A History of the English-Speaking Peoples, 4 Vols

A History of the English Speaking Peoples Vols Barnes Noble volume boxed set Volume One The Birth of Britain Volume Two The New World Volume Three The Age of Revolution Volume Four The Great Democracies ISBN

  • Title: A History of the English-Speaking Peoples, 4 Vols
  • Author: Winston S. Churchill
  • ISBN: 9780880294270
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1993, Barnes Noble 4 volume boxed set Volume One The Birth of Britain Volume Two The New World Volume Three The Age of Revolution Volume Four The Great Democracies ISBN 0 88029 427 2

    • A History of the English-Speaking Peoples, 4 Vols >> Winston S. Churchill
      368 Winston S. Churchill
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    1. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, KG, OM, CH, TD, FRS, PC Can was a British politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945, and again from 1951 to 1955 A noted statesman, orator and strategist, Churchill was also an officer in the British Army A prolific author, he won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1953 for his own historical writings, for his mastery of historical and biographical description as well as for brilliant oratory in defending exalted human values Out of respect for the well known American author, Winston Churchill, Winston S Churchill offered to use his middle initial in any works that he authored.

    2. Prior to My Self-Imposed ChallengeGuys, applaud, please, I'm getting out of my comfort zone, mysteries. All with Jeff's Yoak's encouragement, and I'll say thanks, Jeff, when I finish. Maybe.Yes, I'm Happy I Read It and Yes, Happy I Finished the BookDedicated to Jeff Yoak who said "Look forward to reading your review." My effort to step outside my comfort zone due to Jeff's kind remark. My apology for the length, however I can assure you it's not as long as the book!***********Sir Winston S. Chur [...]

    3. Sir Winston S. Churchill has been rightfully penned as the “Last Lion” (William Manchester) and if this is the case then certainly the “First Lion” would have to be King Henry II (the “Coeur de Lion” is King Richard I). King Henry II legacy is lasting in terms of organization and of the continuance of the British Commonwealth today. The masterpiece of Sir Winston S. Churchill work lays the foundation for the persons who are interested to pursue new interest along old lines – I pers [...]

    4. I have rarely seen a book of history so deeply personal and analytical at the same time. By reading this 4-volume book, one gets a glimpse of Winston Churchill's intricate thinking pattern. As one of craftiest politicians of the 20th Century, he led a deeply pacifist British public to rise up against the Nazi's; he predicted America's downfall in Vietnam; he also infamously forced America into WWI at the cost of more than one thousand civilian lives aboard RMS Lusitania.His mastery shines throug [...]

    5. Oh my word, if I could give this series 6 stars I would. It's as good as they come. Outstanding material. Covers British and American history quite well. Churchill's integrity as a historian is made evident in every book in the series, and he's not lacking in a sense of humor or a sense of scene. He keeps his own opinions on the characters to himself--for the most part--but occasionally flashes out in glorious commentary. His remarks on Catherine Howard are interesting--he so rarely comments on [...]

    6. Perhaps one of my all time favorite books. I have reread this several times. If you are a lover of history this is it. If not, you will probably be bored to death. Either way a win-win for the rest of us!

    7. It is useful to remember that books tell you as much about their author as they do about their subject; indeed, that's sometimes the point of reading them. And these four were penned by none other than Winston S. Churchill -- soldier, painter, politician, historian, war leader, and often voted the greatest Briton -- or even Anglo -- of the entire second millennium. "We are all worms", he once said, "but I do believe that I am a glow-worm".Churchill wrote prolifically in his life, whether article [...]

    8. "It is all true, or it ought to be; and more and better besides." The day is going to come when I run out of new Winston to read, and that will be a very sad day indeed. I absolutely loved this series. Churchill has a written voice unmatched in the English language, and the reader will struggle less with finishing the 1700 plus pages than he will in putting the book down. I would absolutely recommend this for those homeschooling middle school aged children, as it provides a delightful overview o [...]

    9. This is one of the greatest histories ever written, on part with Gibbon and Macaulay. Winston Churchill's command of English history is unparalleled and his style of writing is clear and accessible. This history is directed at the general public so if you are looking for a serious academic treatment of English history, Churchill's work is not for you. However, it is a useful read in case you wanted to know more about the names, places, and dates of English history. Churchill is particularly stro [...]

    10. As a history, it is merely okay. Far too much emphasis is placed on political and military history; social and cultural history is barely mentioned. However, when read as Churchill's take on how the two great democratic powers of the last 200 years arose and evolved from a Roman backwater, it's fascinating.

    11. This is an amazing four-volume history. The perspective of the Author, Winston Churchill, is evident throughout, but it remains a seminal work.

    12. Great books, not too challenging to read, but excellent to review at large the history of Great Britain without missing any important or trascendental information. Keeping in mind that a very extensive period of time is covered in Churchill's work, the books are pretty detailed. Once you start you won't be able to stop. The history of England is not only captivating, but essential to the deeper understanding of pretty much everything that has happened in the last millennia. Worth reading from be [...]

    13. After finishing the fourth volume, The Great Democracies, I hesitated to give a 5 star rating, but this is a fantastic historical work when considering all 4 volumes. Churchill provided just the right amount of detail on so many pivotal events in the history of the English-speaking peoples. Monarchy is truly a foreign concept to Americans like me, and this work shed light on the institution and how/why it's changed over the centuries in the UK - and why it's still relevant. His treatment of the [...]

    14. What a marvelous work these volumes are. Winston Churchill must have been one of the best writers of his generation. His writing is delightful to read. These books are long, but I almost didn’t want them to end because the writing is so nice to read. Churchill set himself a formidable task – to write a short history of the English-speaking peoples of the world. He starts with Britain in Roman times and tells the story all the way to the death of Queen Victoria, covering Great Britain, Americ [...]

    15. Brilliant, as always. A master word-smith, Churchill brings character and insight to stretches of the book, mostly concerning the comings and goings within the British Parliament, which might otherwise have been dull. The more exciting historical passages are simply enthralling. The entire narrative comes with a perspective that you cannot really get anywhere else. No matter how thorough your knowledge of any particular time or issue, it is guaranteed that you will come across something new or b [...]

    16. The Five Hour Energy Severely Unhealthy Things have, on their cover, a silhouette of a man sprinting up a mountain. I've always taken that to mean that unless I need to sprint up a mountain, I should leave the stuff alone. And yet there are times in one's life in which a mountain looks as if it's daring one to sprint up it. Or at least, amble. Churchill's massive volume of history, which begins in the year 50 before Christ, and ends with the death of Victoria, is much like one of those mountains [...]

    17. Book #1: The Birth of Britain Good book. Tell's briefly the story of each monarch and/or the nobles and their reign from the time when Cesaer invaded England to Richard III. I give it 4 stars.Book #2: The New World This book was good, but, a little harder read than #1. Covers from approx 1500 to the civil war of 1688. I give it 3 stars.Book #3: The age of Revolution I had somewhat of a hard time with this volume. It was good though. I liked the English take on the American Revolution. This book [...]

    18. I read this over my summer vacation. its a very good book by a great man (Winston Churchill is the author). its clear Churchill has a passion for his subject. British history is clearly a great subject for Churchill. he is also passionate about other english speaking people, especially about Americans. All great! i only thought that the subject is so massive that it is impossible to fit into even a 1,000 page history. after cranking through the first 1,000 years (Roman colony in Britain to Magna [...]

    19. This is a massive work by Churchill which divides into four neat parts - early history, later history (up to about the 19th Century), the Age of Revolution and the Age of Democracies. Churchill paints with a very broad brush - so there will be a lot you might want to go back to - but his use of prose and the ability to develop a coherent theme which ties together Great Britain and the US and the rest - is stunning.I actually did the unabridged Audible version when I walk my dog. I think Indy was [...]

    20. This is the abridged version I used to follow the unabridged four volume set of Churchill's History of the English-Speaking Peoples. It has interesting illustrations and photographs the original version lacks. Although it is an abridgment, it certainly captures the essence of Churchill's style and cuts out the passages containing military and political details (the intricacies of Conservative and Liberal governments during the Victorian era and the tactics of military commanders in minor campaig [...]

    21. I bought the one-volume edition and it was on my night-stand / in tow for about a year as I nibbled away at it in between other books. To me it is fascinating that a man so immersed in world-changing events and as occupied as he was, devoted that much time to study, to understand intimately over a thousand years of detailed history. As other great historians, of whom most, unlike Churchill, have made it their full-time profession, his retelling sounds like he was there personally. His interpreta [...]

    22. "Stuff in history that interested me" is the perfect way to describe this work. Churchill has definite opinions on many historical people and events, and doesn't hesitate to deliver judgement or lavish praise. It's a great overview of English and US history especially if you like the strategic aspect of battles. I actually learned quite a bit about Australia, Canada, and South Africa's colonial periods. I think my favorite part, though, was his analysis of the US civil war. The most boring parts [...]

    23. I really wasn't sure if I wanted to read a book that was coming out as a movie . . so soon.But I did.It was really a good read. The only part that irritates me (which I understand is needed to keep the storyline intriguing) is when a character is confused about what is going on and 'thinks' about questions but doesn't ask them, or doesn't insist on answers when they do. - it's unrealistic. Occasionally I read a book that has faced this dilemma and managed to have a more realistic reason why they [...]

    24. This collection is informative and interesting. The first two volumes were much easier to get through than the last two. The first two contain information about the British Isles from Antiquity to I believe 1641. It's a pretty neat time in British History as far as I am concerned. The next two books get really heavy into politics and military ventures. It was a little hard for me because I want to know more about the social culture in the country. The last books talks about the American Civil Wa [...]

    25. This book was good as far as a general overview of English history. It is fairly easy to read, but too often there are names given or events listed with no explanation and with the general assumption that you know what they are referring to. That is frustrating at times, but it generally doesn't take away from your understanding of what is happening. I don't know if that comes from the way Churchill wrote or if is a product of the editing to condense seven books into one. I do which I understood [...]

    26. Only read this series if you are obsessed with history. As a teen with lots of spare time and an addiction to history, this series took me two months to read. The length bars non history buffs from even attempting to read it. If you are a history buff, I highly recommend reading it. It is very well written and although dense at parts it is genuinely interesting. Churchill makes some weird choices, like making a third of his final book about the American Civil War, while giving the colonization o [...]

    27. reads like his speeches, e.g.:It is all true or it ought to be; and more and better besides. And wherever men are fighting against barbarism, tyranny, and massacre, for freedom, law, and honour, let them remember that the fame of their deeds, even though they themselves be exterminated, may perhaps be celebrated as long as the world rolls round. Let us then declare that King Arthur and his noble knights, guarding the Sacred Flame of Christianity and the theme of a world order, sustained by valou [...]

    28. Churchill was my entry point to English and European history, and whatever the limitations of his histories, especially HESP, re-written, committee edited, and published some 20+ years after he began it pre-WW2, one could do worse than have this world opened up through the extraordinary literary genius of Mr. Churchill, which remains at the four books' heart. I had already read the TIME-LIFE abridged Second World War, and from here I went on to Churchill's "River War" (the Sudan Campaign), and t [...]

    29. I've read about half (as of late May 2015) I think I'd like to read the other half eventually, although I'm not certain. Depends on if I find something I like better for it, I guess, and/or whether any of my children read the other volumes. It's been intellectually stimulating and I've definitely increased my knowledge of history though he tends to assume more knowledge than I have in places and a lot of it isn't all that gripping to read. I do enjoy Churchill's wit that comes through at times, [...]

    30. An oustanding historic account of the development of the English language and its spread throughout the world. An impeccably written life work. Yes, it took months for me to read it all, yet as I write this, I am aching to read it again. It covers the dawn of British history and takes you all the way to the turn of the 20th century. There will never be another Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill; but thank God we have his thoughts, insights, and words for as long as one civilized man remains!

    31. Books 1 and 2 explained British history to me in a way that I could understand for the first time. By Book 3, it moved somewhat into overall European happenings due to all the wars of the 1600s and 1700s. Getting re-elected Prime Minister and winning WW II seemed to get in the way of finishing Book 4 and half of it ended up being about the US Civil War. Still, one of the best history works I've read and definitely the best I've read on European history. Sir Churchill's wit and occasional quips o [...]

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