Tra la nostalgia dell'estate e il gelo dell'inverno

Tra la nostalgia dell estate e il gelo dell inverno Quando John Krassner giornalista americano dello Stato di New York precipita dal quindicesimo piano della Casa dello studente Nyponet di Stoccolma un passante evita miracolosamente di essere invest

  • Title: Tra la nostalgia dell'estate e il gelo dell'inverno
  • Author: Leif G.W. Persson Giorgio Puleo
  • ISBN: 9788831781855
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback
  • Quando John Krassner, giornalista americano dello Stato di New York, precipita dal quindicesimo piano della Casa dello studente Nyponet di Stoccolma, un passante evita miracolosamente di essere investito dal suo corpo, ma la sorte non risparmia il suo cane la scarpa di Krassner che stranamente precipita al suolo diversi secondi dopo il corpo lo centra in pieno, uccidendQuando John Krassner, giornalista americano dello Stato di New York, precipita dal quindicesimo piano della Casa dello studente Nyponet di Stoccolma, un passante evita miracolosamente di essere investito dal suo corpo, ma la sorte non risparmia il suo cane la scarpa di Krassner che stranamente precipita al suolo diversi secondi dopo il corpo lo centra in pieno, uccidendolo Tutto farebbe pensare a un suicidio, e il caso destinato a essere rapidamente archiviato Ma l investigatore della polizia criminale Lars M Johansson non riesce a convincersi e comincia a scavare nel passato del giornalista da tempo Krassner stava lavorando a un manoscritto, forse un romanzo, su una misteriosa Spia che and a est tra quelle carte che si celano le ragioni della sua morte l affare Krassner si rivela un caso dai risvolti politici sorprendenti, di diretta competenza dei Servizi di sicurezza, impegnati a controllare tutto ci che potrebbe minacciare la stabilit del Paese Sono gli uomini dei Servizi, burocrati, spie, scaltri doppiogiochisti, a tenere le fila delle indagini la verit su Krassner, e le verit di Krassner, si perdono in un dedalo di piste che portano direttamente alla CIA e ai Servizi russi e pongono al centro di tutta l inchiesta la controversa figura del Primo ministro, dal passato diplomatico non propriamente cristallino Intorno a Johansson, si muove un mondo di poliziotti e funzionari in perenne competizione, ambiziosi e spesso incompetenti, razzisti e misogini, un mondo di politici sottili e di imbroglioni senza scrupoli a questo sistema, ritratto con crudele realismo, sarcasmo e grande ironia, in tutte le sue debolezze e la sua forza, in tutta la sua corruzione, affidata un indagine che potrebbe cambiare gli equilibri politici dell Europa.

    • Tra la nostalgia dell'estate e il gelo dell'inverno ¦ Leif G.W. Persson Giorgio Puleo
      323 Leif G.W. Persson Giorgio Puleo
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    1. Leif Gustav Willy Persson better known as Leif GW Persson is a Swedish criminologist and novelist He was a professor in criminology at the Swedish National Police Board from 1992 to 2008 He is known for his crime fiction novels and for his regular appearances as an expert commentator on notable crime cases in television and newspapers Between 1999 and 2009 he participated as an expert commentator on the television show Efterlyst Swedish TV program, equivalent of America s Most Wanted on TV3 Since 2010, he is the expert commentator of Veckans Brott roughly translated into Weekly Crimes or Crimes of the Week on SVT.

    2. “Έζησα τη ζωή μου ανάμεσα στη νοσταλγία του καλοκαιριού και στο ψύχος του χειμώνα. Νεότερος συνήθιζα να σκέφτομαι ότι μόλις έρθει το καλοκαίρι θα ερωτευτώ κάποιον που θα μου αρέσει πολύ και τότε θα αρχίσω να ζω πραγματικά. Αλλά όταν έκανα όλα όσα ήμουν αναγκασμένος να κάνω [...]

    3. This novel inspires me to identify a new genre in mystery fiction: the police dysfunctional. Given the current interest in Scandinavian mystery and my enthusiasm for the Beck series (Per Wahlöö and Maj Sjöwall), the Wallander novels by Henning Mankell, the Millennium series by Stieg Larsson, the Harry Hole books by Jo Nesbø, and books by Kjell Eriksson, the prospect of this book was irresistible. The cover blurbs looked great, the author has a bunch of cred, what's not to like?Let me list se [...]

    4. Stieg Larsson’s Millenium Trilogy has made quite an impact on the reading public, but many of the themes covered in those novels appeared first in this earlier award-winning thriller, published in Sweden in 2002 and only translated to English in 2010. The sly, sarcastic tone of this story leads to a disquieting unease and eventually dread as Persson’s depiction of political corruption zeros in on an assassination. The story unfolds through the viewpoints of multiple characters, distinctly dr [...]

    5. For those of you who are looking for new sensational authors from Scandinavia: Leif Persson is a Swedish criminologist and novelist who was a professor in criminology at the Swedish National Police Board from 1992 to 2008. He is known for his crime fiction novels and for his regular appearances as an expert commentator on notable crime cases in television and newspapers in his native country of Sweden. Between Summer's Longing and Winter's End is one of his relatively recent works translated int [...]

    6. At the center of this Swedish espionage thriller is the death of an American journalist, John P. Krassner, circa 1988. Was it an accident, a suicide, or murder? The facts known at the opening is that first his body and then his boot falls from the 16th floor of a student dormitory. The boot struck and killed a Pomeranian named Charlie. Charlie's owner, Vindel, is trying to recount the seconds between the body and the boot falling from the window. After this wry and arresting opening, the reader [...]

    7. 3.5 starsThis is the first of a trilogy that traces the the history of Swedish politics from post WWII social democrats to the present day rise of far right groups. Book #1 is a biting political satire that follows a whack of characters who all have ties to the country’s police & secret security services. It culminates with the assassination of the prime minister, obviously based on the murder of Olof Palme in 1986. Just as in real life, multiple theories are presented as to who pulled the [...]

    8. It was a rainy weekend in San Francisco, so I finally finished Persson's long, much-heralded ("one of the best Swedish novels of all time") crime novel – more out of a sense of duty rather than curiosity. Last month I'd tossed aside Paul Murray's Skippy Dies because virtually nothing had happened after 300 pages. So I persevered.The opening is as dark & droll as any fan of Scandinavian mysteries could hope – a doggie out for its walk is bludgeoned by a shoe tumbling after a body tumbling [...]

    9. If I could give this half a star I would. I found myself racing through the pages trying to find the bits that made this "an award winning Swedish classic"-- "the greatest Swedish crime novel of all time" to quote the blurbs on the book. I've read most of the translated Swedish crime fiction and thoroughly enjoyed the books. Never have a read a book that drug on so badly as this one. I hated the characters-- male dominated abusive language about women-- maybe that was the way things were in the [...]

    10. Dedication: To the Bear and MikaelThe best informant is the one who hasn't understoodthe significance of what he has told.The ProfessorOpening: FREE FALLING, AS IN A DREAMStockholm in NovemberIt was Charlie, age thirteen, who saved the life of Vindel, age fifty-five. At least that's how Vindel described it at the preliminary police hearing."If Charlie hadn't looked up and pulled me to the side, that damn thing would've hit me in the skull and I wouldn't be sitting here now."Nope, can't do it, ju [...]

    11. Between Summer's Longing and Winter's End είναι ο αγγλόφωνος τίτλος που αποδίδει καλύτερα τον αντίστοιχο σουηδικό. Πρόκειται για το πρώτο μέρος μιας αριστουργηματικής τριλογίας του Leif Persson που πραγματεύεται τη μετάβαση της πρότυπης σκανδιναβικής χώρας από την αθωότητα στην ενοχή.Βρισκόμασ [...]

    12. I would probably give this 2 1/2 starts if I could, but I really struggled with this one. Just as I was starting to get my bearings among the large number of characters introduced early on, the author launched into a second, parallel story line with a whole new group of characters. And while I found the original police procedural story line enjoyable, I thought the second, which involved the Swedish Secret Police, a bit of a slog -- too many cryptic conversations and political maneuverings. The [...]

    13. Just to be clear, I really wanted to like this book. As a fan of Stieg Larsson and a few other Swedish authors, this seemed as if it would be right up my alley. Oh, but how wrong I was. I made it through 105 pages before I finally gave up. The first 10 pages were promising, but after that I got bogged down in the sheer number of characters and the complete lack of interesting or seemingly pertinent action. The only reason I made it to page 105 was because I promised myself I would give it at lea [...]

    14. Autor knihy, Leif GW Persson, je ve své zemi, tedy ve Švédsku, skutečnou celebritou. Policista, kterého ze sboru v sedmdesátých letech vyhodili, protože podněcoval novináře, aby pátraly po případech korupce, jak u policie, tak ve švédském soudnictví. Po nuceném odchodu od policie se začal věnovat psaní. V devadesátých letech se ale ke své původní profesi alespoň částečně vrátil. Pracuje jako profesor Švédského národního policejního výboru, byl poradcem mi [...]

    15. As Leif G.W. Persson is a new author for me, I was interested to read the bio in this book:"Leif Persson is the Grand Master of Scandinavian crime fiction. Over three decades, he has taken a scalpel to the political and social mores of Swedish society in dark, complex and satirical crime novels. His work melds the social realism of a Balzac or a Dickens with the hard-boiled street smarts of a James Ellroy."Whatever that means More importantly, the blurb eventually goes on to note that he is the [...]

    16. Before I read Between Summer's Longing and Winter's End I had been thinking of it as a book version of a Law and Order episode. It's the first of a planned trilogy of novels based on a true, unsolved crime, the 1986 assassination of Swedish prime minister Olaf Palme. The author, Leif GW Persson has been an adviser to the Swedish Ministry of Justice, is Sweden’s most renowned psychological profiler and is considered Sweden's foremost expert on crime. So maybe this was going to be the behind the [...]

    17. If your favorite part of Stieg Larsson's trilogy was the last book, The Girl who kicked the Hornet's Nest, the part where they go in to detail about the Swedish secret police and all the layers of secrecy and politics and intrigue, then you will love this book. That is the bulk of this book. I know more about the (fictionalized?) layers and history of the Swedish secret police, SePo, than I will ever know or want to know about the CIA or FBI. The plot is based on the real assassination of Olaf P [...]

    18. Znakomita powieść, nasuwająca nieodparte skojarzenie, że oto obcuje się z czymś, co mogłoby powstać z połączenia twórczość dość odległych od siebie pisarzy, jakimi są James Ellroy i Stieg Larsson. Zagadka tajemniczej śmierci pewnego dziennikarza jest tylko pretekstem do ukazania kulis politycznych salonów, oraz "gier" między wywiadem, służbami bezpieczeństwa i policją. Autor dość szybko odkrywa karty, natomiast największym smaczkiem jest to, że poszczególni bohaterow [...]

    19. I really wanted to rate Free Falling As If in a Dream, the final volume in the Story of a Crime Trilogy, to which I would give 4 stars, but could not find the English translation on . The crime is the unsolved assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986. For some reason, I remember and have remained interested in this event, perhaps because it seemed impossible at the time that such a thing could happen in Sweden. Almost 30 years later and with the statute of limitations soon to e [...]

    20. This book was a hideous beast. I had heard good things about it from various websites, and as the tagline mentions 'Swedish classic' and I love Scandinavian novels, I was excited to finally find a copy in my local bookstore.Where do I begin? The punctuation and grammar were off throughout about two-thirds of the novel, the names were confusingly similar, there were two different streams of story that only intertwined in the climax (based on a historical event) at about seven-eighths throughAnd p [...]

    21. I do love Scandanavian police procedurals and after reading mixed reviews on decided to give this one a try this book offers far more than I would have expected. The author follows multiple characters simultaneously, lending the reader a perspective into the bureaucracy and ineptitude of real world police work, as it truly functions, in any country. His characterizations are excellent. I enjoyed the complexity of the plot and writing as well. This is the best book I have read in terms of exposi [...]

    22. It took me a while to get into this book - just trying to keep the names of all the cops straight was tough - there seemed to be dozens of characters introduced in the first few pages though little snippets of action. The point of view kept changing and you'd suddenly realize (if you were paying attention) that the lummox being derided in one section, was the same fellow you were with a couple of paragraphs previously. I began to wish it had one of those cast of characters lists you find in play [...]

    23. I made it through 100 pages and kept waiting for a redeeming characterda. Evidently, every Swedish policeMAN--because there are NO female characters in a 600 page book--is a misogynistic racist. And this book is compared to the Millennium Trilogy? ! According to one cop, "Every policeman worth his badge knew that these were only drunken hags who wanted nothing better than to have their drunken husbands beat them up." Is this character some sort of example of a "bad policeman?" Umm All the charac [...]

    24. What an unholy mess of bad writing. I don't know how much to blame the translator and how much the source material but I'd guess mostly the latter. This is a confused mess of a book with deeply unlikeable, misogynistic, racist, homophobic characters. That seems to describe 95% of the male characters anyway. The female characters are simply one dimensional sex objects more or less. Makes Sweden seem just about the nastiest place on earth. I kept at it because I was interested in the subject matte [...]

    25. Fascinating book. If you are a true and experienced crime novel reader you should read it. Must admit that after first 150 pages, out of 550, I was not sure whether to continue because I was lost in narration which shows little respect for reader. A lot of characters with odd Swedish names, their personal stories which you did not understand why they are important, and no indication what kind of book you are reading. But after first serious twists and breakthroughs you start to understand that v [...]

    26. 3 1/2 stars. This novel, first of a trilogy, picks up where "A Story of a Crime," the series of Inspector Martin Beck novels set in Stockholm by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö leaves off. (In fact, this novel bears the subtitle "The Story of a Crime," and there is an early reference to a legendary chief of homicide who retired a few years ago--Martin Beck?) The plot centers on the death of an American journalist and information about Sweden's WWII ties to the U.S and a highly placed politician's [...]

    27. I didn't quite know how to react to this book. I had just finished The Dying Detective, which I loved and assumed this book would be similar. This was not the case.Between Summer's Longing and Winter's End was very perplexing to me. I think this is because the author presupposes the reader has a knowledge of Swedish History post WWII. This is understandable because the book originally was written in Swedish for Swedish readers. In my case, I started out muddled and never left that unhappy state. [...]

    28. There is a strange streak to create annoying cops who think with their dicks and behave like they are the most important person and the most attractive guy I am – also brutally honest – fed up with that kind of cops.I have read about Wallander and I noticed that these two cops – Wallander and Johansson – are single, divorced and both have kids. There is a difference, because Kurt has only daughter, but still – like an alternative version of one another. Similar characters that made it [...]

    29. I'll give it a five even though it's not my favorite genre . . . intrigue is beyond my capabilities . . . I can't keep the characters straight . . . Swedish names don't help . . . but Persson has awards to his name . . d experience in his background . . . and three decades of writing . . . and the ending was telegraphed almost from the beginning . . . I would have enjoyed it more if I could have kept straight all the departments and permutations and politics, etc. . . .

    30. En mycket bra bok men fullständigt nedslående. Jag kan möjligtvis instämma i författarens beskrivning av världen men jag klarar inte av sådana amoraliska beskrivningar och brist på sensmoral. Jag hade tänkt att läsa fler böcker av GW men avstår, vill inte utsätta mig för bristen att vara fullkomligt urlakad på hopp och längtan.

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