كيف فعلت ذلك! ما حصل هو أن صديقة لي على الفيسبوك أقترحت أن نقرأه قراءة جماعية مع البنات الأ [...]

    16. كتاب يعطيك نصائح لظبط حياتك مؤقتا -ابتعد عن الافكار السلبية قد الامكان لا تجعلها تظل فى عقلك اكتر من 5دقائق-عندما تحبط او تستسلم لا تتوقف بل اكمل الاجمل انى وجدت تحدى فى نهاية الكتاب لمدة 10ايام ان لا تفكر فى افكار سلبية نهائيا وسوف تكتشف مايعطيك طاقة سلبية وتحكمت فى افكارك

    17. A simple fast read. A good introduction to what Tony teaches. What I'll take away from it is; the power of decisions, following it with action and the words we use effect how we feel.

    18. Yes. This time I finished off another book in a week by Anthony Robbins. He is the famous author of books like Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within.I had got a glimpse of Tony's writing in the book Unlimited Power where he had described how much our diet plays an important role in fueling excellence and peak performance in our lives. I was amazed at all the tips given by Tony and was surprised how we all do the common mistakes and abuse our own bodies and later blame the lifestyle saying [...]

    19. يعتبر الكتاب دليلا موجزا و سهل الفهم إلى بعض الأدوات و المبادئ و أكثرها تغيير للحياة,.فعرض الكاتب في مقدمة بسيطة لخص أهم النقاط التي يدور حلولها الكتاب فلقد تحدث عن قصة الرجل الذي تعلم إن الأمل هو شئ خالد لا يمكن التنازل عنه و هو يمثل الأكسجين للحياة فمهم بدت الظروف قاسية و صع [...]

    20. أول تجربة ليا مع التنمية البشرية . بس الكتاب ده مختلف بنسبة كبيرة عن اللى كان فى دماغى عن مجال التنمية البشرية . الكتاب بيحكى قصص حقيقية و تجارب لناس أكيد ظروفهم كانت أصعب من ظروف معظمنا و مع ذلك خلدوا أساميهم و وصلوا لأهدافهم و ساعدوا ناس تانية . الكتاب خفيف بس أنا شخصيا حسيت ب [...]

    21. شهادتي بهالكتاب مجروحه و وجهة نظري فيه كذالك لإن بغض النظر عن محتواه الأكثر من الرائع وإسمه كـ نصائح من صديق ،، إلا إنه فعلاً وصلني من أروع وأغلى الأصدقاء كـ إهداء ^_^

    22. Anthony , i feel that is areal friend talk with me in ahappy way to open anew door for abetter life ☺

    23. it is a small book in size but very large in meaning , it encourage u how to take resposibility in ur life

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