When Life and Beliefs Collide: How Knowing God Makes a Difference

When Life and Beliefs Collide How Knowing God Makes a Difference In Praise of When Life and Beliefs Collide Sooner or later life s difficulties bring every Christian woman to God s doorstep with questions too personal to ignore Why does God let me go through such

  • Title: When Life and Beliefs Collide: How Knowing God Makes a Difference
  • Author: Carolyn Custis James
  • ISBN: 9780310250142
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Praise of When Life and Beliefs Collide Sooner or later, life s difficulties bring every Christian woman to God s doorstep with questions too personal to ignore Why does God let me go through such painful circumstances Why does he seem indifferent to my prayers We re tired of spiritual pie in the sky We want authentic, God as he really is faith the kind that hoIn Praise of When Life and Beliefs Collide Sooner or later, life s difficulties bring every Christian woman to God s doorstep with questions too personal to ignore Why does God let me go through such painful circumstances Why does he seem indifferent to my prayers We re tired of spiritual pie in the sky We want authentic, God as he really is faith the kind that holds us together when our world is falling apart and equips us to offer strength and hope to others When Life and Beliefs Collide raises a long overdue call for us to think seriously about what we believe about God With passion, brilliance, and eloquence, Carolyn Custis James weaves stories of contemporary women with episodes from the life of Mary of Bethany to illustrate the practical benefits of knowing God deeply Examining the misperceptions and abuses that discourage women from pursuing a deeper understanding of God, this insightful book demonstrates how practical and down to earth knowing God can be This outstanding book offers the best demonstration that everyone needs theology, the best expository account of Mary and Martha, and the best trajectory for women s ministry in modern North America that I have yet read James I Packer Thoughtful, scholarly, and motivating should inspire and encourage women for years to come Joni Eareckson Tada You will not think the same way, nor hopefully be the same, after reading this thought provoking book Vonette Zachary Bright affirms women in their calling, chosen ness, and gifting, and makes us know we are cherished and planned for Jill Briscoe

    • When Life and Beliefs Collide: How Knowing God Makes a Difference By Carolyn Custis James
      259 Carolyn Custis James
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    2 thoughts on “When Life and Beliefs Collide: How Knowing God Makes a Difference

    1. Carolyn Custis James M.A in Biblical Studies is an evangelical thinker who loves God enough to break the rules rules of cultural convention which attempt to domesticate the gospel message of the Bible Carolyn is president of WhitbyForum, a ministry dedicated to addressing the deeper needs which confront both women and men as they endeavor to extend God s kingdom together in a messy and complicated world She is the founder of the Synergy Women s Network an exciting new ministry for women in ministry leadership synergytodayHer books have been described as provocative , honest , and deeply moving.

    2. Simply the most important book a Christian woman will ever read. Carolyn James immediately disarms women who are wary of the dreaded "T" word, and brings fresh perspective on the need for solid theology in our daily lives. She calls women to be strong, courageous theologians who know their God. She encourages women to be strong for their husbands, and not spiritually weak and dependent on him for theological understanding. Our theology must be our own, and we must live it ever day. A solid under [...]

    3. "Instead of searching for boundaries to curb a woman's activities, we ought to spend a good deal more time talking about the possibilities for women, for our mission in this battle requires the best we have to offer." This book isn't a deep, heavily footnoted theological discussion; it's a call to arms. James reminds me of a certain someone when she all but proclaims, "Just study theology! Without it, women are spiritually hobbling themselves!" Though my inner writer twitches a bit at the struct [...]

    4. This book changed my life. It is thoughtful, profound, real, and immensely challenging. It questions the notion of what it is to be a "theologian" and points out that we all do theology every day, whether we acknowledge it or not. James's personal story has striking similarities to my own. Her husband almost completed a PhD at Westminster and then decided to go to Oxford to do a 2nd one. What she came to see is that God brought her young family to the UK not primarily so her husband could do a P [...]

    5. Dr. J.I. Packer recommends this book, "a must-read for Christian women and a you'd-better-read for Christian men." I read a review that said that Carolyn Custis James's views as detailed in this work are contrary to the complementarian position. After a careful read of this book, that was not my take-away. Although I understand over time, James views have morphed into an egalitarian position. Her thesis is that we must ALL pursue to be great theologians. To know Christ is our highest calling. "I [...]

    6. It seems like Carolyn Custis James has an ax to grind and she hammers her main points of the book over and over and over: women can and are good theologians and women should be more active in church leadership. While there are some highly beneficial parts - new perspectives on Mary and Martha, discussion and illustration of the importance of theology in everyday life - this book is weighed down with repetition, verbosity, and a bit of angst from the author, and was ultimately lackluster. I was e [...]

    7. This is an excellent book for women on the importance of theology and how our knowledge of it greatly impacts how we handle the many challenges in life. It is written in an easy to follow format. The author uses the examples of Mary and Martha as women of theology which I loved. One of my favorite quotes is: “The moment the question “Why?” crosses our lips, we are doing theology.r or later, one way or another, theology finds us.”I highly recommend It.

    8. Good book. Really makes you rethink women's responsibility for learning theology and supporting the husband's theology. Was inspirational to listen to.

    9. I have always been encouraged that Jesus Christ is the greatest liberator of women, and this book has deepened my gratitude and awe. The author surmises that Mary of Bethany was the first great theologian of the New Testament. She broadens the limited definition of theology from merely the study of God to truly knowing God in an intimate relationship (John 17:3). This book is an important addition to my understanding of the critical need for theology: first listening intently and struggling to u [...]

    10. This book aims to convince women that theology is essential, both to their personal lives, and to their role in the church.It was hard to quiet all my presuppositions in reading this one, as the roles of women can be a pretty loaded issue. I certainly have a slight tendency to allow the “pendulum” effect to take place in my thinking—swinging my opinion too far in the other direction in overreaction to what I feel is an incorrect viewpoint. I tried not to let that happen when reading this b [...]

    11. EXCEPTIONAL! The BEST book I've read in a very long time. Carolyn Custis James is a sound theologian and engaging author. The title - When Life and Beliefs Collide - concisely summarizes the book's content and clearly articulates how good theology is not only relevant, but essential to daily living. In my reading of this quality selection, I was nodding my head, "amening" out loud, and ran dry a collection of highlighters. It is so chock-full of juiciness that I actually forced myself to read it [...]

    12. This book is well written, very well researched and also easy to read. It's a book on the subject of women and their theology, but it is definitely NOT a stuffy read. The book is written from the perspective of the 3 different meetings Mary and Martha have with Jesus - Mary at the feet of Jesus while Martha is busy in the kitchen; Mary and Martha after the death of their brother Lazarus; and Mary and Martha at the home of Lazarus after he has been raised rom the dead. The author's insight into h [...]

    13. "If God is sovereign, then Plan B is a myth. no matter how dark things look to us, or how big the mess we're in, we're in plan A. God's plan for us is intact, proceeding exactly as he intendedt our sins, failures, bad decisions, nor the sins of others, can deter a sovereign God from accomplishing his purposes. God does not wait for perfect conditions to advance his purpose. Our obedience is always flawed, our best efforts are never enough."Things that keep women away from Theology:1. belief that [...]

    14. I first read this book lying in bed wondering what in the world was going on in my life. I had just lost my job, moved in with people I barley knew and was losing my health and the ability to do much of anything. I appreciated that book so much at that time and I still appreciate it. I rarely read a book twice but I recommended this one for my book club, so I recently reread it. The first time it was such a comfort to me in a terrible time that God indeed loved me and had something for me. He ca [...]

    15. One of Carolyn Custis James's seminary professors made a clueless statement, "You know, there have never been any great women theologians." After reading this book, I can say with great confidence, Carolyn Custis James is and will be counted as one of the best theologians of all time, regardless of her gender. Her thorough exegesis coupled by her understanding of women—historical and current—makes for an inspiring, thoughtful read. Rather than elevating theologians to some lofty and inaccess [...]

    16. I read this for discussion with a weekly moms' group, and it was a great launching pad for deep conversation.Mrs. James does a good job of emphasizing that theology is important, but it's not until later in the book that she effectively makes the case as to why. I think sometimes she defines theology in a way that suits her point, and emphasizes its importance "for women" in a way that really includes all people and is thus not very helpful. Those weaknesses aside, it's a good work on the import [...]

    17. This was an absolutely wonderful book. I think that all women (and men!) should be required to read it. I had already come to many of the same ideas and conclusions as the author before reading the book, but she manages to say things in such a clear, coherent way that I truly enjoyed and benefited from reading the book. I bought copies for many of my female relatives. They all thought it was very thought-provoking (in a very good way), thanked me for sending it to them, and are now passing their [...]

    18. Much of what Mrs. James writes in her book she has written in her earlier books. However, it was well worth the read just to see with fresh eyes Jesus' interaction with Martha at the death of her brother Lazarus. In the midst of her grief and confusion Jesus calls to her and asks for her commitment of belief without first explaining His failure to respond to her plea for help. The main point of this book is that all Christian women are called to be theologians and we had better start our theolog [...]

    19. Her main point is that we're all theologians, so we ought to be good ones. She gives good examples of practical theology based mostly on the character of Mary of Bethany. It's a good challenge to study the Word and apply it. The one drawback is that she was the first woman to attend her seminary back in the day, and she endured some sexism. She makes a point to prove women are as capable of being "great theologians" as men are. Every once in a while, you can smell an agenda, but she' mostly grac [...]

    20. This book helped me to reorient my view of life and purpose in living into alignment with God's view. I would make this required reading for all women age 18 and older, but alas, we won't receive the truth until we are ready for it. It sat on my shelf for 3 years before I read it through. When I did, I was so glad. I think I have read it more than 2 times. I have added colored tabs so I can quickly refer to favorite parts. I actually met the author at a conference for which she was the speaker. [...]

    21. This life-changing book establishes the core importance of a woman's theology - how well she knows God and His character - to her own life, her loved ones, her church, and the world around her. It emphasizes the value of women in God's kingdom, not as passive onlookers, but as "strong helpers" and warriors. Carolyn Custis James uses the story of Mary of Bethany as an example and centerpiece. I'm so inspired by this book that I wish I could give a copy to every Christian woman I know.

    22. This book was recommended to me right when I needed it. James' biggest assertion is that "we ask too much of ourselves and go against our own instincts when we try to trust a God who is essentially a stranger to us". It was a strong reminder to me that I need to spend more time learning who God is. James' book does a great job illustrating how important theology is in any life and its far reaching impact within and without the church. Theology is not just for seminarians.

    23. This is an excellent book to read, especially when you are at a low or dry spiritual point in your life. I was going through a tough trial when I read this book, and God taught me so much about the compassion of Jesus Christ. Skim the first section and get to section 2 and beyond as soon as you can. The stories of Mary and her relationship with Christ are beautiful!

    24. This is one of my favorite Christan books of all time. It is really the book that challenged me most to value the study of theology and knowing God in truth. It is an exposition of the three encounters of Mary of Bethany with Jesus (sitting at his feet, after the death of Lazarus, and anointing Him for burial). I highly recommend it.

    25. Just finished this book in a bible study. Great discussions! This book made me realize that I Do know lots of theology. Just bc someone cant quote tons of scripture, or write a thesis on cristendom doesnt mean they dont have a strong theology. This book showed me that how I live my Christian walk is my theology.

    26. This is an excellent book. It shows how important it is for women in this time and culture to be knowledgeable about what they believe. It's okay for us to know Theology, it helps us in every avenue of life, helps us to live authentic lives, and equips us for everything and every situation we face in life.

    27. Excellent book to encourage women, especially, to KNOW God in order to live our lives as He has created us to do. Her explanation of Mary and Martha makes so much sense, and is so different than any I have ever read. Both Mary and Martha encourage us as women to intimately know Jesus, and that relationship will change everything we do.

    28. Each chapter of this book is almost a topic unto itself. James feels that women have been left out of the theology debate and weaves her book around this premise. For me, the entire book is summarized in the last paragraph when J.L. Packer, a well known Christian author, says that theology is for everyone. Amen.

    29. One of the best books I have read about connecting the study of doctrine to practical application in your spiritual life. It is not enough to gain knowledge if you don't put it into practice. This book is not your typical Mary/Martha book, but that is what is so great about it. I definitely would encourage all women (and even men) to read this book. If you do, expect to be challenged!

    30. This book was an interesting look at the reasons that women today should invest time in knowing and understanding God. It presents a unique look at the life of Mary (of Martha and Mary) and her spiritual growth through knowing Jesus personally. This is a great read for anyone interested in what to do when real life "collides" with your belief system.

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