Paths of Exile

Paths of Exile The stirring story of a young prince caught between Britonnic and Saxon worlds in th century England

  • Title: Paths of Exile
  • Author: Carla Nayland
  • ISBN: 9781906836092
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • The stirring story of a young prince caught between Britonnic and Saxon worlds in 7th century England.

    • Paths of Exile ¦ Carla Nayland
      470 Carla Nayland
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    1. Carla Nayland writes historical fiction set in Britain in the period between the Roman occupation and the Norman Conquest 5th to 11th centuries AD , and fiction set in an invented world loosely based on medieval and Renaissance Britain Carla Nayland has a lifelong interest in history and archaeology and considered doing a degree in the subject in her spare time, until deciding it would be much fun to explore it in historical fiction instead Historical fiction is absorbing to write than a research paper, because it requires imagining a past society in all its detail, and requires the author to make choices and follow up the consequences The result is also rather enjoyable to read than a thesis.She has degrees in Natural Sciences and Pharmacology from Cambridge, UK, and has worked for many years in corporate strategy, cost benefit analysis, health economics and scientific writing Carla Nayland is also a keen hillwalker, which is a bit of a problem as she lives in the flatlands of East Anglia She knows the M6 rather well Carla Nayland is a pen name, to keep her fiction separate from her scientific writing.

    2. The author has told a clever story. I'm wondering though: Is this meant as a parody of the Dark Ages novel or is it a serious Dark Ages novel? It has pages of broad humor, especially where the protagonist's retainers are involved. Think the 'rustics' in A Midsummer Night's Dream: Nick Bottom and his fellow peasant/actors but speaking in dialect, especially Drust. Any dialect is very understandable--enough to give the flavor of a person's origin, but not enough to put off. It seems like the novel [...]

    3. A.D. 617. This year was Ethelfrith, king of the Northumbrians,slain by Redwald, king of the East-Angles; and Edwin, the son ofElla, having succeeded to the kingdom, subdued all Britain,except the men of Kent aloneThis quite enchanting look through the mists of time back to 7th century Britain finds Eadwine, son of Aelle who is driven out of Deira (Northumbria) by Ethelferth into years of exile.Ethelferth is most likely brother-in-law to Eadwine and exactly why he pursued Eadwine is not known but [...]

    4. We are so short of historical fiction set in the period known as the 'dark ages' that it is always a pleasure to discover a new book, and this one does not disappoint. PATHS OF EXILE tells the story of Eadwine of Deira, over the crucial period when he was driven from his home by Athelferth of Bernicia. Eadwine is forced to flee with a small band of loyal companions and we see his struggle to survive and revenge his brother's murder. The dialogue is sharp and realistic and the pace is fast, but w [...]

    5. My own book, but why shouldn't I mention it here? Editor's Choice, Historical Novels Review, August 2009. Nominated for People's Book Prize, September 2009. New edition with a new cover, new and revised maps, a new character list and a much more spacious print layout published by Trifolium Books UK in July 2011, now available. E-book now available from Kindle US and UK and Smashwords.More information: carlanayland/exile/ind

    6. Paths of Exile follows the back-to-the-wall story of Eadwine (Edwin), a Saxon atheling on the run after his family is wiped out and his kingdom overrun. It’s a beautifully crafted story by an author who clearly knows her Dark Ages history and has a deft skill at weaving a story of courage, intrigue and betrayal. The setting seems to me to be very real, with great attention to detail in customs, beliefs, topography, religion, economics and social interaction.It’s the first book by Carla Nayla [...]

    7. An account of the early years of Eadwine, later King of Deira and Bernicia. This was a re-read for me, and I'm glad I did. The story takes place in the early years of the 7th C. [The story dovetails nicely into the Kathleen Herbert books I've been reading about the same general era and place.] When Eadwine's father, King Aelle is defeated in battle. Eadwine, who would have died fighting, was dragged from the battle wounded and unconscious by his loyal retainers and is ruthlessly sought by the ne [...]

    8. Other reviewers have summarised the story. I will just say that the story moves along at a cracking pace, and the level of realistic detail the author gives is outstanding. But then Nayland's website shows she is a real scholar of the period. She also seems to have an intimate knowledge of the landscape, and this plays a big role in the story.My only real criticism is that the hero and heroine are exemplary in too many aspects: morality, knowledge, quick-witedness, skills of all sorts, and endur [...]

    9. Descartes wrote (Les Discours de la methode - 1637) that "reading of good books is like a conversation with the best men of past centuries . . . ." which is precisely how I felt in reading this historical novel. I was impressed by the thorough research about a time when the Roman Empire in Britain was fading, to be replaced by an emerging nation struggling to come to terms with a ruined economy and the tensions between a pagan and growing Christian society. As importantly, the characters were al [...]

    10. Really really liked this book. Sixth century England isn't usually a setting found in historical fiction, and since that's the period I want to study, I was bound to love it. Reminded me of Bernard Cornwell's Saxon series, except a little smaller in scae, which fits, since in sixth centry Britain, small, warring kingdoms were the norm, as opposed to larger regions. Very well researched, good characters, great setting and story, and best of all, more to come!

    11. My own book, but why shouldn't I mention it here?Editor's Choice, Historical Novels Review, August 2009.Nominated for People's Book Prize, September 2009. New edition with a new cover, new and revised maps, a new character list and a much more spacious print layout published by Trifolium Books UK in July 2011, now available.More information

    12. Ok I have to know-is Nayland writing a sequel because you can't just end a story like that and not follow it up! I absolutely forbid it. It did take a while to get into the storyline because you had to figure out the characters but once everthing clicked-boy did it click! I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in pre-1066 British history!

    13. Eadwine's family is driven from their throne by a robber king. Supported by his friends and by the enemies of the cruel conqueror, Eadwine sets out to take vengeance and earn the rulership of his people. reviewers-choice/paths

    14. A hugely enjoyable read with gritty reality, a great sense of place and time, and touches of quirky humour

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