Hell Cop 2

Hell Cop Trust Me by Astrid AmaraBrian Day s no longer the na ve country boy Jay Yervant fell in love with A hardened hell cop with dangerous powers Brian s osmotic abilities are growing out of control When t

  • Title: Hell Cop 2
  • Author: Astrid Amara Nicole Kimberling Ginn Hale
  • ISBN: 9781596329485
  • Page: 471
  • Format: ebook
  • Trust Me by Astrid AmaraBrian Day s no longer the na ve country boy Jay Yervant fell in love with A hardened hell cop with dangerous powers, Brian s osmotic abilities are growing out of control When two men are found dead, killed by an osmotic, Jay wants to clear Brian s name But Brian s erratic powers threaten even Jay s survival, and he s left wondering if his loverTrust Me by Astrid AmaraBrian Day s no longer the na ve country boy Jay Yervant fell in love with A hardened hell cop with dangerous powers, Brian s osmotic abilities are growing out of control When two men are found dead, killed by an osmotic, Jay wants to clear Brian s name But Brian s erratic powers threaten even Jay s survival, and he s left wondering if his lover is as innocent as he claims.Dark Waters by Nicole KimberlingAfter a year of seeing Detective Argent, Michael Gold is uncertain about the future of their relationship Can a liberal university professor and a Hell Cop find a happily ever after When Michael invites Argent on an anthropological study, he thinks they re performing an experiment in domesticity But when a dead body appears, Michael and Argent end up playing detective instead of playing house.Such Heights by Ginn HalePhotojournalist James Sparks fled to the exotic Storm Palace to escape his relationship troubles But soon he s witness to a murder, and the man he least wants to deal with his lover, Detective Ben Moran is on the case.

    • Hell Cop 2 : Astrid Amara Nicole Kimberling Ginn Hale
      471 Astrid Amara Nicole Kimberling Ginn Hale
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    2 thoughts on “Hell Cop 2

    1. Astrid Amara Nicole Kimberling Ginn Hale Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hell Cop 2 book, this is one of the most wanted Astrid Amara Nicole Kimberling Ginn Hale author readers around the world.

    2. The first Hell Cop was incredibly enjoyable and something just that little bit different. In this 2nd book they’re building on already established relationships and reading it was like visiting with old friends. God. I am such a sap. But it was just so good!Trust Me, by Astrid Amara, has Jay and Brian a year down the track. Jay still delights in being able to touch someone and Brian is growing into his own skin after the revelations’ in the previous book. The growth of the characters relatio [...]

    3. As in the first book, the world building is riveting and all the stories were interesting and well written. I noticed though a few mistakes that should have been caught by a proofreader and it's a bit unexpected by this publisher. Here we go:Trust Me by Astrid AmaraBrian is now a hell cop. He is more or less a rookie. His osmotic abilities - he can draw energy from other living creatures and discharge it to heal or maim - are getting out of control, causing unwanted damage to those around him. A [...]

    4. A sequel to "Hell Cop" (since this one features the same characters), I think "Hell Cop 2" is a fine anthology. It's really good -- the story are all well-written and the characters endearing1. Trust Me (Astrid Amara) 4.5/5 : my favorite of the whole bunch, because there is a conflict between Jay and Bryan that makes their relationship very interesting.2. Dark Waters (Nicole Kimberling) 4/5: while the story is good, I still wish that I know more about Argent. Though it's written in 3rd POV, but [...]

    5. The (Overall) Review:Honesty from the outset~ I've been hanging out for this anthology ever since I found out there would be a follow up toHell Cop (reviewed here).First things first~Take the fact that the more I read by these authors the more I admire their talent as writers as a given. Why?? Partly because I've read a heck of a lot of each of their work this year so I feel like I'm a guru in Amara, Kimberling and Hale, but mainly I think it's due to their proficiencies in both the short and lo [...]

    6. Trust Me by Astrid AmaraI couldn't wait to continue reading Brian and Jays story and I was not disappointed. Not only did I get to follow along on their emotional relationship but I got a gripping mystery too. This whole world just captivates me. So many great ideas. And so far great chemistry between the MC too. I do hopw there will be a Hell Cops 35 starsDark Waters by Nicole KimberlingVery interesting story. I still love Argent but I have trouble with Michael sometimes. I loved the mystery in [...]

    7. Hell Cop 2 4.5 Stars! I think I liked it even more than the first Hell Cop!I'm not all that fond of short stories, which usually means I'm not all that fond of anthologies. However, the Hell Cop books are different. Hell Cop 2 is a LONG anthology. And it's only three stories. So it's almost like three novels in one (in fact, I would guess that each individual story here would be long enough to qualify to be a novel or at least a novella all its own).This is a sequel in all respects to the first [...]

    8. Trust Me by Astrid Amara - 2.5 stars It was lame. Annoying. Well placed issues, could have been handled differently.Dark Waters by Nicole Kimberling - 4 stars This one was fun. Such Heights by Ginn Hale - 4.5 stars My favourite of the three. Total: 3.5 stars

    9. Trust Me by Astrid Amara - 3.5* Dark Waters by Nicole Kimberling - 3.5* Such Heights by Ginn Hale - 4*

    10. I really enjoyed this series. I read it back in February and it's now April so I can't do my review of each story with any amount of justice so I'll do an overall review. I actually read this series in a weird way. Hell Cop is an anthology with three separate stories that loosely intertwine. Each story is written by a different author. Hell Cop 2 is the next anthology and each story in that anthology is a sequel of the previous story in Hell Cop. So when I read the first story in Hell Cop, about [...]

    11. I wouldn't say that you have to have read Hell Cop #1 before reading this, but it certainly makes it much, much better. I rarely like Anthologies where the stories are tied together. They usually feel tacky, but these three authors really make it work.This trio of stories happens after our heroes ride off into the sunset together at the end of book #1. None of the three are secure in their relationships , and some have reached that critical point where lust and attraction are no longer enough.I [...]

    12. All stories were sequels to the ones in the previous book. Of course I had my favorite couple but strangely enough I liked their story, its the first one in the book, the least. Michael and Argent, as well as James and Morans stories were more engaging. I think they felt unfinished before, but Brians story was pretty much finished and I was happy with the ending.

    13. The further adventures of the Hell Cop universe.An enjoyable set of stories that doesn't quite recapture the magic of the first book. I liked knowing what happened next to the characters I enjoyed in the first book. The mystery and urban fantasy themes were excellent and fascinating to read. The romance, however, fell short for me.

    14. Trust Me by Astrid Amara - 4.35 stars Dark Waters by Nicole Kimberling - 4 stars Such Heights by Ginn Hale - 4.75 starsThese authors can write just about anything and make it a pleasure to read. Outstanding anthology and sequel to Hell Cop 1.

    15. I loved it. Three terrific writers, three seamlessly integrated stories. Fantastic world building.

    16. Law enforcement against demons is searching more recruits!I would love to give 5 stars to this anthology, as I did for the #1 book but I can't and it's all faulty of the first story.All 3 stories will have the same 6 protagonists of the first book, but now it will be much more interlaced. In the first story, even if the main characters are Jay and Brian, you will see also the half demon Michael and the hell cop Argent (main of the second story), and Moran and the journalist James (main of the th [...]

    17. 3.5* Review written for Love Bytes ReviewsTHOLOGY REVIEW:This was a great look at the couples from the previous anthology; taking place a year after the events of the last book there were a lot of changes, many of which I was happy to see. There was still a little bit of overlap with the characters between stories, which was great, and the cases themselves were varied and interesting. While I did enjoy the book, and each of the stories presented, I found I wasn’t as immediately enthralled or s [...]

    18. Trust Me (Astrid Amara)Brian and Jay have always been my favorite Hell Cop couple. Brian's no longer the happy and carefree person he was in the first book, and it was sad to see him as the hardened hell cop he is in this one. He's losing control of his powers, and it's bad timing when people are dropping dead, killed by an osmotic. I was annoyed with Jay for his hesitance to trust Brian but at the same time saddened that he couldn't trust the touch of the one person he could touch. Drama all ar [...]

    19. Note, my rating is only for the first and third stories. I didn't like Nicole Kimberling's story in the first Hell Cop and, after several pages of its sequel here, decided to skip it altogether.Trust Me by Astrid Amara - 3.5 starsDamn, even though it was obvious that this installment will be about Ben's disillusionment, the level of resentment here was startling. My heart went out to Ben, to Jay and even to bad guys (view spoiler)[who turned out to be good people caught in a bad situation, and ( [...]

    20. This series is an outstanding amalgamation of urban fantasy, romance, and anthology. Each story is written by a different author, but all inhabit the same universe, and characters cross over. The writing in all three segments is excellent, and similar in style enough so that there is no jarring transition from story to story. Trust Me – Astrid AmaraSheltered country boy Brian has completed police training and is on the job, eager for the day when he can rise in the ranks and be partnered profe [...]

    21. This is the second part to the Hell Cop anthology, and, boy, did I love the hell out of this. As I said before, shared world anthologies - if done well - are a guilty pleasure of mine. They just offer so much potential for a rich setting, giving different perspectives and showing various niches of the same world. And Hell Cop - and Hell Cop 2 - are surely on the good side of the spectrum, written by people who know what they're doing and edited to make sure that most inconsistencies are wiped ou [...]

    22. The difference between a 1st book and its 2nd book is how the now established relationships are handled. I absolutely loved the 1st book - new to the world and all it entails, loving the build up of the relationships, with each pair of MCs coming to know their love. Not to mention the power of the stories themselves. The second book has just as powerful stories, but, the relationships were all threatened, and that was tough to take. The good part of these relationship conflicts is none resorted [...]

    23. Another great collection of Hell Cop stories.Trust Me by Astrid AmaraHmmm well. I didn't like the villain in this one. There wasn't much mystery and a lot of self-torture. But Brian is kinda glorious and they are a hot couple a bit too hot to handle. Explosive. Anyway 4 stars.Dark Waters by Nicole KimberlingArgent really got a chance to shine here. Okay, it was maybe a bit predictable. But we got to see more of Axe's past and it was really very nice. and I liked Vaughn a lot. Fawns are so cute. [...]

    24. I have mixed feelings about this one - while Astrid Amara's story continued with Jay and Brian's romance, and it was well written, I didn't really like the inflexibility of the two characters to deal with Brian's crisis until it was almost too late Yes, I know that's a common device to use, but in particular, it didn't quite fit with Brian's character.Of the other two stories, both were reasonable with Ginn Hale's story the reason I rounded up to 4 stars rather than down to 3 - my usual tactic.

    25. More great stories of the Hell Cops of Parmas City. Really enjoyed seeing how Brian has grown both as a hell cop and as an osmotic in Astrid Amara's Trust Me. Seeing Jay deal with Brian's growing powers was just as powerful as watching said powers grow. Seeing Michael in his anthropology element with Argent along in Nicole Kimberling's Deep Waters is interesting and creepy all in one. I loved the warring relationship emotions that James has in Ginn Hale's Such Heights. All together Hell Cops 1 & [...]

    26. I’m not going to go into detail, it is three shorter stories which intertwine and continue on the stories of Hell Cop. I love this world and the three Hell Cops in question. Astrid Amara’s story with Brian and Jay is my favourite. I love them all but for some reason I connect with that one the most. Anyway, it was great and if you like paranormals with smokin’ hot men (literally) I say get Hell Cop 1 and 2.

    27. 4.5 starsthis one is almost as good as the first one. It's just I did not enjoy the first story as much as the second and third. I wanted Brian to be the kind and optimist man he had been in the first book, not the out-of-control and scarred man he became as a cop. I mourned a little about his loss of innocence. However, I think I will still read the third book if available. I love the universe the authors built in these stories and I don't want to leave it just yet.

    28. Wow, what a disappointment. Possibly the most disappointing sequel I've ever read!I really liked the first one. It was interesting, funny, sweet. This one? Angst everywhere, disillusionment everywhere, miserable. All three couples are having relationship problems, no one's happy, so so sad.Even though they "resolved" things by the end of each novella, it was too late -- I hated it. :(

    29. Like in the first book, Hell Cop, I loved Hale's story - worth the price of the whole book, IMO. This time around however, I also enjoyed the other two stories - perhaps I had lower expectations this time around or maybe I just prefer plots that focus on what happens after the "falling in love" part.

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