I Heart New York

I Heart New York The perfect book for Sex and the City fans I Heart New York by Lindsey K Kelk truly celebrates the city that never sleeps The delightful story of a young woman who flees London and her cheating boyfr

  • Title: I Heart New York
  • Author: Lindsey Kelk
  • ISBN: 9780062004352
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
  • The perfect book for Sex and the City fans, I Heart New York by Lindsey K Kelk truly celebrates the city that never sleeps The delightful story of a young woman who flees London and her cheating boyfriend to rediscover her sexy, stylish, confident self while building a new life in the greatest city in the world, I Heart New York is funny, sunny, and sexy, a big hearted,The perfect book for Sex and the City fans, I Heart New York by Lindsey K Kelk truly celebrates the city that never sleeps The delightful story of a young woman who flees London and her cheating boyfriend to rediscover her sexy, stylish, confident self while building a new life in the greatest city in the world, I Heart New York is funny, sunny, and sexy, a big hearted, Big Apple treat for Sofia Kinsella, Emily Griffin, and Anna Maxted readers.

    • I Heart New York BY Lindsey Kelk
      219 Lindsey Kelk
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    1. Bestselling British author based in Los Angeles Lover of books, watcher of wrestling, wearer of lipstick Karaoke enthusiast and cat wrangler Lindsey is the author of twelve novels, including the bestselling I Heart series, About a Girl, The Single Girl s To Do List and Always the Bridesmaid.

    2. This was one of the smallest books in my collection, and for that reason I read it the night before I went on holiday. Quite frankly I wish I had not bothered. The writing is terrible, cliched, and if there was any originality in the book then I must have blinked and missed it.Rather than any form of detailed plot we have details of designers (was the writer trying for freebies from Marc Jacobs???), numerous descriptions of handbags, shops etc.I think this is meant to be some sort of modern fair [...]

    3. This is the story of Angela Clarke, who at the beginning of this book is at her best friend's wedding. She discovers that her boyfriend of ten years has been cheating on her, and so she decides to jet off to New York in order to find herself.That is basically the premise, and we spend the rest of the book going along with Angela on her journey. Now, some of the situations that Angela finds herself are definitely a little unbelievable, but this is a highly entertaining, enjoyable story that I rea [...]

    4. This is that awkward moment when everybody loved a series, you start with book one—usually the most loved—filled with positive expectations, and then it’s just meh! You liked it, but you didn’t L.O.V.E. it, and you start to wonder, is it just me? And the book seems to be looking at you saying it is you. Then a small comment on your status of a fellow reader that had relationship issues with the same uber loved series makes you feel at ease. It isn’t just you.So here’s what I did and [...]

    5. I loved everything about this book! I've never been to New York, but it's my dream destination right now, and I'll take any opportunity to read about it. That's what drew me to the book in the first place. Kelk has a wonderful ability to make her readers really connect to the characters. Everything that Angela goes through, from the horrendous break-up, to the simultaneous dating, to being a newcomer to a huge city is something that many women have been through, therefore they can relate easily. [...]

    6. At her best friend’s wedding, Angela Clark finds her boyfriend cheating on her in his car. After storming back into the wedding to confront her best friend, Angela flees to New York and ends up staying in the first hotel she comes to. The girl working on the concierge at the hotel, Jenny, befriends Angela and takes her under her wing, giving Angela a make-over and showing her New York City’s sights. Within days, Angela is dating two guys and has a job blogging about her adventures in the Cit [...]

    7. Het heeft even geduurd (lees: 2 maanden), maar ik heb eindelijk dit boek uit! Waarom het zo lang duurde voordat ik het uit had, was omdat ik het zo'n cliché verhaal was. Daten met twee mannen tegelijk en er over bloggen, dat kan toch nooit goed gaan. Het is alleen wachten op het moment dat het fout gaat. Uiteindelijk heb ik wel doorgezet, omdat ik het zo onwijs leuk vond om te lezen over New York (en omdat ik een zwak had voor Tyler (view spoiler)[wel een beetje jammer dat hij uiteindelijk een [...]

    8. Вооот, чего мне не хватало этой осенью! Мотивирующего современного романа!Скажу сразу, что мне по настроению эта книга напомнила роман Софи Кинселлы "У меня есть твой номер". По настрою и подаче прямо точное попадание!Мне хотелось отдохнуть от конкретно таких книг, зациклен [...]

    9. Angela is 26 and maid of honor at her best friend's wedding, when, dressed in a horrible coffee-coloured fish-tail bridesmaid dress, and clutching a pair of Louboutins in her hand, she finds her fiance having sex with another girl in the back of their car.After screaming at him she discovers that he has been seeing this girl for months, and that her best friend and her new husband have been playing doubles tennis with them!Storming back into the wedding she screams at the bride, and fractures th [...]

    10. well.didn't enjoy this. at all. so full of stereotypes of what women "want" and are engrossed by apparently. shopping (the right brands obviously), drinking alcohol to have fun, drinking coffee (of course from the right coffee shop) and finding a mate. but then, what did i expect, it came in a magazine with the exact same content. the two things that annoyed me most were the constant brand name dropping and the fact that alcohol featured so much - in fact every time the characters went somewhere [...]

    11. Nakon što na vjenčanju najbolje prijateljice uhvati dugogodišnjeg zaručnika sa drugom djevojkom, pa se još ispostavi da su to znali skoro svi osim nje, Angela iz Londona bježi u New York kako bi probala izliječiti slomljeno srce. Lik Angele je super, ali je lik Jenny, djevojke koju tamo upoznaje i sa kojom prolazi kroz raznorazne avanture, prilično iritantan i meni lično nesimpatičan.Radujem se idućem nastavku i njenim avanturama u Hollywoodu! :)

    12. Release Date:June 25, 2009 Genre:Chick LitI love Lindey Kelk's books so much! They have just the right amount of humor, fun, and romance to make all chick lit lovers smile! In this book, I Heart New York, readers are taken on a journey with Angela as she runs away from her home town of London to start over after catching her fiance cheating at her best friends wedding. But, what should have been a time of crying an eating her way through Ben and Jerry's in order to get over said breakup, Angela [...]

    13. Published: 25/06/2009Author: Lindsey KelkRecommended for: fans of chick litOh I love the 'I Heart' series of books, each of them are amazing and this one does not disappoint! This is the first book that appears in the series where we meet the character of Angela Clark who is funny, relatable, very likeable. In this book Angela moves to New York after she flee's from her wedding, where she meet her new best friend Jenny Lopez (who is the girl you wish was your best friend!) who helps her out abou [...]

    14. Originally Reviewed at Novel EscapesWhat fabulous and fun chick lit! I whipped through I Heart New York, finding it full of laughs and connected with Angela’s character and enjoyed following her as she tried to figure herself out.I Heart New York was such a fun read. I laughed out loud and was fully immersed into Angela’s life. She felt real to me. She had wasn't too ditzy, she had aspirations and I felt her love for the city shine through, along with her confusion about how she ended up the [...]

    15. Fun chick lit, read while I was in NY as it is set there. It's a good story, a definite page turner. I have liked it enough to purchase the next book in the series.

    16. At her best friend’s wedding, Angela walks in on her long-term boyfriend Mark cheating on her with someone on the back seat of their car. Nice. So she does what any self-respecting woman would do – flees… not just the wedding, but the country as well! Angela ends up in New York City with no friends, no money and no job.But she soon makes friend with hotel receptionist Jenny and she’s determined to put a smile back on Angela’s face. Cue a LOT of spending in Bloomingdale’s, getting dru [...]

    17. Lindsey Kelk's 'I Heart New York' is being marketed at Sophie Kinsella fans and yes there are similarities, however,whilst Sophie often makes me laugh out loud - this book had me sighing in annoyance in many places.Dumped girlfriend takes the first plane to anywhere - ends up in New York City - meets lots of lovely, fashionable and rich people and immediately turns into a beautiful, succesful woman herself. The plot is quite improbable - very far-fetched but very easy to read. Ideal for passing [...]

    18. Angela è una ventisettenne inglese con la passione per la scrittura, innamorata del suo fidanzato storico Mark. Durante la festa di matrimonio della sua migliore amica Louisa, Angela sorprende Mark in compagnia di un’altra donna. Messa dinanzi alla dura realtà, la giovane reagisce in maniera sorprendente: prende l’aereo e atterra a New York con ancora addosso l’abito da damigella, le Louboutin ai piedi e una carta di credito quasi prosciugata. Grazie al sorprendente incontro con Jenny, s [...]

    19. I was delighted to win this book in one of the ' giveaways. That is until my spouse lost the book envelope in a pile of bills to be filed. Thus, until I got around to filing, my least favorite thing (besides dishes) I couldn't recall where the heck I had put the book after I got it. Imagine my delight to find, in the middle of endless sheets of monotony disguised as bills and other important documents, a new book to read. The delight lasted until I started reading. The whole clueless woman escap [...]

    20. ** 4 WITTY STARS! ** “People go to LA to "find themselves", they come to New York to become someone new.” ** I quite liked this book! I especially loved how I got an image of New York just by reading this and made me want to step on the first plane to the Big Apple and just wing it like Angela did.Just wing it and hope I'll get somewhere, meet new people and get opportunities handed over as if it's a tissue. Man if life were that simple, it'd be great. I finished this fairly quick because it [...]

    21. When I picked this book up I thought, yep, nice easy read, nothing special. I think I read this in one day. It's possibly one of my all time favourite books. I've read it and re read it so much I'll need to buy a new copy as mine is getting dog eared. I found it hilariously funny and the heroine cringe worthy but real. I envied how she had the courage to (unrealistically) up and start a new life half way around the world when things got tough at home. I'm glad she stood firm and never wavered ab [...]

    22. I read it yesterday, and literally in just one sitting. This book made me nailed my butt in Starbucks from noon till nearly evening, unable to move and unable to stop. I can't remember the last time I enjoy a chick-lit book this much, hell, i even can't remember the last time i read chick-lit, the genre that i adored (and gained me the title the queen of chick-lit among my peers) in college. But this book, make that inner chick-lit die hard fan back in vengeance!The story is heartwarming, the he [...]

    23. I really enjoyed this book. For a chick-lit, it was pretty hard to put down. The characters were likable and the story was fun. It just happens that all the chick-lits i have read so far have been written by british authors about British characters. This is the same but most of the story takes place in New York so it was a neat surprise to be familiar with the environment. I want to check out some more titles from this author.

    24. British freelance writer Angela Clark is bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding when she finds her boyfriend getting it on with someone else in the backseat of his car….during the reception. After making somewhat of a spectacle of herself that includes breaking the groom’s hand with her shoe, Angela decides that she needs to get away and now is the perfect time. She boards a flight for New York.Landing with little more than her laptop, a crumpled bridesmaid dress and the hand-breaking sho [...]

    25. Lindsey Kelk has wrote three books in the I Heart series I heart New York, I heart Hollywood and I heart Paris. If you have read my previous reviews you will know I was unaware of this as I read the I heart Paris which is the last book first and only once I started reading this book did I fall in that there were previous books. I thoroughly enjoyed the last book and so I decided to go back and read the first one I Heart New York which I managed to find in the Library. All of the I heart books lo [...]

    26. I've heard good things about the I Heart series, and with Lindsey Kelk just announcing an additional book to the series- I Heart Christmas, due out later this year, I decided to give it a go. What I love about this book is that there is no time wasted; it jumps straight into the story within the first chapter.Angela, a wannabe writer, has just found out her boyfriend has been cheating on her and all of her friends knew. So, what better to do than jump on the first plane out of England? Angela en [...]

    27. I never really got into the chick-lit genre so what made me pick this book to read, I'm not really sure. Maybe it's because I've always had a yearning to flee to New York, have a trendy makeover, spend obscene amounts of money on designer clothes, find the perfect indie rock god boyfriend and land the perfect job.Completely unbelievable of course, but this is exactly what the heroine Angela does in this thoroughly enjoyable read. You have to suspend your disbelief as Angela, aided by new best fr [...]

    28. I didn't get on with this book at all but I won't grade it because I know I'm not the target audience. The more I read, the more uncomfortable I grew. Running away from heartbreak straight into bliss - is not likely. I didn't like the fact that she was dating two guys at the same time (Not a spoiler - it's on the back)Considering what had happened to her, it seemed the wrong thing to do. But it was the way everything fell into place for her so easily that aggravated me the most. Immediately find [...]

    29. If I could, I would rate this book a 3.5.Get ready to meet Angela Clark as she flees the world’s worst wedding for a new life…I first read part 5 of the I Heart series and it made me want to read the rest. This book was good, I enjoyed it but I thought it was a little unrealistic. I understand that it's fiction and a chick-lit so I understand the fairytale of it all but for a lady living in NYC most of her life let me tell you, this shit doesn't happen. You don't meet men nonstop (good-looki [...]

    30. This book is a little love letter to New York with a lovely chick lit plot thrown in. The main character, Angela, runs away to New York when she finds her boyfriend cheating on her, and tries to rediscover herself in a brand new city. I loved all of the New York details, and I loved the cast of characters Kelk created. I did find it a little challenging when some of the advice being given to Angela about how and who she should date was so different to my own views, but I couldn't think of leavin [...]

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