Appunti di un giovane medico

Appunti di un giovane medico Contro le tenebre egizie cio contro la piaga dell arretratezza culturale il giovane medico nel racconto omonimo sogna di lottare senza tregua fondendo il suo ideale di civilizzazione con la sua esi

  • Title: Appunti di un giovane medico
  • Author: Mikhail Bulgakov Emanuela Guercetti
  • ISBN: 9788817167949
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
  • Contro le tenebre egizie , cio contro la piaga dell arretratezza culturale il giovane medico nel racconto omonimo sogna di lottare senza tregua, fondendo il suo ideale di civilizzazione con la sua esigenza di maturazione Vittorio StradaNel settembre 1916 Bulgakov fu inviato a dirigere un ospedale in un villaggio della provincia di Smolensk da questa esperienza nac Contro le tenebre egizie , cio contro la piaga dell arretratezza culturale il giovane medico nel racconto omonimo sogna di lottare senza tregua, fondendo il suo ideale di civilizzazione con la sua esigenza di maturazione Vittorio StradaNel settembre 1916 Bulgakov fu inviato a dirigere un ospedale in un villaggio della provincia di Smolensk da questa esperienza nacquero tra il 1925 e il 1926 i racconti Appunti di un giovane medico, pubblicati inizialmente sulle pagine di riviste di medicina l indimenticabile 1917 , un anno di travagli e privazioni, i pazienti del dottor Bomgard sono poveri contadini, vittime di paure e superstizioni e per lo pi restii a lasciarsi curare Le condizioni di vita sono durissime e il dottor Bomgard, giovane eroe solitario che usa bisturi e stetoscopio al posto della spada, affronta tra mille inquietudini i casi clinici, sperimentando il proprio sapere scientifico e maturando il proprio carattere Il lettore segue col fiato sospeso le operazioni del giovane dottore, minuziosamente descritte, i suoi dubbi medici ed esistenziali, soffrendo con lui.

    • Appunti di un giovane medico : Mikhail Bulgakov Emanuela Guercetti
      187 Mikhail Bulgakov Emanuela Guercetti
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    1. Mikhail Bulgakov was born in Kyiv, Russian Empire today Ukraine on May 15 1891 He studied and briefly practised medicine and, after indigent wanderings through revolutionary Russia and the Caucasus, he settled in Moscow in 1921 His sympathetic portrayal of White characters in his stories, in the plays The Days of the Turbins The White Guard , which enjoyed great success at the Moscow Art Theatre in 1926, and Flight 1927 , and his satirical treatment of the officials of the New Economic Plan, led to growing criticism, which became violent after the play The Purple Island His later works treat the subject of the artist and the tyrant under the guise of historical characters, with plays such as Moli re, staged in 1936, Don Quixote, staged in 1940, and Pushkin, staged in 1943 He also wrote a brilliant biography, highly original in form, of his literary hero, Moli re, but The Master and Margarita, a fantasy novel about the devil and his henchmen set in modern Moscow, is generally considered his masterpiece Fame, at home and abroad, was not to come until a quarter of a century after his death at Moscow in 1940 Detailed Version Mikha l Afanasyevich Bulgakov Russian was the first of six children in the family of a theology professor His family belonged to the intellectual elite of Kyiv Bulgakov and his brothers took part in the demonstration commemorating the death of Leo Tolstoy Bulgakov later graduated with honors from the Medical School of Kyiv University in 1915 He married his classmate Tatiana Lappa, who became his assistant at surgeries and in his doctor s office He practiced medicine, specializing in venereal and other infectious diseases, from 1915 to 1919 he later wrote about the experience in Notes of a Young Doctor He joined the anti communist White Army during the Russian Civil War After the Civil War, he tried unsuccesfully to emigrate from Russia to reunite with his brother in Paris Several times he was almost killed by opposing forces on both sides of the Russian Civil War, but soldiers needed doctors, so Bulgakov was left alive He provided medical help to the Chehchens, Caucasians, Cossacs, Russians, the Whites, and the Reds.In 1921, Bulgakov moved to Moscow There he became a writer and became friends with Valentin Katayev, Yuri Olesha, Ilya Ilf, Yevgeni Petrov, and Konstantin Paustovsky Later, he met Mikhail Zoschenko, Anna Akhmatova, Viktor Ardov, Sergei Mikhalkov, and Kornei Chukovsky Bulgakov s plays at the Moscow Art Theatre were directed by Stanislavsky and Vladimir Nemirovich Danchenko Bugakov s own way of life and his witty criticism of the ugly realities of life in the Soviet Union caused him much trouble His story Heart of a Dog 1925 is a bitter satire about the loss of civilized values in Russia under the Soviet system Soon after, Bulgakov was interrogated by the Soviet secret service, OGPU After interrogations, his personal diary and several unfinished works were confiscated by the secret service His plays were banned in all theaters, which terminated his income Destitute, he wrote to his brother in Paris about his terrible life and poverty in Moscow Bulgakov distanced himself from the Proletariat Writer s Union because he refused to write about the peasants and proletariat He adapted Dead Souls by Nikolai Gogol for the stage it became a success but was soon banned.He took a risk and wrote a letter to Joseph Stalin with an ultimatum Let me out of the Soviet Union, or restore my work at the theaters On the 18th of April of 1930, Bulgakov received a telephone call from Joseph Stalin The dictator told the writer to fill an employment application at the Moscow Art Theater Gradually, Bulgakov s plays were back in the repertoire of the Moscow Art Theatre But most other theatres were in fear and did not stage any of the Bulgakov s plays for many years.

    2. "I am a doctor, thrown straight from the university bench into a far away village, in the beginning of the revolution."¹¹ EXTRA! EXTRA! Now to be translated to a small screen featuring Daniel Radcliffe. And it will be "a new black comedy". I kid you not. I'm still trying to decide how I feel about it.Mikhail Bulgakov, the amazing Russian writer of The Master and Margarita fame, was a medical doctor by training. Just like the young protagonist of his semi-autobiographical collection of short st [...]

    3. Written between 1924 and 1927, these short stories are a mile away his most famous novel 'The Master and Margarita', here instead adopting a raw, realistic account of his experiences as a 24 year-old doctor in remote north-west Russia, where he was put in charge of a small hospital and left to get on with it, sometimes in conditions that were dreadful. Isolation is a big thing running through the book, the distance from civilised society weighs heavily on the soul. Alone at night in his study, w [...]

    4. Bu Bulgakov ile ilk tanışmam. Günlerdir, bu kitaptaki öyküleriyle yatıp kalkıyorum. Devrim Rusyasında geçen güzel öyküler. Hem dönemin çıkmazlarına hem de okulu yeni bitirmiş doktorun ücra bir yerde tüm imkansızlıklarla görevini yapmaya çalışmasına şahit oluyoruz. Soğuk, yalnızlık, vicdan, korku ve daha bir çok zorluğa rağmen, genç doktorun acemiliğini günden güne nasıl da geride bıraktığını görüyoruz. Çok kolaylıkla takip edilen, akıp giden bir an [...]

    5. مذكرات طبيب شاب لو كان الأمر لي لوزعت هذا الكتاب على كل طبيب مستجد، بل على كل شاب يبدأ حياته العملية، حتى يزاوله خوف البدايات، وحيرة الأيام الأولى، التي وصفها بولغاكوف في هذا الكتاب بكل روعة، ودقة. كتب بولغاكوف كتابه هذا بعد تجربته الشخصية، عندما تخرج طبيباً من جامعة كييف، ف [...]

    6. If you watched A Young Doctor's Notebook with Daniel Radcliffe and decided to read the original stories (like me), and were expecting a rather comical representation of a Russian hospital tucked away deep in the countryside (like me), a bit of a surprise awaits you. That is, while the adaption was very enjoyable, Bulgakov's stories are even better (not that hard to believe, though). They are not particularly funny (which one would expect based on the mini-series), but there is a strong element o [...]

    7. Como todo libro de temas médicos, este diario es una carnicería. Sin embargo, Bulgakov logra narrar mucho más, su intuición de la condición humana es extraordinaria. Por supuesto que nadie sabe realmente qué es el ser humano, por eso las aproximaciones literarias de este diario resultan luminosas. Creo que se trata de una narración ficcional que asimila experiencias autobiográficas, Bulgakov era médico. Se nota que pensó mucho sobre el dolor, la enfermedad y la muerte. Por ser un libro [...]

    8. No one likes going to the doctor, even if the doctor is a hunk with the most fabulous cheekbones (like mine), or a hottie with the prettiest ass this side of the donkey sanctuary (like yours). When we look back at the history of medicine, we realise, although (in America) being sick costs money, at least we aren’t having leeches shoved down our pants, amputations sans anaesthesia, or teeth extractions done by nurses. Bulgakov’s short fictions are drawn from his time as a doctor in a provinci [...]

    9. Kendisi de bir doktor olan Bulgakov un 1924-1927 yılları arasında "Tıp İşçisi" dergisinde yayınlanan birbirinden derinlikli birbirine geçmiş caanım öyküleri

    10. 4.5/5Bulgakov, Moskova’daki tıp fakültesinden mezun olduktan hemen sonra kendini koca bir hiçliğin ortasında bulan genç bir doktoru konu edinmiş öykülerinde. Öyküler öyle gerçekçi ki, bu kitap öyküler toplamı değil de anı derlemesi olarak yayımlansa sanırım kimse yadırgamazdı. Kendisi de doktor olan Bulgakov’un yaşadığı veya tanık olduğu olaylardan/duygulardan beslendiği açık. Anı ile kurmacayı dengeli bir şekilde harmanlamış ve ortaya bu bir çırpıda [...]

    11. Öncelikle bana bu kitabı önerdiği için Açelya'ya teşekkür ediyorum.Her ne kadar Teorik kitapların düşünsel dünyamızda ayrıcalıklı yerleri olsalar da Edebi-Kurgusal yapıtların ayrı bir düşünsel boşluğu doldurduğunu gerçek anlamlı tüm okurlar bilir. Kısa da olsa keyifli bir okuma sunduğunu ilkin söylemek istiyorum. Bu Eser daha ilk sayfalarında kendisinin sade ve keyif verici olacağını iddia ediyor gerçekten de öyle oldu benim içinRusya'nın ücra bir köşes [...]

    12. میخائیل بولگاکوف را به عنوان نویسنده ی مرشد و مارگریتا و دل سگ میشناختم، اما بولگاکوف در این کتاب یک پزشک جوان است که به قول خودش مستقیم از روی نیمکت دانشگاه به روستایی دور افتاده پرتاب شده.در هشت داستان کوتاه این مجموعه دکتر بولگاکوف جوان داستان هایی از زندگی و دوران کارآموز [...]

    13. A Young Doctor's Notebook is a wonderful suite of short stories following a recently graduated doctor as he tackles various medical conditions afflicting the peasants of Russia. That is to say the peasants within his particular domain. Each story is wonderfully sharp and pointed look at the ways in which this particular doctor tackles the issues he is confronted with, each one told from his sardonic and often flabbergasted perspective. There is a hint of irony and humour in how our narrator disc [...]

    14. أديبٌ روسي، وطبيبٌ في الوقت ذاته(١٨٩١-١٩٤٠)، يستعرض مذكراته عندما أرسِل عام ١٩١٧م، للعمل في إحدى المدن الريفية النائية والفقيرة كطبيب ومدير للمستشفى هناك، يعاونه مساعد طبيب واحد، وقابلتان فقط!وبالإضافة إلى تواضع الامكانيات المتوفرة، والجهل المنتشر في صفوف الناس هناك، فإن [...]

    15. Alma Classics edition, translated by Hugh Aplin(James Herriot - animals) + human patients + Russian lit = great stuff.Only days after I'd read about another young early twentieth-century Russian rural doctor, Lydia Kochetkova, in Mikhail Shishkin's essay and story collection Calligraphy Lesson, an online friend recommended this, among other Russian books. It's nice to follow up that sort of conicidence where possible. Young / Country Doctor's Notebook was also made into a TV series quite recentl [...]

    16. كتاب جميل جدا بيتهيألي كل طبيب شاب لسه بيتعلم و لسه بيبتدي حياته المهنية لازم يقراه بيحكي عن لحظات هنمر بيها كلنا لحظات التجربة الأولي ,الدهشة الخوف التردد قلة الخبرة ثم تليها لحظات النجاحالثفة بالنفس الخبرة و قد تصل إلي الغرور ثم تٌفَاجأ بعدها بأمراض و أعراض لم تَرها من قبل [...]

    17. English title: A Young Doctor's Notebook or A Country Doctor's NotebookWavered between 4 or 5 stars, because of course there were some slightly weaker stories in the collection and it could be argued that the stories start to get repetitive, but I think I'm going call it 4.5 stars. It's a solid collection, beautifully written, and touching on important themes in the medical profession.These nine short stories follow the early years in the career of a newly qualified doctor, who is sent to work i [...]

    18. Ottima idea per un eventuale regalo a qualche giovane medico fresco di laurea: stile impeccabile, nozioni di medicina, addestramento che si trasforma da subito in esercizio della professione direttamente sul campo (e che contesto… un remotissimo ospedale rurale nella più sperduta campagna russa, costantemente vessata da urlanti bufere di neve, con il solo aiuto di un infermiere e due ostetriche), potente autocontrollo e, soprattutto, grande abnegazione verso la propria professione e le propri [...]

    19. As a medical student, I am naturally terrified of what I might have to face out in the real world.Well, this book -portraying a young Russian doctor's experience of practice in a small village hospital- confirms that my worst nightmares probably will come true and I'll be faced with every gory scene that I can imagine.Wellwe'll just have to see how it goes then

    20. Her hikayeden ayrı keyif alarak, etkilenerek okudum. Mükemmeldi.Üzerine söyleyecek bir şey yok.

    21. Genç doktorun anıları kendi ağzından anlatılıyor, bu da kitabın dilinin çok samimi olmasını sağlamış. Okurken doktorla aynı sıkıntıları yaşıyor, aynı endişeleri taşıyor ve aynı sevinci paylaşıyorsunuz. Doktor doktor diyorum çünkü doktorun adı kitapta çok az geçti, sonlarda biraz değinildi adına. O zaman fark ettim ki doktorun adı önemli değil, yazarın etkileyici üslubu sayesinde doktorla hemhal oluyorsunuz, doktorla aranızdaki duygudaşlık sağlanıyor [...]

    22. انتظار بیشتری از نویسنده ی مرشد و مارگاریتا داشتم. در مجموع کتاب خوبی بود. سومین کتاب بوگاکف بود که میخوندم. مرشد و مارگاریتا بهتر از همه بود . قلب سگی رتبه ی دوم میگیره و این کتاب رتبه ی سوم .کتاب تجربیات شخصی نویسنده بود . چه شروع به کار به عنوان پزشک چه شرح مفصل( و انصافا قوی ) اع [...]

    23. Bulgakov'un bir kitabı değil aslında "Genç Bir Doktorun Anıları". 1925-26 yılları boyunca bir gazetede tefrika tefrika yayınlanan bir hikayesi. Tabi daha sonra bu hikayeler toplanıp bir araya getirilmiş ve sonucunda da böyle bir kitap ortaya çıkmış.Bulgakov gerçekten çok çok iyi bir yazar. Bütün genellemelerin yanlış olduğunu kabul etmekle birlikte (ulan bu da bir genelleme) Rus edebiyatının ve yazarlarının da çok çok iyi olduğunu söylemek lazım."Usta ve Margarit [...]

    24. أحببته جداً ربما لأنني أميل الى الكتابة الروسية لكن وللحق توجد فيه عدة ميزات : أسلوبه جميل وخفيف لا يخلو من الحكمة.

    25. همین طوری برای خرید کتاب به عنوان هدیه رفتم شهر کتاب. با داشتن آن همه کتاب نخوانده دلم نیامد کتاب برای خودم نخرم. این کتاب رو نگاه کردم و جالب به نظر اومد خریدمش. جالبه شرح داستان تجربه های اولش در پزشکی به همراه وصف دوران معتاد بودن هم کلاسی اش از زبان خود آن فرد. خواندنش خالی از [...]

    26. مرشد و مارگریتا رو که خوندم گفتم وااای عجب نویسنده‌ای حالا با خوندن این کتاب باید بگم عجب پزشکی! بسیار لذت بردم از خوندنش کاش مجموعه‌ی وسیع‌تری می‌بود!

    27. اشعر بأني وجدت هذا الكتاب في الوقت المناسب جدا فأنا مقبلة على كلية الطب وقد اتخذت قراري وقدمت لها مع اني خائفة جدا من هذه المهنة ومن دراستها الصعبةالكتاب جميل جدا والسرد جاء بطريقه رائعة يشد القارىء على المواصلة ويجبره على متابعة القراءة ليعلم ماذا حصل لهذا الطبيب الشابفي ك [...]

    28. ماجرا هاي اين كتاب تقريبا صد سال پيش اتفاق مي افته.خوندن اينكه علم پزشكي تو صد سال چه پيشرفت عظيمي كرده كه با يه قرص كوچيك ميشه خيلي از بيماري هايي كه هزاران نفر رو در سال ازبين ميبردن درمان كرد خيلي جالب بود.داستان مورفين كه حتي به عنوان يه داستان مستقل هم چاپ شده بوده از همه ي [...]

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