Even the Wicked

Even the Wicked Matthew Scudder knows that justice is an elusive commodity in the big city where a harmless man can be shot dead in a public place criminals fly free through holes in a tattered legal system But now

  • Title: Even the Wicked
  • Author: Lawrence Block
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  • Page: 384
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  • Matthew Scudder knows that justice is an elusive commodity in the big city, where a harmless man can be shot dead in a public place criminals fly free through holes in a tattered legal system But now a vigilante is roaming among the millions, executing those he fees deserve to die He calls himself The Will of the People an ingenious serial killer who announces his specMatthew Scudder knows that justice is an elusive commodity in the big city, where a harmless man can be shot dead in a public place criminals fly free through holes in a tattered legal system But now a vigilante is roaming among the millions, executing those he fees deserve to die He calls himself The Will of the People an ingenious serial killer who announces his specific murderous intentions to the media before carrying through on his threats A child molester, a Mafia don, a violent anti abortionist even the protected and untouchable are being ruthlessly erased by New York s latest celebrity avenger.

    • Even the Wicked By Lawrence Block
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    1. Lawrence Block has been writing crime, mystery, and suspense fiction for than half a century He has published in excess oh, wretched excess of 100 books, and no end of short stories.Born in Buffalo, N.Y LB attended Antioch College, but left before completing his studies school authorities advised him that they felt he d be happier elsewhere, and he thought this was remarkably perceptive of them.His earliest work, published pseudonymously in the late 1950s, was mostly in the field of midcentury erotica, an apprenticeship he shared with Donald E Westlake and Robert Silverberg The first time Lawrence Block s name appeared in print was when his short story You Can t Lose was published in the February 1958 issue of Manhunt The first book published under his own name was Mona 1961 it was reissued several times over the years, once as Sweet Slow Death In 2005 it became the first offering from Hard Case Crime, and bore for the first time LB s original title, Grifter s Game is best known for his series characters, including cop turned private investigator Matthew Scudder, gentleman burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr, globe trotting insomniac Evan Tanner, and introspective assassin Keller.Because one name is never enough, LB has also published under pseudonyms including Jill Emerson, John Warren Wells, Lesley Evans, and Anne Campbell Clarke s magazine appearances include American Heritage, Redbook, Playboy, Linn s Stamp News, Cosmopolitan, GQ, and The New York Times His monthly instructional column ran in Writer s Digest for 14 years, and led to a string of books for writers, including the classics Telling Lies for Fun Profit and The Liar s Bible He has also written episodic television Tilt and the Wong Kar wai film, My Blueberry Nights.Several of LB s books have been filmed The latest, A Walk Among the Tombstones, stars Liam Neeson as Matthew Scudder and is scheduled for release in September, 2014 is a Grand Master of Mystery Writers of America, and a past president of MWA and the Private Eye Writers of America He has won the Edgar and Shamus awards four times each, and the Japanese Maltese Falcon award twice, as well as the Nero Wolfe and Philip Marlowe awards, a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Private Eye Writers of America, and the Diamond Dagger for Life Achievement from the Crime Writers Association UK He s also been honored with the Gumshoe Lifetime Achievement Award from Mystery Ink magazine and the Edward D Hoch Memorial Golden Derringer for Lifetime Achievement in the short story In France, he has been proclaimed a Grand Maitre du Roman Noir and has twice been awarded the Societe 813 trophy He has been a guest of honor at Bouchercon and at book fairs and mystery festivals in France, Germany, Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Spain and Taiwan As if that were not enough, he was also presented with the key to the city of Muncie, Indiana But as soon as he left, they changed the locks LB and his wife Lynne are enthusiastic New Yorkers and relentless world travelers the two are members of the Travelers Century Club, and have visited around 160 countries.He is a modest and humble fellow, although you would never guess as much from this biographical note.

    2. This is not a bad book. I am not sure Lawrence block is capable of writing a bad book. But it is a book in which the Block Magic—that deceptively discursive narrative style which can unite a couple of plots, a smattering of anecdotes and a few observations into a pleasing whole—just does not work this time.I’m not sure exactly why. Perhaps because neither of detective Matt Scudder’s cases (a series of killings by “The Will of the People” who announces his targets in advance, and one [...]

    3. A vigilante calling himself The Will of the People is killing undesirables and gloating about it in the Daily News and Matthew Scudder is one the case. But what, if anything, do these killings have to do with man afflicted with AIDs being gunned down in broad daylight?Block lead me around by my nose through most of this one. It took me forever to figure out what was going on with Will and what was behind Byron Leopold's murder. I liked how TJ kept trying to drag Matt into the computer age. As in [...]

    4. And you thought the tabloids were bad when they were just bugging phones….After a child rapist and murderer gets released on a technicality, a New York columnist writes a piece openly wishing for the man’s death. Someone helps make this become a reality by stringing the pedophile up and then writes to the columnist taking credit and calling himself the “Will of the People”. Apparently murder is just like eating potato chips because Will can’t stop after just one and begins writing more [...]

    5. I've said several times here now that I believe Lawrence Block's Matthew Scudder series to be the best PI series ever written. Some of the books individually stand with any of the classics produced by people like Raymond Chandler et al but Block has produced far more books in this series (sixteen and soon to be seventeen) than any of the other "Masters" of the genre. The books are consistently very good if not great, and in addition to writing a number of inventive and absorbing plots, Block has [...]

    6. A solid three star read in which Matt Scudder takes on the classic locked-room mystery. Although not one of the more memorable Scudder books, it's an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon. Let the rain begin!We begin with a pleasant domestic scene, TJ and Scudder at Scudder's house, watching a boxing match. TJ is leafing through a spy catalog idly suggesting ideas for their business, particularly a computer system. It becomes a telling detail about moving Scudder forward into the future and his r [...]

    7. At the urging of an opinion piece, a vigilante takes to the streets of New York knocking off an accused child molester who up until now, has escaped the hand of justice. Succeeding in his mission, he dubs himself “The Will of the People” (or “Will” for short). Shortly after, he writes into a prominent New York newspaper threatening the lives of several other less than savory citizens.It isn’t until a particularly well known lawyer finds himself in Will’s crosshairs that Matt Scudder [...]

    8. I did not have a great deal of spare time to devote to reading this 374-page book, and while I was enjoying parts of it I became impatient with the length of it because it did have two legitimately separate areas of inquiry that could have been split into two books. But thenBlock has to tie a big Christmas bow around it in one of the sweetest imaginable endings and all is forgiven.One focus: "Will of the People" pronouncements to OpEd writer that garners attention of all of NYC that leads to sev [...]

    9. PROTAGONIST: PI Matt ScudderSETTING: New York CitySERIES: #13 of 18RATING: 3.5WHY: Matt Scudder is investigating 2 cases. The first focuses on a serial killer who is following the "will of the people" and killing those who clearly deserve it. The way this plays out is very interesting. The second involves a man dying of AIDS who is shot in the park while reading the paper. The dialog is excellent. However, there were too many digressions which didn't add to the plot and some rather lengthy lette [...]

    10. If you’re an attorney who defends the indefensible, and if there’s a serial killer out there who takes pride in doing the “will of the people,” by murdering the dregs of society, you’re probably pretty worried. New York city is in the grip of just such a serial killer as this book opens. Will, as he is known, writes letters to a newspaper columnist in which he announces his next kill. And by the time the lawyer calls his work associate, Matthew Scudder, to ask for help, the lawyer is a [...]

    11. “Even The Wicked,” first published in 1997, is the thirteenth novel in the Scudder series and it has a bit of a different feel to it than some of the other Scudder books. This one is more polished and doesn’t feelquite as gritty. Scudder, here, is not drinking his life away at bars and ginmills. And, he isn’t as focused on the AA meetings as he is in some of the earlier books. He has even left his hotel room and lives a life with some domestic bliss. In some ways, you wonder if this star [...]

    12. "Even the Wicked" is about a serial killer who sends letters to a New York City newspaper columnist, announcing who he's going to kill next. Since Block wrote the book in the mid-1990's, the police didn't have today's access to digital records, making hunting down the killer even more difficult. Private detective Matthew Scudder is hired by Adrian Whitfield, the latest named victim, to identity the killer before he can kill Whitfield. Scudder is also enticed into investigating the murder of an A [...]

    13. Matt Scudder is my least favorite of Block's ongoing series. This book explains why. It's a really slow, meandering story that winds up being the most boring reign of terror ever. A vigilante killer starts by killing a pedophile and claiming credit in the paper. Then he goes on to kill a mob boss and some other guys. Scudder does nothing much more than read about it in the paper because, "Meh. The cops got this." Even after a friend of his dies, he still doesn't really want to get involved. Inst [...]

    14. Typical well-crafted work from Lawrence Block. Complicated, often witty, with many twists in its event-filled plot. Matthew Scudder is always at least one step ahead of me, but this time he didn't entirely play fair, revealing (when he declared the murderer) information that he hadn't told me he'd collected. Still, a very entertaining page-turner. With the added bonus that through it's title and epigraph it introduced me to a wonderful quote from a novel by Willa Cather: "Even the wicked get wor [...]

    15. I loved the main plotline in this story. The Will of the People was a fascinating character. When this storyline was finished I felt that everything made sense and I enjoyed the resolution. The other storylines flowing through the book were a little disappointing. The circumstances surrounding Byron Leopold's murder were fascinating, but the resolution of the case was ridiculous. The first case and the circumstances behind the second case made me round my 3.5 star rating to a 4 star. Plus, I jus [...]

    16. Lawrence Block is my "go to" for detective stories. The Matthew Scudder series is great. I have been reading a lot of heavy stuff lately, so a fun read for a Saturday night!

    17. I ove Lawrence Block! His characters are the kind of people I would like to meet. No drama but smart, considerate people. That would be one excellent way to describe Matthew Scudder, a former alcoholic ex-policeman who acts sort of like a private eye but what he is really doing is figure out why people act the way they do. And in this case, he has a doozy of a circumstance. Because there is a person who has called themselves "Will of the People," and decided to take out three people he believes [...]

    18. Have you ever read a book and mentally start seeing similarities to other books you're read? I have never read Lawrence Block before, but this is the 13th book in the Matthew Scudder series. It was a good book, involving a retired police officer who is now a private investigator. He's trying to track down a serial killer, and the police are stumped. His sidekick is a street-wise young man named TJ, who can go from talking hood to prim-and-proper with every other word.How can I not see the simila [...]

    19. Unlucky #13?Having burned through the first 12 books in the series (seriously, in around a month), Block finally disappoints. He had two interesting ideas / plots that weren't actually intertwined. For just the second time I guessed the whodunnit early in the novel. Missing was the crisp dialogue and character development that had me eagerly reading each of the first twelve books.Elaine, DJ and Mick need more attention. Scudder, as is his nature, just doggedly went through the paces and eventual [...]

    20. Scudder takes on two cases in this novel, investigating a vigilante killer who calls himself "Will of the People", and the case of a terminally ill man shot to death whilst sitting on a park bench, in an apparently random attack. Personally I found the plot of the vigilante thread a little contrived. By contrast I thought the second thread was very well put together. Not the best of the Scudder series but still a perfectly decent read from a consistently high quality series.

    21. Merry Christmas IndeedA very fine Matt Scudder book that continues a long line of Matt Scudder tales. They just keep getting better.

    22. Loved the first half but the second crime was pretty obvious and felt a bit forced. Still an enjoyable read.

    23. The book opens with a scene of complete blissful domesticity when Matthew Scudder is called in to protect a friend when death threats are made and of course our man Scud runs to assist a friend in need. Mr Block is known for complex plots with entertaining dialogue and satisfying solutions. This book is no different. What is different however is the time it takes for the story to get itself going. Unusually for a Matthew Scudder novel, chapter one ends without the mandatory slam dunk which grabs [...]

    24. The biggest news story in New York City is a killer who calls himself Will (short for "Will of the People"), who announces the names of his victims in advance via letters written to Marty McGraw, a newspaper columnist. Will has caused the deaths of at least four people, getting to them under seemingly impossible circumstances. But intended victim number five, a defense attorney named Adrian Whitfield, hires Matt Scudder to investigate the case. Despite Scudder's best efforts, as well as heavy po [...]

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