Venus As A Boy

Venus As A Boy In a small flat in London a young man is turning to gold But before he dies before his skin and eyes and tongue harden into a golden death mask he wants to share the amazing story of his life Born

  • Title: Venus As A Boy
  • Author: Luke Sutherland
  • ISBN: 9781582343990
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In a small flat in London, a young man is turning to gold But before he dies, before his skin and eyes and tongue harden into a golden death mask, he wants to share the amazing story of his life Born and raised on the barren Orkney Islands off the coast of Scotland, his childhood is a brutal one, devoid of tenderness It is a miracle when he meets Tracy, falls in love, aIn a small flat in London, a young man is turning to gold But before he dies, before his skin and eyes and tongue harden into a golden death mask, he wants to share the amazing story of his life Born and raised on the barren Orkney Islands off the coast of Scotland, his childhood is a brutal one, devoid of tenderness It is a miracle when he meets Tracy, falls in love, and discovers his true gift the merest touch of him is enough to induce visions of angels and orchids The physical heights he is able to reach and to which he can bring others go far beyond any normal sensual pleasure Armed with this inexplicable talent, he makes his way to London, where he falls in with a group of teens forced to make a living on the street.Luke Sutherland s modern day myth about the power of love veers from stratosphere to gutter, from visions of heaven to the all too mortal yearning for even one glimpse of it With Venus as a Boy Sutherland has written a moving, poetic novel that manages to imbue the harsh realities of life on the street with a mesmerizing and ethereal beauty.

    • Venus As A Boy BY Luke Sutherland
      476 Luke Sutherland
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    2 thoughts on “Venus As A Boy

    1. Luke Sutherland Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Venus As A Boy book, this is one of the most wanted Luke Sutherland author readers around the world.

    2. Writing this I have no idea what Luke Sutherland looks like but I have this fixed image in my head:A guy sitting quite still except for the occasional reaching out for his drink and cigarette, talking, talking, talking with glittering eyes and a voice that draws me in. And I’m stuck sitting there listening, listening….Raw, stark and honest so that the fantastical element appears strange, out of place, still it has pride of place, it’s there. The strange contrast gripped me. This is no mora [...]

    3. Feel like you've been reading way too many heteronormative white American geezers lately? If so, give this gay black rocker from Scotland a try! Read this as a supplement to an appreciation of the author's '90s smart/dynamic band Long Fin Killie, which came to my attention during the mid-Aughts heyday of music blogs jammed with megaupload and rapidshare links found via simple google searches and music aggregators like Totally Fuzzy. One of the best of the free finds a few years ago for me was Ta [...]

    4. Strange and beautiful. Little sentences clumped together into little paragraphs. Part poem, part myth. Peculiar people living passionate lives. This took me by surprise and I'd like to see more by Mr Sutherland.

    5. "Fate isn't all-compassing. It doesn't own you. You get signs and make your choice. Sometimes you make the wrong choice and die before your time or spend your whole life in atonement. But it's the choices you make that are fate. The trick is understanding why you're here and what you're made for.All I felt sure of was that only true love would make me whole"Venus as a Boy is about a man desperately seeking for love.A man with an understanding that only true love can bring him closer to himself a [...]

    6. Queer, mythology-inflected magic-realism set in the Scottish Highlands and London. Strangely exhilarating for a story so sad. I find it more difficult than usual to write about this book; like the 'dancing about architecture' thing (which I often disagree with), this book was far more in my experience than anything I could verbalise. I try not to write reviews heavy on plot summary but here it's all I find I can do.A first-person account, with a couple of pages of framing narrative to start out [...]

    7. This is a magical, queer, tragic and endearing book all at once. It is positively brief, just the right length to encompass such a story! If you want some unusual queer fiction, this is the book to go for!

    8. The novel begins with the premise of the author having been approached by a stranger who requests the writer to tell the story of a dying man. Although reluctant at first, the writer is intrigued by the dying man's story. The young man claims that he is literally turning to gold, a miracle that follows that of his transformation from man to woman. In addition to these fantastical metamorphoses, the dying man has the gift to transport others into the realm of sublime love and ecstasy, merely by t [...]

    9. I loved this book, but weeks after reading it I still can't figure out why. I don't like memoirs or biographies, I don't care whether things are based on 'reality', I don't particularly go in for tales of great exploits - drug addicts, mobsters, murderers mean not much to me - on the surface, this story could almost appear as bragging. Because no one could endure so much pain, could they? No one could endure so much suffering, heartbreak, disillusionment, despair, injustice. Could they?Yet I was [...]

    10. This is the story of a boy, and then a young man born and raised on the Orkney Islands off the northern coast of Scotland. I never knew much about this part of the world before.The character loves his homeland, but his life is fraught with danger and marked by abuse. How love results from this, I don't know, but it does. This is a beautiful book about how sweetness survives amid brutality.I loved this book.

    11. A curious wee read this one, but given its premise, I wanted to see how it ended up. I liked it well enough, but it lacked a certain something for me to truly love it.

    12. Magnificent. Not in a jumping everywhere and squeeling sort of way, in a balling my eyes out/jaw dropping at the beauty of it sort of way. Lately I've been giving 5 stars to books that I love mostly because of the characters and I'd forgive a simplistic plot and writing. This book is the opposit though. I was not attached to the characters but to the words and where they took me. I loved the writing, how fluid and beautiful it was. This book was mindblowing and transporting but in a calm, whimsi [...]

    13. Em yeah as everyone said this story is written in a poetry way. Quite uses of methaphor as well. W/ my low level of English it was quite hard for me to grip at the words or what was going on anyway. Still i manage to finally understand what this book is about. I was first saw the title & it's already attracted me to own it. It must be something special w/ this boy that being titled as a venus as everyone knows venus is a goddess of love & a symbol for women (sorry if i'm wrong haha) But [...]

    14. I had to read this book for my course, so it's yet another case of "had no expectations, didn't know what I'm getting myself into, just went with it". And it was quite a scenic ride that really left an impression. The problem? More than a year later I'm still not sure what exactly the impression is. I just know it's there.And yet, as I let myself revisit this book - just a brief flick through the pages to refresh my memory - I find yet again the benefits of letting thoughts settle before stirrin [...]

    15. This is one of the strangest books I've ever read - and i've read quite a few! It isn't the subject manner that is strange, I can deal with sex and strong language. It is more the manner in which it is told, set out, described. It has been described as poetic, but I found it less literary, and more distracted - almost an oxymoron - such brilliant prose mixed with accented, colloquial language.I found the gaps between paragraph pointless. I didn't really get why the author did it. In fact, the ac [...]

    16. A book borrowed from a new friend. A plot that I admittedly wasn't drawn to in the first place, so whoever you are, if you are reading this, do take it all with a grain of salt. It wasn't my thing from the start.At the heart of it, my only real issue is that it's too poetic. Sickeningly poetic. The author's not at all subtle about it, either. It's the sort of thing that you'd see adolescent girls writing about on their Tumblrs or that cheesy overlayed text on pictures of a sky full of stars or a [...]

    17. In 2004 Luke Sutherland published his wonderful novella Venus as a Boy. Désirée is dying because of his debauched lifestyle. He wants his story told, so he records it hoping someone will listen. A cradle to the grave story, via London, some funky parties and grim jobs.It’s a book peppered with magical realism, but not that showing off kind, and it uses the ‘found material’ literary device often practised in fiction, yet still one I enjoy. In this case it is akin to Yann Martel’s Life o [...]

    18. This was the kind of book I really don't like. Instead of a coherent and cohesive plot, it gives you a string of dizzying string of moments that the reader is supposed to savor and string together in a poignant portrait of a remarkable life. But in reality it is a bunch of disjointed and confusing moments strung together in an attempt to say something supposedly impressive and stirring but it really is just dull and pretentious. The paragraph breaks are supposed to corner off the moments but rea [...]

    19. An easy read clocking in at just under 150 pages, I was intrigued by the premise but eventually disappointed by the execution. Having read other's reviews I can understand the admiration of the writing style, and even agree with it to an extent, but ultimately it seemed too intent on preaching its own values rather than having the reader determine those themselves. Some moments resonated deeply, while others were simply rambly little stories that had very little function. An unbalanced story, ye [...]

    20. What is this book actually about? In saying that does it even matter? Personally I would say "no, no it does not matter. Not one tiny bit."Because what we have here in Sutherland's rathe vague tale is something that pulls on all the right heart strings. It is beautiful, poignant, touching. An almost lyrical gathering of words that just makes you say wow at the end.And this is all I need to say on the subject. Pick up and this book and simply lose yourself in the tale of Desiree. I dare anyone to [...]

    21. A boy who has the gift of sex--one time with him and you'll see the orchards and the angels. Hmmm, I'd like to meet. ;)In the background (or the foreground?) the Orkney islands, the cruelty of people, the sadness of life, the lure of drugs, the power of a single beautiful childhood memory; an act of sexual kindness; a fragmented sentence. A rent-boy who turns into a girl and a sinner who turns into a statue of pure gold. It's not a book for everyone, but it was definitely a book for me.

    22. Short bursts of beautiful prose, spread out over the course of just over 100 pages. It's a quick read, and could go on forever for all my liking. A very satisfying book to flick through, but its plot could have faced greater development and its characters were rarely enamouring, bar the main protagonist. As a concept too, it's great. There are just a couple of shortcomings; largely plot-based ones.

    23. I started reading it a few hours ago and couldn't put it down until I'd finished. Written with such poetic beauty, the darkness of the themes hit with such a forceful demand for attention that I shall be pondering them for an age. The infusion of myth, poetry and humanity serve up a splendid exploration of the binary disposition of the human condition; good v bad, self v other.

    24. "I spat in the sink in the Morning After the Night Before and it cam out gold. What I know of, five weeks on, is that what I spat out that morning was me.""Who knows, maybe if I hadn't wound up to suck c**ks, I might be out there with that guy - Trevor was it? - the guy who invented the clockwork radio."Loved this book so much.

    25. A really interesting read.Thought the style is a bit awkward,the narrative technique is really gripping.After the first few pages, it's all sugar.I recommend it to all readers who have a thing for branched out plots.To sum it up, an interesting read, and most importantly, a heady relief from those overtly mushy romances.

    26. It reminds me of stories like A Home at the End of the World or even Powder, where the protagonist is this beautiful selfless person, who just wants people to be happy and to find love.Beautiful is really all I can say.

    27. Really well written. Poetic. Tragic. Bursting with allusions to biblical stories, fairy tales, and mythology.

    28. I read this book weirdly enough travelling from Orkney (yes I did visit South Ronaldsay while I was there) down to Soho so that maybe immersed me in the story even more. Really enjoyed it.

    29. Weirdest book I have ever read. Still have no idea wot it was about. Personally think it was way too intellectual for me.

    30. I read this in one sitting. Sad, emotional but strangely addictive to read. An interesting tale of a guys life filled with shocking moments.

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